Only A Real Wrestling Fan Can Name These Champions Of The Attitude Era

Right now, we're in the far-off future landscape of 2018. Well, that's what those classic movies and TV shows of yesteryear would have you believe about 2018, at least. Still, despite being 20 years ago by this point, many wrestling fans still yearn for a return to the famed days of the WWF's Attitude Era; a time when the wrestling business was sexed-up, taken to new levels of violence, and when characters and content was allowed to rightly or wrongly push boundaries.

To give some rough concept of time, many wrestling fans and journalists largely see the Attitude Era as slowly coming together during late 1996 and into 1997, with that boom period running until 2002. The industry was a hot as it had ever been, and viewing figures and attendance numbers were hitting heights never before seen, not to mention merchandise sales hitting record highs - all of which saw countless millions (and billions!) of dollars brought in to the business.

Of course, this period also saw plentiful superstars win championship gold, and that's what we're looking at here. You see, we have 25 superstars who won some sort of WWF title belt during the Attitude Era - yes, as in not just the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

So, let's see if you can name these 25 Champions of the Attitude Era!

1Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Yes, this really IS who you likely think it is - as in one of the most notable, recognizable and outright best wrestlers to ever compete in the wrestling business. He may not have been a long-time part of the Attitude Era, but he's somebody often credited with being involved in the extremely early part of the Attitude Era and for being part of one of the events that fully launched that famed period. Who is this former Attitude Era Champ, though?

2Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

When it comes to stars synonymous with the WWF's Attitude Era, they don't get more recognizable that this bald-headed fella. To many, this wrestler is seen as THE best that the business has ever seen due to him being the hottest star of the hottest time that the wrestling world has ever known. Yes, this is indeed as easy as question as you're thinking, but we like to give you a few cushy Qs to get your confidence up. So, who is he?

3Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Just to prove that, yes, this grappler did indeed become a Champion during the Attitude Era, here's a photo of the fella with a championship belt in his possession. In fact, to be specific, here he is with the European Championship draped over his shoulder. Sadly, this is a title that the WWE is seemingly reluctant to bring back these days, despite many clamouring for Cesaro to reintroduce the European Championship. Back to the guy here, though - who is he?

4Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

How much more clear can you make it that somebody was a part of the WWF's Attitude Era than by having then shown in an image with a huge WWF Attitude logo shown behind them? Well, that's the case here, with this grappler being highlighted as a member of the Attitude Era roster. Not only that, he'd go on to win plenty of championship gold during his time in the WWF. More importantly, of course, are you able to name this superstar?

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