Only A Real Cowboy Can Guess The Country Song With Just 3 Words

With roots in folk and blues, country music originated in the southern portion of the United States in the early 1900's. Over the years, influenced by elements of rock and roll, rap, hip-hop and, well, pretty much every other genre of music there is, it has evolved into the country music that we all know and love today. And, we mean, sure, it's the natural tendency of any art form to grow as it passes from the hands of one artist to another, but still, WOW! To think of the original country artists, and then to think of the artists of's a little mind-boggling, isn't it?

There's plenty to love when it comes to the old school honky tonk, and there's just as much to love in the country music genre as it exists today. What we'd like to do is find out how much everybody knows when it comes to both. Loads of people know Johnny Cash's music by heart. Loads of people know Garth Brooks's songs by heart. We're looking for people who know a lot about both parts of the country music world. Everybody step right up and test their knowledge! Who can guess the country music song with just three words? We bet most people can't!

Question 1

"Don't misplace it"

This quote is from a song by Keith Urban, and here's another hint for you, we hope this little tidbit of information proves to be some help for you: The song that these three words were taken from was first featured on Keith's album, Graffiti U, and a total of 15 songs were featured on said album, which helps narrow things down a bit. We'll help you narrow things down even further, though. These three words came from one of the following four songs.

Question 2

"Walk right through"

The band Lonestar is responsible for penning these three words, taken from one of their most popular songs. In fact, this song is so well known that we almost can't even believe that we're including it in this quiz. We kind of feel like we're giving the answer away to you guys. Rack your brains, everyone, think about this one a little bit, and when you're ready, give us your answer. We've narrowed the field down to four options to try to help you out.

Question 3

"Them yellow jackets"

Blake Shelton has pretty much always been a popular country artist among fans, ever since he made his debut with his self-titled album back in 2001. With his first hit single, "Austin", it was hard not to fall in love with the guy and his smooth as silk baritone voice. But, nowadays, Blake Shelton is more popular than ever thanks to his position as judge on the popular talent show, The Voice. Anyway, using your knowledge of Blake Sheltons' musical lineup, which song are these three words from?

Question 4

"Box of letters"

After releasing her debut single, "Inside Your Heaven" in 2005—right after becoming the winner of a *very* popular TV show, we might add—Carrie Underwood made herself comfortable in the hearts of millions of country music fans not just across the nations, but all over the world. Let's face it, people, this woman's got talent! Her super sing-along-able (and we know, we used that made up word twice, but we live by our own rules, baby!) hits are a favorite among even non-country fans. Which song of Carrie's are these three words from?

Question 5

"Cut a rug"

Okay, so, admittedly, "cut a rug" is a pretty generic phrase, and it doesn't really offer up much help in and of itself. But, alas, that's the only clue we're going to give you. In order to get the right answer to this question, you're going to have to take those three words into account, and rely on your knowledge of Jon Pardi and his extensive collection of country music hits. Good luck to ya, folks! We'll be over here, waiting for you to guess the right answer.

Question 6

"Just say goodnight"

Seasoned country music vocalist Garth Brooks is the lyrical genius behind these three words—which, yeah, we guess they don't sound super poetic out of context. We mean, "just say goodnight" isn't really impressive as a stand alone line, but in the context of the song we took it from, it's just plain magical, folks. This song was released in 1990 on Garth's loved album, No Fences, but, uh...that's all we can tell you. Now, it's up to you to figure out the rest, people. You can do this!

Question 7

"A different town"

Brought to country music fans by the talented Luke Combs, these three words are taken from one of his hit singles, and we really don't have much else to say, because if we did, then we would give the answer away, and that's precisely what we're trying not to do. But! We will give you a fun fact pertaining to this song. It won't be helpful, but you might find it interesting. This song, from Combs's re-released debut album, takes his fans through the story of his rise to fame.

Question 8

"Then make it"

If you're a fan of Brett Young—and, let's be real, we all are—then it shouldn't take you too long to figure out which one of his songs these three words are from. As always, we don't want to spoil the answer for you, we want your brain to do all the mental legwork here, but we're not going to leave you completely hint-less, so here ya go! This song was featured on Young's debut album, Brett Young, released in 2017.

Question 9

"Lettin' you go"

Who holds the title of best-selling country music artist in history, you ask? Why, Shania Twain, of course! It's not hard to see why Shania holds that title, as she's produced five studio albums, each one filled to the brim with memorable hit singles. The words seen here are from one of her hits, which should help you narrow things down a little bit. Consider the three words we've quoted for you here, think it over a minute, and when you're ready, give it a guess!

Question 10

"Up those stairs"

Kenny Chesney is one country music vocalist who needs no introduction. The guy's been making music since 1994, which, we're not too good with math, but we're fairly sure that amounts to more than 20 years. And, to make matters even more difficult, we're not going to tell you which album the lyrics from this song is on. That's right, folks, you're going to have to sort through two decades worth of songs to get to the right one. Or, you could just consider these four possible answers.

Question 11

"Thinkin' the same"

Jason Aldean has been making country music since his teens, but he got his first record deal in the early 2000's. His first album, Jason Aldean, impressed hardcore music fans almost instantly thanks to his single, "Hicktown", and he's been a fan favorite ever since. Now, these three words are *not* from that song, but they are from one of his songs. Obviously, right? Like, how weird would it be if we were telling you guys about Jason Aldean, then were like, "Hey, which one of Garth Brooks's songs are these three words from?" That wouldn't make any sense.

Question 12

"To hold tight"

Born in 1932, Loretta Lynn made waves in the country music world in the 60's, and has since sold 45 million albums worldwide, which is completely amazeballs. Loretta Lynn is one of those classic country music stars you've got to listen to at least once, but she's also so incredibly good, she's the kind of classic music star you'll never want to stop listening to. She's had her fair share of singles, but we want you to guess which one of the following songs these three words came from.

Question 13

"Harvest in October"

Taken from a well received, well loved song by Brett Eldredge, when it comes to guessing which tune these three words were taken from, you're pretty much on your own. We're not giving you any clues, so it looks like you're feeling around in the dark yet again. We will give you this, though, but we're not sure how helpful it is: this song was released on Brett Eldredge's self-titled studio album, and it came out in 2017, so it's fairly recent.

Question 14

"Mind the rain"

Look, we want to put you all—or, y'all, we guess—through the ringer. We don't want to make things too easy on you, we mean, this *is* a quiz, after all. We can't give you ever answer on a silver platter, that would be boring and it would also completely defeat the point. But, we don't want to leave you with zero clues, so here's your one and only: this song was written and recored by famed country music legend, Glen Campbell.

Question 15

"Memories are gone"

Dolly Parton is just as adorable now as she was when she became a big country music star in 1967 with her debut album, Hello, I'm Dolly—inarguably a very appropriate name for her first album. Dolly saw tremendous and consistent success in the 70's and 80's, and though she saw a dip in popularity in the 90's, she didn't let that keep her down. She skyrocketed back into the public's heart in the 2000's, and that's where she's remained ever since. Which of the following songs by Dolly are these three words from?

Question 16

"Here with me"

Hey, anybody ever heard of a guy named Tim McGraw? Apparently he's a pretty famous country singer, or something. Yeah, who knew? Well, anyway, this Tim McGraw person is a big deal with the country music fans these days, or so our research has lead us to believe. The three words quoted here were taken from one of his songs, the title of which we'll leave to you guys to guess, although we will say that this song was released in 1999.

Question 17

"Heart Shaped Locket"

Reba McEntire is a woman of many hats. Sure, she's a talented and super successful country music artist, but she's more than that. She's an actress, a mother and a record producer, too, which sounds like a lot for one person to have on their plate. Her first solo album was released in 1977, and though she did not see immediate success, she got their soon enough and remained popular from the 80's, through the 90's and into the 2000's. Which os Reba's songs is this lyrical snippet from?

Question 18

"Bring us closer"

Lady Antebellum hails from Nashville, Tennessee, a good place to hail from if you're a country music band. The group consists of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, and has been "jamming" as the kids say these days, since they made their debut back in 2007. In the span of little more than a decade, they've managed to release an impressive seven albums. The lyrics seen here are from a song off of their third album, Own the Night. Care to guess which song these three words are from?

Question 19

"Under the stars"

Okay, so these three words are from a song by beloved country music artist Luke Bryan, we'll tell you that much. And to help you out even further, we've narrowed the field down to four possible answers. Now, the lyrics in question, "under the stars", sound pretty vague. They don't provide many, if any, hints as to which song they're from, so it looks like you're going to have to rely on your extensive knowledge of all things country music to solve this case, detective.

Question 20

"Truth be known"

This little clip of lyrics just so happens to be from one of our personal favorite country songs, and it just so happens that this song was recorded by one Alan Jackson, a guy who has recorded a respectable 16 albums worth of quality country music since he hit the scene in the 90's. He's held his own in the fast-paced, ever changing world of country music, and we reckon it's all because of great singles like this one. Anyone know which song these three words are from?

Question 21

"Just gotta know"

Maybe it's the geek in us, but we just love that Faith Hill is married to Tim McGraw. Two country singers that amazing, we bet they have a lot in common, including their musical talent, and it does our heart good to see that they're enjoying matrimonial bliss. Anyway, the three words seen here are from one of Faith Hill's songs. Released in 1998 on her third studio album, Faith, this is actually the third single from that record, and hopefully that hint helps.

Question 22

"Sit right here"

Three words taken from yet another great tune from country music sensation, Eric Church. This guy entered the world of country music in the mid 2000's with his album Sinners Like Me. Since that time, he has gone on to release five more albums, giving his fans (and country music fans in general) a wealth of songs to learn and sing along with in the car on the way to work in the morning. Anyway, which one of his songs are these words from?

Question 23

"Big empty space"

Chances are good that, if you're a country music fan (and we have to assume that you are, since you're confident enough to be testing your country music lyrics knowledge here and now), you've heard of a guy called Willie Nelson, who is something of a legend in the country music community. Well, there's no denying that this guy has a lot of albums (68 to date, just FYI), and a huge haul of singles that even non-country music fans know by heart. But which of his songs are these three words from?

Question 24

"Time only adds"

You know who deserves all the love in the world? Miss Patsy Cline. Not only did she have such a lovely, rich, contralto voice, but she was a real groundbreaker, too, because she helped pave the way for other female country music stars years down the line. So, to Patsy Cline, we tip our hats (cowboy hats, obviously), because we all owe her so much. Patsy had plenty of hits in her day, all memorable and easily recognized thanks to her distinct voice. Which of her songs were these three words taken from?

Question 25

"Catch a train"

Don't get us wrong, the country music genre of today has a lot going for it, but it would be nothing without the efforts of guys like Merle Haggard, one of the classic country music stars, right up there with Johnny Cash, George Jones and Glen Campbell. Merle penned a number of beloved country hits during his lifetime, unfortunately, we're not going to name any of them here because we want you guys to guess which one of his hits these three words are from. So, go on. Guess.

Question 26

"About your dreams"

At the risk of sounding like a mom who volunteered to oversee her kid's basketball summer camp and is now tasked with handing out participation trophies, to us, the country music stars mentioned here are *all* winners. BUT, that said, there's a special place in our heart for Toby Keith, who has more hit singles than we could shake a stick at, and has teamed up with fellow country music greats like Willie Nelson to bring us memorable, highly sing-along-able tunes. Anybody know which Toby Keith song these lyrics are from?

Question 27

"Take a picture"

Ever since the release of her debut album, Kerosene, Miranda Lambert has been a popular choice among country music fans. She's had so many hits, it's almost safe to say that all of her songs are hits, or at least have hit-potential. We mean, it's incredible! We have friends who aren't country music fans, and even they know whole Miranda Lambert songs by heart—and not even the ones you might expect non-country music fans to know! It's strange...but, you know, in a good way. Anyway, guess the song, you know how this works.

Question 28

"Sun comes up"

Before he struck out on his own, Christ Stapleton was the front man for the group The Steeldrivers, and later, he founded the Southern rock band, The Jompson Brothers. He started his solo gig in 2013, and though his original singles did not do as well as expected, Chris Stapleton proved that slow and steady wins the race. Since 2015, Stapleton has released three albums, all favorites among hardcore music fans, which means nobody should have any trouble when it comes to guessing which of Stapleton's songs these three words are from.

Question 29

"Placed a Wreath"

George Jones is a veritable country music icon, right up there with Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers and Patsy Cline. He was one of the biggest names out there, and it's not hard to see why. We mean, the guy contributed sooo much to country music—the guy produced 87 studio albums, 3 live albums and 43 compilation albums, for crying out loud! That's incredibly impressive! During George Jones's stellar musical venture, he produced a number of hits, and these three words are from one of them.

Question 30

"How love goes"

George Strait, Mr. "King of Country" as he's known to country music fans, has got a mighty impressive collection of songs by anybody's standards. One look at his musical lineup and we wonder if this guy's ever taken a break! He fist achieved commercial success with his single, "Unwound", which debuted back in the 80's. Since then, George Strait has remained popular seemingly without trying with other hits, which we won't mention here because we don't want to give the answer away. Instead, you tell us which song these three words are from.

Question 31

"Cross my mind"

Kane Brown is a fresh faced country singer, but he's quickly become a favorite among hardcore fans. He released his first EP, closer, in 2015, and there's been no turning back for this guy, he's a rising star and he's gaining ground fast. These three words were taken from one of his many successful hits, and it just so happens to be a *very* recent hit. This song was released on Kane's 2018 album, Experiment. Care to guess which song these words are from?

Question 32

"Twice as alone"

Johnny Cash. Does that name ring a bell? This guy is a musical icon, and not just a country music icon, we're talking rock and roll, folk, blues, gospel—you would be hard pressed to find a genre of music that exists today that hasn't been in some way, no matter how small, impacted by Johnny Cash. This guy had oh, so many hits, and he's a favorite among oh, so many, not just country music fans. Test your country music lyrical knowledge now! Which Johnny Cash song are these three words from?

Question 33

"Of the whippoorwill"

Randy Bruce Traywick, known by his stage name, Randy Travis, has one of the most distinctive voices in country music, and when you couple that with the fact that he's also a talented lyricist, it's not hard to figure out why he's been so successful. Randy Travis made his musical debut in the late 70's, his first album, Storms of Life, was released in the 80's, and even though he saw a dip in popularity in the 90's, he bounced back just fine. Everybody knows Randy's hits! Which song are these three words from?

Question 34

"High line poles"

Dierks Bentley—who kind of looks like Rick Grimes from TWD, but maybe that's just us? We don't think so, though—has contributed a lot to country music since he waded into the waters back in 2003. He came onto the scene with his debut album, Dierks Bentley, and he soared to fame with his hit single "What Was I Thinkin'". Since his first album, Dierks Bentley has released eight studio albums, all well received by fans. Who can guess which of his songs these three words are from?

Question 35

"Crossed your mind"

Maren Morris entered the world of country music in 2015 when she self-released five songs on Spotify, which proved to be a good move—in just a month's time, her songs had been streamed over 2.5 million times, which got her the attention of major record labels and, well, the rest is history! Since then, Maren has seen continued popularity among country music fans. With just one album to her name for now, this rising star has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. Which of her songs are these three words from?

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