Only A Real Walking Dead Fan Will Ace This Season 2 Quiz

The Walking Dead series is not just a zombie apocalypse show; there's much more to the show than that, and every fan can prove this. The craze started with the comics where it was hugely popular with the community until Frank Darabont made it possible to be a huge hit for the mainstream television audience. What makes this television series so enthralling and irresistible is its portrayal of people making the hardest decisions in order survive in a world collapsing around them.

The eighth season of the Walking Dead series recently ended on April 15, 2018. Can you believe that it's been almost eight years since the pilot episode was watched by over 5 million viewers? As a result of the Nielsen ratings that rank the show high for a cable series, AMC decided to renew the series each year, airing a full season every year. Plus, the series was considered as the highest rated show on TV, not only on cable TV but across of all television shows. Thanks to Robert Kirkman who started the comics by lying to his publisher to get his comic published.

Since the eighth season ended last month, we created a quiz for the ultimate TWD fans. We will be testing your knowledge from the second season that was aired six years ago. Your memory about TWD Season 2 is about to be put on test. Prove that you're an ultimate The Walking Dead Fan by acing this quiz!

Question 1

Can you recall this character?

The actor playing this character actually asked to be killed off. When his friend Frank Darabont was fired halfway through the second season, this character reportedly fell out with the show. In fact, he only agreed to join the series because of Frank Darabont who asked him to be in. So when AMC's plan for the show caused confusion between the TV channel and Darabont, this actor immediately became furious. He actually admitted that he volunteered to quit the show, killing his character long before the character was set to die in the comics.

Question 2

Which character turned into a walker without being bitten?

In the finale of season one, Dr. Jenner revealed to Rick that everyone is infected, dead or undead. Rick later reveals this to the group in season two. He proves Dr. Jenner's secret after witnessing the transformation of this character after being killed. He witnessed the character reincarnating into a walker after the character's death. However, there was two of them who transformed into a walker moments after their death. These characters transformed into walkers despite not being bitten. Can you remember those characters?

Question 3

Do you remember this character?

When Lori confronts Shane after dismissing Carl, Shane told her that he's leaving. He's guilt-stricken over what happened in the rec room at the CDC, and tells her that he will be leaving the group when he gets the chance. When the group was lead in a small Baptist church, a character overheard Lori and Shane talking about Shane's plans to leave, and hears Lori telling Shane that he made the right choice. Soon after overhearing their conversation, this character asks Shane to take her/him when he leaves. Who was this character?

Question 4

What was the main cause of Otis' death?

When Otis accidentally shot Carl, he leads the Atlanta survivors to the Hershel Greene's farm in order to save Carl. In the farm, Hershel proposes surgery to the gravely-wounded Carl in order to save his life. However, he needs medical supplies. Feeling responsible for the child's situation, Otis volunteered to get the supplies with Shane accompanying him. At the school, Shane and Otis are soon surrounded by walkers. When Shane comes back with the surgical supplies, Otis is gone. What was the main cause of Otis' death?

Question 5

What symbol did Daryl find while searching for Sophia?

When Sophia was lost at the beginning, Rick and Daryl lead a search party. The Atlanta survivors continued to find Sophia until Carl was accidentally shot and was brought to Hershel's farm. When the group was staying in Hershel's farm, Daryl continues to search for Sophia, but still finds no sign of Sophia. However, Daryl found a sign outside an abandoned farmhouse, telling Carol that her daughter is alive. Wrong move Daryl.... Anyway, can you remember what symbol Daryl saw?

Question 6

Who saw the walkers in Hershel's barn?

Hershel Greene keeps the walkers he can find in his barn until a cure can be found for them. However, Greene's family kept this as a secret to Rick's group knowing that the group had a different belief. Furthermore, Hershel knows that the group will instantly kill the walkers if one of them finds out. However, one of the group's member accidentally found Hershel's secret. The walkers inside were some of Hershel's family members and neighbors. Who revealed Hershel's secret?

Question 7

Who was the last walker that got out of the barn?

Considered as one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the history of the Walking Dead, where Rick Grimes kills the last walker kept in Hershel's barn. The group has been searching for this character since the beginning of the season. This character was even one of the reasons why Rick disagreed with Shane's plan of leaving the farm. However, when they saw the last walker that got out of the barn, everyone was shocked. Can you remember the last walker that got out of the barn?

Question 8

Why did Hershel keep walkers in his barn?

When Rick's group found out what was Hershel hiding in his barn, a character opens the barn and the group shoots the walkers inside. Upon fleeing the walkers inside, the survivors saw some of Hershel's family, neighbors, and Carol's daughter. The real question is why did Hershel keep walkers in his barn despite it being very dangerous and putting his remaining family members in danger? What was his belief? This might be easy! Can you remember one of these famous scenes?

Question 9

Can you remember this character?

This character is a neighbor of Hershel Greene's family and the partner of Beth Greene. Having limited on-screen interactions, this character was shown to be a helpful, caring, and kind individual, thereby gaining appreciation from Hershel and the Atlanta group survivors. However, he was just a boy, which made him the perfect friend for Carl Grimes. Unfortunately, he was devoured by walkers inside Dale's RV when he attempted to help Rick and Carl in escaping. Who was this character?

Question 10

How was Lori's pregnancy revealed?

We all know that Judith Grimes was the daughter of Shane and Lori. In the whole second season, Lori is pregnant with her daughter until she successfully delivered Judith in the third season. Due to blood loss and shock, Lori died. Even though Judith is not the biological daughter of Rick, he treats her like she is his own daughter, willing to protect Judith at all costs. But the real question is how was Lori's pregnancy revealed to the group?

Question 11

Who urges Rick to kill Shane?

Even though against Rick's will, he kills his best friend for the good of the remaining Atlanta survivors and his wife, Lori. Despite his strong leadership skills and determination, he had only one motive in season two. He's determined to keep himself, Lori, his unborn child, and Carl alive no matter what the cost. As a result, his intentions were likely to cause the entire group to be killed or worse. Who urges Rick to kill Shane after learning that Shane's attitude is becoming dangerous?

Question 12

Who wants to spare Randall's life?

Daryl reveals that the man Hershel, Shane, and Rick brought is a criminal. The man was Randall and his group has 30 armed men with a history of raping women. Even though Randall says that he's innocent, Rick declares him as a threat and planned to execute him. However, one character begs Rick to reconsider. When this character begs the other survivors to spare Randall, only one sided with him. This leads to the characters disappointment, saying that the group was broken. Who was this character?

Question 13

Why Rick did not kill Randall?

The character who wanted to spare Randall's life tasked the other character who agreed with him to guard Randall against Shane while he talks to others. However, Shane and Carl visits Randall and Randall tricks Carl to spare him. The survivors soon decided to execute Randall after only two survivors voted to spare his life. When it was Ricks time to execute the "threat" to his group, he reconsidered his decision. Can you remember Rick's reason? Why did he not do his task?

Question 14

Who DOESN'T Hershel let into his home?

After the incident with Dale, the group learns that someone dangerous may be on the loose near the farm. As a result, Hershel permitted the Atlanta survivors to his house except one. He sees this character as a threat and may be dangerous due to his attitude. Well, we can not blame Hershel for this. He might just wanted to protect his family right? This question might be easy for you. If not, here's a clue: this character's last appearance is in the same episode as the scene mentioned.

Question 15

Which couple met at Hershel's farm?

As what I said earlier, The Walking Dead is not just a zombie apocalypse show. It is more than that. This means that romantic relationships are also formed in the process. This couple met when the Atlanta survivors were looking for a safe sanctuary and a lot of TWD fans were rooting for them. Their relationship is tested in numerous ways throughout the course of the series. They eventually got married and had a baby. Unfortunately, one of them died, making his/her death as one of the most heartbreaking deaths in TWD. Who was this couple?

Question 16

Who voted Daryl as the new leader?

While the survivors continue to question Rick's leadership, someone suggested Daryl as the new leader. This character tells Daryl that he should lead the group as a man of honor, telling him that she/he was unsafe with Rick. However, Daryl insists that Rick has honor, shrugging this character off. At the same time, Maggie insists Glenn that they should abandon the other survivors. However, Hershel shuts her down. Anyway, the question is who voted Daryl as the new leader of the group?

Question 17

Which vehicles did the Atlanta survivors bring?

After escaping from the Center for Disease Control, Rick and the other Atlanta survivors decides to leave Atlanta for good. The group followed Shane's idea of finding refuge at the army base at Fort Benning a try. Before leaving, Rick contacts a friend one last time about the city. But his friend insists on staying away from Atlanta for his family's safety. The group leaves some of their vehicles in their convoy, bringing only three. Can you remember these vehicles?

Question 18

Why doesn't Dale want to give Andrea her gun back?

Andrea has decided on her fate, wanting to die in the CDC's explosion with Jacqui and Dr. Jenner until Dale remains to convince Andrea not to. Just before the CDC building explodes for decontamination, Dale and Andrea escape and found a cover. However, it was shown that Andrea was furious with Dale for not leaving her in the CDC. She blames Dale for taking her choice away. After the incident on the highway, Andrea asks Dale for her gun. However, Dale refuses with Shane agreeing. What was Dale's reason?

Question 19

What did Glenn and Maggie get in the pharmacy?

When Carl Grimes accidentally gets shot while admiring a deer in the woods, the shooter brings him to Hershel Greene's farm. This is where Rick and other survivors stayed until a herd of walkers attacked the farm. When the group was on Hershel's farm, Maggie Greene volunteers to accompany Glenn in getting something in the pharmacy. While in the pharmacy, Maggie assumes that Glenn was looking for condoms and you know what happened next. What did Glenn and Maggie really pick up in the pharmacy?

Question 20

Who indirectly caused Dale's death?

Dale's death at the end of this season was devastating and some of the TWD fans can't still get over it. We all know that Dale was attacked by a walker and was immediately mercy-killed by Daryl. The walker that caused Dale's death was connected to a event happened before his death. Apparently, a character found a walker stuck in a creek-bed and tries to kill the walker by bombarding him with rocks. However, this action caused the walker to flee and attack Dale at some time. Do you remember who indirectly caused Dale's death?

Question 21

Who was devoured by walkers in the season 2 finale?

A lot of characters died in season two's finale. But who was the character that was being eaten alive by walkers? Before this character could flee from Hershel's barn, which was filled with walkers, he/she was attacked. All this time, Beth was holding this character's hand until someone pulls her away and they escape. Even if this character was pulled away from the walkers, she would have died due to excessive blood loss anyway. His/her first appearance was on the second season's second episode and last appeared on the season's finale.

Question 22

What attracts the walkers to Hershel's farm?

Can you remember this scene? This might be unforgettable because this scene brought tragedy to the Atlanta survivors, Hershel's family, and farm. Something attracted a huge herd of walkers into Hershel's farm, resulting to some deaths. Did you know that these walkers were from Atlanta that were attracted by a passing helicopter? The walkers continue down to a country road, gathering a LOT of walkers on their way. These herd of walkers were the ones who attacked Hershel's farm. Why did the walkers find Hershel's farm?

Question 23

Can you remember this scene?

This scene happened in the second season's final episode. When Andrea was left behind in Hershel Green's farm, she was chased into the woods on foot, spending the whole night running from walkers. However, she soon runs out of ammunition and was pinned down by a walker. She was too exhausted to fight the walker, letting him pin her down until a hooded figure showed up, saving her life. Can you remember this scene? Can you identify the hooded figure?

Question 24

What was seen in the last scene in the last episode?

After the raid in Hershel's farm, the survivors miraculously reunite in the highway. Rick reveals the secret that Dr. Jenner told him in the CDC, that everyone is infected. The others became furious with Rick for not telling them the secret. Rick defends that he had no way of knowing if it was true. At night, the group continues to question Rick's leadership while hurdled around the campfire. But when Rick confronts them, they stayed with Rick warning the group that they did not choose democracy. That's not the end yet, a large building was last shown.

Question 25

True or False: They group meets the Governor in season 2

Season 2 is filled with twists, turns, and most importantly new people. You may remember that towards the end of the season, the group happens upon a prison. This storyline is what ultimately leads to them meeting some notable characters, including Michonne and The Governor. However, is this the second arc of season two or tackled later on in the series? A true fan will know the answer to this one without a doubt. So go ahead and choose true or false!

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