Only A Real Star Trek Fan Can Get 100% On This TNG Quiz

Star Trek: The Next Generation was one science fiction show that captured many of our hearts. Many of us probably look back on this show and think, "Why aren't sci-fi shows like this anymore?" Sure, we have Star Trek: Discovery, but does it really have the same charm as good old TNG? There was something about this show that was so quintessentially late 80s/early 90s, and looking back on this show fills most of us with that glorious sensation of nostalgia. Most of us have so many fond memories watching this show, and we probably were a lot more obsessed with this show than we are with the shows of today.

But just how big of a fan were you? Did you notice all the little details? Were you taking notes of where the Warp Drive was located, and the fact that official schematics of the Enterprise never seemed to have any toilets? Or were you just a casual fan - a poser who didn't even know Captain Picard's first name? Well, if you're willing to truly put your Star Trek knowledge to the test, we have a shuttle waiting for you to take you to the Enterprise. And once you arrive, you will immediately begin Federation Academy with this entry level quiz...

1True Or False, The USS Enterprise Is The Flagship Of The Federation Starfleet

Although the crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation take center stage, another hugely important element to the show is the ship itself. You might even say that the ship is like a main character in many ways. After years of watching Star Trek, we began to feel like the ship was a living, breathing thing more than a cold machine. That's one reason why ships are referred to as "she" instead of "it." But do you know whether the USS Enterprise is the flagship of the federation?

2What Is Captain Picard’s First Name?

Besides the ship, there is one person on board the Enterprise who takes center stage. He's undoubtedly the main character of the entire series, and predictably he's also the captain of the starship. His name is Captain Picard, and he's considered by many to be one of the best Star Trek captains we've ever seen. Some might prefere Kirk or even Janeway, but there are tons of people who are on team Picard. But do you remember this captain's first name?

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