Only A True Comic Book Nerd Knows If These Actors Were In Marvel Or DC

The comics of Marvel and DC have a vast amount of characters, both heroic and villainous. And ever since 2000's "X-Men" began the golden age of superhero cinema the world finds itself in, more and more characters have been coming to screens large and small. But it was 2008's "Iron Man" that showed that little-known heroes (at least to general audience members) could produce successful movies.

And since that film's debut, both Marvel and DC have been taking greater chances with what heroes they choose to adapt. It doesn't seem like Aquaman would've been given a film adaptation in the 90s when people only cared about Batman. But today, the general feeling seems to be: the more, the merrier. And with that feeling, superhero films have been attracting greater talent so that these characters can truly be given life.

With so many heroes, villains, and supporting characters to keep track of, it can be hard to remember which character belongs to which company. Or even which character an actor or actress played. While it could be easy to say that some are less important than others, each character from these films has played vital roles. And for those who are true comic book fans, it should be no problem to recall which company these actors played characters for.

Question 1

Is Chris Evans in Marvel or DC?

Chris Evans became one of the biggest movie stars on the planet when he began starring in comic adaptations. He's starred in several from indie companies like "Snowpiercer" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World." But he's still best known for his work with one of these two major comics creators. Before either of them created their shared universes, Evans starred as a signature hero that could engulf his body in flames and fly. This character was part of the company's longest running teams. But later, he'd play one of the leading roles in a cinematic universe as a man who went through a Super Soldier program to enhance his body. Which company does Chris Evans work for?

Question 2

Which company does Henry Cavill work for?

Though he may not have been as well-known as other actors to star in superhero movies, Henry Cavill became a famous name when he was cast as one of the most famous superheroes of all time. His character is an alien that lands on Earth as only a baby and is raised by farmers, all while trying to understand his powers. Even outside of this role, Cavill has made a name for himself by starring in popular action movies like "Mission Impossible: Fallout." His solo film actually kicked off the cinematic universe his character is a part of. Which comic company does Henry Cavill work for?

Question 3

What about Hugh Jackman?

There are many actors and actresses that portray superheroes who were famous before stepping into the tights, but Hugh Jackman is a different story. His work was just beginning when he was cast in the role that defines him as an actor. He plays a key team member for people who are born with genetic mutations, which sometimes lead to physical alterations but almost certainly lead to incredible powers. His character can heal from any wound, though an experiment left him with a powerful and rare metal running alongside his skeleton, making him able to produce three claws from each hand. Which comic company does he work for?

Question 4

Is Scarlett Johansson in Marvel or DC?

Not every hero from these comic creators has amazing powers and some prove they don't need them, as evidenced by the character that Scarlett Johansson plays. She works for a secret government agency that operates to keep people safe from otherworldly threats. She's one of their best and most dangerous, so it's a good thing she works for the heroes. Her life began as an assassin but she changed her ways. A solo movie has been rumored for quite some time but it was confirmed in 2018 to be in the works. Which of these two companies does Scarlett Johansson play a hero for?

Question 5

Did Christian Bale play a hero for Marvel or DC?

Christian Bale is one of the more unique actors working today. He prefers for his body to look as real as the character calls for, meaning that he will lose or gain whatever amount of weight is required. Bale had lost 60 pounds to star in "The Machinist" but had to gain it all back and put on muscle when he was cast as a famous superhero. His character grew up as an orphan when the lives of his parents were taken by a mugger. And he promised at that moment to wage war on crime. Did Christian Bale play a hero for Marvel or DC?

Question 6

Which company does Robert Downey, Jr. work for?

There are few actors who are synonymous with their superhero role, so much so that it's hard to imagine anyone else playing them. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is one and Robert Downey, Jr. is another. He's been in this role almost as long as Jackman has been in his and he took the hero from B-list to A-list with his charm and sarcasm. He plays a billionaire owner of a weapons company who has a change of heart and decides to use his technology for the betterment of mankind. Which of these two companies does Robert Downey, Jr. play a hero for?

Question 7

Which company does Chadwick Boseman play a hero for?

There was once a time where there were only a few heroes like Superman or Spider-Man who were famous among non-comic readers. But those days have long since past, with both of these companies producing movies for heroes and villains who were lesser known though still deserved some attention. Chadwick Boseman plays one of these heroes. His character is a king of a fictional country but also its super-powered protector. He debuted in a movie before receiving his own solo film, which was only released in 2018. But it was so well-received that it was recently nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. Which company does Chadwick Boseman work for?

Question 8

Which company does Gal Gadot work for?

Gal Gadot began to build herself up as an action movie star in the "Fast and Furious" franchise before she was cast as a superhero. But her work in that series definitely prepared her for the later. Her character belongs to a race of female warriors that live on an island hidden from the outside world. But when she finds out about a war that involves multiple countries, she feels she can't stay hidden. Her film was one of the highest scoring movies on Rotten Tomatoes for this company in recent years, currently sitting at 93%. Does Gal Gadot play a hero for Marvel or DC?

Question 9

Does Margot Robbie play a character for Marvel or DC?

There are heroes and there are villains, but sometimes there's someone stuck in between. Margot Robbie plays a character that has done a lot of bad in her life but has the capacity to be good. The first movie this character starred in focused on a group of villains who are made to go on secret government missions to shorten their sentences. No word on a solo movie for the character, but she will star in an entirely different team-up movie that has a release date in 2020. Which of these two companies does Margot Robbie play a complicated character for?

Question 10

Is Jason Momoa in Marvel or DC?

Jason Momoa already seemed like he had what it took to play a superhero when he starred in the first season of "Game of Thrones" as Khal Drogo. But many may have been surprised when it was announced which hero he was playing as he doesn't physically resemble his character. He debuted in a team-up movie before getting his own solo movie, which was only released in December of 2018. That movie was directed by James Wan, whose work on spooky franchises like "The Conjuring" led to some intense creature designs. Which of these companies does Jason Momoa work for?

Question 11

Does Tom Holland play a character in Marvel or DC?

Tom Holland was relatively unknown when he was cast in his superhero role, save for his appearances in "In The Heart Of The Sea" and the Oscar-nominated film "The Impossible." But the role he was cast in was as one the premiere superheroes which essentially guaranteed him superstar status. He premiered in a team-up movie, though was only seen briefly, before being given a stand-alone film. That film's sequel will be coming out later in 2019 with Jake Gyllenhaal set to play the film's villain. Which of these two comic companies does Tom Holland play a hero for? Is it DC or Marvel?

Question 12

Which company does Ezra Miller work for?

Ezra Miller is no stranger to massive shared universes in film as he can also be seen in the "Fantastic Beasts" series set in the world of Harry Potter. But his superhero character is vastly different from Credence Barebone. Though he hasn't been given a solo film yet, he did make a brief cameo in one team-up movie and played a key role in another. The character he plays works as a forensic scientist for his city's police department. While in his lab one night, lightning strikes him through the window, leaving him drenched in chemicals and the power of super speed. Is Ezra Miller part of Marvel or DC?

Question 13

Which company does Sir Patrick Stewart work for?

Sir Patrick Stewart is like geek royalty, having portrayed Captain Jean Luc Picard in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on TV and in several films. But he's also well-known for playing a highly powerful character for one of these two companies. He played the character for well over a decade, though another actor has taken up the role in several prequel films. He plays a highly intelligent telepath. Not only can he communicate with people through their minds, but he also has the ability to freeze whoever he wishes in time to have private conversations. Which of these two companies does Sir Patrick Stewart work for?

Question 14

Can Chris Hemsworth be found in Marvel movies or DC movies?

Chris Hemsworth had actually gone with his brother, Liam, to the audition for a superhero role when he was cast instead. It ended up being the right call from director Kenneth Branagh as this brother fits perfectly in the role. Hemsworth plays something close to a deity, coming from a different world yet falling in love with Earth and its inhabitants when he is banished there by his father for being too reckless. He's received a couple of sequels to his own series and starred in a few team-up films. Which of these two companies does Chris Hemsworth play a hero for?

Question 15

Which company does Zoe Saldana work for?

Though she may not be as recognizable in this picture (her character has green skin and purple hair), Zoe Saldana plays one of the most fearless and strongest female characters one of these companies has to offer. This character hasn't received a solo movie, but she works best on a team anyway. She was adopted by a megalomaniac who she then betrayed before she wound up as a team member with other ragtag heroes. That movie has received one sequel so far, but she was also seen in an even larger team-up movie in 2018. Does Zoe Saldana work for Marvel or DC?

Question 16

Which company did Heath Ledger play a villain for?

There were some very vocal fans who may have been upset when Heath Ledger was cast in his comic book role. Not only was the character he was cast as one of the most famous villains of the medium, but they also doubted he would be able to bring the depth and darkness the character was known for. But Ledger turned in a performance that proved them all wrong, simultaneously making sure that he would go down in history as one of the best incarnations of the baddie. He would sadly pass away before he could see how well-received this performance was. Which company did Heath Ledger play a villain for?

Question 17

Is Will Smith part of Marvel or DC?

Will Smith has been one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood long before he was ever put into a superhero film, though one definitely can't label his character as a hero. He's a world-class assassin who has tangled with one of the world's most famous heroes on countless occasions in the comics. His skills come at a high price and he claims that he never misses. A sequel for the one movie he's appeared in has been announced to be in the works, though story details aren't known at this point. Which company did Will Smith play a character for?

Question 18

Brie Larson plays a hero in an upcoming movie for which company?

Brie Larson may be best known for starring in compelling dramas like "Short Term 12" and "Room," for which she won an Oscar, but she'll soon enter the world of superheroes. Her character was teased during a post-credits scene (which are all the rage these days) for one of this studio's newer movies. In the comics, she's one of the more powerful characters. She can fly through space with ease, shoot powerful beams from her hands, and is strong enough to take on enemies three times her size without breaking a sweat. Which company will Brie Larson play a hero for?

Question 19

Which company does Evangeline Lilly work for?

Evangeline Lilly is perhaps best known for playing Kate Austen on "Lost," but she also plays a highly capable hero for one of these two companies. The first movie her character was seen in didn't feature her as a hero, just a supporting character. But the sequel, which was released in 2018, is where she really got to shine. Her character wears a special suit that can shrink her down in size. But it also comes equipped with wings so she can fly and blasters on the wrists so she can fight. Which of these two companies does Evangeline Lilly work for?

Question 20

Does Amy Adams play a character for Marvel or DC?

Amy Adams has always shown a desire to play a wide range of characters, from the bubbly Princess Giselle in Disney's "Enchanted" to the troubled Camille Preaker in HBO's "Sharp Objects." She also plays one the most well-known supporting characters from any superhero property. She's a reporter for a renowned news station and will do anything to get to the bottom of a story. She's the love interest of one particular hero and has appeared in several films within that universe. Adams was last seen in the Oscar-nominated "Vice" and a sequel to "Enchanted" is currently in production. Which comic company has Amy Adams played a character for?

Question 21

Is Tom Hiddleston in Marvel or DC?

It can be hard to get a villain of a superhero film right as more time tends to get devoted to the hero themselves, exploring their powers and building up their character. Some may think that supervillains are underdeveloped, but that can't be said of the character that Tom Hiddleston plays. He was first seen as a traitor in the hero's first film before showing up as the main antagonist for the team-up movie. He's been seen in several films since, though his last appearance seemed to be his last. Which of these two companies does Tom Hiddleston play a villain for?

Question 22

For which company did Michael Shannon play a villain for?

Michael Shannon brings a certain intensity to every role he inhabits, such as Nelson Van Alden on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" and Richard Strickland in the Oscar-winning "The Shape of Water." He certainly makes for a fantastic villain, which is why he was offered the role of one super-powered antagonist for one of these companies. His character comes from a faraway planet that was once blinked out of existence, but not before he was imprisoned elsewhere for leading a coup against that planet's government. He would then invade Earth, where his planet's one survivor lived. Which of these companies did Michael Shannon play a villain for?

Question 23

Which company does Mark Ruffalo work for?

Though it doesn't happen often, there will sometimes be instances where the relationships between studios and actors fall through and the actor is replaced. This is what happened with Mark Ruffalo, who took over his role from another actor after the hero's solo film. He's played the character several times since the recast, though none of them have been solo films. The character makes an excellent team member though, as a brilliant scientist whose exposure to massive amounts of gamma radiation gave him the ability to turn into a giant, green, rage-filled version of himself. Which company does Mark Ruffalo work for?

Question 24

For which company did Josh Brolin play a major villain?

While building up a villain over the course of one movie can be difficult due to time constraints, the villain that Josh Brolin plays was built up over several movies. The character was first teased in a post-credits scene, though this was before the actor was ever cast in the role. His character is an alien who believes in bringing balance to the universe by wiping out half of all existence. This naturally means that many heroes must band together to stop him because he's just powerful enough to pull it off. Which of these companies did Josh Brolin play a major villain for?

Question 25

Which company did Viola Davis play a character for?

Viola Davis has become one of Hollywood's finest dramatic actors, have proven her talents in movies like "Doubt" and "The Help," both of which she was nominated for at the Oscars, and "Fences," for which she won. Though she did appear in a movie with superpowered individuals, her character didn't have any powers herself. Though with her connections and influence, she may not need any. She assembles a task force of villains to do her bidding when the world starts to turn and superheroes become more common. Which of these two companies did Viola Davis play a character for? Marvel or DC?

Question 26

Is Amber Heard part of Marvel or DC?

Amber Heard is relatively new to the world of super heroes, but her character is still one of the more powerful seen within that respective universe. The character first appeared in a team-up film with multiple heroes, though her appearance was a cameo. She was given more of a chance to show off her powers as the love interest in a certain hero's solo film. But her character proved to be more adept at tackling the problem than the hero did. The hero she plays can control water and is an extremely capable fighter. Which company does Amber Heard work for?

Question 27

Does Danai Gurira play a character for Marvel or DC?

Danai Gurira was already used to starring in a live-action adaptation of a comic book, though one that is significantly different from the movie she would appear in. She plays Michonne in a certain series about the zombie apocalypse, a character whose ferocity matches that of her character in the world of superheroes. She plays a supporting role as the leader of an elite guard to a royal member with abilities. She stole every scene she was in with her skillful use of the staff. She also appeared in a team-up movie set after that film. Which company does Danai Gurira work for?

Question 28

Is Paul Bettany in Marvel or DC?

Though he may look completely different in this picture than he does in the movies, Paul Bettany plays one of the more powerful team members from one of these companies. His character is an android whose mind is made up of brain waves from several different characters. What makes him so powerful is not his android body (though that doesn't hurt), but the powerful gem embedded in his head. It is one of a few cosmic entities that can grant its owner immense power. In the character's last appearance, he was shown to have developed a skill that could change his appearance. Is Paul Bettany in Marvel or DC?

Question 29

Which company has Blake Lively worked for?

While both of these companies saw several successful films released that were not part of a shared universe, there were also some that were definitely unsuccessful. Blake Lively starred in one of the less successful ones, as it currently holds 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. It told the story of a fighter pilot who discovered a cosmic ring that gave him the ability to fly and project weapons using his imagination. Blake Lively played the love interest, and while the film wasn't a success, it is where she met her future husband. Which of these companies did Blake Lively play a character for?

Question 30

Which company does Elizabeth Olsen work for?

It must be hard to become an actor with already famous siblings, but Elizabeth Olsen was able to stand out with roles in dramatic films like "Martha Marcy May Marlene" before she was cast as a powerful superhero. The exact limits of her powers haven't been confirmed though she shows to grow with each film she appears in. She is able to make her enemies see what she wants them to see, playing with their minds. But she is also telekinetic and can shoot energy blasts from both her hands. Does Elizabeth Olsen play a hero for Marvel or DC?

Question 31

Which company did Daniel Bruhl play a villain for?

There are many supervillains who try to defeat the heroes with brute force, but the one that Daniel Bruhl portrays played it a bit smarter. He knew that he would never be able to defeat them with strength, so he chose to get them to fight each other. He sought revenge against some heroes after their fight with another villain left his home in rubble, which cost the lives of his family. He was able to work from the shadows and exploit their weaknesses, causing them to turn against one another. Which company did Daniel Bruhl play a villain for?

Question 32

Was Cate Blanchett a Marvel or DC villain?

There may have been a time where superhero films were thought of as lesser by some film aficionados, but that time has certainly passed. These days, superhero films can include important messages and attract talented actors. Cate Blanchett is highly respected for her talent, having won two Oscars. She played a memorable villain for one of these companies as the Goddess of the underworld who sought revenge on the heroes who did her wrong. She overthrew a whole kingdom and was almost victorious at keeping it. Which of these two comic companies did Cate Blanchett play the Goddess of the underworld for?

Question 33

Which company has Liam Neeson played a character for?

For anyone who thinks that the higher one gets in age means that doing something physically impressive is less likely, they should watch the later filmography of Liam Neeson. Roles in "Taken" and " The Commuter"has shown that, despite his age, he can still take a punch and much more. But he also played a key villain for one of these companies. His character was the leader of a group of assassins that believed in getting rid of a few people to serve the many. But their methods were anything but just, which is why one hero had to stop them. Was Liam Neeson part of Marvel or DC?

Question 34

Is Nicole Kidman part of Marvel or DC?

Another actress who has endless respect for her dramatic work and crossed over into the realm of superheroes is Nicole Kidman. Known for her work in "Big Little Lies," "The Hours," and "Moulin Rouge!," Kidman's appearance in a comic adaptation is a recent one. She played a Queen of a faraway kingdom, though that position was forced on her and she ran away. She would then meet the love of her life, a normal human, and have a child that would be destined to unite their two worlds. Which of these companies did Nicole Kidman play a character for? Marvel or DC?

Question 35

Does Chiwetel Ejiofor work for Marvel or DC?

There's nothing that stings quite like a betrayal. The character that Chiwetel Ejiofor plays was once an ally to the main hero, though he turned towards villainy at the end of the movie. When that film undoubtedly gets a sequel, his character will most likely be there to cause trouble. His character was once a member of a hidden society of people who practice magic through different artifacts. Chiwetel Ejiofor also starred in 2013's "12 Years A Slave," for which he was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. For which of these companies did Chiwetel Ejiofor play a hero who turned villainous?

Question 36

Is Charlie Cox part of Marvel or DC?

Both Marvel and DC have so many characters that they can't just be contained in film. Both companies have created several TV shows for heroes that operate on a less grand scale. Charlie Cox stars as one of them. He plays a man who was blinded by chemicals when he was young, though they also heightened his other senses to such a high degree that he can literally sit on a rooftop and listen for crimes being committed. This show recently had its third season released, though was unfortunately canceled afterward despite high reviews. Does Charlie Cox play a hero for Marvel or DC?

Question 37

Does Stephen Amell play a hero for Marvel or DC?

Not all heroes have to deal with galactic or world-ending threats. Some just want to protect their cities from people who would seek to exploit its citizens. Stephen Amell plays such a hero. This character was lost at sea, shipwrecked on an island for five years before he could return to his home and loved ones. But when he comes back, he's a completely different person. He has become much more skilled in combat, especially with a bow and arrows. He uses his new skills to right the wrongs going on in his city. Does Stephen Amell work for Marvel or DC?

Question 38

Which comic company does Grant Gustin work for?

Just because a hero is seen on the big screen doesn't mean they can't be portrayed by a different actor on the small one. Both of these companies have TV shows that are linked together, with characters showing up in fun cameo appearances. Grant Gustin's character first appeared in a different show before getting his own series. His character has super speed which is so intense that he could feasibly travel through time. After getting his own powers, he runs through his city stopping others with powers that are just as dangerous. Does Grant Gustin play a hero for Marvel or DC?

Question 39

Does Dave Bautista work for Marvel or DC?

There are many actors who look completely different outside of their comic book roles due to either makeup or CGI. Dave Bautista plays an alien, though he still looks humanoid outside of his green and red skin color. He is part of a team and is highly skilled when it comes to fighting, just not to thinking. He's also surprisingly durable, being able to take wallops from giant creatures. Though this does make him reckless. Dave Bautista began as a wrestler before being cast in this role, which led to him starring in more movies. Which company does Dave Bautista work for?

Question 40

Which company did Oscar Isaac play a villain for?

Another actor who may have been unrecognizable in his role is Oscar Isaac, who was blue and hairless when he played a villain for one of these comic companies. He played an all-powerful character who had been alive for centuries due to his ability of absorption, which he used to take the life force of others. He didn't operate alone: he also used four generals. He increased their powers drastically so that they could do his bidding, but the heroes were still able to put a stop to his plans. Did Oscar Isaac play a villain for Marvel or DC?

Question 41

Which company did Christopher Reeve play a hero for?

While audiences are currently enjoying a renaissance of great superhero movies, they've been around for much longer. And even before Marvel kicked off the trend of shared universes with 2008's "Iron Man," both companies released a plethora of films, some which were good and some of which were not. Christopher Reeve starred in one of the earliest superhero films that mainstream audiences enjoyed, and he played one of the most famous superheroes around. The film was such a hit that it received four sequels and the actor is still best remembered for these movies. Which company did Christopher Reeve play a hero for?

Question 42

Is Krysten Ritter part of Marvel or DC?

There are many heroes who crave the glory and love doing what they do. But the one that Krysten Ritter plays is one who wants anything but the spotlight. She often thinks of her powers as a curse and prefers not to use them. She makes a living as a private detective and only uses her ability if super strength to intimidate those she needs to. But there are always other things that force her to be the hero, sometimes other superpowered people. This character has her own series and the third season will premiere later in 2019. Which company does Krysten Ritter play a hero for?

Question 43

Did Tilda Swinton play a character for Marvel or DC?

Tilda Swinton is an actress that can star in almost any genre. She won an Oscar for her dramatic turn in "Michael Clayton," she's starred in thrillers like "We Need To Talk About Kevin," and comedies like "Burn After Reading." Given her ability to play any kind of character, it was only natural that she would one day appear in a superhero movie. But her role in that isn't as straight forward as one might think. Her character is a master over a variety of mystic arts and she teaches them to the main hero. Is Tilda Swinton part of Marvel or DC?

Question 44

Is Benjamin McKenzie part of Marvel or DC?

Origin stories can be tricky to get right. They will only engross the audience if it shows things that weren't already known, or at least if they're presented in a captivating way. Benjamin McKenzie stars in a series as a detective in the city a certain superhero protects. It also shows how some of that hero's biggest and most captivating villains got their start. The show just began its final season though this will be its last. Benjamin McKenzie has been working in TV for years now, having starred in "The O.C." and "Southland." Which comic company does he work for?

Question 45

Is Hayley Atwell part of Marvel or DC?

This character is actually one of the few who has appeared in the movies as well as the TV shows. The character helped to found a secret government organization that protects citizens from supernatural threats, but that was after her first appearance. She was the love interest of a certain hero, but she was never one to need saving. She showed that she was a capable commander in the film before receiving her own show. Though that show would, unfortunately, be canceled, the character would still show up for cameos in later movies. Does Hayley Atwell play a character for Marvel or DC?

Question 46

Which company did James Spader play a villain for?

This is one case where the picture of the actor definitely won't help as he voiced the villain he played. That villain was a highly intelligent AI that was originally designed to help humanity. Unfortunately for the heroes, the AI decided that the greatest threat to humanity was humans themselves. He uploaded himself into a robotic body and found that he could spread his consciousness throughout multiple other bots, essentially building himself as an army. He kept trading in his own bodies so that he could become even more powerful. Did James Spader play a villain for Marvel or DC?

Question 47

Is Jon Bernthal part of Marvel or DC?

Jon Bernthal's work as an actor has been made up of gruff roles like that in "Fury" and "The Accountant," but his role in the world of superheroes is no doubt his most gritty. He plays one of the more mature heroes this company has ever produced. Once a marine, he lost his family in the most traumatic way possible. And after hunting down those responsible, he decided to hunt others without mercy, taking the lives of those he didn't think deserved a second chance. This character debuted in another hero's show before receiving his own. Is Jon Bernthal part of Marvel or DC?

Question 48

Does Brenton Thwaites play a character for Marvel or DC?

This young actor has grown accustomed to starring in films with mass spectacle like the fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" film, "Maleficent," and "Gods of Egypt." So it seems that he would fit naturally in a universe filled with superpowered people. He is part of a team of other young heroes, all of whom are learning to control their powers while fighting crime. But his character also used to be a sidekick of another famous hero. This team is a live-action adaptation of a beloved cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network. Does Brenton Thwaites play a hero for Marvel or DC?

Question 49

Was Billy Crudup in a Marvel movie or a DC movie?

There was only a small percentage of the movie where Billy Crudup looked like a normal person, and it was before he was turned into a superhero. As a scientist who was accidentally trapped inside a room where an experiment was occurring, he was transformed into a glowing, blue, hairless version of himself. And while those changes to his outside appearance were bizarre, they were nothing compared to what was changed on the inside. He then had powers beyond measure, showing that he could make copies of himself, teleport to anywhere in the universe, and make his enemies explode. Which company did Billy Crudup play this hero for?

Question 50

Which company does Jessica Henwick play a character for?

Jessica Henwick has been building up her portfolio with all kinds of great pop culture appearances, such as a small role in "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens" and as one of the Sand Snakes in "Game of Thrones." But her role in a superhero property has given her the most to work with. She plays the companion of one hero, but she's just as skilled of a fighter as he is. She likes to use a sword and can easily take on foes twice her size with no help at all. Which company does Jessica Henwick play a hero for?

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