Only A Pokemon Master Can Name 100% Of These Originals

Do we have any Pokemon masters here with us today? While we may not actually be able to go out searching for these creatures ourselves, we can get pretty close to doing so now with all of the amazing games offered! Even before the release of the popular Pokemon Go!, many of us already considered ourselves to be Pokemon trainers. Since the debut of the anime series, many of us have been completely obsessed with these Pokemon and now we will finally have the opportunity to prove ourselves as the masters we know we are!

This quiz is all about the originals. We have listed 50 different original Pokemon here, with only a photo and a brief description. Picking out the right name of each Pokemon will be the job for everyone here. Once everyone has taken their best shot at naming each of these creatures, we will finally be able to know who the true trainers are and who is closer to being a Gary. A Pokedex will not be allowed in this quiz, so don't even try it! This one is completely based off of our own personal knowledge of the amazing Pokemon world! Who is ready for this one?

Question 1

Name this Pokemon

This Pokemon is not one we would find anywhere cold. Since the body temperature of this Pokemon sits at around 2,200° Fahrenheit, it must remain in the warmest climates possible. When properly trained, this Pokemon will offer a ton of firepower. It can also sometimes have the ability to block electricity based attack moves. When walking into a battle, this Pokemon will use its fire breath to cover its entire body in intense flames. This technique works as a way to intimidate the opponent, plus it will help to get the this Pokemon fired up for its upcoming fight. Any guesses? (Bulbapedia)

Question 2

What Pokemon is this?

Even though this Pokemon may not be the one to choose if we wish to go into battle, there are a few unique things this Pokemon does have to offer. This Pokemon is born with a very kind and nurturing nature. It produces multiple eggs every day, and they are said to be extremely nutritious. If treated well by its trainer, this Pokemon's eggs will become even more delicious than usual. It is also rumoured that this Pokemon will bring good luck to anyone fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of one in the wild. Can anyone name this Pokemon? (Bulbapedia)

Question 3

Pick out the right name

Just by looking at this Pokemon, it would be easy to guess where it prefers to live. Due to its tree-like body, this Pokemon is most comfortable creating homes in forests and jungles. While they may look like coconuts, the yellow spheres on top of its body are actually this Pokemon's heads. It can have anywhere between 3-6 heads, though if one is to grow too large, it will fall off. Each of these heads has the ability to think for itself. This can sometimes create loud arguments, as all of the individual heads try to get their point across. (Bulbapedia)

Question 4

Which answer is correct?

This Pokemon is a little funny for a few different reasons. While it does store quite a bit of power in its unusually large body, it will not often use any of its abilities. This Pokemon is not very concerned about predators, or winning battles for that matter. The top priority for this Pokemon is always eating and sleeping. It requires roughly 900 pounds of food every day, and will usually only wake up when it is time to eat. Since this Pokemon has such a relaxed personality and attitude, it will often let children and small Pokemon use its belly as a trampoline. (Bulbapedia)

Question 5

Match this Pokemon to its name

Even though this Pokemon looks fairly advanced, it has actually been around for quite some time. Scientists believe that the first ever Pokemon of this species was seen over 3000 years ago. This Pokemon has no legs, so it instead moves through the air. Even though its body is primarily made up of metal, it does still require food to survive. That being said, food for this Pokemon usually consists of some strong electrical currents. It is common knowledge that this Pokemon is not the brightest of the bunch, though it does store a crazy amount of electrical power inside of its body. (Bulbapedia)

Question 6

What is the name of this Pokemon?

Here we have a Pokemon that is very reliant on its tail. The lightning bolt shape of its tail is actually very telling. This Pokemon is able to use its tail to absorb electricity from the atmosphere. Should it not find the electricity it needs, this Pokemon can then stick its tail into the ground and search the earth for electricity. This Pokemon is capable of storing up to 100,000 volts of electricity inside of its body, though when at its max capacity, it will become overly aggressive. Can anyone here figure out the right name of this Pokemon? (Bulbapedia)

Question 7

Name this original Pokemon

This feline-like Pokemon is known for its above average intelligence. While not all of its kind are capable, some of them have been able to learn human language. This nocturnal Pokemon has a strong obsession with anything round and shiny. It is said that the only reason this Pokemon prefers to wander through the night, is because it is easier to spot glittering objects when it is dark out. After spotting a shiny object, the eyes and gold plate on this Pokemon's head will gleam with delight. Does anyone here know which of these names is the right one? (Bulbapedia)

Question 8

Who knows which Pokemon this is?

This Pokemon is fully equipped to survive in both water and on land. While it is not one that is often found out in the wild, the best places to search would be freshwater lakes and rivers. The tail of this Pokemon has the ability to detect moisture, so it always knows when rain is coming. It is also able to turn its entire body into water while it swims. This means it is excellent at camouflaging while in water, making catching prey and sneaking up on opponents very easy. Ringing any bells? Try picking out the right name! (Bulbapedia)

Question 9

Does anyone recognize this Pokemon?

This Pokemon is one of many mysteries. While its body is very large, its wings are quite small. Even so, this Pokemon is able to fly at speeds faster than sound. It is said that it can circle the entire globe in under 16 hours! Wow! While its size makes it a sought after Pokemon, it does not actually enjoy battle all that much. This Pokemon is intelligent and kind-hearted. Usually living by the sea, this Pokemon will go out of its way to help lost travelers or steer sinking ships to safety. Can anyone here name this Pokemon? (Bulbapedia)

Question 10

Pick out the right name

This Pokemon is very snake-like indeed. Not only does it resemble a real-life snake, but many of its abilities mimic those of a snake's as well. In terms of food, this Pokemon will often go out looking for the eggs of bird-type Pokemon. It can also unlock its jaw when it wants to swallow a larger meal. However, if it is to eat something too large, it will no longer be able to move and often times it will faint. This Pokemon can use its tongue to smell the air, which helps it to detect danger and nearby prey. (Bulbapedia)

Question 11

Which of these names is right?

This Pokemon is small in size and does not have any control over its own body. This Pokemon is completely reliant on the mushroom growing from its back. The mushroom controls the Pokemon's mind and body. Should the mushroom be removed, this Pokemon will no longer be able to move. Usually found in the darkest and most damp areas possible. This Pokemon thrives when surrounded by humidity and growing fungi. For sustenance, this Pokemon will latch onto a tree and drain its nutrients. Once the tree has nothing left to give, the Pokemon will then move onto the next one. (Bulbapedia)

Question 12

Select the right answer

This pink Pokemon is happiest when living in grassy meadows. Even though the body of this Pokemon does have a form, it is mainly made up of air. When in battle, it can exhale all of the air inside of its body, making it as flat as a pancake. It can also inhale extra air, giving it the ability to float. When facing an opponent, this Pokemon will do its best to mesmerize its foe with its large sparkling eyes. Once properly distracted, this Pokemon will begin singing its signature lullaby, putting its opponent into a deep sleep. (via Bulbapedia)

Question 13

Match this Pokemon to its name

Here we have a fierce Pokemon in terms of its power and abilities, though it is also quite a sleepy one as well. Since this Pokemon has such strong psychic and telepathic abilities, its brain needs more rest than others. This Pokemon needs to sleep for about 18 hours every day, or else it will not be able to use any of its powers. That being said, when well rested, this Pokemon is an impressive specimen. It has a telepathic radar, which it uses to sense nearby danger. Should it sense something coming, this Pokemon can easily teleport itself to safety. (Bulbapedia)

Question 14

What Pokemon is this?

The greatest asset this Pokemon has is no doubt its eyes. This Pokemon can use its large red eyes to shoot very powerful beams at its enemies. For the most part, this Pokemon prefers keeping to the safety of dense forests. It is a nocturnal creature, so during the day it will happily burrow itself into a hollowed out tree where it will sleep until nightfall. The reason this Pokemon is nocturnal, is because the small insects it prefers to eat only come out at night. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the correct name of this Pokemon. (Bulbapedia)

Question 15

Who knows the name of this Pokemon?

One would have to be a very good swimmer to be able to catch this Pokemon. Usually, this Pokemon is found on the floor in the deepest parts of the ocean. In the evening, it will float to the surface to align the glow of its gem, with the glow of one of the stars in the sky. The shining gem in the center of this Pokemon's body, seems to be the source of all of its power. Even if it is to lose a limb during battle, as long as its core remains intact, it will be able to regrow the lost limb. (Bulbapedia)

Question 16

Which name is correct?

This Pokemon may not be the smartest one around, but it is quite capable of caring for itself. The long tail of this Pokemon exudes a substance that attracts a variety of different fish. To catch dinner, all this Pokemon must do is dip its tail in the water. Even if a larger predator is to come by and chomp a bite out of this Pokemon's tail, it will be able to grow it back rather quickly. Certain villages believe that the yawns of this Pokemon actually cause rain storms. These villages also seem to worship this Pokemon. Any guesses? (Bulbapedia)

Question 17

Match this Pokemon to its name

Here we have a Pokemon that is mainly found in desert areas. As we can see in the photo, it has spikes covering most of its back, as well as two large claws on both its hands and feet. While it will use these sharp claws to defend itself, they are mainly used to help this Pokemon burrow into the ground. When trying to escape or to avoid getting heat stroke, this Pokemon will curl its entire body into a tight sphere. This can also allow this Pokemon to keep its sensitive belly safe when danger is near. Can anyone name this Pokemon? (Bulbapedia)

Question 18

Name this Pokemon

This Pokemon is well known for its uncontrollable anger. Should a human or fellow Pokemon make the slightest amount of eye contact with this Pokemon, it will enter into rampage mode. Once in rampage mode, it will be impossible to calm this Pokemon down. If it decides to go after whatever has angered it, it will continue the chase until it has caught its target. All of that being said, it is best to steer clear of this Pokemon while out in the wild. It will live mainly up in mountains, though it will move to an area with bananas if there is one around. (Bulbapedia)

Question 19

Does anyone recognize this original Pokemon?

Even though this horse-like Pokemon is not the largest in size, it has the ability to jump to great heights. It can easily leap over tall buildings in a single bound. Its hooves are made up of a substance that is said to be tougher than diamonds. While all of these things do make this Pokemon a valuable find, we do need to wait for it to be fully developed before being able to use any of its abilities. This Pokemon is born fairly weak, and must grow into its strength. Can anyone figure out which name is correct? (Bulbapedia)

Question 20

Name this Pokemon

Unlike some of the other Water-type Pokemon, this one is not very good at moving around on land. Due to its legs being quite small and not having any arms at all, this Pokemon struggle to keep its balance while walking. However, these small legs and this Pokemon's long powerful tail, allow it to be one of the best swimmers out there. Its favorite place to live would be small fresh bodies of waters, such as lakes and ponds. We can tell if this Pokemon is sick or weak, by its spiral changing color. Try picking out the right name! (Bulbapedia)

Question 21

Pick out the right name

While this Pokemon is known as one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, it is also extremely intelligent. It can easily understand human language and is aware when it is being mistreated. Should this Pokemon feel mistreated by a human, it will not hesitate to curse it. The energy inside of its nine different tails, allow this Pokemon to live for up to 1,000 years. Each of these tails is also said to possess a different mystical power. Its gleaming red eyes have also been known to allow this Pokemon to read and control minds. Any guesses? (Bulbapedia)

Question 22

Which of these names is right?

Even though this Pokemon may not look like the largest or most powerful, it actually possesses quite a bit of strength. The unique muscles of this Pokemon never tire or cramp up. From birth, it can train its muscles and gain strength and energy from them. Apart from the muscles, this Pokemon is very skilled in all forms of martial arts. It spends most of its time training and developing this skill. Once it feels as though it is strong enough, it will actively go out searching for battles on its own. Can anyone here name this Pokemon correctly? (Bulbapedia)

Question 23

Select the correct answer

This large aquatic Pokemon is known for being quite helpful to humans. Not only does it not shy away from humans, but it actually enjoys ferrying them across large bodies of water. This Pokemon is a very bright creature and can usually learn how to understand human speech. In the past, this Pokemon has even been able to communicate with humans using telepathy. Since this Pokemon is so trusting of humans, it was once a huge target for hunters. After almost going extinct, rescue efforts were put in place and now there is an abundance of them populating both polar and tropical areas. (Bulbapedia)

Question 24

What Pokemon is this?

This Pokemon will most commonly be found hanging out on beaches. It will burrow in the sand, creating a home for itself close to the water's edge. While it does not offer a whole lot in terms of fighting power, it will use its strong claws to defend itself and its home whenever necessary. This Pokemon is very territorial, and will not thank anyone for coming to close to its sandy home. When up against a predator, this Pokemon will create a foam around its body, giving off an illusion that it is bigger than it actually is. Any guesses? (Bulbapedia)

Question 25

Match this Pokemon to its name

This Pokemon can be very toxic. It has no arms or legs, so it instead must float through the air. Its body creates a gas lighter than air, allowing it to stay afloat. While normally the gas produced by this Pokemon will merely cause coughing and sniffles in nearby humans, should this Pokemon feel agitated for whatever reason, it will alter its gas to become more toxic. Since it uses garbage to create its powerful gas, this Pokemon prefers to stay close to urban areas. The messier the better! Does anyone here recognize this original Pokemon? Which name is correct? (Bulbapedia)

Question 26

Pick out the right name

Now this is a Pokemon we would not likely stumble upon while out in the wild. For many years, this Pokemon was thought to be extinct. However, isolated groups of them have been spotted in recent years. Scientists believe that these creatures have remained alive and unchanged for nearly 300 million years. Whoa! It is capable of surviving on both land and in water, though it does prefer to keep as close to the waters edge as possible. This is because it moves faster in water than it does on land. Can anyone here pick out the right name? (Bulbapedia)

Question 27

Does anyone know the name of this Pokemon?

Almost all of this Pokemon's body is covered by a protective shell. This shell is made up of many solid rocks. Once a year, this Pokemon will shed its shell, allowing it to grow in size. Once the shell has been shed, it will quickly regrow a new one. Once this Pokemon has reached its maximum size, it will stop shedding and a grassy moss will form over its now permanent shell. This Pokemon has the ability to hide its head and limbs inside of its shell, and can get around by rolling in this form. Which name is right? (Bulbapedia)

Question 28

What Pokemon is this?

While this Pokemon is admired all over the world for its beautiful flowing fin, it can actually pose quite a danger when in a bad mood. When angered, this Pokemon will swim around ramming its horn into anything nearby. This horn is so strong that it can easily break through a large chunk of rock. Since this Pokemon can be found in almost any body of water, swimmers are usually warned about the dangers of getting hit by one of these horns. While in the wild, this Pokemon will compete against others of its kind to see who's horn is the biggest. (Bulbapedia)

Question 29

Pick out the right answer

Due to the constant stream of drool coming out of this Pokemon's mouth, many tend to believe that it is not very bright or powerful. However, this is not exactly the case. While the substance does appear to be drool, it is actually a strong smelling nectar. This nectar can be used in both perfume production, as well as a fertilizer for plants. When in danger, the odor attached to the nectar and flower of this Pokemon will turn very unpleasant. The foul smell can be so intense, that it can cause humans within a mile radius to faint. (Bulbapedia)

Question 30

Match this Pokemon to its name

This is not the kind of Pokemon we should go after if we are easily spooked. While this Pokemon has been known to be extremely loyal to a trainer who treats it well, it still cannot resist the urge to pull practical jokes and pranks. Since this Pokemon has the ability to camouflage itself into any shadow, it will often use this as a way to jump out and frighten nearby humans. There is a way to tell if this Pokemon is lurking close by though. Its body temperature absorbs heat from the air, so the atmosphere will get very chilly when it is nearby. (Bulbapedia)

Question 31

Name this Pokemon

This Pokemon is one that should only be approached with extreme caution. Since it closely resembles a Poke Ball, it can be easily mistaken. This can be dangerous because this Pokemon has the ability to explode on command. Clearly not something we would want to go around scooping up from the ground. Good news is, this Pokemon is usually only found in power plants. It needs to consume electricity constantly, so it will stay close to areas that are always producing it. Is this ringing any bells? Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this original Pokemon? (Bulbapedia)

Question 32

Select the correct answer

This bird-like Pokemon is an excellent flyer. It is known both for its speed and its stamina. It can travel for more than an entire day without ever needing to land for a break. With its long neck and beak, this Pokemon is a very skilled hunter as well. It can easily scoop prey right out of the water, or off of the ground. On rare occasions, it has even been known to swoop down upon humans who are eating, trying to steal their food. Does anyone here know what Pokemon we are talking about in this question? Take a guess! (Bulbapedia)

Question 33

Which of these names is correct?

Even though this Pokemon looks like a gathering of 6 eggs, it is actually much closer to being a group of seeds. Scientists believe that this Pokemon carries plant genes inside of it. The more cracks seen on this Pokemon means the closer it is to evolving. Each of these heads has a mind of its own, but they are able to communicate using a unique form of telepathy that no other Pokemon is able to recognize. Keeping 6 heads is very important to this Pokemon. Should it be reduced to fewer, it will try to replace the head as quickly as possible. (Bulbapedia)

Question 34

Pick out the right name

Here we have a Pokemon that is all about electricity. This large yellow Pokemon is constantly leaking electricity through its entire body. Due to its high level of electricity, when in the dark, this Pokemon will glow a bluish color. When living out in the wild, this Pokemon will become very excited by thunderstorms. It will actively go out looking for the best places to stand in order to get hit by lightning. This Pokemon will gladly absorb the electricity from lightning, and not be harmed at all by the strike. Try picking out the correct name of this Pokemon! (Bulbapedia)

Question 35

Who knows the name of this Pokemon?

While it may not look it, this Pokemon can be a bit creepy. Its main power is its ability to put people to sleep and then sense the dreams they are having. This Pokemon feeds exclusively off the dreams of humans. That being said, it has a specific preference in dreams. The more fun the dreams are, the more delicious they will be to this Pokemon. Bad dreams on the other hand, will render this Pokemon ill. It is rumored that they consume the dreams through the human's nose, so if we feel our noses ich through the night, we likely have this Pokemon hanging out by our pillow. (Bulbapedia)

Question 36

Name this original Pokemon

This Pokemon will thrive in cold areas. The colder the temperature, the more energy and strength this Pokemon will have. It most commonly lives on icebergs, but has no problem swimming through frigid waters. The sharp horn on top of its head can be used to break through even the thickest chunks of ice. It will spend most of the day sleeping on a comfortable patch of ice, but will become an intense hunter as soon as night falls. After eating, it will try to find some morning sunlight, as the warmth helps it to digest its food. Any guesses? (Bulbapedia)

Question 37

What Pokemon is this?

This Pokemon is one that is sought after for its extremely soft fur. Since this Pokemon is not an easy one to catch, humans will wait for it to shed its fur, then collect it to spin into a soft yarn. The body of this Pokemon is very rubbery and flexible. It can increase its size by inhaling air. It is said that this pokemon can grow up to 20 times its original size by using this technique. While inflated, it can move around by floating or bouncing. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this Pokemon? (Bulbapedia)

Question 38

Does anyone recognize this Pokemon?

These days, only replicas of this Pokemon exist. While it is said that they once used to rule the skies, this was back in prehistoric times. They have since gone extinct, but have been reproduced using advanced science. By recreating this Pokemon, scientists have learned a lot about it. While it was once believed that it was a pure carnivore, we now know that it can survive off of plants and fruits as well as meat. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them is the right match for this Pokemon! (Bulbapedia)

Question 39

Which of these names is correct?

Right after this Pokemon is born, it puts on a bone helmet. Due to this helmet, humans have never actually seen the true face of this Pokemon. Even though the helmet provides great protection, this Pokemon will still learn how to wield a bone club at a very young age. It is often referred to as the Lonely Pokemon, since it rarely interacts with others and it will spend its evenings crying a very loud district cry. This cry can get so loud in fact, that it actually rattles the bone helmet, causing even more of a raucous. Any guesses? (Bulbapedia)

Question 40

Pick out the right name

When it comes to reading the age of this Pokemon, we must look towards its shell. Since this Pokemon has the ability to live for a long time, the older ones will normally have quite a bit of scaring or algae growing on their shell. Their furry tail is also rumoured to be a symbol of longevity and good luck. Because of this, elderly humans tend to gravitate towards this Pokemon. While groups of them have been found on islands, their favorite habitat is fresh bodies of water for sure. Can anyone here pick out the right name of this Pokemon? (Bulbapedia)

Question 41

Match this Pokemon to its name

This Pokemon is a pro at adapting to its surroundings. While it is definitely most comfortable living in urban areas, it does have webbed feet, allowing this Pokemon to be a skilled swimmer. Though small in size, this Pokemon fears very little. Should it feel provoked, it will have no problem going up against an opponent much larger than itself. Due to the fact that the front teeth of this Pokemon are always growing, it needs to be constantly gnawing on something. Should its training not supply it with something to chew, it will likely go to town on whatever building is closest. (Bulbapedia)

Question 42

Name this Pokemon

If we are in the Pokemon game for the purpose of battling, this is not the Pokemon we should be going after. While this pokemon does know a few physical attack moves, it does not really enjoy fighting much at all. This Pokemon is very family oriented, and prefers to be left alone with others of its kind. Should this Pokemon actually have its own young to look after, it will not trouble itself with anything else. The horns it has are also very weak, so all in all, it is best to leave the fighting to the others. (Bulbapedia)

Question 43

What Pokemon is this?

Here we have a very powerful Rock-type Pokemon. Not only is this Pokemon built entirely out of rocks, but it also feeds off of them too. When out in the wild, this Pokemon will climb mountains from bottom to top, munching on all of the tasty rocks it finds along the way. To make its way down a mountain, this Pokemon will tuck all of its limbs into a tight sphere and roll down. Due to the heaviness of this Pokemon, its rolling can cause a lot of mayhem. It can only stop by bashing into large boulders. Yikes! (Bulbapedia)

Question 44

Does anyone recognize this Pokemon?

This Pokemon is almost never seen away from the ground. It likes to live in the tunnels and caves in the ground, that it creates by burrowing. Its three heads all have the same mind, so they can all work cooperatively to create its home. It will use its three heads to bob up and down in the soil, loosening it up and getting it ready to be dug out. This Pokemon can burrow into the ground at about 60 mph, and there is no limit to how deep it can dig. Does anyone here know the name of this one? (Bulbapedia)

Question 45

Who knows which name is right?

Though very rare in the wild, this Pokemon has been spotted from time to time living on random mountain tops. Even once captured, this Pokemon can be very unruly and difficult to train. It has an aggressive personality and is always out looking for a fight. While on its own in the wild, it will gladly go out to find its own opponents. That being said, this Pokemon will only be satisfied fighting a Pokemon it deems fit. It will have very little interest fighting against a Pokemon smaller or weaker than itself. Try naming this original Pokemon correctly! (Bulbapedia)

Question 46

What Pokemon is this?

This is one of the few bird-like Pokemon that actually prefers living in colder areas. When it flaps its wings, this Pokemon will chill all of the moisture in the air. This will often cause snow storms to erupt, so it is best living in areas where snow would be common. Often times, it will build its nest on snowy mountain peaks. It has been said, that this Pokemon will go out of its way to help lost travelers who find themselves in unpredictable icy areas. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the correct name of this Pokemon! (Bulbapedia)

Question 47

Match this Pokemon to its name

Even though this Pokemon is one of the smallest ones out there, we would not call it a weak one. This Pokemon can eat more than its body weight in leaves every single day, just trying to keep up with its hunger. It has two stingers, each capable of releasing an extremely toxic poison. Apart from its pointy stingers, this Pokemon has an above average sense of smell. It can sniff out nearby predators and even smell the difference between certain leaves, helping it to figure out which it wants to munch on. Can anyone here name this Pokemon? (Bulbapedia)

Question 48

Pick out the right answer

Without its shell, this Pokemon would not be able to survive. Its shell is said to be harder than diamonds, so it naturally gives this Pokemon all the protection it could ever need. While its shell is very durable, its inner body is extremely sensitive and fragile. This Pokemon is capable of producing pearls, though it will usually spit them out using its long tongue. In the past, humans have hunted this Pokemon in order to make shields and armour out of its shell. Looking at the four possible answers, does anyone know which name might be right? Take a guess! (Bulbapedia)

Question 49

Select the correct name

Not only does this Pokemon look very much like a real-life bat, it shares many personality traits with the animal as well. This Pokemon can be found hanging out in just about any dark cave. They will usually live in large groups of its kind. A nocturnal Pokemon, it will wait until the dark of night to leave its cave and to find its next meal. This Pokemon is known for being gluttonous. It will often overeat to the point where it is no longer able to fly. Should this happen, it will not be able to defend itself. (Bulbapedia)

Question 50

What is the name of this Pokemon?

Here we have one of the most beautiful Pokemon known to man. Many have spent their lives looking for this Pokemon, with only the hopes of getting a glance of it running. It can run for over 6,000 miles in a day, and it will do so with extreme speed and grace. While running at very fast speeds, it will look as though this Pokemon is flying through the air. On occasion, it has allowed its trainer to ride on its back for long journeys. It has also been known to store extra snack in its mane. Yum! Any guesses? (Bulbapedia)

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