Only A True Cowboy Can Name All These Country Stars

There are a ton of different genres in the music world. Just about everyone has a favorite, whether it's pop or hip-hop or rock or even country music. And within each of those genres, it seems like there's countless musicians and singers. Just like everyone has a favorite genre, most people have a favorite musician or band too. Even if they like a lot of other artists from a particular genre or even multiple genres, most people have got that one favorite that they always turn to when they're in the mood to listen to some real good music. But, even if people have a single favorite band or artist, they probably know a lot of other ones in their favorite genre as well. There are just so many talented musicians out there who create really catchy, great music that it's hard not to be familiar with them!

In the country music world, it seems like there are always new musicians coming out. Many country fans definitely have a preference between classic country and new country music, but most country fans definitely know a lot of country musicians from all decades.

Who thinks they're a real cowboy? Prove it by naming 100% of these country stars!

Question 1

Who knows this country singer's name?

In the music world, there are a lot of musicians that are related to each other. Famous families are definitely nothing new. Some musicians have a famous parent or join a band with a cousin or sibling. This country singer is no exception! The fact that he's so big in the music world is no surprise considering the fact that he's the son of Rhett Akins, the singer behind country hits like If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away. This singer released his debut album, titled It Goes Like This, and started his own life in the music world in 2013.

Question 2

Who is this "Clockwork" singer?

In 2010, this singer released his self-titled debut album. The album featured two singles that each hit the number one spot on the charts. These singles were A Little More Country Than That and Roll With It. He went on to release two more albums since then, one in 2012 and one in 2015, called All Over the Road and About to Get Real, each of which made their way pretty high up the charts too. Other songs by this singer include Clockwork, Baby Be My Love Song, A Girl Like You, and Lovin' You Is Fun. Who is this?

Question 3

Who knows the singer behind "What Are You Listening To"?

Before this singer started writing and performing his own music, he was the writer behind some huge hits in the country world. Some of his songwriting credits include songs like Love's Gonna Make It Alright by George Straight, Talk is Cheap by Alan Jackson, and Too Fast by Jason Aldean. In 2015, he released his first album as a singer himself. The album is titled Traveller and it made it to the top of the charts. That's no surprise considering any country fan is sure to know how popular songs like Nobody to Blame and Parachute have been! Who is this singer-songwriter?

Question 4

Who knows the name of this country star?

Just after winning the fourth season of the singing competition series she appeared on, this country singer released her very first single which, according to Wikipedia, was the very first country single to debut at the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. Pretty cool, right! But it's no surprise that this country singer is so huge. Since that song came out in 2005, this country singer has released a total of six studio albums which have produced 31 singles and she's had a lot of major crossover success between the country and pop music worlds. Songs of hers include Last Name, Before He Cheats, and Church Bells.

Question 5

Who is this blonde country singer?

In 2015, this country pop singer released her debut album, titled The First Time, and her second album, called Unapologetically, was released two years later in 2017. The same year that she released her second album, this country singer was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Not a bad way to start a life in the country music world, is it? Some of the songs that this blonde country singer is known for include Peter Pan, Yeah Boy, Miss Me More, and Love Me Like You Mean It. Who thinks they know the name of this country star?

Question 6

Name this country group.

This country music group was founded in 1999 in Ohio and is made up of Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney. LeVox and DeMarcus are actually cousins which is pretty cool! This band has been around for quite a while and as such, they've had quite a few hit country songs hit the airwaves over the years. Some of their popular songs include ones like These Days, Fast Cars and Freedom, My Wish, Here Comes Goodbye, and I Like the Sound of That, each of which were on the top of the country charts at some point. What group is this?

Question 7

Name this country singer and judge from The Voice.

This country singer has been in the music world for quite a while. In 2001, he achieved chart success for the first time with his single Austin, a song about someone who tries to reach out to an ex that they haven't moved on from by using their answering machine. This country singer has definitely made his mark on the music world! He was made a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2010 and his home state of Oklahoma put him into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2014. These days, along with being a singer, he's a judge on The Voice.

Question 8

Name this singer behind "I'm Gonna Miss Her".

Since releasing his first album in 1999, this country singer has had quite a few popular songs. One of them includes the song I'm Gonna Miss Her, a song about the narrator of the song choosing to go fishing despite the fact that his wife told him not to, and some others that include songs like We Danced, Remind Me, He Didn't Have to Be, and Last Time for Everything. According to Wikipedia, this singer set a record in 2010 because of the fact that he had 10 consecutive singles that hit the top of the music charts. Pretty cool!

Question 9

Name this actress turned country star.

Before this country singer was actually a musician, she was an actress. In the music world, there are a lot of musicians that also dip their toes into the acting world after they become famous for their music but this country star is one that did that process totally in reverse by getting into acting before she started singing. She appeared in teen dramas like Friday Night Lights and 90210 in the 2000s. In 2012, her debut single titled Why You Wanna was released and brought her into the country music spotlight. She also finished in 4th place of season 2013 of Dancing With the Stars.

Question 10

Name this "Hard to Love" singer.

This country singer got his start in the music world in 2007. Along with releasing his own music, Wikipedia states that this country singer has also written music for a lot of other huge country stars that include artists like Tim McGraw, the Eli Young Band, and Garth Brooks. For these artists, he helped to write hit songs like More Than a Memory for Garth Brooks and Crazy Girl for the Eli Young Band. In 2009, his fourth single Love Like Crazy was the first one to achieve chart success. Since then, he's released more songs like I Drive Your Truck, Hard to Love, and Boy.

Question 11

Name this country star.

There are a lot of country stars that got their start on TV competition shows. This singer is definitely no exception! She got her start in the music world in 2003 after she appeared on a country music-centric singing competition series called Nashville Star. Even though she didn't win Nashville Star and instead came in third place, her music definitely still took off! She's a solo artist who has released a total of seven studio albums and is also a member of the country music group Pistol Annies. Songs from this singer include White Liar, and Somethin' Bad.

Question 12

Who is this?

This country singer got his start in the mid-2000s and, along with having his own life as a country singer, he's helped write songs for some other artists including Jason Aldean. In 2009, he released his debut album, titled Modern Day Prodigal Son. In total, this singer has released four studio albums, with the most recent one having come out in 2017, titled The Devil Don't Sleep. Some of the songs that this country singer has released include More Than Miles, Small Town Throwdown, The Ones That Like Me, and Bottoms Up. How many country music fans think they know who this singer is?

Question 13

Who is this country star turned popstar?

Even though this singer may not exactly be releasing country music now, anyone who has been a fan of her music since she got her start as a teenager will know that the pop hits she releases now are not the type of music that she started out with. Instead, she actually got her start as a country musician. Some of her initial songs when she was still releasing country music include songs like Tim McGraw, Change, Love Story, and You Belong With Me. Her first album was released in 2006 and is self-titled. It was followed by five more studio albums.

Question 14

Name this "Redneck Crazy" singer.

This country singer is from Missouri and got his start in the music world by writing songs for other country musicians. Although he didn't release his debut single until 2012, he had some experience in the music world before that. According to Wikipedia, he studied voice in college and is actually a trained opera singer. The fact that his voice sounds so great in the songs he's released is definitely no accident! In 2013, his song Redneck Crazy became the first of his singles to find itself in the top 10 on the charts. Who knows the name of this singer?

Question 15

Name this country duo.

This country duo is made up of two singers and musicians who got their initial burst of fame after their song Girl in a Country Song was released from their 2015 album. The song is a criticism of the way other country songs by male artists portray girls in their songs and, according to Wikipedia, was the first female country duo to reach the #1 spot on the charts since 2006. The last country duo to do that? The Wreckers with their song Leave the Pieces. Since then, they've released more songs like Friends Don't, Shut Up and Fish, and Sierra.

Question 16

Name this country star.

This country singer has had an interest in music for quite a while but didn't actually break into the spotlight until 2006 when he came to the attention of country music and reality TV fans everywhere after winning the competition show Nashville Star. His self-titled debut album was released that year and produced a few singles that had every country fan singing along, including one called You're Gonna Love Me. The Man I Want to Be, this singer's second album, was released three years later and produced popular singles like Voices and Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song). Who is this?

Question 17

Who recognizes this country duo?

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are the two country singers that make up this musical duo. In 2012, they released their debut single, titled Cruise. Even so many years later, this song is still among their most popular ones but it's definitely not the only popular song that this duo has released. The biggest country fans will definitely be familiar with other songs that the two of them have put out together, including one they recently released that features pop star Bebe Rexha titled Meant to Be. Get Your Sine On, Confesssion, and Summerland are some of the duo's other songs.

Question 18

Who sang "Springsteen"?

This country singer released his debut album in 2006 and although a serious country music fan may remember it, most country fans probably recognize this singer's voice from a song that was released from his 2011 album, Chief. The album produced several singles but one of the most popular ones is a song called Springsteen. This song hit the #1 spot on the Billboard US Hot Country Songs chart and even broke into the top 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In total, this country star has released six albums with other songs like Like Jesus Does, Desperate Man, and Creepin.

Question 19

Who recognizes this country star?

This country star has been interested in music since she was young and, according to Wikipedia, started writing her own songs when she was a kid. She self-released demo songs and albums for a while before she appeared on the series Nashville Star in 2007 with the hopes of really making it in the country music world. Even though she made it to seventh place instead of winning, she's still definitely found her way into the country world. In 2013, her debut studio album, Same Trailer Different Park, was released. It topped the country charts and had singles like Merry Go 'Round.

Question 20

Who is this country singer?

Country music fans will definitely recognize this newcomer onto the country music scene as the winner of The Voice. She won the singing competition show in the third season after joining Blake's team, making it no surprise that she's a star country singer now. But before she was in the country world, she was still into music, just a very different kind. Prior to appearing on the voice, this country singer was the lead singer of the pop punk band, Hey Monday. As a country singer, she's released two albums and has had songs like Summer, Think of You, and Wasting All These Tears.

Question 21

Who can name this country singer?

This country singer is one of many that got their start on a reality TV series. This singer wowed the judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and the audience at home throughout the entire tenth season of the singing competition show he appeared on in 2011. So much so, he went on to win the entire series with country star Lauren Alaina as the runner up that season. This country singer has toured with other huge country musicians like Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, and The Band Perry and has released singles that include I Love You This Big and Five More Minutes.

Question 22

Which contestant from The Voice is this?

Anyone who likes competition shows has probably seen The Voice. Considering the fact that country star Blake Shelton is one of the incredibly animated and hilariously lively judges, it's definitely not one that many country fans who are on the lookout for the next big thing in music can miss. During the blind auditions, both Blake Shelton and Adam Levine hit their buzzers to try to get this singer on their team but she ultimately went for Blake's team. Even though she was eliminated, her debut album, WildHorse, still did really well on the charts after it was released in 2017.

Question 23

Who is this?

This country singer released his self-titled debut album in 2003. Since then, he's released a grand total of nine studio albums that have produced 29 super popular singles. Some of the songs this country singer has released include catchy hits like Lot of Leavin' Left To Do, Every Mile a Memory, 5-1-5-0, and Different for Girls. This singer is also known for the fact that he's been on tour with some other super popular country musicians, including some like Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, and Miranda Lambert. This singer has been nominated for several Grammy Awards and won awards from shows like the CMT Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Question 24

Name the singer who collaborated with Zedd on "The Middle."

Even though this singer is a country star, she was still part of a pop song that was all over the charts in 2018 after it was released. This singer was one of the people to collaborate with Zedd in order to put out the song The Middle which definitely helped this country star to achieve some major crossover fame. Her debut album, Hero, was released in 2016 and life has been pretty food for this country singer since then. She opened for Keith Urban in 2016 and toured the world with former One Direction member Niall Horan in 2018.

Question 25

Which country superstar was also the name of a Taylor Swift song?

Some signers get so well-known that they're seriously everywhere. This singer is one that's really famous for his decades-long career in country music. In fact, he's so famous that his name was even used for a song by Taylor Swift when she was a new artist on the country music scene. This musician got his start in the music world in 1990 and released his debut, self-titled album in 1993. Since then, he's released a total of 15 studio albums, 12 compilation albums, and 67 singles. Several of his albums have also reached the top of the charts. Who is this singer?

Question 26

Name this "Play it Again" singer.

Before this country star became a singer himself, he was a songwriter. It's pretty cool to know how many of our favorite faces and voices in country music are actually behind other songs by artists that we know and love! This musician in particular started out in the country world by writing for other musicians like Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. When it finally came time for him to break into the music world himself, he released his debut album, titled I'll Stay Me, in 2007. Some songs by this musician include Rain is a Good Thing, Country Girl (Shake It for Me), and Fast.

Question 27

Name this competition show winner.

This singer is one that got her start in the music world after she won the very first season of the singing competition series she was on. Her voice wowed not just the fans at home, but also the judges of the show - Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson. She went on to be pretty popular in the pop music world with songs like A Moment Like This, Miss Independent, and Since U Been Gone but has been venturing more and more in recent years into the country music world. On top of singing, she's a judge on The Voice.

Question 28

Who sang "Body Like a Back Road"?

This country singer is one that almost didn't even become a country singer. According to Wikipedia, this singer played sports in high school and was considering going the professional football route before he ended up deciding to get into the country music world when he signed a record deal in 2014. Between playing high school football and becoming a singer himself, he wrote songs for other huge country stars like Keith Urban, Reba McEntire, and Kenny Chesney which means it's no surprise that some of his own songs have been such hits. Some of his singles include Leave the Light On, Body Like a Back Road, and House Party.

Question 29

Who is this?

This country newcomer released her debut studio album, titled Every Little Thing, in 2017. She has released a few super popular singles so far, including songs like Every Little Thing and Closer to You. Even though this singer has only really started to break into the country music scene, she's still become really popular for the songs that she has released so far and country music fans can't wait to hear more of what she's going to do. According to Wikipedia, this country newcomer won a 2018 CMT Music Awards award for Breakthrough Video of the Year for her video for Every Little Thing.

Question 30

Who can name this country group?

There are a lot of music groups in the world, of all different genres, that are composed of groups of siblings. This country trio is made up of a group of siblings. Kimberly, Reid, and Neil make up this super catchy country group that the three siblings came together to found in 2005. This group released their self-titled debut album in 2010 and found themselves nominated for and winning several awards in the next couple years for their super catchy new sound. The band has released two more albums since then, titled Pioneer and Coordinates. They've toured with Blake Shelton, Lindsay Ell, and Brad Paisley.

Question 31

Which country singer is this?

This country singer's second ever single, titled Somethin' 'Bout a Truck, was his first song to reach #1 on the country charts. And it's no surprise that this catchy song got this country singer into our ears and minds. Not only is the song a total hit but we all know that every country music fan loves a good truck. A song about one? Even better! Hey Pretty Girl, I'm Too Blame, and Last Shot are some more of the songs that this country star has released over the past few years. His third album, Slowheart, was released in 2017.

Question 32

Who is this cowboy?

This country singer has been around for quite a while. In fact, he released his very first self-titled album in 2005. According to Wikipedia, this artist had quite a rough time in Nashville before he finally got his big break as he was dropped from his label and almost moved back to his home state of Georgia since it didn't seem like music was going to work out for him. But we're super lucky that it did because it gave us awesome songs from this country superstar like Big Green Tractor, Don't You Wanna Stay, Fly Over States, and You Make It Easy.

Question 33

Who knows this country singer's name?

This country singer got the attention of his label when he helped to write a song that was meant to be for Kenny Chesney. According to Wikipedia, Kenny Chesney ultimately passed on the song but this country star's songwriting skills did not go unnoticed in Nashville. In 2006, he released his debut album, Startin' with Me, and the first single from that album, Yee Haw. This singer has toured with other major country stars like Dan + Shay, the Eli Young Band, and Florida Georgia Line, among other artists. Other songs from this singer include Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Real Life, Bleachin, and I Was Jack (You Were Diane).

Question 34

Who knows this "Criminal" singer?

Before releasing her debut album in 2017, this newcomer onto the country scene toured with a few major country acts. All that touring and playing music definitely had country fans who were ready for a new artist waiting for her to release some music. Some of the artists she toured with include The Band Perry, Jennifer Nettles, Sugarland, and Luke Bryan, among others. Her debut EP and debut album both came out in 2017. Some of the songs from them include songs like Trippin' on Us, By The Way, Waiting on You, and Criminal. Who knows the name of this country singer?

Question 35

Name this classic country singer.

This singer has been in the music world for quite a while. Her music isn't all country but a lot of it definitely has influences from country music, even if you're listening to some of her pop or rock music. This artist got her start in the music world when she worked as a music teacher. In total, she's released 10 studio albums. The first one was released in 1993 and is called Tuesday Night Music Club. Most recently, she released an album in 2017 called Be Myself. Some songs by this artist include Soak Up the Sun, Sign Your Name, Lean on Me, and Picture.

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