Only A True Fan Can Name The Rock's Action Movies

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is what you would call a celebrity of all trades! The Rock is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, he's in the top-ten of highest-paid actors, plus he's a best-selling author. Based on The Rock's self-confidence alone, you'd think that he's always been famous, although, there was a time that he was far from it. In fact, his rise to becoming the "Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment" started with one of the most-hated gimmicks of all time. Vince McMahon had him using his real-life lineage to promote him as wrestling royalty for being a third-generation wrestler. This was all under the ring name of Rocky Maivia.

However, Vince eventually gave Dwayne Johnson total control over his gimmick and career which led to Johnson referring to himself in the third person and the catchphrase, "If You Smelllll What The Rock Is Cooking". Suddenly, fans couldn't get enough of his charismatic ego! After partially retiring from WWE, The Rock took a shot at acting and the rest is history. He has since appeared in over 40 action movies. He has also become one of the most influential people of all time! In fact, The Rock's fans love him so much that they want to see him run for president! Are you one of those fans? If so, your "Roody Poo Candy A**", shouldn't have any problem naming not one, but all of these action movies that The Rock was in! Plus, which character The Rock played in a couple of them! Can you do it?

Question 1

Can you name this action movie starring The Rock?

This action movie was The Rock's 3rd leading role in an action film. Based loosely on the life of Sheriff Buford Pusser, The Rock played the character under the alias Chris Vaughn. He was a returned war vet from Special Forces, who took on the role of town Sheriff in order to take down the corrupt owner of the casino, which is the also main source of income in his hometown. He fires the entire police squad and gets the job done. Which movie is this?

Question 2

Which action movie did The Rock appear in to set up his lead role for a spinoff film?

The Rock didn't make a long appearance until nearly the end of this action-packed film. The movie starred Brendan Fraser as Rick O'Connell and Rachel Weisz as his wife Evie O'Connell, who are adventurers that end up fighting both time and ancient mummies to save their son, along with the world. The Rock comes in as a tale is told of a king who wanted to rule the world and offered his soul to do it. His army died of exhaustion and his soul was taken, only to be resurrected in this movie. Which movie was this?

Question 3

Do you know which action film starring The Rock, this is?

If you recognize this action film, then you probably already now that it was a remake of a popular show that ran in the 90's. The original starred David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchanan, who was the lead lifeguard of a group. The group watched over the beaches of California and ran into various dangerous situations. In the remake, The Rock took on the leading role and the main plot was to save the beach from a drug dealer who was trying to privatize it. What movie is this?

Question 4

Can you name this funny action movie?

The Rock wasn't the star of this comedy action film, although, his part was pretty unforgettable. He played Chris Danson, who along with his partner, P.K. Highsmith, were the model officers of their police squad. They were the kind of officers who leave the city in pieces for every minor case they took on. That is, they were until they miscalculated a jump and fell to their deaths leaving two desk duty guys, Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz, played by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg to take their places. Which movie is this?

Question 5

Do you recognize this action film co-starring The Rock?

The Rock played Jack Bruno in this action-packed sci-fi thriller! He was a cab driver who picked up alien siblings, Sara and Seth, who were intent on saving both their planet and earth. Their planet wanted to invade earth as a means to survive, although, the siblings' parents had found a way for their kind to make it without the invasion of earth. After their parent's arrest, Jack helped Sara and Seth escape both the U.S. Government, and the alien assassin sent to stop them. What movie is this?

Question 6

Which movie is this?

This movie is based on a popular Hasbro action figure, comic, and media franchise. In the movie, Dwayne Johnson takes on the role of a character named Roadblock, who is one of the most well-known African-American characters throughout the series. Roadblock's job was to carry on with his commander, Duke's mission after he was killed in an attack set up by Zartan, who was posing as the U.S. President. As second-in-command, he leads the cavalry to stop Cobra. Can you name this movie?

Question 7

Can you name which Fast & Furious movie this was?

It'd be hard to imagine any fan of The Rock forgetting his most prominent and repetitive role as an agent in the Fast & Furious film series. However, you might have some trouble guessing which movie from the franchise this is. This is the one where The Rock takes Dom's crew into custody as fugitives, only to let them go after they help him take down Reyes, who had ambushed and killed his own team. Which Fast & Furious was this?

Question 8

The Rock was in this action movie! Can you name it?

This 2013 action film starred The Rock as John Matthews, whose son was set up by his friend to avoid a prison sentence. It turns out that the only way to get his son out of a 10-year sentence is to become an informant, himself. He gets involved in carrying drugs for a cartel using his freight trucks. That leads to one possible arrest, yet they let the guy go in hopes of catching the kingpin. Matthews sets up a meeting with the kingpin to get his son released. Which movie is this?

Question 9

Which action movie is this?

In one of The Rock's earliest action roles, he played Beck, who was a debt collector, working for a guy named Billy Walker. After collecting an especially difficult debt of a championship ring from a football player, he decides that he wants out. However, Walker would only agree to release him if he tracked down his son, Travis, from a mining town in Brazil. Meanwhile, Travis doesn't want to go home and makes Beck's job getting him there beyond difficult. What movie is this?

Question 10

Do you know what movie this is?

The Rock spent this entire movie trying to get to his injured daughter during an outbreak of powerful earthquakes that are hitting across a fault-line in San Fransisco. He and his ex-wife embark on the impossible journey after their daughter, Blake was abandoned by her cowardly stepfather at his office. They travel by car and helicopter before getting to Blake and her friends, but she got sucked into a tsunami and was nearly drowned. Fortunately, The Rock, aka her dad, was able to resuscitate her. Which movie was this?

Question 11

Can you name this action film starring Dwayne Johnson?

The Rock got to play a Greek demigod in this action-packed movie. The backstory is that he was the son of Zeus. After completing the Twelve Labors, he was betrayed by the goddess of women, Hera. She drove him mad over her jealousy of Zeus, causing him to murder his own family. In the movie, he is hired to train the armies of Thrace to fight against an evil warlord, only later he finds out that he's fighting for the wrong side. What movie is this?

Question 12

Which action movie is this?

This hilarious action film starred The Rock as a bullied youth named Robbie Weirdicht, who grew up to be a confident CIA agent, alongside Kevin Hart, who played Calvin Joyner, a star athlete who had become an accountant. As an adult, Joyner is contacted by Weirdicht on Facebook, only now his name is Bob Stone. Bob enlists the help of Joyner to take down The Black Badger, who really turns out to be Bob's supposedly deceased partner. What movie is this?

Question 13

Do you know which movie this is?

This movie came out in 2006 and was set a couple years in the future. It starred The Rock as Boxer Santaros. Boxer was an action star who had amnesia and his life crosses paths with a police officer and an adult film star who was on the brink of getting her own reality show. It turns out that Boxer held the fate of the future in his hands, in the form of a screenplay that foretold the end of the world. The movie also stars Sarah Michelle Geller, Sean William Scott, and Justin Timberlake. What was it called?

Question 14

Can you name this Mummy spinoff?

This action/fantasy film took place 5,000 years prior to The Mummy. It stars The Rock as a training warrior for the kingdom of Akkad, who leaves his training to go on a mission to avenge the death of his father. He's offered a kingdom, yet turns it down to travel with his brother, who gets killed right in front of him by Memnon. This leads him to avenge his brother's death and to become the king of Memnon's empire. What movie is this?

Question 15

Do you know what action movie this is?

This is the second movie of this franchise. The first film starred Brendan Fraser as Professor Trevor Anderson, but he didn't return for the second movie. However, Josh Hutchinson did return as Trevor's nephew, Sean Anderson. The Rock acted as his stepdad and joined him in the adventure to find his missing grandfather, who Sean suspected was sending him signals via satellite. They end up crashing a helicopter and find a place where everything is the opposite of what it should be. What movie is this?

Question 16

Which Fast & Furious movie is this?

The Rock takes on the same DSS Agent role as before in this movie from the Fast & Furious franchise! It starts off with his offices being broken into by a rogue British Special Forces assassin, who is looking for Dom's crew to avenge the death of his brother, which happened in yet another installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. He and his partner Elena, help Dom's crew even after he's been hospitalized following an explosion. Which Fast & Furious movie was this?

Question 17

The Rock played a bodyguard in this movie! Which action film was it?

This movie was the sequel to movie Get Shorty which starred John Travolta as Chili Palmer and co-starred Danny Devito, who also produced both films. In this movie, Travolta returned as Chili and he is helping his friend's widow to manage a record company. The Rock plays the role of Elliot, who is the gay bodyguard (and aspiring actor) of music producers, Raji and Carr, who lose their best act's contract to Chili. They send Elliot to kill Chili, but instead, he befriends Chili in hopes of furthering his acting career. Which movie is this?

Question 18

Can you name this 2018 movie featuring The Rock?

The Rock got to team up with an albino gorilla named George in this movie adapted from the video game of the same name. The storyline follows the destruction of a space station which held pathogens to rewrite animals genes, making them more aggressive and huge. The Rock's character is a primatologist who works with the gorilla named George, who along with an alligator and wolf are exposed to the pathogen. The Rock works with a scientist to get George to help take down the terrorists responsible and the other morphed animals. What movie is this?

Question 19

Do you know what the name of this movie is?

This action movie was loosely based on a true story and featured The Rock as a co-star to Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie. Wahlberg plays Daniel Lugo, who's an ex-convict and current trainer at Sun Gym. He wants the American dream, which he observes through the lifestyles of his customers. He teams up with another trainer named Adrain Doorbal and a recovered junkie-turned Christian named Paul Doyle, who's played by The Rock, to kidnap and rob the rich clients. What movie is this?

Question 20

Which movie is this?

The Rock has acted in several movies, although, none quite like this one! In the movie, he's a hockey player who crushes the fantasy world of his girlfriend's children by revealing that a certain fictional character, (who comes to visit children at night), isn't real. This lands him in hot water with the people who oversee this fictional character and he ends up having to play the part of the fictional character for two weeks. What movie featuring The Rock is this?

Question 21

Can you name this movie sequel co-starring The Rock?

This movie is the long-awaited sequel to an old classic that the late Robin Williams co-starred in! It's about a game that transports kids into itself. This movie picks up 20 years after a kid is transported into the video game when a new group of kids finds the game system. They also get transported and trapped in the game but are able to learn from their experiences and find their way out of the game. Meanwhile, they come across the lost boy and rescue him in the process. What movie is this?

Question 22

Do you know which movie The Rock played Agent 23 in?

The Rock played Agent 23 in this movie based off of an old TV show. He was a co-star to Steve Carell, who played Max, aka Agent 86, and Anne Hathaway, who played Agent 99. Max was valued more as an analyst, although, he wanted to be more like his idol, Agent 23. Max actually got a shot when all of the other agent's identities were compromised except his and Agent 99's. Do you know which movie Dwayne Johnson played Agent 23 in?

Question 23

Can you name this Fast & Furious movie?

The Rock's DSS agent character sought the help of Dom's crew in order to take down Owen Shaw, who was the leader of an international crime syndicate. He also teamed up with fellow DSS Agent Riley Hicks in this installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. However, he later comes to realize that Hick's was a double agent who had crossed both his own team and Dom's crew as well. Do you remember which Fast & Furious movie this was?

Question 24

Which action movie is this?

In this movie, The Rock played Sarge, who was one member of a crew of 8 marines who made up the Rapid Response Tactical Squad. Their job was to find out what was going on at a research facility on Mars in the year 2046. The only communication was that the facility was under a level 5 security breach. Sarge's crew goes to Mars and finds that researchers had been experimenting with a martian chromosome, which has made humans into monsters. What movie is this?

Question 25

Do you know the name of this action movie starring The Rock?

The Rock plays James Cullen, known mostly as Driver in this action-packed movie where he gets out of prison and sets off on a mission to avenge his brother's death. His co-star was Billy Bob Thorton as Detective Slade Humphries, who turned out to be the person behind Driver's brother's death. Humphries spent the majority of the movie tracking down Driver as he avenged everyone that was in a video from his brother's death at a bank heist. What movie was this?

Question 26

Can you name this Fast & Furious movie?

In this Fast & Furious movie, The Rock still acted as the same DSS agent, only this time he was approached to do a rogue mission, in which he can face consequences for actions taken if he gets caught. He again teams up with Dom's crew, but the cyber-terrorist that they're after blackmails Dom into stealing the device that The Rock's character was sent to retrieve. This lands THe Rock's character in prison, but he gets out to finish the mission. Which Fast & Furious is this?

Question 27

Which movie is this?

This movie stars The Rock as NYPD Detective James Ransone, opposite Liam Hemsworth as Chris Potamitis, who is a security guard working for an armored truck company. Chris' friend talks him into working together on a cash heist to take 11 million from the company, which if they pulled it off, would be the largest cash heist in U.S. history. Plus, there were also local crime bosses who were after them. It was The Rock's job as Ransone to bring them into custody. What movie is this?

Question 28

Can you name this gripping film starring The Rock?

This gripping tale starring Dwayne Johnson was based on a true story. The Rock plays Sean Porter, who was a guard at a youth detention center. Porter wanted to give the kids at the detention center something to keep them away from gangs and off the streets, so he started up a football team for some of the more promising youths. Porter taught the boys discipline and how to work together as a team. He led them all the way to the playoffs and most of the boys went on to lead productive lives. What movie is this?

Question 29

Do you know which movie this is?

In this 2007 movie, The Rock plays a professional football player, who finds out that he has an 8-year-old daughter named Peyton. She shows up and gives him a fake story about how her mom sent her for him to take care of. Johnson's character is a bachelor who knows nothing about caring for a child and his initial attempts at being a dad are sad, yet funny. He eventually discovers that her mother died in a car accident and she'd ran from her Aunt to find him. Which movie is this?

Question 30

Can you name this funny action movie?

This movie is based on the Comedy Central TV series of mostly the same name. It was produced by Robert Ben Garant, who also played the character Junior in both the TV show and film adaption. The Rock only played a small cameo role in this movie as SWAT Agent Rick Smith. He shows up to give a pep talk to the police squad, but it doesn't go as expected because he blows himself up with a grenade. What movie is this?

Question 31

Which of The Rock's characters is this?

The Rock played this character in two movies from the same film franchise. He only showed up at the end of one and he picked up as the lead role in the spinoff. He played a son who was avenging the death of his father, and later his brother. Afterward, he becomes a king who offers his soul to Anubis to grant him a powerful army to defeat his enemies, yet afterward, he is betrayed by Anubis who takes his soul and army anyway. Which character was this?

Question 32

Do you know which character this is?

The Rock reprised this role as a DDS agent through four of the Fast & Furious movies. He started off chasing and catching Dom's crew, only to end up working with them. He let them go on under the assumption that he would come back after them. However, he ended up enlisting their help in the next movies as well. In The Rock's third Fast & Furious movie, he helped Dom's crew. At the end of the eighth Fast & Furious, he retires to spend more time with his daughter and Dom's crew. Which character is this?

Question 33

Can you name this character?

The Rock played this character in the 2017 film adaption of Baywatch. He was the lead lifeguard on the beach and was loved by the community due to all of the rescues carried out by his team. During the movie, he got set up and fired, leading for him to take a job as a cell phone salesman, although, he was still keeping an eye on his team as they tried to take down Leeds, who was dealing drugs on the beach. Which character is this?

Question 34

Which of these characters was The Rock playing in Walking Tall?

In Walking Tall, The Rock played a retired sergeant from the U.S. Army Special Forces. He came back home only to find that the town has been taken over by a casino and drug smuggling. Everyone is too scared to stand up to the casino owner who runs the town. The Rock's character runs for sheriff so that he can take the criminals down himself and bring the town back to what it once was. Which character did The Rock play in Walking Tall?

Question 35

Name this character from Rampage!

In the 2008 film, Rampage, The Rock starred as a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, who's now a member of an anti-poaching unit. He works at a wildlife preserve where he befriends an albino gorilla named George. Meanwhile, a space station is destroyed that holds morphed animals and the experimented pathogen that made them. The pathogens hot in different places affecting three animals, including George. The Rock's character ends up working with George to destroy the scientist/terrorists responsible and the other tow animals who are tearing up Chicago. Which character did The Rock play?

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