Only A Real Star Trek Fan Can Get 100% On This TNG Quiz

Star Trek: The Next Generation was one science fiction show that captured many of our hearts. Many of us probably look back on this show and think, "Why aren't sci-fi shows like this anymore?" Sure, we have Star Trek: Discovery, but does it really have the same charm as good old TNG? There was something about this show that was so quintessentially late 80s/early 90s, and looking back on this show fills most of us with that glorious sensation of nostalgia. Most of us have so many fond memories watching this show, and we probably were a lot more obsessed with this show than we are with the shows of today.

But just how big of a fan were you? Did you notice all the little details? Were you taking notes of where the Warp Drive was located, and the fact that official schematics of the Enterprise never seemed to have any toilets? Or were you just a casual fan - a poser who didn't even know Captain Picard's first name? Well, if you're willing to truly put your Star Trek knowledge to the test, we have a shuttle waiting for you to take you to the Enterprise. And once you arrive, you will immediately begin Federation Academy with this entry level quiz...

Question 1

True Or False, The USS Enterprise Is The Flagship Of The Federation Starfleet

Although the crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation take center stage, another hugely important element to the show is the ship itself. You might even say that the ship is like a main character in many ways. After years of watching Star Trek, we began to feel like the ship was a living, breathing thing more than a cold machine. That's one reason why ships are referred to as "she" instead of "it." But do you know whether the USS Enterprise is the flagship of the federation?

Question 2

What Is Captain Picard’s First Name?

Besides the ship, there is one person on board the Enterprise who takes center stage. He's undoubtedly the main character of the entire series, and predictably he's also the captain of the starship. His name is Captain Picard, and he's considered by many to be one of the best Star Trek captains we've ever seen. Some might prefere Kirk or even Janeway, but there are tons of people who are on team Picard. But do you remember this captain's first name?

Question 3

Identify This First Officer

No captain would be able to command without his first officer. Picard refers to this first officer as "number one," and although this is an informal title it goes back to the days of the British Navy. Essentially, the first officer is the right hand of the captain. The captain may give the orders, but it's the first officer who makes sure they are carried out. He is very important on the ship. But can you identify this first officer?

Question 4

True Or False, The USS Enterprise Was The First Ship To Bear That Name

The Enterprise might be a powerful, sophisticated and large ship, but is it really anything new? In terms of its technology, that would be a resounding yes. The Enterprise represents the leap forward that Starfleet has taken since the years of the original series. Everything seems a little more streamlined and advanced. Fans of the original series know that the ship actually shares many details in common with the ship from The Next Generation. But was the Enterprise in TNG the first to be called that?

Question 5

Which Character Appeared In Both TNG And DS9?

One of the great things about the Star Trek series at the time of TNG was that there were so many series going at the same time. At one point, Deep Space Nine was airing at the same time as The Next Generation, and Voyager followed not long afterwards. Because of this, there were many crossovers. Characters from one show would pop up in the other, and that would be quite entertaining. But which of these characters appeared in both DS9 and TNG?

Question 6

Alongside Phasers, The USS Enterprise Is Equipped With What Type Of Photon Weaponry?

While the Enterprise is technically an exploration vessel designed to learn more about the universe, it's far from being unarmed. While not wholly dedicated towards war, it has some serious firepower that can pack quite a punch if there's no other option available. The first "go to" weapons are the phasers, which are beams capable of striking other ships. But is another type of weapon on board that uses photon technology. Do you remember what this weapon was actually called?

Question 7

Who Said This Iconic Line: “There Are Four Lights”

The Next Generation was so popular a few years back that tons of people call themselves "true fans" today. And with so many people so in love with this series, there's a ton of people who remember pretty much every line. And over the course of the many seasons of this show, there were some seriously great lines to remember. Some of them have been turned into memes to this day. But do you remember who said "There are four lights?"

Question 8

Which alien race has a special interest in Captain Picard?

A lot changed when The Next Generation rolled around, and pretty soon it was established that the crew needed a new, fresh enemy. A kind of alien force that had not been seen before. While there were many enemies discovered by the crew of Captain Picard during the many seasons of The Next Generation, one really stood out. This enemy continuously gave the crew of the Enterprise trouble, and was their main enemy. Do you remember what this alien species was called?

Question 9

What Is The Borg’s Most Famous Line?

The Borg are a serious threat to not only the Federation, but all life forms of the galaxy. If people like Jean-Luc Picard didn't stand up and fight, all life in the galaxy might have been wiped out, assimilated by the Borg. Many have stood against the Borg, but few have ever lived to tell the tale. That's a huge reason why their "catch phrase" and most famous line is so fitting. But do you remember what the Borg always say?

Question 10

In The Intro Of Star Trek TNG, Picard Says “Space, The Final…

A lot changed from the original series to The Next Generation, but one thing stayed pretty much the same. That's because the narration lines of the intro were essentially identical, although instead of Kirk saying them it's Captain Picard. It gave viewers the impression that this was a new take on the series, but it would stay true to the original themes of the series as well. Picard does a great job with the narration. But can you finish this line?

Question 11

Who Is Transporter Chief Aboard The Enterprise?

The role of transporter chief became slightly less important during the reign of The Next Generation, but the transporter chief was nonetheless an important crewmember aboard the Enterprise, and often a focal point for episodes. This character famously left the Enterprise to serve on Deep Space Nine, and there he became an even more important character. His engineering skills are second to none, although his social skills might be a bit lacking... But do you know who the transporter chief on the Enterprise was?

Question 12

Which Old Enemy Is Allied With The Federation During The Timeline Of TNG?

As previously touched upon, it was established quite early that The Next Generation would feature enemies previously unseen in the Star Trek franchise. But what about the old enemies that we got to know during the original series? Would they cease to exist? Would they become irrelevant? Well as it turns out, one species in particular became allied with the Federation, and this was a race that was pretty much the main enemy for Kirk and his crew. Which race was this?

Question 13

What Is The Catchphrase Of Captain Picard?

Captain Picard was probably the first Star Trek captain to have a real catch phrase. The previous captain, Kirk, had a lot of cool lines but none of them really stand out as a catch phrase. Captain Picard, on the other hand, had not one but TWO catchphrases which he would say. After a while, it got really satisfying hearing Picard say this almost every single episode, and many memes were made. But do you remember Captain Picard's catch phrase?

Question 14

Identify This Chief Engineer

This Chief Engineer was a worthy addition to the Enterprise crew, and fans got to know this character very well over the years. Although he's a human, what becomes immediately obvious is his slightly different appearance, owing to that giant visor on his head. As Chief Engineer, this character is an expert on Warp Drives and other integral parts of the Enterprise. Without a good Chief Engineer, the ship and its crew would be doomed. But do you remember his name?

Question 15

Identify This Alien Race

This alien race was first introduced during The Next Generation, and they would go on to become one of the most memorable species ever encountered by the Federation. This race is slightly comical in nature, but they can be dangerous without a doubt. They were initially designed to be the main enemy of the Federation, but audiences didn't take them seriously enough. But they still retained a major presence in the franchise. But can you actually identify this alien race?

Question 16

Who Is The First Chief Of Security Aboard The Enterprise?

Some of the characters might have been minor, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they didn't manage to acquire a large fanbase. There were tons of people who loved this first chief of security aboard the Enterprise. Fans of the series know that she was soon replaced by someone a lot more famous these days, but while she was there she did a great job. There are all kinds of theories about why she was taken out of the series.

Question 17

What Race Is Deanna Troi?

Deanna Troi is one of the most interesting members of the Enterprise crew, and she plays a role on board that hasn't really been seen ever since. Her role on the ship is that of a counselor. It seems evident that because the Enterprise is such a large ship, a counselor would be a logical choice, given all of the social interaction people would have with such a large crew. But can you remember what race Deanna Troi actually is?

Question 18

True Or False, Geordi La Forge Got His Visor So He Could See Into Machines

So why is Geordi La Forge wearing his visor? This is a relatively easy question to answer that most fans should have trouble with. But what you might not know is that the visor was originally made from a hairband and a piece of an automotive filter. The result is super futuristic... But what is it actually supposed to do? Is it something that Geordi La Forge chose to put on, or is it something that he actually needs to wear? Does it let him see into machines?

Question 19

What Happens When Data Gets Exposed To The Vacuum Of Space?

Data is another notable member of the Enterprise crew, and one that has won tons of fans over the course of the many series. This crew member is famous for being very strong, intelligent, and resourceful. In fact, he might just be one of the most valuable members of the crew, and his expertise and natural talents have saved the ship and the crew on more than one occasion. But what happens to Data when he gets exposed to the vacuum of space?

Question 20

Which Crew Member Has The Ability To Read Others’ Emotions?

But Data isn't the only crew member on board with some seriously cool abilities. Captain Picard hand picked all or most of his crew members for very specific reasons, and he wanted only the best of the best. For one role, he chose someone with the ability to read other's emotions, as he thought this would make her job much easier. The choice was a good one, and the crew member was perfect for the job. But which crew member was this?

Question 21

After Being Captured By The Borg, Which Crew Member Became Known By The Designation “Locutus?”

The worst thing imaginable for any resident of the galaxy is abduction by the Borg. Crews of Federation starships such as the Enterprise are supposed to be trained to have less fear of such an incident, but in truth almost everyone is afraid of being assimilated by the Borg, whether they're Federation or not. But on one occasion, the unthinkable happened when one crew member was indeed abducted, and the crew was devastated to learn he had been assimilated. Which crew member was this?

Question 22

True or False: The Prime Directive applies to all humans

This golden rule is something that true Star Trek fans know all about. This is a set of rules that govern one particular organization, and this organization is largely dominated by one race of people. This set of rules ensures that while exploring, their people will not do anything to offset the natural balance of the galaxy. It's basically a rulebook for screwing up the galaxy as little as possible while visiting planets. But which race adheres to this set of rules?

Question 23

Dilithium Crystals Are Used To Power What?

Dilithium Crystals are very important in the universe of Star Trek. These crystals are used as a power source to power one of the most integral parts of space travel. Without these crystals, the entire series and premise of Star Trek wouldn't be possible. Dilithium Crystals are pretty rare, and if something goes wrong with them, it can spell huge trouble for a Federation ship and its crew. But what exactly do these crystals do? Do you remember what they power?

Question 24

At One Point, Wesley Takes Up Which Role In TNG?

Wesley is one of the most loved characters in all of the Star Trek series. For young viewers, Wesley was someone we could look up to. Many of us saw ourselves in Wesley, and being a kid on Starship Enterprise seemed like the best life any kid could wish for. There were some amazing moments with Wesley, namely when Picard told him to "Shut Up." He actually had a fairly complex character. But do your remember which role he takes up?

Question 25

What Is The Name Of The Second Ship Doctor?

The medical team on board a Federation starship is of the utmost importance. These may not be the people barking the orders or fixing the warp drives, but without them the entire crew would probably crumble within a few weeks of intense exploration. They must be trained to handle almost anything - even the unknown, which is frequently what the Enterprise runs into during the voyage through deep space. One of the slightly lesser known doctors was this person. What's her name?

Question 26

True Or False, The Romulans Are Allies To The Federation During The Timeline Of TNG

Romulans are some of the most interesting species in the Star Trek universe. Basically, you can think of Vulcans as space elves -- the Lord of the Rings kind, not the Santa kind. There are a lot of similarities, most notably the same pointed ears. Additionally, they are very intelligent beings that are in many ways seen as more advanced than humans. They bear many similarities to the elves in Tolkien's books. One of the offshoots of the Vulcan race is the Romulan race. But is it true that the Romulans are allies to the federation?

Question 27

Who Created The Original Concept Of Star Trek?

The original concept of Star Trek began long before The Next Generation was even conceived of. Most Star Trek fans know that the original series was when the Star Trek universe was truly born, and one man was in large part responsible for dreaming up this wonderful world. To "Trekkies," he is a god, a visionary, and one of the greatest men that ever lived. Later on in life, he supervised the production of The Next Generation. But who is he?

Question 28

True Or False, “Q” Often Comes In To Save The Crew Of Enterprise When Things Get Rough

Q is another very interesting addition to the Star Trek universe, and this one started to really make his presence known during the timeline of The Next Generation. This guy is basically a god, able to manipulate the fabric of space and time, changing reality to what he sees fit. Whenever Q shows up, fans greet him with either enthusiastic cheers or collective groans, depending on what you think of the character. But is it true that he often comes in and saves Enterprise?

Question 29

Captain Picard Frequently Adjusts His Sweater. What Nickname Was This Given?

We've said it before, Patrick Stewart's portrayal of Captain Jean-Luc Picard was one of the most loved roles Star Trek has ever seen. Some say that Kirk or Sisko were better, but a huge amount of people insist that he was the best captain ever. Why? It probably had a lot to do with all the little details he worked into his performance. This is the mark of a great actor. But do you remember the nickname given to the way he adjusted his sweater?

Question 30

What Is The Name Of Data’s Pet Cat?

Data might be an android, but that doesn't mean that he's devoid of all human emotion. In fact, as the series goes on, he becomes more and more emotional in his never ending quest to learn more about humans. Part of his research involved him having a pet. At first, he doesn't understand why humans would want to have pets. But after Data himself gets a cat, he begins to learn why humans love the companionship. But do you remember the name of his cat?

Question 31

What Kind Of Animal Is Picard’s Pet Named “Livingston?”

But Data isn't the only one who has a pet waiting for him in his quarters. Picard too has a pet, although this one probably gets a little less screen time than Spot. Nonetheless, this animal is visible in Picard's quarters, and a true Star Trek fan definitely wouldn't have missed such a detail. The animal is actually named after one of the producers of Star Trek, although the name is never used in the series. But surely, you must know what kind of animal it is?

Question 32

Which Actress Played The Much Loved Character, “Guinan?”

Another famous addition to the crew of the Enterprise is Guinan. This character might be one of the strangest yet most interesting members of the crew, and she provides a strong contrast between the cold science of Enterprise and the spiritual, supernatural expression of the human race. She is very mysterious, and at times it even seems like Guinan has special powers and abilities. But one thing's for sure, she's always there to help. But can you identify the actress?

Question 33

Ferengi Are Famous For Their Love Of…

Ferengi are one race that has previously been mentioned so far in this quiz, although they definitely deserve a little more attention. This is one of the most loved races in the Star Trek universe, and although they can definitely be evil at times, it's hard not to laugh at the way they've adapted to life in space. Almost every action of a Ferengi revolves around one thing, and one thing only. But do you know what this thing is?

Question 34

In Which Country Was Picard Born?

Here's a relatively tough question for all you die hard Star Trek: The Next Generation fans out there. Picard's history is slowly revealed throughout the course of the series, and as we learn more about him, we come to appreciate him more. He has had a very interesting life, one that is full of all kinds of twists and turns. His rise to the very top of the Federation is legendary. But do you remember where Picard was actually born?

Question 35

What Part Of Worf’s Uniform Is Klingon, And Not Standard Issue Federation Attire?

Worf is unique in that he is one of the first Klingons we've ever seen in a Federation uniform. For long time fans of the original series, seeing this sight must have been quite a shock. Klingons were the biggest enemy of the Federation in the original series, so seeing one "tamed" by this human organization is almost unthinkable. But gradually, it becomes more and more believable. But Worf doesn't completely leave his Klingon heritage behind. What part of his uniform is not Federation standard issue?

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