Only A Real Friends Fan Will Know If It Happened To Chandler Or Joey

With the Friends series being one of the most popular sitcoms that have ever graced the small screen, it's not surprising that much of the storyline has been burned into the brains of the general public. Despite the fact that the series first premiered in 1994, that doesn't mean that each episode has only been seen a single time. The show is still seen as hugely popular through its reruns on television and people often find themselves going on a Friends marathon from time to time.

People often think of Jennifer Aniston when it comes to the breakout actors from the Friends series since her Rachel Green character was hugely popular. Yet, that doesn't mean that the other characters weren't seen as fan favorites. Chandler and Joey were hugely popular and people really loved seeing their bromance on the small screen. These two characters started out as roommates and it was nice to see how their friendship started out and evolved throughout the show. Television audiences saw how they started out as just two bachelors living in an apartment and they loved watching their hilarious times as two single men. Yet, things truly changed from one season to the next. Let's see who has really paid attention to the series since only real Friends fans will know what has happened to Chandler or Joey.

Question 1

Had trouble quitting smoking?

With so many seasons of Friends, it's hard to believe that there was once a time when one of the characters from the cast was actually a smoker. Yet, it was once a huge part of the storyline since it was very difficult for this character to quit the habit.

Question 2

Dated Phoebe’s twin sister?

Phoebe's twin sister was a small part of the storyline and it's interesting since she was also a waitress and was a character on the television series, Mad About You. She was featured a few times on the Friends series and one of the cast of characters once dated her.

Question 3

Accused of being way too into sharks?

Many of the most hilarious storylines within the Friends series had to do with misunderstandings of some sort. One storyline included a strange and awkward moment when it seemed like one of the characters was far too into sharks than they should be and then it made for an odd interaction later on.

Question 4

Had seven sisters?

Many of the family members of the main cast of characters within the Friends series had a big part of the storyline throughout the series. It wasn't just Ross and Monica that featured the sibling aspect to the overall plot. One of the characters had seven sisters and that was part of the storyline.

Question 5

Slept with a stuffed animal?

Children are often known to have stuffed animals and they aren't just for playing with or propping up. Children often use these stuffed animals as a way to help them fall asleep or keep them company in the dark. Yet, one character on Friends was known for having a bedtime buddy of their own.

Question 6

Put The Shining in the refrigerator?

The Shining is known as one of the most memorable books that was ever written by Stephen King and the storyline was introduced to an even larger demographic when it was adapted for the big screen (Wikipedia). Yet, it was far too scary for one character on Friends and he was forced to put it in the refrigerator.

Question 7

Didn’t like Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is often thought of as a huge favorite for holidays since it is a time for spending time with friends and family and it is all about being grateful. Friends often celebrated Thanksgiving and people really looked forward to the Thanksgiving episodes but not everyone in the cast was a fan of that holiday.

Question 8

Once put a turkey on his head?

One of the most difficult aspects of Thanksgiving is the actual cooking for the holiday. Turkey is a huge favorite for a Thanksgiving meal but not everyone is thrilled about preparing it. From the pale skin to the giant cavity, it's not exactly the most appealing dish to prepare in the beginning stages.

Question 9

Attempted to eat an entire turkey?

When it comes to favorite meats, many people are huge fans of turkey. Food festivals are constantly offering giant turkey legs as an option and turkey is the preferred meat for special holidays like a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. Yet, eating an entire turkey is a huge ordeal and not everyone would attempt it.

Question 10

Took a cheesecake from someone else’s delivery?

When living in an apartment building, some of the trickiest aspects to it involves deliveries. It's different when deliveries arrive at a residential home address since it can be left inside of a mailbox or on the front stoop, without much worry. Yet, apartment buildings are tricky with so many other residents.

Question 11

Became trapped in an ATM vestibule?

There are some ATM machines that are out in the open for anyone to use but there are certain ATM machines that are inside their own little area. The exterior of a bank often features its own ATM vestibule that allows customers to use the ATM, even if the bank is closed.

Question 12

Once mistaken for Leonardo DiCaprio?

Being mistaken for a celebrity is often a really good thing and people think of it as a huge compliment. Obviously, it really depends on the celebrity and the context. In one particular episode of Friends, one of the characters was mistaken for Leonardo DiCaprio when he was in the film, Titanic.

Question 13

Flew to Yemen to get away from an ex-girlfriend?

The dynamic between ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends within a sitcom storyline is often hugely comedic. One hilarious storyline in the Friends series had to do with an ex-girlfriend that just didn't seem like she would go away. One character even went so far as to buy a plane ticket to Yemen to get away from her.

Question 14

Bought a friendship bracelet?

Friendship bracelets are often thought of something that girls share with one another during their younger years. Yet, one character on Friends wanted to show their appreciation of their friend by purchasing them a gold bracelet. It was a friendship bracelet that had a bit of engraving on it in order to really make it special.

Question 15

Bought a duck as a house pet?

Friends featured a number of exotic animals as pets, from the monkey that Ross once had to the chick that grew into a rooster. Yet, there was also a duck that found its way into the apartment of Joey and Chandler. It became one of their beloved pets and was friends with the chick.

Question 16

Took a video with Fergie?

When Ross had his wedding in Europe, the majority of his friends traveled across the pond to be there to celebrate with him. During that trip, one of the cast of characters ran into Sara, Duchess of York. This was a huge moment and he even took a video with Fergie.

Question 17

Tricked into locking himself into a TV cabinet?

The furniture in the apartment of Joey and Chandler was always a bit strange since it was the apartment of two men, without a woman to make it a bit more cohesive. During one episode, Joey attempted to build a TV stand and bookcase of sorts in order to really dress up the apartment.

Question 18

Knew how many towel categories Monica had?

During one of the most memorable and hilarious episodes of the Friends series, Joey and Chandler started to say that they knew the girls better than the girls knew them. Ross wound up constructing a trivia game in order to gauge who the winner was and one of the questions had to do with Monica's towel organization categories.

Question 19

Dressed as Santa for Ben?

In the beginning of the Friends series, Ross was having a child with his ex-wife. Ben became part of the storyline for Ross and there was one episode where it seemed like Ross was really trying to get him to understand his Jewish heritage. He dressed as an armadillo but someone else dressed as Santa.

Question 20

Kissed a bride on the lips on her wedding day?

People often congratulate brides on their very special day and there is an age old saying of "kiss the bride." Yet, that doesn't exactly mean that a total stranger should go up and plant a big smooch on the bride right on the lips. Yet, that's exactly what happened in one episode.

Question 21

Lent money to help pay their friend’s rent?

Friends was often criticized because it showcased a group of people living in New York, in beautiful apartments that were almost unfathomable for people living on a fixed income. Yet, there were times when it was mentioned that certain people were under financial hardships and were forced to ask for help.

Question 22

Once worked at Central Perk?

Central Perk was the go-to coffee shop that the gang of Friends would go to and it was one of the main shooting locations for the series. This was another aspect of the show that people criticized because it seemed like all they ever did was hang out at a coffee shop.

Question 23

Called a hero after riding in a cop car?

Phoebe once dated a man that was a police officer and he offered to take the guys on a ride along. There were a number of guidelines the guys had to follow and it seemed like it could be quite dangerous. During one incident, one character seemed to dive over to shield another friend.

Question 24

Pretended to speak French?

Everyone knows how important it is to speak a second language in today's society. Businesses are constantly catering towards others that speak different languages and companies are always asking if potential employees can speak another language. There are some skills that can be faked but speaking another language is a difficult one to pretend.

Question 25

Bought an expensive dog statue?

Statues are often used as a way to really elevate an environment. Whether it's an outdoor statue to mark the front area of a home or interior statues to define a space, it's not surprising that some people can spend a pretty penny on finding just the right statue for a space.

Question 26

Proposed to by a girl?

Despite the fact that men are the ones that are predominantly thought of as the person to propose when it comes to getting engaged, that doesn't mean that there aren't women that don't do it. In one episode of Friends, there was an incredibly romantic moment when a woman proposed to a man.

Question 27

Stole their roommate’s girlfriend?

There is a definite code amongst friends that one should never start having feelings for another's significant other. Yet, that rule isn't always followed. In one storyline of Friends, there was a girl that seemed quite appealing and she was able to tempt a friend of her boyfriend's to start a romantic relationship.

Question 28

Dated the same woman multiple times?

There are some relationships that just never seem to come to a final end. They are those romantic relationships that don't really have closure but, instead, have a multitude of small breaks. This allows the couple to rekindle their romance every few months or every few years. This definitely happened for one character.

Question 29

Got homesick during their trip to Europe?

When traveling to Europe for the wedding of Ross and Emily, it started off as a huge event. Everyone seemed completely thrilled to go, except for Phoebe. Since she was pregnant at the time, she wasn't able to travel. Yet, the rest of the cast of characters went and it seemed like a fun trip at the beginning.

Question 30

Kissed Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel on the lips on the same day?

With such a tightknit group of friends of both men and women, it's not surprising that there were times when they all seem to date one another. Yet, that doesn't mean that it was completely normal behavior for one of the male characters to kiss each of the female characters on the lips in one day.

Question 31

Got a job in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is thought of as one of the most exciting cities in the world and traveling to Las Vegas is often hugely exciting. Yet, one character traveled to Las Vegas because of a particular job. Some of the friends traveled to Las Vegas to visit this friend but the job was different than they expected.

Question 32

Got a job in Tulsa?

There were a number of different locations that were featured throughout the Friends series and it wasn't just places within New York. In one storyline of the Friends series, one of the characters actually went to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was a big part of the plot and a strain on his relationship with the rest of the cast.

Question 33

Who had the “best nap ever” with Ross?

Napping is a great way to get a little boost of energy during the day but not everyone likes to nap alone. Some people find it more comforting to have someone with them while they sleep and it's not just about the company. Some people like the feeling of a little cuddle.

Question 34

Who helped out Monica after she was stung by a jellyfish?

Being stung by a jellyfish is actually more than just a small ordeal. It's not just a small prick like a bee sting and it's actually something that entails far more than just shaking it off. When the whole gang went to the beach, Monica had the misfortune of being stung by a jellyfish.

Question 35

Who officiated Mike and Phoebe’s wedding?

When people plan their weddings, it's interesting how so many of them opt for someone they know to officiate the ceremony. Anyone can get ordained online and it seems far more personal to have a close friend officiate the ceremony. When Mike and Phoebe were married, they asked a friend to officiate.

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