Only A True Avengers Nerd Can Ace This Quiz!

Don't get me wrong here, there are all sorts of people who love the Marvel Cinematic Universe out there. And why not? The films that this company puts out are far superior to that of the competitor. D.C. just doesn't have the same drive and the same star power. But that is completely beside the point. The main point here is that there is a world of Marvel fans out there. But how many of them are true Avengers fans?

It's not like they are comprised of the entire MCU (though they do represent an enormous chunk of it). The Avengers does tie in an awful lot of the MCU franchises and it makes for an epic film series that draws in a lot of fans. But again, here is the many of those fans are specifically true fans of the Avengers?

As one might pretty easily guess, this quiz is for any and/or all Avengers fans, but there is one very specific thing to know here. Only a true Avengers fan could possibly ace this quiz...that or someone who just decides to cheat by hopping sites to site to look for the answers. So those Avengers fans who have the guts to stand on principle, go on ahead and dig into this quiz that only a true fan can ace!

Question 1

Who is the Scarlet Witch?

The Scarlet Witch, at least so far as the comic books go, was originally the daughter of the awesome supervillain, Magneto. Of course, because of all the legal issues between Disney owning Marvel and Fox having the rights to the X-Men franchise for so long, there was no real way to combine the reality of that story with the Avengers films. Either way though, this manipulative and eventual hero (of sorts) has a tragic backstory and sadly loses her brother thanks to Ultron.

Question 2

What is on Vision's forehead?

The Vision has a very powerful item embedded in his forehead, thanks to The Avengers stripping Ultron of the very tools he wanted to use to create himself his own ultimate form. Taking this away from Ultron and combining it with Tony Stark's AI system created the incredibly powerful character who is The Vision. Now, the powerful item that Vision has is something that Thanos eventually wants in order to finish adoring his really fancy glove. The gem is key to victory

Question 3

What is Captain America's shield made of?

It is always interesting how these sorts of things seem to combine franchises. The material that this shield is made out of actually comes from a place that ties in several characters from the Marvel universe. Black Panther is tied in heavily as his claws are made of the very same material that the shield is made of. This is actually the very same material that Ultron made away with in order to attempt his achieving of ultimate success and victory.

Question 4

Who is this villain?

This crazy villain was actually forged by the Avengers. Well, not all of them but it was certainly a joint effort and a mistake. Tony Stark played a bit too much with the stone that was extracted from the staff of Loki. This created the character to start, but then he was enhanced even more with the help of Bruce Banner. Now, that was certainly a mistake because this character went on a rampage, attempting genocide. It's a good thing that at least The Vision came from his ultimate plan.

Question 5

Who is this?

This is Marvel's genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist in the flesh. He is probably often too smart for his own good and considering that his family fortune came from the creation of so many weapons for war profiteering, I'd say that he's had a lot to overcome, but he still manages to do an awful lot of good in his time. Saving New York from getting blown up. Creating clean power that could easily power the world (and put corporations out of business).

Question 6

What is Thor?

Well, there are two different sorts of explanations that could be taken when it comes to Thor. The question is more about who he is than what he is. It's still a valid question but it depends on if you take the strict Norse Mythological way or if you take the Marvel universe way. Now, there are some pretty significant differences down each of these roads, but Marvel at least gets the basics right. With his devastating hammer, Thor is what?

Question 7

What is this artifact?

This unique little item is an alien artifact that actually makes for the whole story of the very first Avengers film. Well, that and the fact that Loki is a real thorn in everyone's side. Of course, he just spent all of his time secretly serving someone for bigger than he is during the first film. It was cool when he got everyone to kneel, but the reality is that this item contained something in it that Thanos wanted for himself.

Question 8

What is this emblem for?

This emblem is perhaps one of the most important symbols in the entire story of the Avengers. This organization is not only responsible for some of the most important amount of good being done in the stories (thanks at least to Nick Fury), but it is also responsible for some of the most evil being done. There are plenty of people on both sides of the coin. Civil War was a very good example of how people took sides regarding how the Avengers should be controlled.

Question 9

Who is this?

This is perhaps one of the strangest characters in the entire Avengers series. For a couple of reasons. First of all, this guy is created out of a computer, for all intents and purposes, and beyond that, he's actually pretty well acquainted with Tony Stark. Mainly because the computer program that he came from was built by Stark in the first place. Beyond that, he is ridiculously powerful. That might have something to do with the gem in his forehead.

Question 10

What city did Ultron destroy?

For those who have watched The Age of Ultron, it will be pretty clear that he was a crazy character with all sorts of villainous plots and ploys. One of which revolved around obliterating a whole city that he had risen up from the Earth. That happened to be a city that meant a lot to both the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver who both actually worked for Ultron for a brief time, before siding with the Avengers. But what was the name of the city?

Question 11

Who is this?

This big green machine must be noticeable enough for fans to recognize right away. He doesn't always play well with others but he still, typically, does the right things. At least he does in his tiny brain. It seems like he has a tiny brain when he is in this green monster form anyway. And this is all thanks to gamma radiation. Which is the same thing that made Captain America...and Spider-Man. I recall a Fan Expo where Stan Lee said he just came up with different types of rays for his characters to get hit by.

Question 12

What are the Avengers eating after the film's credits?

Those of you who watch the films thoroughly and have learned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that there is always some sort of clip that happens after the credits of each and every film, will have seen the scene following the end of the very first Avengers movie. It features the group of heroes sitting in a restaurant to have a bit to eat. Well, Captain America isn't eating (but that's only because the actor was shooting another film, had a beard, and had to have a fake jaw put on to shoot the scene).

Question 13

What is Captain America's real name?

This might be a more difficult one for those quiz-takers who now discover that they are not actually true fans. It's not often that Cap is referred to by his first name. At least not by most of the characters in the films. That doesn't mean it isn't used frequently enough for fans to know, for sure, just what his real name is. Normally, it wouldn't matter what his name is so long as he's saving the world, but here, only his name matters.

Question 14

Name this villain!

This guy is probably the scariest of all the villains. Why? Because he is the biggest of all the villains...pretty well both in actual size and the fact that he is the most devious mastermind in the entire series. From the very first, he is already pulling strings just in order to gain control of each and every one of the precious Infinity Stones, so that he can fully load up his giant gauntlet so that he can basically control the universe.

Question 15

Who is The Falcon?

The Falcon is a soldier who becomes a very good friend of good ol' Steve Rogers. And when I say "ol'", I mean OLD. It mainly has something to do with Steve Rogers being actually 60 years older than everyone thinks he is...since he was trapped in ice all that time. Anyway, this is about The Falcon. It's always great when the military builds a sing suit for someone to fly. And this guy lucked out many times, in spite of being shot down on more than one occasion.

Question 16

What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for?

This is a big one. This is something that Agent Coulson struggled with through a whole slew of Marvel films. Realistically, this was just something that came up in one of the Iron Man films and was resolved in that same film. But that doesn't mean they weren't struggling well before that with the name. And why not? It is a pretty long one. But it does make for a good shorthand when it's all put together...until that same SHIELD is the very organization that works for the bad guys.

Question 17

What is the name of Thor's hammer?

This is probably one of the most important Tools of all the weapons of the Avengers. And it doesn't help that this thing actually gets destroyed. Not in an Avengers film, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a huge loss for Thor. That being said, losing his hammer, he realizes that the power was within him all along so maybe this is a better thing in the long run...but it cannot be denied that the hammer was awesome to watch.

Question 18

Why does Iron Man fly from New York to outer space?

At the end of the very first Avengers movie, Iron Man does something that is pretty crazy. He had already demonstrated that there was a freezing issue with his suits in the first Iron Man once he got to the first Avengers film, Iron Man was past that and could apparently get to outer space. Of course, once out there, and into a whole new dimension, the suit ultimately failed, but why was he flying out there in the first place?

Question 19

What does Agent Coulson say this gun does?

This is probably the most impressive gun in the entire series. It's really only seen used in the first film and then it is sort of left by the wayside. That might have something to do with the fact that the gun was used just before the death of Agent Coulson. However, the gun is pretty impressive. The official name was not yet given to the gun in the films but it make for a pretty display. What does Coulson say it can do?

Question 20

What is Loki?

Loki is a lot of things, to be totally fair to the fans here that just aren't true and hardcore enough to know exactly what he is. There are a lot of answers that could be pretty honest bu judging by the answers below, true fans should know what to pick. That being said, even marginal fans should be able to figure this one out. What he is pretty well comes across in every single thing that he does through the series.

Question 21

Who is this?

This is a pretty easy one. Anyone who focused on the Iron Man movies will know her best but that does not mean that she does not appear in the Avengers series as well. She is a very important part of Tony Stark's life. She starts out as nothing more than his assistant who basically cleans up all of his messes. Then she ends up running Stark's company. Then she ends up as his girlfriend too. There's a lot going on with the two of them.

Question 22

Who is this conniving superhero?

This guy is a big wig when it comes to the workings of S.H.I.E.L.D. Or at least he is when they are not trying to kill him. Eventually the organization turns on this guy and everyone even assumes that he is dead for quite some time, but he is too sneaky for that. At least until this last Avengers film...but that's got nothing to do with who this character is. This is the guy who originally wanted Stark far away from The Avengers Initiative.

Question 23

What is The Black Widow's actual name?

Here's an interesting one. Her real name is actually not what is being discussed here. I should say that we're looking for what she is most commonly known by. Her actual name is Natalia Alianovna Romanova, but there is probably no way that even some hardcore Avengers film fans would get that one. That is based much deeper in the comics than the films. She goes by a more common name in the films, I think for ease of the audience.

Question 24

What was Tony Stark's AI called?

This is a great name, mainly because of how it is that Tony Stark even came up with the name in the first place, but I can't give that away right here because that's the answer to another question somewhere in this quiz, and it would be wrong to give away answers. At any rate, this AI has both the name and sound of some sort of Edwardian butler. It actually reminds me of a show starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Question 25

Name this superhero!

This is probably one of the easiest questions in the entire quiz but I'll still give some background just in case someone might miss it. This guy was captured by a group of not-so-nice people who wanted him to build a very big weapon so they could rule the East. Well, instead this guy made a suit and took out all the baddies. When he got home, he shut down the weapon-making in his company, built clean energy for tons of people, and built heavily armored and weaponized suits for himself.

Question 26

What is Quicksilver's real name?

It is pretty sad that this character didn't last longer in the series. I was hoping that there would be time for this guy to reunite with his estranged father, Magneto. But, thanks to Fox, I guess that's a thing that will never happen. And thanks to the fact that he was done away with in the same movie he was introduced in. Sadness all around. Especially since this is the fastest character in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe...or at least he was

Question 27

What is this Iron Man suit called?

This is probably one of the coolest Iron Man suits from the comics that was used for almost no time in the films and then it was retired. It really only ever had one purpose and one purpose alone. It was meant to be used to subdue a particular Avenger in case he ever got too out of hand. Imagine Iron Man to be Marvel's better Batman. He's messed up, but has a sense of humor. He's a genius billionaire. And he's always got a plan to take out his friends if he needs it.

Question 28

What is Thanos wearing?

This is a pretty simple question. I mean, even when we first meet this character at the end of the first Avengers film, he is wearing this piece of gear. It just doesn't have all those pretty colors in it by that point. It doesn't even have a single one at that point, even though he knows where and how he is going to get every gem to fit into those slots on that glove. This is no riddle here. This is worth universal domination.

Question 29

What is this vehicle called?

Perhaps one of the coolest machines that S.H.I.E.L.D. has at its disposal, this gigantic piece of machinery is both an aircraft carrier and an aircraft. That is a pretty amazing thing to behold, I have to say. Aside from that though, this machine is also fitted to contain Loki (and probably could contain The Hulk...though it was the green giant that ended up breaking Loki out). This thing's flight is powered by four giant props, two on either side of the craft.

Question 30

What is Hawkeye's real name?

This guy is probably one of, if not the least, popular member of the Avengers. I mean, he's pretty cool given that he has extremely precise shooting skills and a whole load of arrows that could do an assortment of things. And he always somehow seems to know which type of arrow he is grabbing from his quiver. But other heroes can do way more impressive things so not seeing but still knowing the arrows isn't too crazy. He's a good guy when not under mind control.

Question 31

Who is this intelligent man?

This guy is played by the stellar Stellen Skarsgard, who is one of the coolest actors out there and father to a whole litter of professional actors too. Either way though, this character original starts out as a human friend to Thor when Thor first arrives on Earth and nearly destroys it. He is then taken over by the power of Loki and the Tesseract. Of course, he redeems himself and last a good deal longer through the series. A very smart character.

Question 32

What is this creature?

This is a pretty disgusting-looking creature, to be sure. But hey, that doesn't mean it isn't important. This might be a harder one for those quiz-takers who may have just discovered that they are not true Avengers fans. But that's ok. Not everyone can be expected to recall the name of an invading race of aliens that comes to Earth with the express purpose to kill everyone in sight. Oh, wait...that is absolutely something that a fan of The Avengers should know!

Question 33

Who is this guy?

Well, this guy looks relatively sweet and harmless and ultimately boring and full of uneventfulness. That being said, he's actually an incredibly smart guy. I mean sure, maybe one or two lab experiments went wrong and now he suffers from a strange sort of Jekyll and Hyde thing but that doesn't stop him for doing the right thing...most of the time. Seriously though, in spite of how awkward he is, he really does try to be a good guy. It's just that no one would like him to be angry with them.

Question 34

Where is the Power Infinity Stone taken from?

Anyone remember that place where all those ships link up to try and hold back the forces of evil while Ronan tries to grasp the Infinity Stone and use it to gain supreme power? That's the same place where Star-Lord and his band of misfits all join hands and fight back against Ronan who is ultimately destroyed by the power of that same Infinity Stone. And then, of course, Thanos comes to town and takes the stone for his own. What is the name of that place?

Question 35

What does J.A.R.V.I.S. stand for?

This is one of the coolest characters in the entire Avengers series. Even after he is transformed from nothing more than an AI system to an actually fully-formed physical being with the power to obliterate with a laser beam from his forehead...and to fly...and to read minds...and a whole lot of other cool things. But before that, he was just Iron Man's AI system to help him accomplish his many diverse goals. Either way, JARVIS stands for something more simple than some might think.

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