Only A Real Trivia Master Can Ace This General Knowledge Quiz

Who loves trivia? We do! So we have created the ultimate trivia quiz, full of completely random facts and questions. This quiz doesn't have a theme, like Disney or Spongebob so you never know what the next question will be until it appears on the screen!

We have covered everything in this quiz from movies to random animal facts and everything in between! This quiz is for true trivia masters only! Fact and fun-filled this quiz will test you on how much trivia you really know. We think a lot of the questions in this quiz can be considered general knowledge, but we will let you be the judge of that.

So, who thinks they are a real trivia master? If that sounds like you, then we have just the quiz to test your skills! If you think you have what it takes to ace this quiz, get your keyboard fingers ready, and put your thinking caps on because we are going to take your knowledge to the limit! Don't believe us? Take the quiz for yourself and see. The title holds true to this one, only a true trivia master will ace this quiz. So get ready to dive down the rabbit hole of random knowledge and test how smart you truly are!

Question 1

The IIHF is the world governing body for which sport?

When it comes to the world of sports, there are numerous games, rules and even organizations that represent them. One of those organizations is the IIHP. They represent a certain sport that many of us love and even play. But of all the sports out there, this organization could represent any single one of them. Here is a hint, this game has some famous names associated with it like Carey Price. Have we helped anyone decipher what this organization represents?

Question 2

Which US actor played Private Ryan in the blockbuster film Saving Private Ryan?

Saving Private Ryan is hands down one of the greatest war movies ever produced. Besides having an amazing plot, the movie is filled with great actors. One of those actors played Private Ryan. This action-packed movie was released in July of 1998, and even though it is 20 years old it is still considered one of the greatest movies of all time. Whether its from the great cast or amazing plot, this movie has all the right stuff to make a great film. But who played the ever famous Private Ryan?

Question 3

The Barbary lion was native to which part of the world?

Animals are amazing. Predators even more so. It's hard to imagine that your humble house cat is related to these massive beasts. Lions for the most part to the average person all look fairly similar, but to people who study these wild beast, they are quite different in many ways. Besides appearance, different lion prides have different diets, habits and even genetics. But perhaps one of the most outstanding differences among lions is their birthplaces. Can anyone name the birthplace of the Barbary lion?

Question 4

Which of the following figures is not mentioned in the Billy Joel song 'We Didn't Start the Fire'?

"We didn't start the fire / It was always burning / Since the world's been turning / We didn't start the fire / No, we didn't light it / But we tried to fight it". Who could forget this catchy tune? Considered a classic among many, this song opens with a list of names and continues to list many names and events throughout the entire song. There are lots of people that the song doesn't talk about but, out of the four choices below can anyone remember which one it was?

Question 5

True or false: The Vatu is the unit of currency in Vanuatu?

In Canada we have Dollars. In the United Kingdom, they have Pounds. All over the world money in some form or another is used for goods and services. Each place has different currencies and different names for them. Along with those differences, the amount of money that you have in one place may not equal out to the same amount in another. The exchange rate changes with every border. Sometimes it is only by a few cents, other times it can be dollars in the difference.

Question 6

The Semmering is a mountain pass in which mountain range?

Nature is truly amazing. From huge mountains that touch the sky to the tiniest ant that crawls on the ground, nature has it all. Have you ever seen something so amazing that it took your breath away? Many people have referred to the Semmering pass in this way. People have travelled from all over the world to see this beautiful spot in nature. Along with the amazing views, there is a rich culture to be enjoyed as well. But where was this pass located?

Question 7

Graphite is a form of which element?

The periodic table is full of different elements, and even though we may not think about it very often we use something from the table every day. Many of these elements play a huge role in our everyday lives and we don't even realize it sometimes. Graphite is no different. We may not use it every day but it is part of a main element on the table. There are many forms graphite can take, but only one element it belongs to.

Question 8

In the human body where would you find Cone and Rod cells?

The cones and rods in a human body play but one vital role each. Cone cells are photoreceptors. These work well in light and daytime. Rods work better at low light levels and evening or night times. Both of these are found in the same area of the body and work together to help enhance our lives in different ways. We think this one is pretty self-explanatory but does anyone know where these cells are located in the human body?

Question 9

In which decade did Mickey Mouse make his first appearance?

Mickey Mouse is a lovable character from the Disney universe. He is also among the first of the characters to arrive on the scene. Imagined and created by Walt Disney himself, this little mouse has worked his way into our hearts from a young age and stayed with us for the long haul. Many will remember him from childhood as a character that was just always in Disney, but he had to be created at some point. Can anyone name the year Mickey was created?

Question 10

Thirty-six percent of all soybeans are produced in which country?

Soybeans are one of the most versatile foods on the planet. They have been used as a bean, as a mash, even as a substitute for meat. Many vegans and vegetarians enjoy this bean with different meals. People who also eat meat have enjoyed this bean in many different dishes as well such a stir-fry. But have we ever stopped to think where the bean is grown? This bean is imported from all over the world, but where is 36% of it grown?

Question 11

Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?

Our solar system is vast, but that is common knowledge to most. Earth alone holds billions of people, not to mention the various plant and animal life as well. Amazingly earth is not the biggest planet in our solar system! It is not the smallest either, there is one planet that holds the spot for the smallest in our solar system. If it is not the earth, and it clearly can not be the sun, which planet would be the smallest?

Question 12

Which country is the world's top producer of black pepper?

Spices are a staple in almost every dish, from things like thyme and rosemary to the simpler more used spices like salt and pepper, many of these are used in our everyday cooking in some form or another. Some people refuse to make any dish without adding some kind of spice to it. Many cook with salt and pepper every day. But how many of us stop to think were these spices come from? How about pepper? Does anyone know who the worlds top producer of this spice is?

Question 13

Which Scotland born scientist is known for the invention of the telephone?

Take a look at your smartphone. This amazing device started as just an idea. The same can be said for its relative, the house phone. One man had an idea about connecting the world in a way that, at the time seemed impossible. Much like the idea of a phone that doubles as a handheld computer, many thought this was just that, an idea! But look how far technology has come, and we owe at least the phone advancements to the man who invented the very first house phone.

Question 14

Which Baseball player held the nicknames "The Bambino" and "The Sultan of Swat"?

Even if you're not a baseball fan you have probably heard of this player! He has forever changed the game of baseball and the way people look at it. He even has a candy bar named after him! He was only one of two people to ever hit three home runs in a world series game, he was a left-handed pitcher and in 1914 he became a member of the Boston Red Sox's. We have placed his picture above, but is that enough to jog some people's minds?

Question 15

Who was the Greek god of the Sea?

The ocean is a vast and mysterious place. Only about 5% of the ocean floor has ever been explored by humans. This leaves many with the question " What else is lurking below the waves?" With the human imagination as colourful as it is, there have been many stories about sea monsters and mermaids, of magical lost kingdoms and undiscovered treasures. Above the waves has seen stories like ghost ships and crews lost at sea. Along with these tales, there are also myths. One of them is the Greek God of the Sea. Can anyone remember his name?

Question 16

How many players are on each side in a game of Rugby League?

Invented in 1823, by William Webb Ellis, Rugby has become a popular game in the U.K. When the game was first played, players used a pig's bladder as the ball, which had to be blown up by breath alone! Over time they began to use rubber instead of pig bladder, but didn't want people to confuse Rugby with Football, so they kept their balls slightly egg-shaped. This helped them both become distinguished and easy to catch. Like football, there are rules, and one of them is the number of players on each side. Who knows the answer?

Question 17

Who succeeded Steve Jobs as chief executive of Apple?

It has long been a raging internet debate on who the better CEO of Apple is. There is a lot to look at when comparing the two. Some of those things include product durability, for example, who made better iPhones, Jobs or the new CEO? Things like financial stability have been brought up as well. If you browse the internet you will find numerous articles on this topic. Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple until he passed away. Who was his successor?

Question 18

Which actress won the 2013 Best Actress Oscar for her performance in the film Silver Linings Playbook?

Pat Solatano, played by Bradley cooper, is a man going through a pretty tough time. He has just lost his job and his wife left him, and then he ended up spending some, much needed time in a mental institution. Things get a bit more tricky when Pat meets Tiffany, a quirky character that offers to help him reconnect with his wife if he will help her with one weird request. Can anyone name the actress that won the Oscar for the role of Tiffany?

Question 19

What is the typical par score on a championship golf course?

All sports have a way of keeping score. This is mostly because sports are competitive and one team wins while another loses. Every sport is different in how they keep score and how many points each successful attempt makes. Golf is no different. If you have ever watched a game of golf, you know that points are given for the number of balls you sink into the holes. Now, of course, there is more to it than that, but that is the basic structure of the game. One of the ways to score points is with a par score. Does anyone know what a typical par score is?

Question 20

Montmartre is a large hill in which French city?

Have you ever stopped to look at Nature? I don't mean smell the roses once in a while but really look at the amazing structures that nature has built. Mountains, hills, trees, lush forest and fields of flowers. Nature is something of a thing of beauty. And it doesn't just stop in the wild. Humans have built around amazing natural structures for decades. One of these natural beauties is the Montmartre Hill. It is the largest hill in a certain French city, but what city was it?

Question 21

Where was playwright Oscar Wilde born?

Oscar Wilde was known for his many playwrights. Born in October of 1854, and passing away in November of 1900, this man wrote many masterpieces in his time. In the early 1890's he became one of London's most popular writers. He works included things like The Picture Of Dorian Grey, and The Selfish Giant to name only two. He wrote many more than this, far too many to go into here! We know where he spent his last days, but who knows the birthplace of this man?

Question 22

Which of the following elements has the lowest atomic number?

The periodic table is sorted by atomic number. There are 118 elements on the table, each with their own unique number, and no two have the same one. Many are close in number, but never the same. Anyone who has ever done any kind of chemistry course, or studied chemistry at all will know the basic facts about the table. Some can even name off every element! We, however, only want to know which element has the lowest atomic number.

Question 23

In the film 'The Wizard of Oz' what is Dorothy's dog called?

Who hasn't seen Wizard Of Oz, or at the very least, heard of the film? When a tornado rips through the city of Kansas, Dorothy and her dog are magically transported to the land of Oz. Following the yellow brick road with hopes to find and meet the wizard, Dorothy encounters some interesting characters along the way. The scarecrow without a brain, the tin man without a heart, and the cowardly lion who wants nothing more than to be courageous. Those names are pretty easy to recall, but what was the dog's name?

Question 24

What is the collective name for a group of Dolphins?

There is no denying the vastness of the ocean. From coral reefs to the wide open sea, the creatures you can spot are almost endless. The ocean is home to many creatures like whales and fish, sharks and crabs, even different types of plants that live on coral reefs. Many sets of animals hunt and live in groups. Some, like different shark species, live a life of solitude. One such species that lives a group lifestyle is dolphins. Does anyone know what their group is called?

Question 25

A squirrel's nest is called a what?

Animals that build small houses or nest for themselves have to be the most adorable thing ever! There are many species of animals that build houses, birds, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, and they all have a different name for the kind of house they build. Some are called nests, others a hut, even a drey or a hutch. Squirrels build homes in many different places depending on where they are located in the world. They are all different in design and structure but they all have the same name. Can anyone remember what they are called?

Question 26

Woody, Buzz and Andy are all characters from which successful Pixar film franchise?

We are almost certain that everyone has heard of these characters before! Disney and Pixar could arguably be the biggest franchises in the world to date. Together they have produced numerous successful films. One of these films features the characters of Woody Buzz and Andy. They are toys, that can talk, but only do so when the owner is not around. There have been a couple of sequels to this movie as well. Can anyone name the movie these 3 starred in?

Question 27

How many seasons are there of The Simpsons?

This animated television series has been on the air forever! Okay well, maybe not forever, but definitely a really long time. Featuring characters like Marge and Homer, their kids, Lisa, Bart and Maggie. These characters have become a household name. First making its debut on television on 1989, and still producing new episodes today, this show has a lot of seasons under its belt, to say the least. We can venture a guess that it is well above 20 seasons. But how many seasons are there exactly?

Question 28

Which planet takes 88 days to orbit the sun?

Space. The final frontier! At least so far as we know right now! The universe, like the ocean, is vast. The universe, however, may quite literally go on forever, as we don't currently have the technology to search for an end if one even exists! This, much like the ocean, as you can imagine, has sprung up many tall tales about what lies beyond the grasp of human perception. We could go into great detail about aliens and UFOs but let's take a step back to our own humble little solar system. Which one takes 88 days to circle the sun?

Question 29

What is the name for the process of water flowing through a permeable membrane in the direction of the higher solution concentration?

We are going to take you back to science in school. Many people don't remember much of what they have learned in school because there is so much information to retain, that many students only hold on to that knowledge to get them through the final exams. This is especially true for science courses. These courses have so much information to retain, that many students could not possibly remember all of it, even if they wanted to. But how many people remember what the process of water flowing through a permeable membrane is called?

Question 30

What is the term for a hunting group of Baboons?

Every group of animals in the world has a name assigned to them. Then there are the scientific names that scientists use to identify different species, kingdoms, and so on. This list can go on forever, as there are millions of different species of plants and animals in the world. Imagine how time-consuming the job to name all these groups are? And how creative you would have to be to come up with new names for every one. Most are taken from Latin words. Some are English words, however. A group of hunting Baboons just happens to be an English word. Can anyone remember it?

Question 31

In what year was the Rubik's Cube invented?

Who remembers playing with a Rubik's cube as a kid? Maybe you even have one as an adult. This classic 3D puzzle game has captured the attention of many people around the world, and for good reason. They can be extremely hard to solve. This has not stopped people from trying though. Some people have become so good at solving them that they have made videos of how fast they can complete the puzzle. This, as you can imagine, has gone viral on the internet! This toy has been puzzling people for many years, but what year was it released?

Question 32

What year was Grease released in Cinemas

Grease is one of those feel-good classic films about the guy who gets the girl. Grease is considered one of the greatest and most loved musicals of all time. Did you know that the movie is based on the Broadway musical written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey? How about that the producers originally wanted to do Grease as an animated film? That's why the opening credits are done in animation, to honour that idea that was scrapped. We bet no one knew those facts, but what about the release year for the film, does anybody know that?

Question 33

What I've Been Looking For is a 2006 song from which musical film?

Now we take a look at a more modern musical. Released in 2006, this musical is from the Disney universe. Featuring characters like Troy and Gabriella, the movie takes place in a high school. (Hint Hint!) Here is a fun fact, the school mascot in the film was originally going to be a leopard but was changed to a wildcat just before shooting. There is also talks of this film being turned into A T.V show. Have you figured out what this film is?

Question 34

What does the 'L' stand for in Samuel L Jackson?

If you haven't seen a film with Samuel L Jackson in it, then we recommend you do so right after this quiz! He is charismatic, lovable and always makes a film that much brighter! Some of his notable films have included names like The Hitmans Body Gaurd by Tim O'Connor, Kingsman's: The Secret Service by Matthew Vaughn, Jumper By Doug Liman, along with many Marvel movies! Now you have a whole list of films that you can go watch after this quiz, but first, can anyone tell us what the "L" in his name stands for?

Question 35

Cynology is the study of what?

Science has come such a long way in such a short time. You can study almost anything with an abundance of knowledge because of the advancements that science has made. Along with the advancements, to keep their research straight, they have had to come up with names for each area of study. For example, Botany is the study of plant life. A botanist is a scientist that specializes in that field. But what about Cynology? Can anyone tell us what this area of study is?

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