Only A Salvatore Or Mikaelson Can Pass This Vampire Diaries And Originals Quiz

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals were two of the most popular shows that the CW Network has ever had. The Vampire Diaries laid the groundwork for The Originals but The Originals aired for a little bit longer then The Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries centered around Elena Gilbert, a normal human girl who was sucked into a dark world when she ran into Stefan Salvatore. Stefan was the new kid at her school who had a ton of secrets. Little did Elena know that she was already involved in the supernatural world she just didn't know it yet

The Originals centers around The Mikaelson family, the first vampires that were ever created. Klaus, the first vampire-werewolf hybrid, is trying to navigate fatherhood as well as build an entire empire for his daughter to rule one day. With the help of his brothers and sisters he is able to build quite the life in New Orleans. Both of these shows have a lot of small details and characters so it can be easy to forget some things over time. This quiz is so hard that only a Salvatore or Mikaelson would be able to score a perfect 100!

Question 1

Where do the Mikaelsons end up moving?

The Mikaelson family never really stayed in one place for too long because they were always being chased by someone intent on destroying them. Although they were the oldest, and therefore strongest vampires, in the world they were still terrified of this person. Eventually the threat to their family is destroyed and they are able to finally settle in one place without fear of being found and destroyed. Klaus plans on staying in Mystic Falls but changes his mind rather quickly.

Question 2

Who was the first original to make an appearance on The Vampire Diaries?

The Original's sure made their mark on the residents of Mystic Falls and at one point all of them were staying in town along with their parents. Eventually they got bored, or were staked, and left the town alone. However one of the original siblings made an appearance in the small town before the others. This original was intent on accomplishing what they went there for and didn't really care much about who got hurt in the process. Who was it?

Question 3

Which vampire did Elena meet first?

Elena Gilbert was just a normal girl who went to school and hung out with her friends in her free time. Up until she was seventeen years old she had no idea that super natural beings existed and never imagined that she would become one herself one day. She ended up becoming immersed in the world even before she was a vampire herself, many of her friends were not human and she became a lot more compassionate to these creatures of the night then she would have thought.

Question 4

Why does Katherine come back to Mystic Falls?

Katherine is a vampire who has been on the run for a very long time, as a result of all of her time on the road she has developed very good abilities to keep herself out of the public eye and basically remain anonymous. She was running from Mystic Falls and those that inhabited it for so long that it would seem a bit crazy that she ended up back in this small town. Why did this vampire return to Mystic Falls?

Question 5

What is the name of the orginal witch?

The Original vampires had to be created by someone very powerful so it only makes sense that their mother is the Original Witch. She was devastated when she lost her younger child and couldn't bear to lose another, this is why she conjured up a spell that made all of her children immortal beings. This way she would never have to deal with losing one of them. However she never imagined the consequences that would come with this decision to make her children immortal.

Question 6

Why does Caroline leave Mystic Falls?

Caroline was a insecure and self doubting teenage girl when she was introduced in the series. However once she was turned into a vampire she really grew into herself and was able to fully accept herself for who she was. Once she stopped desiring approval from others her personality and outlook on life completely changed. She was not only more confident but a better friend and more focused on her future. She loves Mystic Falls and fought for it on more then one occasion.

Question 7

What is the name of Klaus' daughter?

Everyone, including Klaus was shocked to find out that he got another werewolf pregnant after a one night stand. Nonetheless he felt a connection to this unborn child that he never experienced before and worked hard to build an empire for his daughter to rule. Eventually his little on is born and he falls even more in love with her. He begins to think more with his heart and actually feels some compassion and love which is all new to him.

Question 8

Who takes Klaus' daughter after she is born?

Klaus has a ton of enemies as he was not the best vampire and basically did whatever he wanted when he wanted. Therefore when word gets out that he has a daughter everyone is dying to get their hands on her to exact revenge on him for whatever things he did wrong in the past. Klaus knows that they will descend upon New Orleans so he entrusts someone that he loves to take care of Hope until he can get everything under control.

Question 9

What field does Elena end up in?

Elena was always an ambitious girl who reached for the stars. After she lost her parents her entire world was rocked and she had a hard time picking up the pieces. Once she was turned into a vampire she continued having the same dreams and aspirations as before. She graduated high school and quickly enrolled in college in order to further her education and career. Her career choice surprised some but others knew that it was what she would eventually end up doing.

Question 10

What is the name of Klaus' adopted son?

Even though Klaus acts tough and like he cares about no one he knows exactly how it feels to be beaten down and abused in front of everyone. So when he saw a young boy being abused by his master a very long time ago he couldn't stand by and watch. He quickly took the boy into his home and treated him like a son. Eventually he turned this boy into a vampire when he was an adult and the two drifted a bit.

Question 11

Who took over New Orleans when Klaus was chased out by Mikael?

Klaus loved his life in New Orleans, even if had not broken the curse that kept his werewolf side dormant at that point he was still very happy. However he was forced to leave in a hurry with almost no goodbyes when his father finally caught up with him and his siblings. His father had a very strong hate for him and wanted nothing more then to destroy him once and for all. Who took over ruling the city once he left?

Question 12

What was the first clue that Elena was sired to Damon?

Elena was shocked when she realized that she was being turned into a vampire. She never, ever wanted to be a vampire and found the adjustment rather hard. To make matters worse it seemed that she was sired to her boyfriends brother, meaning that whatever he said she couldn't help but do. This proved difficult as her feelings for him continued to grow more and more. She wasn't sure if they were true feelings or just the sire bond disguised as feelings.

Question 13

Who doesn't make it off the island where the cure is alive?

When it is discovered that there is actually a cure for vampirism out there a lot of people were dying to get their hands on it. Elena and all of her friends were dying to get to it, each for their own reasons. Elena hated being a vampire and all of her friends knew it. When it was discovered that there was only one dose of the cure the race to get to it first was even more great and dangerous.

Question 14

Why do Caroline & Matt break up?

Way back in the beginning of the series Caroline and Matt dated. They started off as friends but eventually realized that there was something more between them. Although they seemed like total opposites they actually got along well and ended up forming a strong bond. Caroline really liked him and Matt was very comfortable with Caroline but pretty soon after they started dating they broke up and never really revisited their relationship. Why did these two love birds call it quits so soon?

Question 15

What is the name of Hayley's husband?

Hayley basically develops feelings for Elijah from the moment that the two lays eyes on one another. Once she arrives in New Orleans she begins to learn a lot more about her family, specifically a lot more about her pack history. It turns out that she was betrothed to marry a certain wolf since she was basically born and if she doesn't then she will be doing her pack a disservice. Although she is pregnant with another mans baby she goes through with the marriage.

Question 16

What was Elena's father's name?

Elena's parents passed away in a tragic accident right before the show started airing and she was still not the same when the show started. Once she met Stefan she began to look forward to her days again and basically just learn how to be a living person. She no longer hid away in her room writing in her journal and instead she embraced the days as they came and did her best to make her parents and herself proud.

Question 17

What is the name of the oldest original?

The original family is powerful no matter what the birth order is. They were all turned immortal basically at the same time however some of them tend to be a bit stronger then others whether that be because they have special abilities or just by pure luck. Either way they fight and bicker like normal siblings do. They are not afraid to hit their sibling where it hurts but at the end of the day they always have each others backs.

Question 18

Who raised Freya?

There was no word spoken of another original sibling until The Originals as none of the Mikealson siblings even knew that she existed. Turns out that their mother had a daughter before all of them but she was taken from the family in order to settle an old score and never heard from again. Eventually she found her way back to her family and it was like she was never gone at all. She helped them out of many tough spots.

Question 19

What year do Bonnie & Damon get stuck in?

Bonnie and Damon never really liked each other much so of course the universe had to mess with them and they were both trapped in the same prison world once the other side collapsed. They were forced to relieve the same exact day over and over again with no end in sight. Eventually they figured a way out of their own personal prison and were able to be reunited with their friends back in Mystic Falls. What year were they trapped in?

Question 20

Why does Stefan sacrifice himself at the end of the series?

All throughout the series Stefan was always the dependable one that everyone turned to when they needed something, even if they were not very close with him. He was always trying to fight the bad guys and keep the good guys safe, even if he was the bad guy sometimes. Although he tried his best he didn't always have the best of luck and at the end of the series he ended up sacrificing himself right when he was suppose to get his happy ending.

Question 21

What is the name of the witch that always helps the Originals?

When the Originals arrive in New Orleans they are basically hated by everyone there. They have a terrible reputation and have been known to be pretty savage. However over their time there they end up forming at least some sort of friendships with people, well some of them do, and there is one witch in particular who is always helping them out. Although this witch doesn't particularly like all of them they try their best to do what they feel is right.

Question 22

What is the name of the group of vampires from Elijah's line?

During The Originals there is a bit of a "line war" as the vampires from certain original lines try to fight for power and control over the others. Elijah's line seem to have congregate under one name and work pretty well together. They are some of the most educated and well kept vampires in history yet they seem to want nothing but power, power and more power. Elijah is disappointed in the way that they are acting and shocked at their brutality.

Question 23

Who is Elena's birth mother?

Elena finds out a ton of things when she starts dating Stefan as he is able to do some digging that would otherwise not be possible. He is able to give her a name that links to her birth mother and even meets her in person. When Elena meets her she is a little disappointed at the fact that this woman is not the kindest and most welcoming. However they do have a small connection before parting ways for good.

Question 24

Who tells Elena that she is adopted?

Elena finds out things that she never thought she would. Every family has some secrets and when she starts to look a bit deeper into hers she discovers things that she never knew about. Her parents did their best to protect her and her brother from the things that weren't so pretty but eventually everything came out and Elena found out that she was adopted. She never looked at her parents or brother any different but who told her this piece of information?

Question 25

Where does Caroline get a prom dress from?

Caroline became a vampire when she was still in high school but that never stopped her from wanting to experience all of the things that high school had to offer. For example, she was the coordinator of senior prank night and she was also more excited for the prom then most of the humans she was surrounded with. However when it came time for prom Elena had her humanity turned off and thought it would be funny to steal her dress.

Question 26

Where does Klaus say goodbye to Caroline in The Vampire Diaries?

Caroline and Klaus have a very weird relationship. He is intrigued by her from the moment that he gets into town as it seems that none of his tricks or schemes work on her. She has a lot of hatred towards him but nonetheless cant deny the connection that the two of them seem to have. When Klaus leaves town for good this time he cant help but make a pit stop to say good bye to Caroline, but not forever.

Question 27

How did Klaus & Stefan meet?

Klaus and Stefan seem to have a bit of history only Stefan has no recollection of it until Klaus lifts the compulsion. Little did Stefan know that way before Klaus ever came to Mystic Falls he knew him. It was during a period that Stefan was "the Ripper", meaning that he was feeding on humans and basically had no emotions whatsoever. How did the tow of these vampires meet to begin with? Once Klaus jogged Stefan's memory he was able to recall it all.

Question 28

Who did Elijah truly love?

Elijah is a very complex character. He claims that he has no love for his brother Klaus but when given the opportunity to end him he cant bring himself to do it. He tries to act with his brain but often ends up doing things based off of how he is feeling at that moment. He is fiercely loyal to those that he loves and once he loves you it is hard for him to forget about the bond that was created.

Question 29

Why does Uncle Mason help Katherine?

Uncle Mason blows into town after his brother passes away claiming that he is there to be there for his sister in law and nephew during this hard time. He does his best to guide Tyler in the right direction about their family's curse but eventually Tyler ends up doing his own thing. Mason also seems to be up to a little bit more then he actually claims to when it is discovered that he has been helping Katherine this whole time.

Question 30

Who sealed the vampires in the tomb underneath the church?

One of the biggest revelations that was revealed in the very first season of The Vampire Diaries is that the vampires who were thought to have burned underneath the church in 1864 actually were sealed in a tomb underneath that same church. Damon knew this and planned on getting Katherine out when he had everything that he needed to have the spell done. Eventually he succeeds but finds out that Katherine was never in there and left town before the vampires were rounded up.

Question 31

What is the name of the magic spirit terrorizing the Originals?

The main theme behind the second to last season of The Originals is a very powerful and very old evil witch spirit that seems to have taken a liking to a certain little girl, Hope Mikaelson. Hope is slowly being overtaken by this spirit and without help she would soon be gone forever. Luckily her family is on to this spirit and is able to free her little body of it for good however there are a couple of stipulations attached.

Question 32

Where does Elena end up living?

Elena only wants a normal life, something that she basically wanted from the beginning of the series and even once she is turned into a vampire. Once a cure for vampirism is discovered a normal life becomes something that is actually possible for her and she begins to dream about what her future will be like. She eventually takes the cure and in The Originals fans are able to see where Elena ends up living and building her life with Damon.

Question 33

Who bought Elena her first journal?

Elena was very intent on writing in her journal for most of the series. It was how she got over her parents death and worked out any emotions that she was feeling. Once she was sucked into the crazy world of vampires she became even more dependent on her journal because it was one place where she didn't have to lie to anyone and she could just be herself. She wanted to be a writer but once her parents died so did that dream.

Question 34

Why does Elijah want Klaus to raise his baby?

When Elijah finds out that Klaus is going to be a father he is ecstatic at the idea. His brother however is not so thrilled and his first instinct is to run at the first sign of responsibility. However Elijah does his best to persuade his brother to stay in New Orleans and raise his child as any normal father would. Eventually his efforts are successful and Klaus rises to the occasion of becoming a father. He ends up being a pretty good one.

Question 35

Who is Rebekah's true love?

For most of both of the shows, Rebekah was a hopeless romantic who always got caught up in the idea of being in love. Many times she thought she was in love when actually she was just obsessed with having as normal a life as possible. In The Originals however she finally finds her one true match. This person challenges her just as much as she challenges them so they are a great match because they keep each other in check.

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