Only A True Fan Remembers These Moments Of FRIENDS Season 4!

It goes without saying that Friends is home to some of the funniest and most iconic moments in television history. So, unsurprisingly season four of this fabulous show didn't disappoint. It has everything from an unconventional wedding ceremony to a trip to the eye doctor, to a flight to London! There's literally nothing that this show can't spin into comedic gold- and we love that!

If you're anything like us, you're spellbound by the group dynamic and the way each of the characters bounce off one another.  Each and everyone one of them is relatable, and far from perfect. This only makes them more endearing, and needless to say; this indeed shows throughout season four!

So, if you're a real Friends fan, you'll have undoubtedly watched season four (probably more than once, especially now that it's on Netflix!). However, how much do you genuinely remember about this series?

If we showed you 35 images would you be able to name what was going on, or who's in the picture? Well there's only one way to find out, take the quiz and see how you do. Enjoy!

*WARNING this test is for the ultimate Friends fans, some of these questions are really tough so brace yourselves!

1Why is Phoebe so happy to see this cat?

Can you remember why Phoebe was so happy to see the cat in the picture? Out of the following four options which one sounds correct; Has Phoebe wanted a pet cat for ages and has finally found one? Does she think her dead mother's spirit is trapped inside this cat (like reincarnation)? Does she just really love cats? Or, is she running a shelter for stray cats, and the cat in the picture is her first rescue? a proud moment indeed!

2What's happening in this scene?

Can you remember what's happening in the picture? Out of the following four situations which one sounds correct; Is Joey rehearsing a scene for an upcoming audition? Or, is Joey helping Treeger practice for a dancing competition? Alternatively, is Joey practicing his flirting techniques on Treeger? Finally, is Joey giving Treeger some advice on how to navigate his way through an upcoming date?- Hopefully, these clues will have jogged your memory- can you remember which it is (I know we do!)

3Who's the woman sitting next to Joey?

Can you remember the name of the woman sitting next to Joey? Out of the following four names, which one rings a bell; Kathy, Kirtsy, Katie, or Krystle? Here's a bit of trivia about this character; Chandler spots her in Central Perk and wants to ask her out, and then realizes she's waiting to meet Joey on a date! Despite Joey and her dating, Chandler begins to form strong feelings for her, which makes things a tad awkward for him!

4What's Chandler doing in this picture?

Can you remember what Chandler's doing in this picture? Out of the following four scenarios which one sounds right; Is Chandler playing hide and seek with the chick and the duck? Or, is Chandler feeding the chick and the duck their lunch? Alternatively, is Chandler talking about his problems with the chick and the duck (to get it all off his chest)? Or, finally, is Chandler, practicing some new weird kind of yoga to try and get in shape to impress Monica?

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