Only A Total Patrick Would Flop This SpongeBob SquarePants Quiz

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? I bet we all know the answer to that one! This popular Nickelodeon series has been on the air since 1999, and is still going strong! It is estimated that this kids show has millions of fans worldwide, and some of those are adults! The popular television show has 11 seasons and over 200 episodes to date! Besides having a hugely successful T.V program, this show has been adapted into not one but two movies. The first movie came out in November of 2004, with a second movie making its debut in 2015. There are now rumours of a third movie in the works, and is expected to hit the big screens in 2020! Even if your not a fan of the show and the movies, chances are you have at least heard of SpongeBob and his wacky pals from Bikini Bottom!

If you are in fact a fan, then we challenge you to take this quiz and prove how much you know about our favourite underwater sponge! Can you name some of the characters? What about where they live or even work? Let's test your undersea knowledge on this popular show! So suit up, take a dip down to the quizzical world of SpongeBob SquarePants trivia! How many will get correct?

Question 1

What restaurant does SpongeBob work in on the show?

Since its debut in May of 1999, Spongebob has held down a job at the same restaurant throughout the entire show. Serving up undersea patties in arguably the most popular restaurant under the sea. He is often seen expressing how much he loves his job by yelling "I'm Ready!". Despite his boss being a total cheapskate and his co-worker being less than fond of him, SpongeBob always goes to work with a smile on his face! Can you name this iconic restaurant that SpongeBob Squarepants loves so much?

Question 2

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Of all the places under the great blue sea that a super awesome cartoon character could live, this iconic underwater hero lives in none other than a pineapple! All the other characters live in houses that are well, not made of fruit! You probably know him, and maybe even love him! He is the main character of this beloved show, and has been an instant hit with fans both young and old since its first episode! Do you know who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Question 3

Who is SpongeBob's best friend?

There is Mr. Krabs and Sandy Cheeks, Squidward and Patrick, Plankton and Pearl, Gary and Mrs. Puff, just to name a few! How could SpongeBob choose just one best friend? Of all the characters in the show though, SpongeBob has one friend he favours over everyone else. We are pretty sure everyone will know the answer to this one. He is shaped like a star and is a very familiar starfish that is often tagging along with SpongeBob on all his wacky adventures! Do you know who SpongeBob's best friend is?

Question 4

What is the name of the Iconic burger sold at the The Krusty Krab?

The Famous undersea restaurant serves up hot food at an expensive price! Listed on the Galley Grub sign by the register is an array of choices to make your taste buds sing! Well if you're a sea creature perhaps. Some of the iconic menu items to choose from are things likes kelp fries, coral bits, and seafoam sodas. But of all the items listed on the Krusty Krab menu, there is one such burger that outshines and outsells everything else. Do you remember the name of this Krusty Krab best seller?

Question 5

What is Squidwards favourite pastime?

Sandy has her science, Plankton has his evil plotting, Mr. Krabs has his money obsession, and Larry has his weightlifting. But what does Squidward do in his free time? We know he spends most of his day at the Krusty Krab and enjoys pampering himself whenever possible. He gardens and reads high-end magazines. Attends exclusive concerts and parties. Overall he enjoys the finer thing in life! So it would only make sense that his favourite pass time is something fancy as well! Do you know Squidward's favourite pastime?

Question 6

How can you prevent a sea bear Attack?

In Season three episode seventeen called "The Camping Episode", SpongeBob and Patrick are camping ten feet from SpongeBob's pineapple. Squidward comes by and starts making fun of them about being worried of a sea bear attack. Spongebob then tells him the only way to prevent a sea bear from attacking you is to... what was that again? Was it some kind of noise or maybe it was a flashlight? Perhaps it was some kind of food? Can you remember what prevents a sea bear attack?

Question 7

Where does Patrick live?

So we already know who lives in a pineapple under the sea, but what about Patrick? Where does he live? Could it be the glass house with the tree? Maybe it was the Easter Island Head? Or was it in the Chum Bucket? Given that Patrick is a Starfish, we think its pretty easy to figure this one out! Just think about what most Starfish do all day, nothing! Can you remember where this iconic and silly Starfish calls home?

Question 8

What breed of animal is Mr. Krab's daughter?

GIven that Mr. Krabs is, well a crab! One would assume that his child or children would be crabs as well. However, in this popular under the sea comedy show, that is not quite the case when it comes to this family. Mr. Krabs has one daughter. Her name is pearl and we can see her appear in the show on and off throughout the entire series. She is displayed as a typical teenager with typical teen interest. Oh, we forgot to mention she eats krill! Can you name what type of animal she is?

Question 9

Who is Karen?

She is the smartest and most sarcastic underwater computer. She is also married to one of the characters on the show. She is seen appearing in lots of episodes on and off throughout the entire series. She talks like a person would and even has arms and hands. The person she is married to is often quite annoyed by her, even though she does practically everything for them. And people still wonder why she is so sarcastic! Can you remember who Karen is?

Question 10

What colour was used by SpongeBob and Patrick to paint the inside of Mr. Krab's house?

In the Episode "Wet Painters" from season three that aired in May of 2002, The scene opens with the narrator saying that it has been a slow day at the Krusty Krab. This gives way to Spongebob and Patrick causing mild mischief around the restaurant. The disturbance gives Mr. Krabs and idea and he tells them that he has a super special and secret assignment for them. He wants them to spend the day painting the inside of his house! But what colour was used to do the job? Can you remember?

Question 11

In " The Main Drain" what two characters first pull the plug sucking in the entire ocean?

"The Main Drain" is an episode from season 7 of SpongeBob Squarepants were SpongeBob and Patrick search high and low in Bikini Bottom to find the drain that sucked in the whole ocean. When two characters catch wind of this they immediately warn the two adventures of the dangers of the drain and caution them against finding it. It comes to light later in the episode that these two characters where the first to pull the drain when they were kids, and this is why they have warned SpongeBob and Patrick not to do that same! Can you name the two culprits who first pulled the plug?

Question 12

What is the name of the snail Squidward buys for the snail race?

In the episode "The Great Snail Race." Squidward decides to purchase an imported snail. He believes this up's his chances of winning the race. When his new pet is delivered he gives the adorable little snail a name. She is a female sea snail, purple in colour with a bright red polka dotted bow on her shell and has a blue and green body. Are we jogging anyone's memory yet? Can you remember the name that was given to this snail?

Question 13

What is the first ever episode of SpongeBob Squarepants titled?

Let us take a journey all the way back to May of 1999. Can you feel the memories flooding back? We sure can! Among those memories might be one of the first episodes of SpongeBob to first hit Televisions. Its safe to say that this show is a hit with all its fans, but can anyone remember what the name of the first episode was? Here is a hint, SpongeBob applies for the fry cook job at the Krusty Krab!

Question 14

What is the name of Plankton's pet amoeba?

"Planktons Pet" is an episode from season 9 of SpongeBob. In this episode after yet another failed attempt to steal the Krabby Patty formula, Plankton decides he needs to enlist the help of a cuddly pet! Plankton starts by teaching his pet some simple commands like sit, stay and roll, he then moves on to bigger things, more specifically he teaches his pet how to steal the Krabby Patty formula from Mr. Krabs! Can anyone remember the name of Plankton's adorable pet?

Question 15

Who is this evil monster?

This evil monster has bright red eyes and a rusty spatula for a hand! That alone is the stuff of nightmares! In the episode titled "Graveyard Shift" Squidward tells SpongeBob a scary story featuring the above monster. Trying to pass the time away on a 24-hour night shift, Squidward uses this ghost tale to entertain himself at the expense of SpongeBob. According to the story, he was a former fry cook that worked at the restaurant before SpongeBob started and was clumsier than he is! This resulted in him cutting off his own hand by mistake and having it replaced with a rusty spatula. Can you remember the name of this monster?

Question 16

Does Gary wear Shoes?

It would be odd to think of a sea snail wearing shoes! Where would they wear them on their body? Do snails have feet? If they do, do they have a favourite type of shoe? So many questions so little answers! Let's start with asking one of our favourite under-water sea snails, Gary if he wears shoes. This will solve the snail shoe mystery once and for all! What do you think his answer will be? Do you think Gary wears shoes?

Question 17

Who are the superhero's of Bikini Bottom?

In a quiet town under the sea lives a small village called Bikini Bottom. This little town is full of quirky characters that call this place home. Like every town, there is always someone who is up to no good, like stealing secret formulas! This is where our two above superhero's come in to play! Protecting Bikini Bottom from evil day and night no matter the place, no matter the cost. These two heroes appear on a number of episodes throughout the series, but can you remember their names?

Question 18

What is the name of the magazine that Squidward subscribes to?

Anyone who watches SpongeBob knows that Squidward enjoys the finer things in life. If its fancy, Squidward knows all about it! He enjoys pampering himself with great food and relaxing bubble baths, and believes he has the best taste in classical music! Among the many fancy things Squidward enjoys, one such item is a magazine that he subscribes to. This magazine is one of a few we see Squidward reading throughout the series. Can you name the famous magazine Squidward adores so much?

Question 19

What is SpongeBob and Sandy's favourite sport?

Team up an underwater sea sponge and a squirrel, tell them to pick a favourite sport to play and what do you get? This is just the thing that happens in SpongeBob! Both him and Sandy are great friends, and like great friends, they enjoy doing things together. One of their favourite activities is a particular sport that they are seen playing in many episodes. It is easily SpongeBob's favourite sport and Sandy was the one who introduced him to the game! Have a guess at what this sport is!

Question 20

What kind of animal is Larry?

Given that Bikini Bottom is an undersea town, it would make sense that all or at least most of the residences are that of the aquatic variety. The same is true for Larry, one of the residences of Bikini Bottom, he enjoys lifting weights and lifeguarding at Goo Lagoon. We can tell you that Larry is most certainly an aquatic species and is almost always found in the water! But of all the types of animals he could be, can you remember what one Larry actually is?

Question 21

What is SpongeBob's personal Motto?

Do you have a personal motto? SpongeBob sure does! He has screamed it at the top of his lungs in more than one episode in the show. One episode that SpongeBob uses his personal motto quite a lot in is "I'm with Stupid" this phrase becomes the target of Patrick making fun of SpongeBob. Even though his motto is quite positive in nature, and could make the best of us feel ready to take on any challenge that the world could throw at us! Do you know his motto?

Question 22

What is Plankton's ultimate goal?

Pictured above is an evil villain that lives in Bikini Bottom. He is always up to no good and looking for new ways to cause panic and corruption. He Runs the ever so unpopular restaurant know as " The Chum Bucket" which is located directly across the street from the very popular restaurant know as " The Krusty Krab". This clearly bothers plankton having to watch Mr. Krab's business thrive while his restaurant takes a dive constantly. This is, in fact, the foundation of how his ultimate goal came to be! Can you remember what this little one-eyed trouble maker's ultimate goal is?

Question 23

What does Squidward's house resemble?

Patrick has his rock, SpongeBob has his pineapple, and Sandy has her tree dome. But what in the world is Squidward's house? It clearly is something amazing, it even has a face on it! Placed between SpongeBob and Patrick's houses lives Squidward's humble abode. Much like the outside, the inside is just as amazing, as Squidward tends to enjoy the finer things in life. So it would only make sense that his home is something extravagant and fancy! Can you remember what Squidward's house resembles?

Question 24

Are these Patrick's real parents?

In the episode " I'm With Stupid", Patrick's parents come over to visit him, except at first it is two complete strangers that come to his door! Everyone who watches the show knows that Patrick isn't the brightest bulb in the box, so he doesn't realize that these are in fact, not his parents at all. The question is, are the two pictured above his real parents or the two strangers that first appeared at the beginning of the episode?

Question 25

Who is this character?

Know for his love of pickles and superhero action figures, this character is quite interesting to watch. He is known to lie and be quite sneaky. He does not make regular appearances on the show, but he has made a numbered few throughout the years. He stature aires on the larger size compared to other fish in Bikini Bottom and he is often seen at The Krusty Krab or Near Mint Comic Bookstore when he does make an appearance. Do you remember his name?

Question 26

What is this character's name?

Like every town, Bikini Bottom has a news channel to cover local events. Every time the news is seen on the show, the news anchor is the same familiar fish. He has almost always said his name at the beginning of each newscast, but even we had a hard time remember his exact name! As familiar looking as this fish is, his name doesn't come quite nearly as easily to our memory! Can you remember this iconic news anchor's name?

Question 27

What did the guy always scream about?

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! But was that what this fish in the picture above screamed for? There are many characters in SpongeBob that have a tendency to scream, either for food or other things! SpongeBob even has something he likes to scream about occasionally as well! But the fish above is known for screaming about one thing in particular. In fact, there is an entire episode dedicated to him screaming about this one thing! Can you name it?

Question 28

Is this Squidward or Squilliam?

Both Squidward and Squilliam look almost identical. There is, however, one feature that sets them apart. One of them has a bushy unibrow! The only question is, which one was it? Both these characters are fancy and a little bit stuck up. So by just personalities alone, it would be near impossible to tell them apart. We know that Squidward works at the Krusty Krab, but is he the one with the unibrow? Squilliam makes a few appearances in the show so he is harder to remember. Do you know if the above picture is Squidward or Squilliam?

Question 29

Is this Pearl, Mr. Krab's daughter?

We have established already that Mr. Krabs daughter is somehow a whale! Given that Mr. Krabs is a crab, we are still quite puzzled by this one. There are many whales in the ocean but only one can call herself Mr. Krabs daughter. His daughter makes appearances from time to time in the show and is always a typical teenage girl in attitude. She is almost always seen in a pink dress of some kind as well. Have we jogged your memory yet? Is the above picture Pearl?

Question 30

Who is this character with Squidward?

Here is a character that had been both good and evil at some point in his life. He is often seen paired up with an older man that is his partner in crime fighting. They live in Shady Shoals Retirement Home and are considered to be retired superheroes. He is tall and thin, balding and has quite a large nose, and is always seen with that white cap. The above character's real name is Tim, But can you remember his superhero name?

Question 31

Is Sandy Cheeks a land Mammal?

She lives in an underwater sea dome and always wears a diving suit. Maybe she can breathe underwater but doesn't like getting wet? Or is it that she is, in fact, a land mammal that has for one reason or another decided to live underwater in Bikini Bottom? If she is a land mammal that would explain the diving suit and the tree dome. But why would she want to live somewhere that isn't her natural habitat? Maybe it has to do with her being a scientist. Either way, do you think Sandy is a land mammal?

Question 32

What is this guy's name?

There are not many characters on any show that can say they have appeared in every single episode. This guy however, can say just that! He is the first image displayed when SpongeBob starts streaming on the television. His familiar face and little parrot friend can jog just about any fans memory into knowing what show they are about to watch. We have seen him in every episode and most fans know the theme song that he sings off by heart, but if we were to ask you to remember his name could you?

Question 33

What is this ghost's name?

Every good show needs a ghost! Something to lurk around and keep the characters on their toes. SpongeBob is no exception! This ghost has been named in a few big titles beside SpongeBob, and is a popular myth among pirates! He guards Davy Jone's locker at the bottom of the ocean and hauls souls off there to be punished for eternity it a watery grave! I think I'll pass on that experience, what about you? All that aside though, what was his name?

Question 34

What is this guy's name?

This adorable little guy is one of the characters beloved pets! Despite being a snail, he often meows like a cat would. He is much smarter than the other characters give him credit for and sometimes he will sit back and let his owner make mistakes because he feels he can't reason with him. In one episode we get to take a trip inside his dreams and see in fact that he is quite intelligent. This proves what fans have thought for years about this little snail! Have we jogged your memory yet?

Question 35

Which of the following people is not a relative of Patrick Star?

Good ole Patrick Star. He is one of the more interesting characters on the show. Starfish don't have brains, so its really not his fault that he is just a bit slower than everyone else. This does, however, make for quite a funny scene whenever he appears! Beloved by many, this guy also has lots of relatives. Parents and siblings, uncles and aunts, even cousins! But from the names below can you tell us which one is not related to him?

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