Only A True Fan Of The DC Movie Universe Has Hope Of Passing This Quiz!

If you have a group of characters, the new trend is to create a movie universe to showcase them. Marvel was one of the first to start this, taking their connected comics universe and putting it on the big screen for all of us to enjoy. DC decided to follow suit and started working on their own interconnected universe with some of the biggest names in all of pop culture. 5 films currently exist in this universe, Man of Steel, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. We also know that Shazam, Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman 2 and Gotham City Sirens will be added to this list in the near feature. Though the series has been met with lukewarm reviews, there are some really incredible moments in these movies. It's not Marvel, but it never claimed to be. When you watch these films together, you can definitely see a narrative develop, and I hope we got to see more of it in the future.

Have you been invested in the DCEU for the last 6 years? How well do you know these 5 blockbusters in the series? Have you been following the adventures of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman? Have you been studying with The Flash, or partying with Harley Quinn? Find out how much you know about the DCEU with this quiz.

Question 1

What Does the S on Superman's chest stand for in Kryptonian?

When Superman first meets Lois Lane, Superman has surrendered to the U.S. government and he is in an interrogation room. When Lois asks him what the S stands for, he says that it means a specific word in Kryptonian. Lois responds that it's an S on earth and that it could stand for Super. This explanation is there to help explain why a design choice from the 1930's is still used for the character today. What word does Superman say the S Stands for?

Question 2

What Superman propriety cast Amy Adams prior to her playing Lois Lane in Man of Steel?

Amy Adams portrayed Lois Lane, the main love interest of Clark Kent. Man of Steel was not the first Superman property that Amy worked on. The casting department for Man of Steel looked at some actors that had previously worked on Superman projects, like Brandon Roth and Tom Welling. Amy played the character of Jodi Melville, who gained the ability to absorb fat to feed her accelerated Metabolism and became a supervillain. Do you know which Superman property Amy Adams first worked on?

Question 3

Which two large corporation logos were seen on buildings in Metropolis during Man of Steels final battle?

During the Zod and Superman fight in Man of Steel, two very prominent DC universe company logos can be seen. One for an eventual ally of Superman's, and one for an eventual rival of Superman's. They can be seen in two of the many buildings that Superman and Zod knock down. The owners of these building play a major role in Batman v Superman. Which two logos can be seen in this fight, that would come into play in the sequels to this film?

Question 4

What newspaper does Clark Kent get a job at by the end of Man of Steel?

Clark Kent has always been a newsman, going all the way back to his first appearance. Superheroes often worked for the news, or the police force, because they had to have access to information about crimes and disasters, it was more believable than a bat signal. Man of Steel's Clark Kent had gone on a journey of self-discovery, but as the old adage says, the more things change the more they stay the same. What paper does Clark work for?

Question 5

What are the names of Superman's adopted parents?

Superman becomes the hero the world knows due in large part to being raised by two kind and loving adopted parents. If he had been found by the wrong family, Superman could have been a very different character. (To explore this idea, check out the comic series The Nail, and Superman Red Son.) His Ma and Pa are the reason he becomes a hero for all of humanity. Can you name this kind Kansas couple that raise Clark into the greatest hero the world knows?

Question 6

Where were criminals sent to on Krypton?

Zod and his followers were found guilty on Krypton, and they were sentenced to a punishment. This prison would allow these villains to escape the destruction of their homeworld. When Zod finds a way to escape his extra-dimensional prison, he finds a way to track down Kal-El to destroy him to get revenge against his father. Rebuilding Krypton takes a back seat to revenge for General Zod. What is the name of the prison dimension that saves Zod and his followers from destruction?

Question 7

What baseball team is on Clark's t-shirt in Man of Steel?

When everything is said and done, Clark Kent is truly an adopted son of his new world. We see Clark sporting a t-shirt that makes perfect sense for a kid who grew up in Smallville Kansas watching baseball games Sunday afternoon with his dad. It is even his explanation when he explains to the army officer, "I'm from Kansas, I'm as American as it gets.". The shirt is a small touch in the movie, that means so much to the character of Clark Kent. What baseball team is Clark wearing on his shirt?

Question 8

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice was loosely based on what popular Batman story?

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice owe's many of its plot points to a Batman story written and drawn by Frank Miller from 1986. The book follows an older Bruce Wayne as he returns to his life as Batman. To do so he must fight Superman, a battle which he is winning before he fakes his death to continue his work as Batman in secret. The movie also borrows from Injustice, Flashpoint, and the Death of Superman. Can you name the book that the Superman and Batman fight is based on?

Question 9

What did the jar on Senator Finch's desk have written on it?

During a discussion about creating a deterrent for Superman, Senator Finch gives Lex Luthor a folksy parable about names not determining the properties of a substance. To paraphrase with a different famous quote, a Rose by any other name still smells as sweet. During the Superman Senate meeting, Senator Finch notes a jar on her desk that has a label written on it. The jar references her statement to Luthor, and she realizes she is about to die. What is written on the jar?

Question 10

What show do the actors who play Thomas and Martha Wayne star together in?

The Actors that play Bruce Wayne's parents in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice also work together on a hit tv show. In the show they are enemies, and so it was funny to see them as a married couple. The actor that played Thomas Wayne was considered for the role of Bruce Wayne. He has also been rumored to reprise Thomas Wayne in an alternate dimension storyline that would make Thomas a more violent Batman. Can you tell me what series Thomas and Martha Wayne have appeared in together?

Question 11

What is the Jolly Rancher flavor that Lex Luthor feeds the Senator?

In one of the most awkward, and memorable scenes of Batman V Superman, Lex Luthor feeds a Jolly Rancher to a Senator and then licks his fingers. It is such an odd scene and feels out of place. The scene reiterates just how creepy Lex Luthor is. It also shows how much Lex loves to control everything around him and is a power play that shows the Senator that he has no control over what is happening. What flavor does Luthor say the Jolly Rancher is?

Question 12

What Does Batman ask Superman when they first meet?

After Superman captures the criminals that Batman is chasing, he tears apart the Batmobile. As Batman and Superman stare at each other Superman tells Batman to ignore the Bat signal the next time he sees it. He tells Batman that the Bat is dead and that he is doing this as a mercy. In response, Batman asks him a question. Superman doesn't answer and flies off, but Batman answers his own question, "You Will." What Question does Batman ask Superman in their first meeting?

Question 13

What two villains make up Doomsday's DNA?

In the comics, Doomsday is a genetically altered monster who was created on Krypton, centuries before it's destruction. In Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, Doomsday is created by mixing the DNA of Superman's greatest foes. Lex Luthor sneaks on to the crashed Kryptonian ship and starts the process that creates Doomsday, the ultimate weapon against Superman. Though the creature is defeated when Batman Superman, and Wonder Woman team up, it comes at a great loss as Superman is killed. What villains makeup Doomsday's DNA?

Question 14

What does Superman say that makes Batman not kill him?

In one of the most unlikely twists in both the comics and the movies, Batman actually defeats the god. He has Superman beat, but before he delivers the deathblow, Superman says something that makes Batman stop. A lot has been made of this end to the battle. Most find it a silly reason to end the fight. I think that in the moment of defeat Superman makes a very human request that makes Batman realize Superman is more human then he had previously thought. What does Superman say that stops Batman?

Question 15

What was the name of the Villain that was killed for attempting to run away from the Suicide Squad?

This character was only added to Suicide Squad to prove to the audience that the threat of consequences for the villains was real. In both the movie and the comics, it is Captain Boomerang that convinces this villain to attempt to run away. Captain Boomerang wants to see if Amanda Waller is telling the truth about the explosive devices, but does not want to endanger himself. He convinces this rope based villain to attempt an escape to see if it is a bluff. What is the name of this less important villain?

Question 16

What was Harley Quinn's profession before she became a supervillain?

Before Harley Quinn became a Joker groupie, she had another profession. In fact, it was this job that put her into contact with Joker in the first place. She would be twisted by the Joker and turned into his primary henchman. Though she loves the Joker very much, we constantly see that the Joker is incapable of loving her back. This origin comes straight from Paul Dini's Mad Love comic book, which first gave Harley Quinn this back story. Can you name Harley's original profession?

Question 17

In what city does most of Suicide Squad take place?

Though there are scenes from Gotham and Central City in the movie, most of the action scenes in Suicide Squad take place in a different famous DC city. The city is home to Hawkman and Hawkgirl in the comics. This is the city that the Enchantress has taken over with her army of minions. It is the city that the villains fight through, and destroy as they make their way to pick up Amanda Waller. What is the name of this DC city?

Question 18

What maximum security prison are the characters from Suicide Squad from?

The members of the Suicide Squad are all detainees at a very specific prison in the DC universe. This prison made its first appearance in the first issue of Suicide Squad and has been their base of operations ever since. In many comics story, It is often the alternative to Arkham Asylum, specializing in violent criminals who are not determined to need constant psychiatric supervision. It is usually the preferred prison for DC supervillains. Can you name this prison that Amanda Waller recruits her team from?

Question 19

What is the name of the Chemical Company where Harley Quinn jumps into a toxic vat?

In one version of the Jokers origin story in the comics, he is a failed comedian who decides to help a gang rob a building. They make him wear the red mask costume and the robbery goes horribly wrong. He falls into a vat of chemicals at the company and he becomes the Joker. He takes his new "girlfriend" Harley to this same chemical factory and makes her jump into a vat. What is the name of the chemical company where the Joker may have been created?

Question 20

What is written on Harley Quinn's Bat?

Harley Quinn's costume is full of writing. Her shirt reads Daddy's Little Monster and her jacket says Property of Joker. Her bat also has a little message on it. Though the character has no superpowers, she is a formidable hand to hand combatant and an accomplished acrobat. She proves time and again that she is capable of handling herself in a fight, and part of the reason is that she wields her favorite bat in combat. What does her bat have written on it?

Question 21

Which member of Suicide Squad was originally a Flash villain in the comics?

Most of the members of Suicide Squad were originally Batman villains, with a few exceptions. Some of the characters from Suicide Squad are more heroic in the comics, Katana, El Diablo and Enchantress all have heroic, or anti-heroic backstories. In fact, before Suicide Squad was announced, Enchantress was working with the mystical superhero team Shadowpact. There was one member of the team who was a staple in the Flash comics though. Can you name this devious member of the Suicide Squad?

Question 22

Wonder Woman takes place during which war?

Wonder Woman is a historical superhero story that goes back in time to tell the tale of Diana first coming into man's world. The story helps to illustrate the horrors of chemical and trench warfare which were both extremely common during this event. This war is largely ignored by comics because it took place before many of these characters were created. Comics book superheroes became popular about 15 years after this conflict. Can you name the war that Wonder Woman fights?

Question 23

Wonder Woman comes from which mythical island nation?

Wonder Woman comes from an island nation, where she had never seen a man before. It is a paradise with large sandy beaches and a lot of sunshine. Steve Trevor crash lands on this island and is saved by Wonder Woman and her people. They plan to imprison Steve so that he can not tell others about their island, but Wonder Woman helps him escape and goes to fight Ares. What is the name of Wonder Woman's pristine island nation?

Question 24

What is the name of the sword that Wonder Woman wields?

Wonder Woman steals her lasso of truth, her armor, and a sword from her home before she goes to fight. The sword has a very ambitious name, but we find out later in the movie that the sword is not special at all. The name was in reference to Wonder Woman herself. Once she realizes this, her fight against Ares takes on a very different tone. She finds new strength in herself to defeat the war god. What is the misgiven name of the sword?

Question 25

What does Wonder Woman cross in the most iconic scene in Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman is arguably DC's best Superhero film to date. In one of the most iconic scenes in any superhero movie, we see Wonder Woman walk across a very specific zone. She does this to try and save a village that is currently being destroyed. No one believes she can do this, including Steve. As she leaves the trench and shows off her full armor, the bullets slow down as she blocks them, first with her bracelets, then with her shield. What area does Wonder Woman cross in this scene?

Question 26

What is the name of the villain in Wonder Woman who creates the new deadly gases?

This character is a very old Wonder Woman villain. She first appeared back in 1942. She was created by the same person who created Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston. She was a classic golden age villain, who only wanted to bring death and destruction to the world because it was fun. Her face was horribly scarred by her experiments with these deadly gases which is why she wears the ceramic mask in the movies. Can you name this long time villain of Wonder Woman?

Question 27

What is the name of Steve Trevor's secretary?

In Wonder Woman we meet Steve Trevor's secretary, who is a humorous character that helps teach Wonder Woman about Man's culture. The character is based on one of Wonder Woman's first sidekicks and friends from the Comics. She first appeared in Wonder Woman comics in 1942. She is a friend and a confidant of Wonder Woman, in the movie she gets to speak for the audience as Steve tries to hide Wonder Woman's identity. Can you name Steve Trevor's secretary?

Question 28

What dessert does Wonder Woman first have in London that makes her extremely happy?

In a few different versions of Wonder Woman, including the movie, the comics, and an animated movie, she tries a sweet treat for the first time and becomes very excited. Though her home had many great things, they were lacking when it came to culinary discovery. In the movie, she makes a big deal out of telling the vendor that he should be quite proud of what he sells. It is a fun moment that reminds us just how little Wonder Woman understands our world. What is the treat Wonder Woman eats?

Question 29

What advice does Batman give the Flash during Justice League's first team battle?

When the Justice League is first about to see action, the Flash freaks out. Flash is the most inexperienced member of the League. He has never actually fought anyone he has just knocked a few down. He tells Batman he doesn't think he can do this. Batman responds by telling him to do something simple. When the Flash asks what he should do after that, Batman tells him that "You'll know". What simple action does Batman tell Flash to think about accomplishing at the start of the fight?

Question 30

Which popular DC hero can be seen taking part in the ancient battle against Steppenwolf?

One of DC comics most popular characters can be seen taking part in the battle against Steppenwolf that the Themiscaryns are part of. The character appears to die, but as fans know, that just means that his power source has to find a new character to use it. Many fans had thought that the character would appear in the film to help fight Steppenwolf in the current timeline, but he never showed up. Can you name this color based hero?

Question 31

What is Batman's secret "weapon" when they raise Superman?

When the team attempts to rise, Superman, Batman takes a special precaution, just in case, it goes badly. After Superman starts taking apart every member of the League. It is looking bad for our 5 heroes who can not cope with Superman's combination of speed, strength, and other abilities. Just when all seems lost, and Superman asks if Batman bleeds, Batman calls in his secret weapon. It works, and Superman is stopped cold. What does Batman bring with him to help stop Superman?

Question 32

What is the name of the device that Steppenwolf is trying to collect?

Steppenwolf spends most of the movie trying to collect a set of boxes. These boxes are from Jack Kirby's New Gods storyline that he wrote for DC back in the 70s. These boxes were going to play a large role in the coming of Darkseid, but with the current flux in the DCEU, we may not get to see that revelation. It was still fun to see some original Kirby ideas work their way into the DC movie universe. What are the boxes called?

Question 33

What meal annoys the Flash?

When Bruce Wayne first meets the Flash, we find out that the Flash is lonely and that he doesn't always understand the world. He feels out of place, and at one point he confides in Batman that he doesn't understand one meal in particular. At the very end of the movie, Superman says that the winner has to buy this meal for the team according to Batman. Flash jokes about feeling betrayed by that. What is the meal that seems to confuse and annoy the Flash?

Question 34

What sport was Victor Stone known for playing before he became Cyborg?

Cyborg was initially going to have a much larger role in Justice League, but some of his scenes got removed during editing. Before being injured and turned in to Cyborg, Victor Stone was a well-known athlete. Though he loves his father, they would often argue about his priorities, in part because of him playing this sport. After the accident, Cyborg was no longer able to play, but he still would wear the letterman jacket that we see him wear in the movie. What sport did Victor Stone play?

Question 35

Which villain makes a cameo at the end of Justice League hinting at a Legion of Doom?

At the end of the movie, a specific villain meets with Lex Luthor on his yacht. Luthor explains to this villain that it may be time to form their own league. Fans of Super Friends may remember the Legion of Doom from that cartoon, and this appears to be what Luthor is hinting at. The villain he tells this to is often considered a Teen Titan's advisory. He is also the character that Deadpool from Marvel was based on. What villain makes a cameo in Justice League?

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