Only A True Disney Channel Fan Will Get 100% On This Movie Quiz!

As a kid, there was nothing better than turning on Disney Channel at 7:00 p.m. and seeing a Disney star do the thing where they would make Mickey Mouse ears out of their glowing sticks, and hearing the chant, "Let's watch a Disney Channel movie!" These movies, also known as Disney Channel Original Movies are a staple in any kid's childhood who grew up in the early/mid-2000's. Some of them are super funny, some of them are spooky, while others actually teach real-life lessons that most of us can still remember.

But how well do we actually remember these movies? Some of them came out almost two decades ago, after all. Some of these movies have reached classic status, but there are a bunch that have been left forgotten on the VHS shelves at Blockbusters that no longer exist. There are over 100 movies that fall under the name DCOM (don't get confused with The Wonderful World of Disney or anything like that). Even though we may like to believe that we've seen all of these films, there is a good chance that that's not the case.

Take this quiz to find out what it really takes to be a true DCOM expert. Don't worry if the score isn't too high--it's just a good excuse to watch more Disney Channel originals!

Question 1

Name this futuristic movie.

It's the year 2049 and people are now living out in space. The movie follows a girl who lives with her parents up on a giant space station. After getting in trouble with the station's commander she's sent to live on Earth with her aunt, which turns out to be a lot of trouble. Life in space is just, different, and she's not used to the simplicity of high school kids that are supposed to be from the future but still look like they're from the '90s. With her friends, she manages to save the space station from a virus and also grab the attention of her favorite pop star.

Question 2

What is the name of this military school story?

Hilary Duff's movie mom has just recently married the newly appointed Commandant of a military school. She has to move away from her friends and enroll in this school, even though she's extremely unfit for this kind of environment. The worst part about all of this is Captain Stone, who makes her life a living nightmare. After suffering the Captain's torment for too long, she starts doing her own pranks to get revenge. Eventually, the two form a truce and perform, like, the best drill team routine ever.

Question 3

Name this musical.

Mitchie Torres is just a regular girl with big dreams of becoming a professional singer. She joins a music camp for the summer to help that dream, but doesn't come from prominent families like the other campers--her mom is doing the catering for the camp. At the same time, the popular band Connect 3 is also at this camp, and their member Shane is really not happy about it. That is, until he hears a girl singing and he spends the rest of the time at camp trying to find who that voice belongs to. At the final showcase, it's revealed that the majestic voice belongs to Mitchie and then they sing together onstage.

Question 4

Name this small-town pop star adventure.

There's nothing really great about living in the suburbs--there's not much to do and there isn't really anybody interesting that passes by. One day, two friends find out that one of their favorite pop singers, Jordan Cahill, is filming a music video in a town nearby and they go to try and see him. In a little mix-up, they end up accidentally swapping phones with his assistant. To try to make things a little interesting, they use their newly acquired phone to mess with Jordan and totally change up his look, which ends up helping him get out of his creative rut.

Question 5

What's this aquatic movie?

Life is pretty normal for Cody--he's got friends, is a great swimmer, and has two loving adoptive parents. Things are great until his thirteenth birthday, when he starts to feel a little weird. He's forming scales all over his body, he's drinking way too much water, and sometimes his feet turn into fins. It turns out that his mother is a mermaid, the one that the crazy old fisherman in town has been trying to catch for years. They finally meet and he goes off to learn what it's like to be a merman. Of course, he will be back in time for school on the surface.

Question 6

What's the name of this crazy mystery?

Lindsay Lohan's character is the daughter of New York elites and she is very dedicated in getting all the gossip around town for the school's newspaper. When a picture of her teacher, Mr. Walker, is published in the paper, he suddenly goes missing and his car is found in the river, she rallies up three friends and they go all around town trying to solve this mystery. They end up getting through a couple of sticky situations and eventually figure out what is actually going on.

Question 7

Name this culinary movie.

As we've learned from multiple Disney Channel movies, it's very hard to do sports and also have another interest. In this movie, the main character is on a baseball team coached by his dad, who wants him to get a baseball scholarship for college. He likes baseball, but discovered his passion for cooking when taking home economics. There's a cook-off that would get him into a culinary school, but it's on the same day as the baseball finals. Will he be able to make his dad happy while also being able to pursue what he loves most?

Question 8

What's the name of this magical movie?

Even though Alex and Camryn now know that they are magical and also royals, they still are trying to live their best life in the regular world. Eventually, the world of Coventry calls back to them (or really just their mother) and they are set to once again save the day. While their father, Aron, was presumed deceased, they head over to the Shadowlands to try and find him, but mistakenly bring back the villain Thantos. With the help of their magical friends, the twin sisters manage to vanquish Thantos and bring their father back, all in time for their friends' wedding.

Question 9

Name this rock musical.

Five unlikely people end up in detention one day and form a band together, encouraged by one of their teachers. She tells the students to sign up for a band competition, which they do. The band uses their music to stand up for what they believe in, which creates conflict between the students and the principal of the school, who wants to get rid of extracurriculars to further fund sports. At the battle of the bands, they get the attention of someone who ends up funding a music hall for their school.

Question 10

What's the name of this action packed teen drama?

This movie is about a regular high school girl living a regular life, until one day a young Buddhist monk named Shen comes to tell her that she's the reincarnation of a powerful female warrior and is the only one who can save the world from the evil Yan-Lo. She's extremely not interested in any of that and is much more invested in campaigning for Homecoming Queen. Eventually, she gives in to her destiny and trains in martial arts to defeat the great evil once and for all.

Question 11

What is this spooky movie?

Halloween was never a big holiday in the Piper household, and Marnie always wondered why. Her grandmother arrives for her annual visit and talks about a faraway place that is full of magical creatures. It's then revealed that their family is magic and that she wants to train Marnie as a witch, albeit her mom's objections. The whole family then takes a bus over to this magical town where the magic training will begin. There's an evil presence looming over the town, and it's the kids who end up stopping it.

Question 12

Name this princess movie.

Princess Rosalinda was about to be crowned queen of the country of Costa Luna, but that had to be put off after someone had invaded the palace to try and capture her. She has to create a fake identity and hang low in a small Louisiana town to make sure that she's safe for the time being. Now as Rosie, she has to learn how to navigate high school and befriend Carter, who is her temporary sister at the moment.

Question 13

What is this big city adventure called?

Sharpay has always been the kind of girl who wants to be on center stage. At the Lava Springs Country Club, she is scouted out by a famous casting director who offers her a spot in his newest musical in New York. Sharpay convinces her dad to let her move out to the Big Apple, and he agrees but says that if she doesn't have a show by the end of the month, she will have to return home. It turns out for Sharpay that big city life is a lot harder than she may have originally believed.

Question 14

Name this heartwarming movie about friendship.

The year is 1977 and Piper Dellums convinces her Congressman father to host an exchange student from South Africa. Mahree Bok, a white South African girl is the one to make the journey over to stay with this African American family. Upon arrival, the two of them are confused and upset, having both had preconceived notions about what the other will look like. It's hard for the two to get along in the beginning, since Mahree is very sheltered about what life is like for people of color, but the two of them eventually develop a very strong friendship.

Question 15

What's the name of this cautionary tale?

Imagine accidentally getting your diary published for your entire school to see. Sounds absolutely horrifying, right? For Jamie, it wasn't all that bad at the start. Her diary looked more like a fictional story, with the main character, Is, loosely based off herself. It became a bestseller and eventually fame took over Jamie and she started to lose everything that was once important to her. It got exceptionally worse once the kids at school found out that the characters in the story were about them. Jamie had to learn that fame isn't everything, and it comes with a price.

Question 16

What's the name of this movie about a jump rope team?

Seventeen year-old Izzy is a star boxer in his neighborhood in Brooklyn and he is trying to be the best. His younger sister, on the other hand, is a lot more interested in Double Dutch, so he goes with her to a regional competition--where Mary, the girl next door, competes as well. Her team, the Joy Jumpers lose a member after some drama and losing the competition, so Izzy offers to stand in as a replacement to help them practice. He may still love boxing, but he also has found a new passion for Double Dutch, something that he struggles with.

Question 17

Name this sporty movie.

After becoming a snowboarding legend in Vermont, it's time for Johnny to return back to Hawaii for his grandfather's wedding. He's excited for the wedding, especially since he'll now have a cool uncle to hang out with, but it turns out that "uncle" is actually a bratty 12 year-old named Chris. Johnny seems to be good at every sport involving a board because now he's got to win a dirt boarding race to help his friend, Valerie. Surprisingly, it was the dirt boarding competition that mended the relationship between Johnny and Chris.

Question 18

What's the name of this dance movie?

Originally a true story, a group of dancers in an inner-city school in southern California ask for help from one of their teachers. Initially, the girls push back from their coach's instructions, since she is very prim, proper and Julliard trained. After seeing the girls break it down while listening to Latin music, she helps them incorporate their own style of dance into their routine. This helps these young girls learn more about themselves and be comfortable with who they are.

Question 19

What's the name of this summertime musical?

Summer is finally here and it's time to be chilling out...except there isn't much time to do that because everyone has to work down at the Lava Springs Country Club. At first it seems fine, with just a little work and a whole lot of play, but then things get spicy between Troy and his friends when Sharpay seems to give him the special treatment. It seems as though everything is going south, but it may be possible to save Troy's relationship and his friendships during the talent show.

Question 20

Name this movie about smart devices.

This movie is a very good reason why Alexa is a very bad idea. Ever since Ben's mother passed away, it's been really hard for the family to manage all the chores, so Ben enters a competition to win a new house that is all computerized, and they get it. At first, the house is everything they wanted, but the computer behind the house starts to learn more and eventually thinks that it is the children's mother and wants to be human, even though that's not possible.

Question 21

Name this girly musical.

Chanel, Dorina, and Aqua are now left as a trio, since their fourth member went off to college. They are cast in a new Bollywood film, so they fly off to India to start shooting. When they get there, they find out that only one of the girls can be the star of the movie, since that's all that there is in the budget. The friends are first bummed out they have to go home, but then realize that one of them can have the role. They promise not to let their aspirations hurt their friendship, but it's hard when the competition gets tough.

Question 22

What's the name of this vampire movie?

Adam has tickets to go to a Headless Horseman concert with his friend and Chelsea's got date plans--unfortunately for these two they're not going anywhere since they're grounded. They're desperate to get their mom out of the house for the night so that they can sneak out of the house, so desperate that they set her up with a kind of creepy guy named Dimitri. The youngest brother, Taylor, is convinced that Dimitri is a vampire, which the other siblings brush off until they also realize it's true, so they go out for an all-night adventure to try to save their mom from the vampire world.

Question 23

What's the name of this father/daughter adventure?

Melissa's dad, Neal, is a famous author and creator of the very popular Tripp Zoome series. She sometimes feels like she's left in the shadow of this fictional character since it seems like her dad spends more time writing than spending it with her. They were supposed to go on a trip together to spend some father/daughter time but that was cut short after Neal gets kidnapped by some fans. Melissa then needs to find her dad and not get into any danger herself. Who would've thought that a fictional series could evoke so much real-life drama?

Question 24

Name this beachy musical.

Mack is about to leave the beach to go to private school, and will inevitably have to break up with Brady. Before she goes, the two surfers try to catch a giant, 40-foot wave and are magically swept up into their favorite '60s musical, "Wet Side Story." The movie is about a group of surfers and a biker gang that are trying to claim the territory of Big Momma's restaurant. The two get some time-appropriate clothes and have to sing and dance through this adventure before catching a wave back to the present day.

Question 25

What's the name of this inspiring DCOM?

Based on a true story, this movie follows the life of a boy named Justin who is disabled and needs to use a wheelchair. He wants to be able to do something that makes him feel special. In his neighbor's shed, he finds a used soapbox racer which he ends up becoming really good at. His dad makes a special hand brake for him so that he can race like the other kids, but ends up getting injured. He still struggles with his condition now that hs parents are afraid that this sport will be too dangerous for him, but he learns that he's perfect just like everyone else.

Question 26

What is the name of this Christmas movie?

Christmas in Los Angeles isn't all that exciting for these two girls--it's hot just like it is all year around. Other kids around the country get a bunch of snow days this time of year. They come across a weird-looking machine and find out that it's a weather machine. Now given the power to change the weather, they give themselves their first and only snow day in L.A. The machine starts to malfunction and it's snowing so much that flights are being delayed. Santa now has to find his old weather machine back and fix all of this before Christmas is ruined.

Question 27

Name this movie about a movie.

Josh is a film geek who is taking on the project of filming one of the most popular girls in school, Dylan. At first, their friendship is nonexistent but they grow closer together. Josh starts to become more popular, forgetting about his other film club friends. Dylan, on the other hand is becoming less popular and her chances of winning the title of Blossom Queen, which is very important to her since her mom was also a Blossom Queen back in the day. The documentary about her finally comes out and it helps bring the two closer together, as well as crowning Dylan as Blossom Queen.

Question 28

What is this '80s reboot?

This is a remake of a classic '80s movie and follows two girls, Lola and Jenny, who are both photographers with babysitting jobs that night. Earlier that day, they accidentally switch phones, and try to meet up while on the job to get their phones back. In all the chaos, Trey manages to sneak out to attend a concert despite being grounded. Now the two girls and five other kids are traveling around the city trying to find Trey before the parents come home and find out what's been happening.

Question 29

What is this scouting movie?

Alex Pearson is a high school athlete with a bad attitude. He's trying to win back points with his father by promising to watch over his little sister, Emily. She's a Bumble Bee scout and one day her troop leader suddenly quits to move to the other side of the country. Left with no time to find a new troop leader, Alex takes on the role as the fake "Mrs. Zamboni." He helps the girls sell cookies and achieve badges in exchange for them helping him score a date with a senior Bumble Bee.

Question 30

Name this biking movie.

Andrea has a passion for motocross racing, like her brother Adam does, but her father is against it saying that she should stick to doing more "girly things." One day Andrea challenges her brother to a race, and he ends up getting injured bad enough that he can't race for the rest of the season, which hurts the family business. Andrea comes up with a plan to keep her brother's name strong while also trying to prove that she's just as good at racing than any man can be--she pretends to be her twin brother. How long will she be able to keep it up before her secrets get out?

Question 31

What is this crazy science-fiction movie?

It's spring break and Cody decides to leave S.S. Tipton, the boat school he lives on, to join a research internship. His twin brother Zack ruins that for him after destroying a submarine and Cody says he'll never speak to him again. While he's no longer able to intern, another scientist comes along and informs him that the twin brothers are perfect for something called the Gemini Project. The experiments link the two brothers so that they literally experience what the other one is experiencing, which brings them closer than ever before but also puts them in danger.

Question 32

Name this ensemble cast movie.

This movie involves three different stories about a group of students from the same school who have their own friendship issues. The first story involves a boy and his dog, who accidentally ruins his prize certificate. The second story is about two best friends who ruin their friendship after fighting for a senior editor job for a fashion magazine. The final story is about two girls who look very similar and decide to switch lives, but they soon realize that the other one's life is not as great as they thought it was.

Question 33

Name this prom movie.

The day before prom, Monica decides to get her hair done so that she would have more time to prepare the day of, but woke up with her hair and outfit a total mess. She gets a ring on the doorbell from a private investigator, who is looking for a necklace that Monica had bought in a pawn shop. Getting the necklace back would possibly help Liz get back on the force, so Monica uses the necklace as leverage to get Liz to drive her around and help her fix her hair before the big dance, except things don't turn out that way.

Question 34

What is the name of this mascot-driven sports movie?

This movie follows a shy, introverted guy who doesn't seem to get anyone to notice him--not his crush, and not even his biology teacher. His best friend Cleatus, is the exact opposite, but he's not too great when it comes to being the school mascot, The Chicken, because he's allergic to the suit. He convinces his friend to wear it, and he does really well as the new mascot, even though nobody knows it's him. The Chicken gains a ton of popularity and is a town favorite, but can he be this cool when the mask is off?

Question 35

What is this St. Patrick's Day classic?

Everything is normal for Kyle and his family until he attends an Irish festival and gets his family's lucky gold coin stolen from him. He starts to shrink, develops pointy ears and red hair, and starts speaking in an Irish accent. It turns out that his family are leprechauns and that gold coin needs to be worn by the youngest in the family for them to pass as regular humans. He must now compete with an evil leprechaun for the coin back and beats him with his sick basketball skills.

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