Only A Real Wrestling Fan Can Name These Champions Of The Attitude Era

Right now, we're in the far-off future landscape of 2018. Well, that's what those classic movies and TV shows of yesteryear would have you believe about 2018, at least. Still, despite being 20 years ago by this point, many wrestling fans still yearn for a return to the famed days of the WWF's Attitude Era; a time when the wrestling business was sexed-up, taken to new levels of violence, and when characters and content was allowed to rightly or wrongly push boundaries.

To give some rough concept of time, many wrestling fans and journalists largely see the Attitude Era as slowly coming together during late 1996 and into 1997, with that boom period running until 2002. The industry was a hot as it had ever been, and viewing figures and attendance numbers were hitting heights never before seen, not to mention merchandise sales hitting record highs - all of which saw countless millions (and billions!) of dollars brought in to the business.

Of course, this period also saw plentiful superstars win championship gold, and that's what we're looking at here. You see, we have 25 superstars who won some sort of WWF title belt during the Attitude Era - yes, as in not just the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

So, let's see if you can name these 25 Champions of the Attitude Era!

1Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Yes, this really IS who you likely think it is - as in one of the most notable, recognizable and outright best wrestlers to ever compete in the wrestling business. He may not have been a long-time part of the Attitude Era, but he's somebody often credited with being involved in the extremely early part of the Attitude Era and for being part of one of the events that fully launched that famed period. Who is this former Attitude Era Champ, though?

2Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

When it comes to stars synonymous with the WWF's Attitude Era, they don't get more recognizable that this bald-headed fella. To many, this wrestler is seen as THE best that the business has ever seen due to him being the hottest star of the hottest time that the wrestling world has ever known. Yes, this is indeed as easy as question as you're thinking, but we like to give you a few cushy Qs to get your confidence up. So, who is he?

3Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Just to prove that, yes, this grappler did indeed become a Champion during the Attitude Era, here's a photo of the fella with a championship belt in his possession. In fact, to be specific, here he is with the European Championship draped over his shoulder. Sadly, this is a title that the WWE is seemingly reluctant to bring back these days, despite many clamouring for Cesaro to reintroduce the European Championship. Back to the guy here, though - who is he?

4Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

How much more clear can you make it that somebody was a part of the WWF's Attitude Era than by having then shown in an image with a huge WWF Attitude logo shown behind them? Well, that's the case here, with this grappler being highlighted as a member of the Attitude Era roster. Not only that, he'd go on to win plenty of championship gold during his time in the WWF. More importantly, of course, are you able to name this superstar?

5Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

This wrestler featured here is somebody who won a whole host of championship gold during the heady days of the Attitude Era. Whether it was in singles or even tag team competition, this grappler was successful on plenty of occasions throughout that most famous and popular period of the wrestling business. Now while he may have won many titles during that time, the bigger topic here is his name. So, are you able to correctly identify this Champion of the Attitude Era?

6Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Right here, we have a talent who competed in Japan, ECW and then WCW before finally ending up in the WWF during the latter part of the Attitude Era. As the years went on, he would go on to become one of the most popular acts the company had seen in many a year, and that run also coincided with this hugely talented performer winning plentiful championships along the way. Thinking back, can you name this Champ of the Attitude Era?

7Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

The wrestling business has often featured dark and maniacal characters throughout the decades, and the Attitude Era was no different. What marks the wrestler featured here as different to so many other crazed, creepy characters was in how he was hugely successful; so much so that he went on to become the WWF Champion - as highlighted in the accompanying image here. That wouldn't be the only piece of gold he'd win, but are you able to correctly name this superstar?

8Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Yes, here we have another superstar of the Attitude Era who should be instantly recognizable to most of you. That said, you never know, there might be some of you out there who are novices at the wrestling game and are just clicking on this quiz for sh*ts and giggles (hi mom!). This grappler was around before the Attitude Era, and he was similarly around after the Attitude Era, winning plenty of championship gold along the way. Who is he, though?

9Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

While the Attitude Era is a term associated with the WWF in the '90s, there were certain superstars who weren't exclusive to Vince McMahon's wrestling juggernaut. This right here is one such performer. Of course, while he may have had stints in ECW and WCW during the '90s, he would indeed spend some time in the WWF - time that proved successful by giving this wrestler several championship reigns. To get to the meat of it, can you name this wrestler?

10Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Many people can often spend their whole wrestling career as the same character or stuck with the same gimmick. With this grappler here, he managed to tweak his character just enough to keep himself relevant as the Attitude Era began to play out. Not only that, but he would also successfully win championship gold in both the singles and tag team ranks during that famed time period. Regardless of his tweaked character, can you remember the name of this talented performer?

11Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Some stars of the wrestling business over the years have been depicted as being tough guy characters. Then there's the others - the grapplers who really are the real deal, who really are legitimate tough guys in real life. Right here, we have a prime example of a legit badass of the business, and he's somebody who won himself several championship stints in the WWF during the Attitude Era. Can you correctly name this former Champion of that particular period, though?

12Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Not only did this grappler hold one championship but, as shown here, he actually had TWO titles at one point in time. In addition to that, his WWF stint during the Attitude Era also saw him nab several other different pieces of championship gold. Safe to say, for this wrestler the late '90s and early '00s were a majorly successful period. Gold or no gold, the topic of the day here is this fella's identity. So, can you name him?

13Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

That certainly looks like quite the powerful punch, and this right here is an Attitude Era star who made quite the name for himself - at times often due to his punching power. And along with making a name for himself, this wrestler also managed to win several different championships at several different times during that time period. Just to clarify, no, we're not asking about the blond haired fella - that's Chris Jericho - but who is the other former Champ here?

14Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Here we have a wrestler likely best known for his time as one half of a WWF tag team during the Attitude Era. Now while Tag Team Championship gold would actually find its way around this superstar's waist, he would actually become a singles Champ on his own merit at one point in time during that period. Of course, we're more interested in this grappler's name right here in this quiz. So go on then, can you name this superstar?

15Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Sure, the Attitude Era may conjure up thoughts of big-name hitters such as Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels, but so many midcard talents also stood out from the crowd at that point in time due to their memorable gimmicks. This guy right here is certainly one of those, with his risque, adult-driven gimmick one of the most racy that the WWF/WWE has ever seen. Championship gold was also part of his career, but can you name him?

16Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

When wrestling fans discuss the topic of the greatest superstars to never become a World Champion, this physically impressive grappler is one of the talents who regularly top that conversation. Still, while he never quite managed to become the WWF Champion during his spell in the company, he did manage to win every other title that was available to him. To get to the meat of the matter, of course, are you able to correctly identify this Champ of the Attitude Era?

17Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

You know when a belt just looks stunning? You know, as if it's the sort of championship that you can understand why wrestlers would be eager to compete for it? That's the situation with this piece of gold shown here, proudly adorned around his waist by the superstar featured in this image. To put it simply, the belt just looks totally badass! Away from the gold itself, though, can you correctly name the wrestler shown wearing said title in this picture?

18Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Here we have yet another superstar who won a whole host of championships and plaudits during the Attitude Era and beyond. In fact, this is one those grapplers who would go on to win pretty much every title possible - be that in singles or tag team competition. Added to that, he was a truly entertaining performer who was also a brilliant in-ring talent when it came to the fundamentals of the wrestling business. Can you correctly name him, though?

19Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

As of this writing, we're on the cusp of seeing the first ever women's Royal Rumble match happening at the 2018 edition of the famed PPV. One of the surprise entrants rumoured to make an appearance in said Rumble match is featured in the accompanying image here; an image that show's her as the WWF Women's Champion back during the tail end of the Attitude Era. To get to it, are you able to correctly name this Champ of yesteryear?

20Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

As you look through this quiz, you'll see some of the wrestlers featured are legendary grapplers who have World Championship after World Championship after World Championship to their name following careers that have seen them become true icons of the game. Then there's the opposite end of that spectrum - y'know, the guys and gals who were flash in the pans or were simply positioned to lose on a frequent basis. This here is a lower card grappler who DID win championship gold, but who is he?

21Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

One of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era was easily the legendary Undertaker. Hell, 'Taker is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history, period! But back during those heady late '90s days, the Phenom had his own stable at dark and eerie oddballs at his disposal. Many of said oddballs would actually win championship gold during that point, and the fella featured here was one of them. Are you able to correctly name this grappler of yesteryear, though?

22Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Given that the Attitude Era is usually seen as lasting until 2002, that means that the "Invasion" angle of 2001 is fair game. That storyline saw wrestlers from WCW and ECW come together to run roughshod over Vince McMahon's WWF. Only they didn't, for very few of those talents were allowed to be even semi-credible at that point in time. Here we have one member of the WCW/ECW Alliance that actually managed to win some WWF gold, but can you name him?

23Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Throughout this quiz, you may have looked at some of the questions and thought that they were extremely easy pickings. Well, that was kind of the point. After all, what better than getting your confidence sky high only to then pull the rug out from under you by throwing up some truly tricky teasers. So, here we have a famed Ho of The Godfather's who actually became the WWF Hardcore Champion. Only a true wrestling nerd can remember her name, though!

24Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

Here we have a superstar who wasn't a part of the main roster for the bulk of the Attitude Era, but they did manage to make a name for themselves as that boom period began to come to a close. So much so, in fact, that he would actually nab some championship gold during what many people perceive to be the final days of the Attitude Era. Gold or no gold, more important here is his name! So, can you remember him?

25Which Champion Of The Attitude Era Is This?

The Attitude Era was a pretty crazy time for the wrestling business - and they don't get much more bonkers that what you can see in the image here. That right there is longtime wrestling manager Harvey Wippleman dressed up in drag. Not only that, but he'd become the WWF's Women's Champion in early 2000. During that point, he gave himself a rather unique female name in order to compete in the women's division - but under what name did he become Women's Champ?

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