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This is the television series that truly kept its viewers on its toes. There have been countless criminal, law, and police shows on air, and even more dramas and romance series, but not many have lived up to the suspense, mystery, and thrill of Pretty Little Liars. If you've been following the show like so many others, this seventh season coming to a close is probably a bit difficult to swallow. It's understandable: this show gave us some of the best couples, the scariest moments, and biggest mysteries. And let's be honest; you were unsure some of these mysteries would ever be solved.

Now the seventh and final season of Pretty Little Liars has come to a close, and all of your biggest questions have been answered. Who is A? Who worked for A? Who is A.D.? Who's related to who? Who ends up marrying who? The series finale did not disappoint. All your OTPs made it until the end, and (spoiler alert) all your favorite gals survived. If you're like the rest of the Pretty Little Liars fandom and you've got Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Alison's story down to a T, take this series finale quiz to prove it!

Question 1

What is the name of the town Pretty Little Liars takes place in?

Elementary question. If you’ve been following the series from the beginning, or even just picked it up a few seasons in, you’ll know this. This cute and trendy town is definitely not what it seems, because some seriously dark stuff has happened there. This is where the Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna’s lives change for the worse – forever. If you wish you could live in a series, it probably wouldn’t be this one. This town is seemingly constantly in the middle of a murder mystery, and the liars are always at the center of it.

Question 2

Where were the girls when they realized Alison went missing?

This is what started it all. If you’ve been keeping up with Pretty Little Liars from the beginning, you’ll know how far the characters have come since Ali’s first disappearance. Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Alison were all at a sleepover together when they woke up and realized she was gone, the door left open and a storm brewing outside. It was only much later that she was pronounced dead, and that after her funeral service, the four girls’ lives were changed forever.

Question 3

What is Spencer’s last name?

Spencer comes from a rich family, where academic excellence are prized above all. Her parents are both lawyers, accounting for their very beautiful and large home, and the pressure they put on Spencer and her sister to achieve in and outside of school. As a matter of fact, this is the kind of family that spends weekends playing tennis at the country club, or comes together to promote their mother’s campaign as a government official. Don’t be fooled, though – they have just as much of a dark side as anyone else.

Question 4

Who begins stalking and harassing the girls with text messages?

This is the bulk of the show, and this character accounts for almost all of the plot twists and turns. From the very beginning of the show, after Alison’s funeral, the four girls start to receive anonymous – and very frighteningly invasive – text messages. This marks the start of a very, very long and dark journey for the girls. This anonymous person somehow has so much dirt on them that they keep doing as they’re told, keep getting harassed, and eventually, are abducted.

Question 5

What sport does Emily play?

The four liars are more than just friends brought together by misfortune. They’re intelligent students, strong and creative women. In Emily and Spencer’s cases, they’re also athletes. Spencer played lacrosse for her high school for a while, and Emily was on another team. She was so committed to this sport that she was counting on going to Stanford to join their team, and eventually to move on to a bigger, international stage. Sadly for her, things got in the way of this dream…

Question 6

Which liar used to get made fun of for being "fat"?

High school for Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily wasn’t much more forgiving or easygoing than it is for most people. Although they were friends with a bully, it didn’t stop them from getting bullied or demeaned themselves – sometimes by Ali herself. If she wasn’t threatening Spencer to tell her sister the truth about a sensitive issue, or heartlessly uncovering turbulence in Aria’s family, she was making fun of someone for her body type. Thank goodness Alison saw the light and changed.

Question 7

Which of the girls started dating their English teacher?

Guess she’s only human! The heart really does want what it wants, even when it’s ridiculously inappropriate. This little liar was in a bar one day, when she ran into the man who would become a huge part of her life. After talking about what the other did, and finding out both were interested in English and writing, they promptly moved on to making out in the bathroom. After realizing that her new English teacher was just that, the two completely ignored all rationality and dated anyways.

Question 8

Who is Jenna Marshall's stepbrother?

This family is super creepy. Jenna had a crush (?) on her stepbrother, who thankfully saw that it was a bit weird and inappropriate. She didn’t take him shutting it down very well. Jenna is also the girl that went blind after a really unfortunate incident a few years earlier when Alison was still around, and who absolutely despises Alison and her four friends. Ironically, her step brother became friends with the liars and even ended up dating one of them!

Question 9

Who saves the four liars from a fire?

For a while, someone in a red coat was following the girls – and clearly helping A harass them. Although they had their suspicions as to who that person might be, they had no idea who would turn up under that coat on one specific evening. After trying to investigate something on their own – for like, the millionth time – the girls get caught up in a house fire. With no one to save them, they could very well have been killed that night. However, a very unexpected person pulled them out, and one of the girls was almost certain she had seen her.

Question 10

Which of the liars' ex-boyfriends did Spencer date?

Yeah, I agree – it’s a little odd. Isn’t the golden rule something about never dating your best friend’s ex? Well, Spencer Hastings did just that. To be fair, she did get her friend’s approval (or blessing, whichever way you see it) and it was a long time after they broke up. Still, it was weird because until then, we could never imagine this guy with Spencer. Somehow, after college, they met up while travelling and got together – something that didn’t last very long…

Question 11

Who invested in Hanna's endeavors as a designer?

We always knew Hanna had potential, even if she was never the brightest girl in the group. Her talent lies in fashion, a field she put her heart and soul into after finishing high school in Rosewood. Five years later, and she was back in Rosewood and working on a solo project after quitting a crappy job. The only thing is, she needed investment, since these projects aren’t cheap. Thankfully, one of her friends was very generously willing to help.

Question 12

Why did Ezra play a part in the A-team?

This had to be one of the least expected plot twists in the whole series. Aria and Ezra were literally made for each other, and their meeting in the bar seemed like it was fate. Even when all the signs told them to stop, they made it work. That’s why when the Pretty Little Liars fandom found out that Ezra was A (in part, not entirely), it hit the fan. His explanation for why he was taking part in terrorizing them? Kind of crazy, to be honest.

Question 13

Who was the first person to be revealed to be working for A?

This is the heart of the whole show: who is A? Who is so obsessed with these four, seemingly innocent high school girls and hates them this much? How did this person get so much dirt on all of them, so much leverage? Someone had to be watching at all times, because somehow, A knew everything. This first reveal was shocking, but not final – this character was only working as a part of A’s team, explaining how they were able to do so much.

Question 14

What was the name of Emily's girlfriend, who was also a swimming teammate?

It wasn’t long after the first few episodes of season one of the show that viewers found out that Emily wasn’t actually interested in dating guys. Although she had a boyfriend, she soon met someone who would define her sexual orientation. Later, Emily ended up dating a fellow swimmer, a teammate who actually disliked her in the beginning. It wasn’t until a later confrontation that the two realized they had feelings for each other, and went on to date for a while.

Question 15

What is the name of the place the girls were held captive?

This is when Pretty Little Liars reached a level of scary that most people probably didn’t expect. Until then, there had been a fair bit of stalking, harassing, threatening, and lying – but no kidnapping. This is when A went full crazy, and abducted them, placing them in an underground holding place that was designed to resemble their rooms. They were subjected to psychological torture, curfews and terrorizing alarms. A had them obeying every order, frightened for their lives and completely isolated from the outside world.

Question 16

Who did A turn out to be?

It was a really long time coming until this episode. The day the whole fandom was able to finally know who was behind the harassing, terrorizing, threatening and abduction of the girls. The day an explanation was given as to why they were so detested by A. The frightening thing is not so much who A turned out to be, because there was always something sketchy and suspicious about this character. The frightening thing was A’s relation to the girls – something no one expected at all.

Question 17

What was Charlotte's birth name?

The crazy thing about Charlotte is that she had existed as a part of the DiLaurentis family for so long, but wasn’t fully part of the family. Charlotte, as it turns out, is transgender, and was assigned the male sex at birth. She grew up as Alison and Jason’s brother, but having displayed worrying behavior, was placed at Radley Sanitarium away from her siblings. It was only revealed later that Charlotte, who went by CeCe and was Ali’s friend, was actually her sister.

Question 18

Who killed Charlotte?

The reunion between Charlotte and Alison was short-lived to say the least. After finding out that they were related and why Charlotte had taken up the role of A, Charlotte was taken away and locked up. She was followed for a number of years by doctors who tracked her psychological progress, and had just barely been released from the hospital when she was murdered. This, of course, tormented Alison, who became suspicious of those around her, especially her friends...

Question 19

Who is Spencer's biological mother?

The last season of the show revealed a lot. This included the fact that Spencer Hastings had not been raised by her birth mother. Her father had cheated on her adoptive mother, getting another woman pregnant with Spencer. Because of the circumstances, it was arranged that Spencer be brought home with her father to be taken care of by him and his wife. For her whole life, she was raised believing that her mother was her biological one – but the family’s dark side was more troubling than anyone could’ve imagined.

Question 20

Who begins tormenting the girls again after 5 years of peace?

Yeah, imagine being harassed and threatened and frightened for your life for all of your high school life, and then being abducted and tortured... only to have it start all over again after 5 years of peace. That's exactly what happened to Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna when they got called back to Rosewood to testify for or against Charlotte's release from the hospital. It didn't take long after that for them to start receiving the same old frightening texts.

Question 21

Which of the five girls is the first to get engaged?

This show has given us so many ups and downs, so much drama, so much romance... and a good few OTPs. For those of you who don't know, that means "one true pair". Like Hanna and Caleb, Aria and Ezra, Spencer and Toby, Emily and (spoiler alert!) Alison. These are couples we knew from the get go were gonna stick together, or find their way back to each other. Bless the writers of this show for not tearing them apart.

Question 22

Which of the five girls got dragged into working for A.D.?

Never in seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars did anyone ever expect one of the five girls to turn against her own friends and play into the A game, especially after everything they've gone through together. With that being said, A and A.D. have always had their ways, with their threats and leverage, and not a single liar was spared from doing horrible things under duress. One in particular joined A.D.'s team in threatening her friends, black hoodie and all.

Question 23

What are the names of Ali and Emily's daughters?

A.D. went places that A never went. I mean, sure, A abducted these girls, but A.D. went as far as stealing Emily's eggs - that she sold because she desperately needed money, mind you - and fertilizing Alison with them while she was in the hospital under her fake husband's care. Of course, Alison became pregnant and the girls later realized that A.D. had used Emily's eggs. Thankfully, the two fell in love and ended up raising their two daughters together.

Question 24

Who covered for the girls in the case of Archer Dunhill's murder?

A and A.D. managed to push the girls to serious lengths, all the way to murder. Yes, murder. Obviously it wasn't intentional. Obviously they weren't looking to kill Archer Dunhill (AKA Elliott Rollins, Ali's ex-husband), but it ended up that way. It also turned out that they buried his body to hide him, which, needless to say, came back to bite them in the ass. Unbelievably - and yes, this word is important, because who would do this - someone took the fall for them.

Question 25

Who is A.D.?

Even though the show is over, I'm sure everyone's praying for these fictional characters never to have to endure something like A or A.D. ever again. It's safe to assume that after A.D., and the second kidnapping of Spencer in another bunker-style prison, that it's over for the five girls. It turns out that A.D. was much closer to the girls than they probably ever imagined... and hidden quite well, too! Thankfully, A.D.'s identity was revealed in the last episode, and was later detained by none other than Mona!

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