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Avatar: The Last Airbender premiered on the Nickelodeon network in 2005 and ran for three seasons.

The show is set in a world where parts of the population have the ability to manipulate one of the four classical elements of nature - fire, water, earth, and air. The act of manipulating one of the elements is known as bending. The world is divided into the Water Tribes of the North and South Poles, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads. The benders all live in their respective sections.

There is one individual known as the Avatar, who is the only one in the world with the power to bend all four elements and has a strong connection to the spirit world. They keep peace, balance, and harmony in the universe. The Avatar is born into one of the nations and masters that element first, then travels the world to master the rest. When the Avatar dies, their spirit is reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle.

The series follows the Avatar Aang and his friends, known as Team Avatar, who are fighting in a conflict known as the Hundred Year War.

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Question 1

"Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when ________ attacked."

In a time long before the first series begins, the four nations lived together in harmony with the Avatar keeping peace between them. But everything changes when one of the nations attack and begin conquering the others. When the world needed the Avatar the most, he vanished. This was because the nation that attacked completely destroyed the nation where the next Avatar was scheduled to be born. Which nation disrupted the peace in the world? The Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, or the Air Nomads?

Question 2

Aang becomes an airbending master at the young age of _____

Avatar Aang

As a child, Aang selects the Avatar relics from thousands of other toys. This confirms to the Air Nomads that he is the Avatar. However, they do not tell him who he i. Aang is raised and trained at the Southern Air Temple, under the guardianship of Monk Gyatso, as a regular airbender. His airbending skills far surpass other students his age and soon he is more skilled than his own teachers. He becomes an official airbending master at the young age of ____.

Question 3

How long is Aang frozen in ice?

When Aang is told that he is the Avatar, he felt burdened by the responsibility. The other children refused to play with him and he spends all of his time training. His father figure, Monk Gyatso, is the only one who understands. But then Aang learns that he will be sent away from Gyatso because the other monks think he is too soft on him. He attempts to run away and ends up frozen in ice. His body stays preserved for ____ years.

Question 4

What is the name of the Fire Nation prince tasked with finding the Avatar?

The only son of the Fire Lord was banished from the Fire Nation for disrespecting his father. The young prince is tasked with finding the Avatar, who disappeared long ago, and capturing him for the Fire Nation. He is not permitted to return home and take his rightful place as heir until he finds the Avatar, which is believed to be a fruitless task. Thus, he is desperate to do so and regain his honor. What is the Fire Nation prince's name?

Question 5

Aang's flying bison is named...?

The usually Avatar has an animal companion. Aang's is a giant sky bison that weighs ten tons. Aang bonds with the creature when they are both very young and it was frozen and preserved in ice with him. It a a kind and gentle soul, but can also become firecly protective of his owner and friends. The bison is able to fly, despite its weight, using airbending. It has the same arrow symbols that Aang does on his forehead and hands.

Question 6

What is Sokka's signature weapon that he inherited from his father?

As a nonbender fighting in dangerous battles, Sokka acquires a number of different weapons over the years. He first starts out with a weapon he inherited from his father, Hakoda, before he left to fight in the war with the other men of the Southern Water Tribe. The weapon is one of Sokka's most prized possessions and he is extremely skilled with it. When the weapon is lost for a while, he says it was "losing a part of [his] identity."

Question 7

What is the name of the reigning Fire Lord?

When Aang awakens, he discovers the Fire Nation is waging war against the rest of the world. The nation is led by a man who holds the title of Fire Lord. Before Aang is frozen in ice, the Fire Lord is Sozin. When he returns to the world, a new ruler is in place. He is exceptionally ruthless, even to his own wife and children. He is also one of the most powerful firebenders in the world and a military tactician.

Question 8

The female warriors who fight using metal fans are the...?

Avatar Kyoshi, who lived in the Earth Kingdom. She was a powerful warrior who lived until she was 230 years old. When a warlord threatened to invade her homeland, she separated the peninsula from the mainland of the Earth Kingdom to create an island. After her death, a band of female warriors protect the island using techniques inspired by Avatar Kyoshi. They paint their faces in heavy makeup and wear green armor. They fight using metal fans, katanas and retractable shields.

Question 9

Aang and Katara learn waterbending from Master _____?

Aang and Katara travel to the Northern Water Tribe to learn waterbending from a master. They are shocked to discover that women are not allowed to waterbend in the tribe. However, he makes an exception for Katara and agrees to train her alongside Aang. The master was once regarded as the best waterbender in the world. He has a harsh teaching style, but it is effective. He is not able to finish training Aang, but she gets Katara to a master level and she completes the job.

Question 10

Which spirit is the guardian of the library of knowledge?

There is an ancient spirit who resembles a giant black and white barn owl. He is the wisest and most knowledgable being in the universe. He refers to himself as "he who knows ten thousand things." The powerful spirit goes around collecting information for his Spirit Library. Initially, he intended to share the knowledge with humans. After a Fire Nation admiral uses the information in the library to invade the Northern Water Tribe, the spirit bans humans from his library.

Question 11

Which location is believed to be the birthplace of earthbending?

There is an series of underground tunnels located in the Earth Kingdom near the city of Omashu. According to legend, it is the birthplace of earthbending. Team Avatar cross through the secret caverns when the Fire Nation seizes control of territory they need to cross. It was created by Oma and Shu, two people from warring villages who fell in love. The stories say that they were the first earthbenders and created the tunnels to meet in secret. What is the place called?

Question 12

Team Avatar adopts a flying lemur and names it...?

Team Avatar travels to the Southern Air Temple to see if there are any survivors. The only living being left in the temple is a winged lemur. Aang wants to adopt the creature as a pet, but a hungry Sokka wants to eat it. They chase the lemur and accidentally discover the body of Monk Gyatso, Aang's mentor and father figure. The lemur offers comfort to Team Avatar and brings food to Sokka. He becomes a loyal companion to the group.

Question 13

Which Avatar came right before Aang?

The Avatar that came right before Aang failed to stop the war from beginning. They were reluctant to kill Fire Lord Sozin. This Avatar was killed before they could stop the war from escalating. They tell Aang: "In my life, I tried to be disciplined and show restraint, but it backfired when Fire Lord Sozin took advantage of my restraint and mercy...I offer you this wisdom, Aang: You must be decisive." Which Avatar was before Aang? Kiyoshi, Roku, Kuruk, or Korra?

Question 14

Bumi is the King of _______?

Before Aang was frozen, he often traveled around the world and had friends in other nations. One of his best friends was Bumi, an earthbender. Bumi has an eccentric personality. Aang often called him a mad genius. He appears to be crazy, but he is actually one of the strongest earthbenders in the world and a brilliant strategist. He is the only person from Aang's time who is still alive in the present world. He grows up to be the king of the Earth Kingdom city...?

Question 15

Admiral _____ was the leader of the Fire Nation Navy

An admiral in the Fire Nation army was a major rival of Team Avatar and Prince Zuko during the first season. He was one of the most powerful benders in the Fire Nation and trusted by the Fire Lord. He threatened to capture the Avatar before Zuko, meaning Zuko would never regain his honor. He leads a siege of the Northern Water Tribe and kills the Moon Spirit, Tui. He is killed by La, the vengeful spirit of the ocean.

Question 16

Princess ____ becomes the new moon spirit

Avatar Princess Yue

When Team Avatar reaches the North Pole, they meet the princess of the Northern Water Tribe. She is beautiful with white hair, and Sokka is immediately smitten. She was born with a mysterious illness and Tui, the Moon Spirit, healed her. During the Fire Nation Siege of the North, the moon spirit is killed. The spirit world is off balance and all waterbenders lose their abilities. The princess sacrifices her life to become the moon spirit and restore balance to the world.

Question 17

Which two air temples exclusively housed female airbenders?

Before they were slaughtered by the Fire Nation, airbenders were a nomadic people who had four air temples in the world. They were positioned in different corners of the globe: there was the Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern Air Temple. They lived in a theocratic society where, unlike in other nations, every single resident was a bender. The population was separated into monastic orders of men and women. Two of the temples only housed men and the other two only had women. Which two exclusively housed women?

Question 18

What once-in-a-century event increases firebenders' power?

There is a great, natural event that happens once every one hundred years that greatly enhances the powers of firebenders. Fire Lord Ozai once described the event as giving firebenders "the power of a hundred suns." Fire Lord Sozin uses its power to start the Hundred Years War. He slaughters all of the Air Nomads in an attempt to kill the Avatar. The Fire Nation names the natural event after Sozin. It occurs again towards the end of the war.

Question 19

Toph fights in underground earthbending tournaments under the name...?

Avatar Toph

While Aang is searching for an earthbending teacher, he learns of an underground earthbending tournament called Earth Rumble VI in the Earth Kingdom town of Gaoling. Aang's friend Bumi had told him to find a teacher who listens to the earth. Team Avatar meets Toph, a blind, preteen girl. She is a powerful earthbender who uses her bending ability to see the world around her. She fights in the tournaments secretly. Her parents are overprotective and condescending towards her because of her disability.

Question 20

What is the strongest ability that the Avatar can invoke?

The Avatar possess an extremely strong ability to channel the energy of all past Avatars. When he explains the power to Aang, Avatar Roku says it "is a defense mechanism, designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all the past Avatars...In the Avatar State, you are at your most powerful, but you are also at your most vulnerable. If you are killed in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken and the Avatar will cease to exist."

Question 21

What is the capital of the Earth kingdom?

The capital of the Earth Kingdom is one of the largest cities in the entire world. It is so massive that it is practically the size of a small country. It is surrounded by a giant wall with no openings. The wall can only be opened with earthbending, making it impenetrable to invasion from the Fire Nation. It was the last remaining stronghold of the Earth Kingdom towards the end of the year and became a safe haven for refugees.

Question 22

Zuko's love interest (and one of his sister's best friends) is named...?

Princess Azula attends the Royal Fire Academy for Girls as a child. Only the children of the rich and elite could attend the school. There, she made two best friends who remain loyal to her for years. She is not a bender herself, but she is very skilled at throwing small knives. Azula later recruits her to help capture Zuko and Iroh, and later the Avatar and his friends. However, she is conflicted because she is in love with Zuko.

Question 23

The bounty hunter who rides on a shirshu is named...?

There is a bounty hunter that travels the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation. She uses a creature named a shirshu to track her prey. A shirshu is a big quadruped native to the Earth Kingdom with a heightened sense of smell. It just needs to smell an item belonging to someone and it can track them down miles away. Zuko and Iroh, who has a big crush on her, are impressed by her skills. They hire the bounty hunter to track down Team Avatar.

Question 24

Who leads the Freedom Fighters?

The Freedom Fighters are a rebel group of Earth Kingdom children who became refugees of the war's destruction. Their charismatic teenage leader witnessed his parents' execution by Fire Nation soldiers when he was just eight years old. He vows to take revenge on the Fire Nation and becomes a vigilante. He fights with a hook sword. Team Avatar is shocked when he orders a raid of a Fire Nation-occupied Earth Kingdom town that endangers innocent lives. What is the leader's name?

Question 25

Who are the only known firebenders capable of generating lightning?

There is a sub skill of firebending. It is known as lightning generation, cold-blooded fire, or lightning bending. Some firebending can generate lightning by separating the positive and negative energies of the fire within them, directing it up through the arm and out of their fingertips. It is an extremely powerful, and very rare skill. There are only three known members of the Fire Nation royal family who are able to generate lightning. Which three firebenders are capable of lightning generation?

Question 26

What phrase makes Appa fly?

Appa is Aang's sky bison and the only other surviving part of the Air Nomad's society. He is very heavy and is able to fly using airbending. Though he shares a special bond with Aang, anyone Appa trusts can ride him. Team Avatar uses Appa as their main method of transportation. In order to ride him, one must take the reins of his saddle and say a certain phrase to make the bison take flight. What phrase makes Appa fly? Whoa, hiyah, yip-yip, or up?

Question 27

What is the name of the secret society Iroh belongs to?

Zuko's uncle Iroh belongs to an ancient secret society that goes beyond the borders of the four nations. The members are the wisest scholars in the world. The society seeks to find and share ancient knowledge, philosophy and truth. The members are also devoted to find, train, and protect the Avatar of their generation. Members communicate with each other through the tiles of the ancient board game Pai Sho. They arrange the tiles to resemble a flower, which is the symbol of their society.

Question 28

Who teaches Aang firebending?

Aang first attempts to learn firebending before he has learned earth and water from Jeong Jeong, aka The Deserter. He was a former admiral of the Fire Nation Navy who defected from the military. Aang picks up quickly but lacks the discipline to handle firebending at the time. After he ends up hurting Katara, he does not attempt firebending again until after he has mastered water and earthbending. Who eventually teaches Aang to master firebending? Iroh, Jeong Jeong, Zuko, or Avatar Roku?

Question 29

What dark skill can extremely advanced waterbenders do?

Extremely advanced waterbenders can use a powerful sub skill in battle. However, it is a very dark and disturbing thing to do to another person. The skill is widely feared because it can severely impact a person's mental state. Katara learns of the technique from a waterbender named Hama. Hama lived with the Southern Water Tribe before she was captured and imprisoned by the Fire Nation. She tells Katara, "Once you perfect this technique, you can control anything, or, anyone."

Question 30

Toph creates the earthbending technique...?

While she is imprisoned by Xin Fu and Master Yu, Toph invents a specialized sub-skill of earthbending to escape. It is a skill that was considered impossible until she discovered it. She was able to create the technique due to her special ability to see the world using her earthbending. What is the name of the technique she created? Did Toph invent the technique known as bloodbending? Did she invent lightningbending? Is it known as energybending? Or did she create metalbending?

Question 31

What does the Fire Lord rename himself once he takes over the world?

When the Fire Lord becomes certain that he will win the war and rule the world, he decides to create a new title for himself. He names his daughter as the new Fire Lord so she could rule the kingdom in his absence while he was busy being the supreme leader of all four nations. He only held on to this title for a couple of days before he was defeated by Avatar Aang and balance was restored to the world.

Question 32

The Earth kingdom's secret police is called the...?

The Earth Kingdom capital is guarded by a secret elite police force. They become corrupt and usurp control of the city from the king, who served as a figurehead while they quietly ruled behind the scenes. They are described as being the cultural authority of the Earth Kingdom capital and the guardians of all their traditions. When Avatar Kyoshi described the police force to Aang, she said "They would be silent, precise. And feared by all." They are known as the...?

Question 33

Zuko and Azula's mother is named...?

Zuko and Azula's mother is the granddaughter of Avatar Roku. She doesn't love Ozai, but marries him in order to fulfill a prophecy that the marriage would bring power to the royal lineage. Nevertheless, she is a very loving mother to the two children she has with him. When Ozai intends to murder Zuko, she saves her son's life. But it comes at a cost - she is banished from the Fire Kingdom for treason. What is their mother's name?

Question 34

How does Aang defeat the Fire Lord?

The time comes for Aang to finally face the Fire Lord. But he does not want to kill another human being, no matter how evil they may be. He learns that there is another way to defeat him. In the era before the Avatar existed, mankind was protected by a giant, hybrid creature called the lion turtle. The lion turtle teaches Aang a powerful skill that allows him to remove the Fire Lord's firebending ability, thus defeating him without killing him. How does he defeat the Fire Lord?

Question 35

Sokka and Katara are from the Water Tribe of the ____ Pole

Avatar Sokka and Katara 2

The Water Tribe is primarily divided into two regions, the Northern Tribe and the Southern Tribe. Both tribes are located near the poles. The tribes are small in size and population compared to the other nations. The Water Tribe believes in living in peace and harmony among the other nations. During the war, the Southern tribe was almost driven to extinction and lost contact with the Northern tribe. Which tribe do Katara and Sokka belong to? The North or the South Pole?

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