Only A True Fan Will Be Able To Tell If This Is A Disney Character (Or Not)!

Since it was created, the Walt Disney Studios has become one of the most popular and profiting mega-corporations in the entire world with several brands under its belt including Pixar, Marvel Studios, and the recently acquired Lucasfilm one. Yet even in the studio’s early days, Disney was always competing against other studios. For instance, one of Disney’s earliest competitors was Fleischer Studios owned by Polish animator Max Fleischer which was responsible for creating famous characters such as Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, and Popeye the Sailor. Then a few years later, Warner Brothers came along with its Looney Tunes cartoons which did better than some of Disney’s own.

However, the Fleischer and Warner cartoons were eventually beaten out by Disney because it created many successful animated movies whereas the other two didn’t. Yet immediately after Walt Disney's death, the studio suffered in the quality of its films. Hence, former Disney animator Don Bluth entered the fray and created several well-received animated movies during the 1980s until the Disney Renaissance came about. Nowadays, the only other studio to successfully compete against Disney has been DreamWorks Animation created by another former Disney employee. So if you consider yourself a true Disney fan, then see if you can tell the Disney characters apart from the non-Disney ones in this quiz!

1Is this a Disney character?

Apprenticed to Dallben the Enchanter, a boy named Taran longs to become a warrior and not the future caretaker of Dallben’s prophetic pig Hen Wen. But one day, she has a vision that the evil Horned King will try to seek out the Black Cauldron, a powerful relic that can resurrect the dead, and use it to create an unstoppable army to take over the land of Prydain. So Dallben sends Taran away with Hen Wen out of fear that the Horned King may try to kidnap Hen Wen to find the Black Cauldron’s exact location.

2Is this a Disney character?

In Ukraine during the 1880s, there lived a family of Jewish-Russian mice known as the Mousekewitzes. Unfortunately, their home gets destroyed by the Cossacks and their brigade of cats forcing the Mousekewitzes to head for Hamburg, Germany with the intention of reaching the United States via a steamer. Then during a rough storm, the Mousekewitzes’ youngest son Fievel falls overboard and is presumed dead. He washes ashore in New York City, and sets off to look for his family while also discovering that the idea of there being “No cats in America” is a lie.

3Is this a Disney character?

Following the kidnapping of her father who makes toys for a living, Olivia Flaversham goes to see Basil, ‘The Great Mouse Detective,’ on Baker Street. At first, he doesn’t seem interested in her case until she mentions her father’s kidnapper had a peg-leg which makes Basil realize the kidnapper’s identity is Fidget, a bat who serves as a henchmen to the villainous rat Professor Ratigan whom Basil’s been unable to arrest due to the lack of evidence for his crimes.

4Is this a Disney character?

Back during the age when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there was a baby named Littlefoot born into a herd of Longnecks. Unfortunately, the land they’re currently living in has grown too dry so they and the other Dinosaurs which include Three-horns, Spiketails, Swimmers, and Flyers start to migrate towards a place called the Great Valley. On the way, Littlefoot’s mother gets killed by a Sharptooth (aka T-Rex) while an Earthshake separates him and several other young Dinosaurs from their loved ones.

5Is this a Disney character?

In the streets of New York City, a box of kittens are left out in the open to be adopted. While random strangers pick most of them up, one kitten named Oliver is left behind. So he leaves the box and wanders the streets hoping to find someone who will adopt him. Soon enough, he finds himself in the company of a pack of dogs who all live with a human pickpocket named Fagin and they willingly let him join their group.

6Is this a Disney character?

It is 1947 and cartoon characters, who are referred to as ‘toons’, regularly interact with humans while shooting various cartoons and movies similar to real life before going home at the end of the day to a place known as Toontown. But when the head of the Acme Corporation is killed by a safe falling onto his head, the blame falls on a character named Roger Rabbit since his beautiful wife Jessica was recently seen with the Acme Corporation’s head.

7Is this a Disney character?

After escaping from a dog pound in New Orleans, Charlie Barkin and his friend Itchy head for a riverboat casino owned by Charlie’s business partner Carface. In an effort to get rid of Charlie, Carface persuades him to leave town. Charlie accepts this, and the two head for a Mardi Gras celebration where Charlie gets drunk and hit by a car which sends him straight to Heaven. Realizing that Carface orchestrated his death, Charlie manages to steal a watch that represents his life and winds it backward in order to return to the land of the living.

8Is this a Disney character?

Beneath the ocean waves resides a kingdom of Merpeople ruled by King Triton, who is enraged that his youngest daughter Ariel has missed a concert that was supposed to be performed by her and her other sisters. In the meantime, she’s in the process of exploring a sunken ship along with her worrying fish friend Flounder when the two are attacked by a shark. They manage to escape, and swim for the surface where a seagull named Scuttle meets up with them to take a look at some of the human things Ariel took from the ship.

9Is this a Disney character?

During a heavy storm in Tennessee, a young boy named Edmond is having a story read to him by his mother about a rooster named Chanticleer who lived on a farm where all the animals have different tasks to perform with Chanticleer’s task being that he has to crow to wake the sun up. But one day, the sun rises without him crowing so the other animals tease Chanticleer for it and he leaves the farm which causes permanent darkness as this was all a plan concocted by the evil Grand Duke of Owls who hates the light.

10Is this a Disney character?

Living in a small town in France, Belle is ostracized by the townsfolk because of her tendency to read a lot of books which is considered unusual for a young woman of her age. Yet despite this, the town’s popular bachelor Gaston constantly tries to woo her while she constantly rejects him. Then one day, Belle’s father Maurice has to leave town to attend a fair where he’s planning to show off his new invention. On the way there, though, he gets lost and ends up at an enchanted castle where a Beast lives.

11Is this a Disney character?

In the Arabian City of Agrabah, a thief named Aladdin steals a loaf of bread which gets the attention of some guards whom he manages to outrun pretty easily. Then as he and his pet monkey Abu are about to feast upon the stolen food, a couple of street urchins make them change their mind so they give the bread to them. Meanwhile, the Princess Jasmine is being forced to marry a Prince before her birthday and so she runs away disguised as a commoner.

12Is this a Disney character?

In the Kingdom of Trolls ruled by the malicious Queen Gnorga, there lives an unusual Troll named Stanley who is gifted with a green thumb that can make plants and flowers grow. But since neither of those things are allowed in the Kingdom of Trolls, Stanley’s arrested and brought before Queen Gnorga who considers turning him to stone. Her husband King Llort changes her mind, though, by suggesting they banish Stanley to a place of steel and concrete where no plants grow which happens to be Central Park.

13Is this a Disney character?

At Pride Rock where a group of lions live, a cub named Simba is born to King Mufasa thus making him the legitimate heir to the Pride Lands which Mufasa’s brother Scar isn’t too happy about. While learning about the various areas of his future kingdom, Simba is told of an elephant graveyard by Scar and decides to check it out despite his father’s warnings with his childhood friend Nala. The two get attacked by a trio of hyenas but are conveniently saved by Mufasa who promptly scolds Simba for his reckless behavior.

14Is this a Disney character?

An elderly woman who wishes to have a child of her own seeks out a witch who gives her a seed to plant. Once the spinster does this, the seed blossoms into a flower and from it emerges a fully-grown girl who’s no bigger than a thumb and so the woman decides to name her Thumbelina. While Thumbelina adjusts to being small in a world of big things, she longs to meet someone who’s just her size. Just then, a fairy prince named Cornelius appears and the two immediately fall in love.

15Is this a Disney character?

Hubie is an average penguin who’s in love with a beautiful female one named Marina, though another meaner penguin called Drake also has his sights set on her. Unfortunately, Hubie is unable to find the perfect pebble to propose to Marina with, which is traditionally how penguins declare their love in the colony they live in, when a shooting star falls leaving behind a large emerald stone. Picking it up, Hubie rushes off to see Marina but is stopped by Drake who attempts to take the stone from him.

16Is this a Disney character?

Inside the room of an ordinary boy named Andy, the toys he plays with secretly come to life when he’s not looking. Working as an organized unit, they’re led by the charismatic cowboy doll Woody whose Andy’s favorite toy currently. But when a birthday party arrives, the toys panic fearing the possibility of new arrivals and replacements though Woody assures them everything will be fine. Sure enough, a new toy arrives in the form of Buzz Lightyear who thinks he’s an actual Space Ranger and not just the toy version.

17Is this a Disney character?

On Mount Olympus, the Greek Pantheon of Gods are celebrating the birth of Zeus and Hera’s son Hercules. Then Zeus’ brother Hades crashes the party and everyone treats him with hostility except for Zeus. But little does he know that Hades secretly plans to overthrow him and is worried that Hercules might interfere after a prophecy by the Fates predicts such a scenario. So Hades sends his minions Pain and Panic to kidnap the baby Hercules and turn him mortal via a special formula before killing him.

18Is this a Disney character?

In 1916 Russia, the Romanov family are having their annual celebration when the party is interrupted by Rasputin. A former advisor who was banished for treason, he puts a curse upon the Romanovs which in turn ignites the Russian Revolution. While the palace is attacked by angry mobs, two family members manage to escape including the Princess Anastasia. Unfortunately, she falls off a train and hits her head causing amnesia which plagues her for ten years. Now calling herself Anya, the young girl sets off for Paris which is mentioned on a necklace she wears.

19Is this a Disney character?

When the Huns invaded Ancient China, the Emperor ordered every available man to be drafted into the Imperial Army at once. Meanwhile, a young girl named Mulan is late meeting with the local Matchmaker to see if she’s suitable for marriage. After the meeting goes horribly, though, Mulan’s father is drafted much to her horror since he’s not physically well enough to fight. So she takes his armor and sword to take his place while pretending to be a man.

20Is this a Disney character?

When the Hebrews were forced to work as slaves for the Egyptian Pharaohs, a sorrowful mother is forced to send her newborn child away when the current Pharaoh Seti orders the newborn Hebrew children to be killed out of fear that a rebellion might occur if there are too many slaves around in the future. Ironically, the baby finds its way into the home of Seti where his wife Tuya names the child Moses. Later, Moses grows up into a young man unaware of his true heritage until he meets his real brother and sister by chance.

21Is this a Disney character?

Within a colony of ants called Ant Island, there is one named Flick who is different from the others in that he prefers to invent things instead of gather food for the greedy grasshoppers whom the ants pay tribute to. But when one of his inventions accidentally disposes the offered food, the grasshoppers’ leader Hopper demands more food in turn. To make up for his mistake, Flick leaves Ant Island to look for other bugs who can help them fight the grasshoppers and comes across a circus troupe whom he mistakes for warriors.

22Is this a Disney character?

Parallel to our world exists another entirely populated by monsters who rely on the screams of children to provide electrical power and fuel. But only the bravest Scarers like James P. Sullivan (aka Sulley) volunteer to obtain them because it’s believed that children are lethal to the touch. The technology for this is made possible by the energy company Monsters, Inc., who make special doors that allow a monster to enter the closet of a child’s room and scare the child long enough to capture screams inside special canisters.

23Is this a Disney character?

Within a swamp in the middle of the woods, an ogre named Shrek lives alone and usually keeps to himself. Then after a bunch of prosecuted fairytale characters end up there under the orders of Lord Farquaad of Duloc, he decides to head there to speak to the man himself about getting rid of them while being accompanied by a talking mule named Donkey. But once Shrek gets to Duloc, he and Donkey are forced into an all-out brawl against Duloc’s knights in a bid to rescue a Princess named Fiona from a fire-breathing dragon.

24Is this a Disney character?

Before the West was conquered, there were herds of wild horses that roamed across the open plains and valleys with nothing to worry about except the occasional predator and the like. In one such herd, a young mustang (later called Spirit) is born who grows up into the herd’s leader. But after discovering some humans near his territory, the mustang is captured and taken to a fort where he’s disciplined into a military horse. While there, he becomes acquainted with a Native American boy who’s imprisoned there against his will.

25Is this a Disney character?

In the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, a pair of clownfish named Coral and Marlin are feeling proud about their first spawn of eggs. Unfortunately, a barracuda shows up and gobbles most of the eggs up including Coral leaving Marlin to raise the last remaining egg on his own which he names Nemo. Sometime later, Nemo has gotten old enough to go to the reef’s local fish school which is run by a manta ray though Marlin is overly protective of him.

26Is this a Disney character?

Living in the Central Park Zoo, Marty the Zebra is celebrating his tenth birthday with his friends Alex the Lion Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo. After Marty blows out the candles on his cake, he reveals that he wants to go live out in the wild after being inspired by a quartet of penguins who are planning to escape the zoo and head for Antarctica. Naturally, his friends think he’s crazy which only pushes him to follow the penguins. So they track him to Grand Central Station and get tranquilized due to a misunderstanding.

27Is this a Disney character?

On a post-apocalyptic Earth, humans left the planet long ago on multi-generational spaceships while robots are tasked with keeping the place clean. But after so many centuries, most of the trash-cleaning robots called WALL-Es have stopped working except for one unit who likes collecting random things while doing his work. Then one day, another robot arrives on Earth called EVE which is programmed to look for plant life and just so happens to find one in WALL-E’s collection causing her to get picked up by a spaceship.

28Is this a Disney character?

Somewhere in China, the Valley of Peace is home to a variety of anthropomorphic animals including the legendary Furious Five, a group of warriors trained by the Martial-Arts Master Shifu. But there is a prophecy of a Dragon Warrior, who will have the power to defeat the Valley’s greatest enemy Tai Lung who may return despite being imprisoned for many years now. So a martial-arts tournament is held to determine who the Dragon Warrior is, and it turns out to be a non-participant panda named Po.

29Is this a Disney character?

In Metro City, its superhero champion Metro Man is always battling against the super-villain Megamind. But one day, Megamind seemingly manages to destroy Metro Man for good allowing him to take over the city unopposed. Soon, though, Megamind gets bored and considers the possibility of creating a new superhero to fight him. Meanwhile, he’s started secretly dating the news reporter Roxanne Ritchi under the guise of a museum curator and picks her cameraman Hal Stewart to be the next superhero to fight him by injecting Hal with a formula containing Metro Man’s DNA.

30Is this a Disney character?

Being the son of a Viking chieftain, Hiccup is expected to fight the dragons that constantly attack the island his tribe lives on and steal all the livestock. But due to his small size, he’s unable to fight and so he becomes apprenticed to the tribe’s blacksmith where he learns to invent things. Then after taking down one dragon called a Night Fury, Hiccup attempts to kill it but decides to set it free instead. Unfortunately, it can’t fly due to a broken fin and so Hiccup decides to tame it in order to to fix its fin.

31Is this a Disney character?

Merida is a Princess of the ruling Scottish clan Dunbroch, though her tomboyish nature troubles her mother the Queen Elinor who is determined to find Merida a suitor to marry as tradition dictates. So the other clans and their firstborn sons compete in an annual competition called the Highland Games to be Merida’s chosen suitor though she decides to compete in it herself. After beating all the would-be suitors at an archery contest, Merida has an argument with her mother which leads her to running away from home.

32Is this a Disney character?

Despite being Winter’s living Spirit, Jack Frost is bothered by the fact that no one believes in him. Meanwhile, Pitch Black (aka the Boogeyman) is starting to cause trouble which causes Nicholas St. to assemble his comrades Bunnymund, Sandy, and Tooth. They also recruit Jack since he’s been chosen to be a Guardian of children as well, though he’s more concerned with finding out who he really is which is a mystery that has plagued him for a long time.

33Is this a Disney character?

Inside each of our minds, five basic emotions govern our everyday thoughts and actions. They also keep track of our memories and sort them accordingly. In the mind of a girl named Riley, though, the main emotion that controls her is Joy. Though the others known as Disgust Fear and Anger also get their turns while Sadness rarely interacts. But when Riley’s family moves to San Francisco, none of the emotions are prepared for it. Then to make matters worse, Joy and Sadness get lost in Riley’s mind while fighting over a group of core memories.

34Is this a Disney character?

Born feeling nothing but happiness, the tiny Trolls become the primary food-source of the larger Bergens who are always miserable by contrast. Then during the annual harvesting of Trolls called the Trollstice, the Trolls’ king Peppy decides to rebel. So he and his infant daughter Poppy escape the Bergens along with the other Trolls. 20 years later, the Trolls are living freely in the forest and so Princess Poppy (now grown up) decides to have a big celebration despite her grumpy childhood friend Branch warning her against it thinking it’ll attract the Bergens to them.

35Is this a Disney character?

Coming from a family of shoemakers, young Miguel is expected to make shoes for a living. But he's more interested in playing music, just like his departed idol Ernesto de la Cruz. So when a talent show on the Day of the Dead happens, Miguel attempts to enter though his family objects to it. As a result, he resorts to stealing Ernesto’s guitar from a mausoleum but gets trapped between the Land of the Living and Dead. The reason for this is because Miguel took the photograph of his great-great-grandmother off the family's ofrenda (aka shrine).

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