Only A Mom Can Name All These Kid Shows

The best thing about kid shows? They are not just for kids! As much as moms may complain about getting stuck watching episodes of their children's favorite shows over and over, most of these series are actually quite entertaining for both mom and baby! Sure, they may not have the bold storylines that HBO classics usually do, but come on, it is always nice to learn a lesson from a 20 minute segment! These lessons are especially fun to learn when they are being taught by puppets! Everyone loves puppets!

So, does anyone here think that they know kid shows better than anyone else? Mom or not, it is going to take a true kid show genius to pass this one. We will be listing 50 popular kid shows, and all everyone has to do is name them. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! These shows will cover everything from baby cartoons, to toddler favorites from the Disney channel. By the end of this quiz we will know once and for all who knows kid shows the best, and who should maybe try watching something on a more grown up channel... Get ready for this one, there will be a ton of colorful lessons to learn!

1Name this show

This kids show has been around since the 60's, so we are thinking most people should be pretty familiar with this one. All of the characters are puppets, but the show also features guest appearances by humans. Every episode focuses on teaching kids something new, either a letter, a word, or some form of lesson. Is any of this ringing any bells? Looking at the four options listed below, can anyone here pick out the correct name of this popular kids show?

2What is the name of this show?

This show is all about adventure. The story follows around a girl who is always headed out on some wild adventure. She has a few friends including her backpack, and her map. Two very essential tool for anyone about to embark on an exciting journey. The only things this girl has to watch out for is the tricky fox named Swpier, who is constantly trying to swipe her items! With all of this info, can anyone here name this kids show?

3Pick out the name of this show

In this show we have a ton of characters who are all different kinds of animals. They live in our world, and operate the same way we do, but they are all different species. This teaches kids how simple it is to include everyone! The main character in this show is a young Aardvark, and he is best friends with a cowardly rabbit. Our main character faces common dilemmas, none more dramatic than having to deal with his younger sister...

4Select the right title

This show is all kinds of wacky. The show is all set underwater, and all of the characters are sea creatures. Our main character is a sea sponge, and he is best friends with a starfish. He works at a popular eatery called the Krusty Krab, where he is very happy flipping burgers all day. His neighbor is an angry squid, who is happiest when being left alone. With all of this given information, can anyone guess the name of this show?

5What is the name of this show?

This show is about a group of best baby friends, who are constantly on the lookout for adventures. Some of them are braver than others, but they always look out for each other, and they encourage one another to step outside their comfort zones. Of course, there are a couple of older kids (one in particular) who love to come around and wreck the baby's adventures. Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this popular kids show?

6Which of these titles is correct?

This show is very reminiscent of `Mister Rogers Neighborhood'. In this series we see a young tiger start his day the same way every morning. He puts on his red sweater, he ties up his shoelaces, and just like that he is ready for whatever the day has to offer him. This little tiger loves to live in the world of make-believe, and he invites all of his friends to join him there in every episode. What is the name of this show? (Wikipedia)

7Name this show

This show is about a couple of step-brothers who are determined to make every single day of their summer vacation as entertaining as possible. They dread the thought of returning to school in the fall, so they do everything within their power to make summer last as long as possible. Their older sister is always on the lookout, trying to catch them doing something she can tattle on them for. Oh, they also have a family pet Platypus named Perry. (Wikipedia)

8Match this show to its name

This show is very clearly about a bunch of trains. Our main train is a little tank engine, but his dreams could not be any bigger. He is often getting into trouble for taking on jobs which are just too big for him to handle. However, he refuses to let the bigger trains take over. There is no one in the world more determined than this tank engine. Looking at the options given below, does anyone know what the name of this show is? (Wikipedia)

9Name this kids show

This show played for 5 seasons, and then it even got its very own big screen movie. The show is about a young fourth-grader who lives with his grandparents. Everything about this kid is fairly normal, all except for the fact that his head is large and shaped like a football. The school mean kid Helga, is quick to point this out to him every time she gets the chance, but deep down she secretly has a crush on him. (Wikipedia)

10Pick out the right name

This show is all about learning lessons in the most interactive way possible. A group of kids attend class everyday, which is taught by a lady and her pet lizard. This is no ordinary class, or teacher for that matter. This teacher drives a school bus, which can take her class just about anywhere. If they are learning about space, great! This bus can get them to the moon in no time at all! Does anyone here know the name of this show?

11Match this show to its name

This show is actually a revamped version of an old school classic. In this new version of the show, a young pony is sent to Ponyville to make some life-long best friends. Almost immediately after arriving, she meets a handful of ponies who are all ready to accept her as one of their own. Each of these ponies have their own special power. If they can work together however, they will all have the most important power of all: Harmony. (Wikipedia)

12Select the right title

This show is about three girls who may be sisters, but each have their own unique personalities. These three girls were accidentally created by their scientist father when he poured in a little too much "sugar, spice, and everything nice" into a potion he was creating. The result was three girls, who could fly, and pretty much defeat any bad guy ever. Also, they are each extremely adorable. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this kids show?

13Which kids show is this?

This show became a huge hit of the 90's, and kids are still enjoying it today. It is based off of the original Warner Brothers and their sister. These three creatures live up in the Warner Brothers Tower, and they enjoy escaping it only to cause chaos in the lives of everyone they encounter. No characters on TV have ever been as mischievous as these guys. Does anyone here know which show we are talking about? Pick out the name below! (Wikipedia)

14Name this show

In this show we meet a young boy named Finn. Finn is best friends with his dog Jake. The two of them spend their days defeating bad guys, and ultimately trying to keep the world safe from harm. One of the bad guys they often face is named The Ice King. The Ice King is always after the young Princess Bubblegum, but Jake and Finn are always there to make sure she is kept safe. What is the name of this show?

15Pick out the right title

This show is another one that is mainly based around friendly puppets. Our main character is a young boy who dreams of one day becoming a famous stand-up comedian. Every morning he pitches his newest monologue to his collection of stuffed animals. Each monologue contains a question that he needs to get to the bottom of. The rest of the episode revolves around him seeking out information that will help him to answer his question. What is the name of this show? (Wikipedia)

16Match this show to its name

This little monkey may look super cute and innocent, but boy does he ever have a knack for getting himself into trouble. It seems that no matter what project this monkey sets for his day, it is destined to end in trouble. Thankfully his best friend and caretaker "The Man in the Yellow Hat" is always around to save the day. Looking at the listed options, can anyone here pick out the correct name of this kids show? (Wikipedia)

17What is the name of this kids show?

This show began in the 90's, but continues to be a huge success even today. This show is no longer only a television series, but it is now an entire franchise. Later this year we will even be getting a live-action adult themed movie based around the characters in this show. Anyone else excited for this? This whole show is about a world where funny little creatures roam free, and are happy be to caught by humans who only wish to train and care for them.

18Match this show to its name

Here is another show whose characters all represent different kinds of animals. Each family is a different species, and their last name represents the kind of animal they are. While these animals all tend to act more like humans than anything else, there are always instances where their animal characteristics shine through. This one has been a popular show since it first aired back in 2004. Does anyone here know the exact name of this brightly colored kids show? (Wikipedia)

19Which kids show is this?

This show is an exciting one for kids who are really into dinosaurs. The lessons on this show all tend to revolve around different kinds of dinosaurs, and general knowledge of prehistoric times. Our main character is a young Tyrannosaurus Rex named Buddy. Buddy lives with his adoptive Pteranodon family, and he loves going around to meet other dinosaurs. Buddy is always out looking for more fun facts to learn about all the different species. Can anyone here name this show? (Wikipedia)

20Name this show

This show is about a fun loving group of rescue dogs, who have all taken it upon themselves to save the day. No matter what the trouble may be, or what type of dangers they may face, they know that if they work together and believe in themselves hard enough, there is no problem they can't solve. With a little help from their human friend, anything is truly possible for these pups. Does anyone here know what show we are talking about?

21Pick out the right title

Here is a show with a rather unique storyline. The world is divided into different nations, and each one represents a different natural element. Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. In each of these nations there are people born with the ability to 'bend" these elements. For example: A "Waterbender", when trained properly can completely control the water around them. There is also rare kind of person who is born with the power to bend all 4 elements, but no one like that has been seen for hundreds of years...

22Match this show to its name

These rather strange looking creatures all live in a magical land. The sun that brings their land light and warmth has a cooing baby in its center. Each of these creatures have a television right in their bellies, and they are able to watch the adventures of real-life children from them. There is nothing these guys love more than a good old fashion play date. Looking at the options listed below, can anyone pick out the correct title of this show? (Wikipedia)

23Pick out the name of this kids show

In terms of fifth-graders, Becky Botsford is as average as they come. However, once the school bell rings Becky becomes a superhero. Becky is capable of defeating the any bad guy known to man, and she has no need to use any type of physical attacks on them at all. In fact, Becky's toughest defense against bad guys is her sharp vocabulary. With all of this information, can anyone here guess at which show we are talking about in this question? (Wikipedia)

24What is the name of this show?

This young boy is as curious as they come. He lives in a blue house along with his parents, and his baby sister. At first he had a hard time adjusting to having a baby sister, but eventually he learned that double the fun could be had with a second child in the house! This kids loves to go outside, and he has a real passion for exploring nature. Out of these options, can anyone pick out the right name of this show? (Wikipedia)

25Which of these titles is correct?

This show is fun for kids, because it tells the story of a group of fun living bugs, who are always up for some exciting adventures. However, this show can be equally fun for parents, because it is known for using poplar Beatles songs for its soundtrack. We think most moms would agree that this choice in music selection is a welcome change from the regular tunes played on these types of shows. Does anyone here know what the name of this show is? (Wikipedia)

26Name this kids show

This little man is all about nature and animals. It is his life's mission to seek out animals in danger, and to save them. He has a great passion for protecting the environment, and he teaches kids at home the importance of this as well. He also likes to inform others as much as he can about the different types of animals out there, and what we can do to help make sure they are all safe. What is the name of this kids show? (Wikipedia)

27Pick out the name of this show

When Dottie here puts on her stethoscope, something magical always happens. Her toys and stuffed animals all spring into life, and they are always ready to help her with the days work load. See, Dottie works as a doctor for toys. She takes great pride in her work, and there is very little she can't cure when it comes to toys. She is apt at changing batteries, stitching up holes, and of course re-inflating blow up toys who have sprung a leak. (Wikipedia)

28What is this show called?

The young boy in this photograph happens to have some pretty awesome powers. He is in fact only half human, while his other half is Crystal Gem. The Crystal Gems are super beings who all have mystical powers, which allow them to be able to save the day from most any bad guy. Since this kid is only half Crystal Gem, his powers aren't exactly as strong as the others, but that does not stop him from tying his very best on every adventure! (Wikipedia)

29Match this show to its name

These two children have been carrying around a very large secret with them. A while back, they discovered a magical stone which has the power to transport them to a magical land filled with dragons. These are not spooky dragons of course, but instead they are super friendly. Each of these dragons are a little different, and posses different strengths. This show is all about accepting who you are, and not comparing yourself to others. Who here remembers the name of this one?

30What kids show is this?

This show is about a couple of lab rats. While they may share the same cage, these two rats could not be any more different from each other. One of them is convinced that one day he will take over control of the universe, while the other one is mainly concerned about what he will be eating for dinner. Even though these two are super different, somehow they are still best friends. Can anyone here name this popular kids show?

31Match this show to its name

A young boy named Matt was sucked into the online universe by a school computer. Now that he is living online, he leads a group of fellow kids around, calling themselves the Cyber Squad. The Cyber Squad is knowledgeable on all things technical, and some of them are especially good a with the math side of things. Together they combine their knowledge to help protect the Motherboard from bad guy hackers. Does anyone here know the name of this kids show? (Wikipedia)

32Pick out the right name of this show

This classic kid show is half live action, and half animation. Our hosts of the show are a man named Steve, and his animated dog. The two of them spend their days solving mysteries around their home, by collecting helpful clues from their appliance and other household item friends. This show is very interactive, and it encourages kids to join in on the problem solving. Looking at the given options, can anyone here pick out the name of this show?

33Name this kids show

This show is about twin siblings who have been sent to spend their summer holiday in their uncles weird town. Everything in this town is strange, and makes the twins believe something is going on. In every episode they unravel a new mysterious secret about this strange town, all the while adjusting further to living there. After all, nothing passes time quite like solving mysteries, right? Looking at these options, does anyone here know which one is the correct title of this show? (Wikipedia)

34What is the name of this show?

This guy has a pretty unique group of friends. All of them seem to be different kinds of trucks, or construction equipment. It is certainly a good thing that this guy is in construction... With his own knowledge, and the help of his mechanical friends, there is nothing in the world that these guys can't fix, or even build! All they have to do is imagine it for it to become a possibility. Does anyone here know which show we are talking about? (Wikipedia)

35Pick out the right name

There is no limit to the power of these guy's imaginations. They are a group of animal pals, who love to sing and dance, but above all they love to play! Each episode features fun songs from different genres of music, which parents can even print sing-a-long sheets to. This way kids at home can sing, and dance along with their favorite animals friends! Looking at these options, can anyone pick out the correct name of this show? (Wikipedia)

36Match this show to its title

This show is quite simply about a penguin and his penguin family. These arctic birds all live happily in their igloo. While this kind of life does seem rather peaceful, there is no limit to the amount of trouble this young penguin can get himself into. Luckily, he has a family and group of friends who are always willing to come help him out of the pickles he gets himself into. Does anyone know what show we are talking about here?

37Which of these titles is correct?

This show is about a loving bear, who is maybe just a little too large for the house he lives in. This fact never seems to slow him down though. In fact, he happens to love his house quite a bit. Inside of it lives all of his friends, and there is nothing this bear enjoys more than spending time with his friends. Looking at the 4 options, can anyone here pick out the correct one that matches this show?

38What is the name of this show?

These guys may look like ordinary children, but they are not. These guys are all in fact secret government agents, who have been sent to us to help save the day by using their quick wit and math skills. There is no problem too big for these guys to solve, especially when they have their brightest agents working on the case. Is this ringing any bells? Can anyone here match this show to its proper title? Only one of these answers is correct! (Wikipedia)

39Name this kids show

This show tells the story of a very bright young man. He is extremely skilled in the science and math departments, but his pesky older sister is always getting in they way of his hard work. Since he is so much smaller than his big sister, science is his only hope at defeating her. He would really be fine ignoring her, if she would just leave him alone for a few moments a day, but we all know how big sisters can be...

40Pick out the right name

Here is yet another kids show which is completely done with puppets. Honestly, who doesn't love a good puppet, right? This show was really the pioneer behind the popular puppet themed television trend, and the puppets from this show are actually still working in show business all these years later. These faces would be hard ones to forget, so we are thinking this one should be easy enough for most people to get. Can anyone here name this popular kids show?

41What is this show called?

Here is a rather wacky cartoon. The show is about a young boy who has lost his patience with his babysitter. Since his parents do not listen to him, he decides to call upon a couple of fairy godparents to help him deal with his problem. While they do their best to grant him wishes, they do not always hit the mark exactly right. These wishes tend to do him more harm than good. Does anyone know what show we are talking about? (Wikipedia)

42Pick out the right name

What could be more classic than a cat and mouse comedy duo? While these two may not find things as funny as we do, they certainly know how to make an audience laugh. This show is a basic cat and mouse tale. The cat tries his best to get the mouse, but more often than not, the mouse is able to out smart the kitty cat. Ringing any bells? This one is an old school classic, so we hope everyone remembers it!

43Match this show to its title

If you grew up thinking you were the odd man out, it was nothing compared to how this girl feels. This girl is a young vampire living in a world of humans. Her vampire parents moved her into a suburban area so they could open a bed and breakfast. Now she is faced with attending a school full of human kids. Hopefully they will learn to love her for who she is. Does anyone know the name of this kids show? (Wikipedia)

44Which of these titles is right?

This Princess has been around for much longer than her face would lead us to believe. She has spent her whole life tracking down the bad guy that took her home from her, but now that she has it back, she is ready to take her throne. Of course, as a princess the job is never really done, so now she must work on keeping her throne and kingdom safe. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this show?

45Name this kids show

The main character of this show is actually Robin, batman's old sidekick. He decided to leave batman, and start his own group of superheroes. Now he and his friends spend their days fighting off bad guys, and solving mysteries. Robin has no special powers of course, but his quick mind helps him solve problems in record time. This proves once again that no problem is too big to solve if we just put our minds to it! Name this kids show. (Wikipedia)

46Pick out the right title

This dog is about as brave as he looks. Even though courage is not really his strong suit, he often finds himself in spooky situations. He would not go out looking for these on his own of course, but when his owners are put in danger, there is nothing that will stop this pup from trying to save them. Now if only they would stop getting themselves stuck in these spooky situations to begin with... Name this kids show. (Wikipedia)

47Match this show to its title

Now here is a classic everyone should remember. This show is half live-action, and half animation. Each episode starts off with a friendly dinosaur playing with a group of children. This eventually leads into story time which takes place in an animated world, filled with all kinds of colorful dinosaur friends. This show is also chalk full of fun sing-along songs for kids to enjoy. Looking at these options, can anyone here pick out the correct name of this show?

48Name this kids show

This show is about an average teenage girl, who's entire life changes over night after her internet show goes viral. It is up to her and her friends to somehow manage this new found success. They must be extra careful if they want to avoid all the fame going to their heads! This show played from 2007 until 2012. Does anyone know which show we are talking about here? Try and pick out the right title of this series below! (Wikipedia)

49What is this show called?

This show is all about a girl who really needs no introduction. She is all kids of fierce, and she knows it. She is not overly confident or anything, she just knows that when push comes to shove, she is the only one capable of defeating the bad guys who tend to stir up trouble in her town. Of course, she has a coupe of helpful sidekicks who never shy away from a good fight. What is the name of this kids show?

50Which of these titles is correct?

For this final question, let's take a look at a wacky show full of wild adventures. This show is about a girl who travels the world with her parents. Her parents are wildlife photographers, so there is no telling what exotic land they are going to explore next. Our main character loves moving from place to place, and learning all about the different kinds of animals around her. If only her older sister was as excited about this way of life...

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