Only A Millennial Could Ace This Disney Channel Quiz

Disney Channel is one of the most popular networks among children and young adults. The television shows and movies that the network produces all have real life messages that many young adults and children can relate to. Over the course of its time on air Disney Channel has released a number of hit movies and television shows about various things. The characters that are in the shows and movies are what make them memorable and probably why they are still talked about years after their release.

Only a true millennial will be able to ace this quiz because it takes a look back at some of the most popular movies and television shows on Disney Channel in the early 2000's. The Disney shows and movies from this time were what millennials lived for, what they watched after school and on the weekends! These were some of the most successful shows and movies that the network has ever seen, it seemed for a while that they were releasing hit after hit! It would take a true Millennial to remember all of the plots and characters from these television shows. So why not give it a shot and see how it goes?!?

Question 1

What Disney movie features Troy & Gabriella?

Troy and Gabriella came from two, very different, worlds. Troy was the star of the school basketball team and had basically the weight of the world on his shoulders when Gabriella walked into his life. Gabriella was the new girl at the school, someone that she was used to being. When she met Troy on vacation she never imagined that she would ever see him again, let alone end up at the same school as him. Over time the two realized that even though they came from two different cliques they had a lot in common and a bond that couldn't be ignored.

Question 2

What Disney Channel movie is based around a summer camp?

This Disney Movie was based around a prestigious summer camp that only some of the best young musicians got the chance of attending. Mitchie Torres was an aspiring singer who always dreamed of attending this camp but her parents were unable to afford it. However her mother was hired to cater the food for the camp and as a result she was able to attend the camp at a reduced rate. Mitchie had quite a wild ride while there as she learned a lot about her music but even more about herself. What is the name of this Disney Channel movie?

Question 3

Which movie is NOT a Disney Channel movie?

Disney Channel movies are different from other network movies because they tell relatable tales that most teens and young adults can relate to. Most of the movies are about real life problems that are very relevant to society today. The Disney Company as a whole produces a ton of movies, some of them premiere in the movie theaters and others are featured on Disney Channel. Out of the movies below which one was not premiered on Disney Channel? This is actually a Disney classic that was released years and years ago. Was Jump In! a Disney Channel movie or maybe Lady & The Tramp was?!

Question 4

Name this movie

This movie is about a young star boxer name, Izzy Daniels. His neighbor, Mary, is a competitive Double Dutch player who competes in local competitions with her friends. After one of their biggest competitions one of Mary's teammates switch sides and joins their competition's team. Mary enlists the help of Izzy, who has never jump roped but is very athletic. Much to his surprise he finds that he really enjoys competing with Mary and her team. As a result, he shifts his focus from boxing and eventually his arch enemy finds out, Rodney. Rodney, who is still upset because he lost to Izzy, tells everyone at school about Izzy's new extracurricular activity.

Question 5

What Disney Channel show focused on a family of wizards?

This Disney show is one of the most popular shows that was ever on the network. The show followed around a family of wizards who resided in New York City. Apart from the three children having magical powers and their father being their wizard teacher, the Russo family lived relatively normal lives. They often found themselves in trouble when Alex, the only daughter, tried to use magic as a way to make her life easier. Her older brother Justin, was often the one to help her out of these tricky situations. What is the name of this Disney Channel show?

Question 6

Name this Disney Channel show

This is yet another Disney Channel show that was super popular. This show followed around a normal teenage girl who enjoyed shopping and hanging out with her best friends. She dealt with the same things at school that most kids deal with expect she was keeping one huge secret, she was an international pop star. Of course her worlds sometimes got crossed and eventually everyone close to her knew her true identity but she kept up the secret so that she could live a normal life. Over time it got harder and harder so when she graduated from high school she decided to tell the world her secret.

Question 7

What was the first Disney Channel movie ever?

Disney Channel has been creating movies for a very long time. The first Disney Channel movie premiered in 1983, according to Wikipedia. The movie was about a young boy and his father who are diehard Detroit Tiger fans. When the boys father passes away unexpectedly the young boy, Alex, decides to visit every single Tiger home game. Once Alex starts going to the games the teams luck turns around and he feels responsible. Alex is taunted at school when he tells the other kids of his theory but that does not stop him from doing everything in his power to get to those games.

Question 8

How many Camp Rock movies are there?

The Camp Rock movie(s) were fun and filled with great music so it is no surprise that they were a hit. They told the story of Mitchie, a young musician who was only trying to find her voice and a disgruntled boy band who were trying to figure out why they started playing music in the first place. Mitchie and the band's lead singer, Shane, form a connection. Before meeting Mitchie, Shane was a spoiled and arrogant rock star who felt he was better than everyone else around him. However she changed his entire perspective on life and made him realize that he was the same as everyone else.

Question 9

What boy band stars in Camp Rock?

There is a pretty famous boy band that stars in the Camp Rock movies. They are brothers who grew up surrounded by music, in the movie their uncle is the owner of one of the most successful music camps in the country. They return to the camp in the first movie when the lead singer, Shane, gets a little ahead of himself. He seems to have lost himself on the road to fame whereas his brothers are just hoping to find some new inspiration. Over the course of the summer they are able to connect to their roots and remember why they fell in love with music to begin with.

Question 10

What Disney Channel movie features both Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez?

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez got their start in the acting world pretty similarly, they started on Barney as little kids. They became best friends and were widely known for being inseparable. They both landed shows and movies on Disney Channel and were able to build their names through the network and the opportunities that it offered. The two best friends starred in a Disney Channel movie alongside one another. This movie was about a princess who was put in the protective custody of an agent and his daughter. The princess, Rosalinda, and the agents daughter, Carter, are complete opposites and have a bit of a hard time coexisting at first.

Question 11

Name this movie

This Disney Channel movie is about a group of misfits that all end up in detention together. Some of the characters are known to break the rules whereas others are new to the whole detention thing. Nonetheless they form a band as a result of this chance meeting. They have incredible talent that most of them didn't even know they had and begin to become known all around their town. Even though they barely knew each other at first they form strong friendships with one another that withstand a lot. What is the name of this movie?

Question 12

Who was NOT a member of the Cheetah Girls?

The Cheetah Girls were a young group of friends with big dreams. They were singers and hoped to become the next big thing. They worked hard at their music goals and practiced every chance that they could. Their true strength was in their friendship, when one Cheetah Girl was down they were all down. In the first movie they are busy preparing for the talent show, hoping to be the first freshman to ever win. They are approached by a record label who is hoping to sign them. They begin the preparation for recording their very first song but they begin to have a few problems.

Question 13

Which character from High School Musical got a spinoff movie?

All of the High School Musical characters were relatable and fun. They transformed over the course of the movies and by the last movie they were young adults on their way to college. One of the characters got their very own spinoff movie, this movie followed their adventures after high school. They moved to the Big Apple in hopes of pursuing a spot on Broadway. Although things didn't always go as planned this character learned a lot about themselves and grew up a ton. They were basically alone in a big city which forced them to mature and fight for their dreams.

Question 14

Did Phil ever make it back to the future?

Phil of the Future was a popular show on Disney Channel that aired in the early 2000's. The main character, Phil, was from the future but after a series of events him and his family ended up in the present day. Over the course of the series Phil attempts to blend in while his family works on a way to get them back home. Phil forms friendships and even gets a girlfriend. Even though he misses his home he gets pretty comfortable in the present day. So does Phil ever make it back to the future or does he stay stuck in the present day?

Question 15

How many High School Musical movies are there?

The High School Musical movies were some of the most successful movies that the network has ever produced. The movies followed a group of high school students who all came from different cliques. When the basketball teams star player falls in love with the new girl they both realize the love they have for the theatre. This prompts everyone in the school to break away from stereotypes and declare their hidden passions. In the movies they all become friends and the school becomes a much happier place to be. How many movies are there in the High School Musical franchise?

Question 16

Name this movie

This movie is about Kelly Collins, a happy go lucky eighth grader who loves her life. When her mother marries General Joe she is forced to move and switch to the military school that he is in charge of. Kelly has a really hard time fitting in at her new school and following orders. She doesn't want to tell her mother about how she is feeling because she sees how happy she is, when she finally works up the courage to do so she finds out that she is going to have a younger sibling and doesn't want to spoil the moment. Over time she learns the ropes at her new school and even gets the hang of everything.

Question 17

What Disney Channel show is this?

This show was about two young boys who lived in one of the most upscale hotels in Boston. Their mother was a performer at the hotel so they spent most of their time there wrecking havoc. They befriended the girl who worked at the candy counter and even the hotel owner's daughter. Since they were not many other kids at the hotel, the boys often had to find their own things to do which led to them getting in trouble pretty often. The hotel manager, Mr. Moseby, was always chasing them around trying to get them under control while guests were around.

Question 18

What Disney Channel movie features Brenda Song?

Brenda Song got her start on Disney Channel when she was cast as London Tipton in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. However in this Disney Channel Original Movie she played a popular high school girl who is visited by a young monk. While trying to campaign for homecoming queen this monk attempts to convince her that she is the reincarnation of a powerful female warrior. She is the only one who can prevent an ancient spirit from destroying the entire world. Although she is hesitant at first she begins her training and is ready when the spirit decides to make a move.

Question 19

Which Disney star did NOT sing their own songs in the first movie?

There are many things that happen behind the scenes in movies that viewers may not know. In the very first High School Musical movie there are plenty of songs, most of the main characters can be seen singing in them. There is one main character however who did not sing any of their songs in the first movie. They had another performer sing over them instead because they were not trained. However after the first movie they took over the role and began singing their own songs. What Disney star did not sing their own songs in the first movie?

Question 20

What was the only movie that Disney Channel released in 2013?

Disney Channel often releases movies pretty regularly but in 2013 they only released one movie. This was a pretty popular movie that is about Brady and Mack. The two are young surfers who end up trapped in their favorite movie, Wet Side Story. When they first get stuck in the movie everything seems to be great. They get to be together but they also are able to do what they really love, surf. However over time they start to realize that they are becoming part of the movie, and therefore ending their chances of ever getting home to their families.

Question 21

Who starred in Teen Beach Movie?

In Teen Beach Movie, Brady is the male lead. He is completely in love with Mack who is getting ready to leave the beach to attend a fancy boarding school. Brady is heartbroken so when the two end up trapped in their favorite movie he can't think of anything better. However they realize that they can't stay in the movie forever and he must figure out a way to get them home, even if that means that Mack will be leaving and he may never see her again. Eventually the two end up back home where they belong but Mack decides to stay instead of go away to school.

Question 22

Who did Joe Jonas fall in love with in Camp Rock?

In the Camp Rock movies, Joe Jonas plays an arrogant rock star named Shane. Shane does not understand why he is being forced to spend the summer at his uncle's summer camp when he should be relaxing by a pool in California. Once he hears Mitchie sing he realizes that this was all fate. He falls in love with Mitchie before he even realizes who she is and sets off on a mission to find the girl behind the voice. By the end of the movie he has almost given up when she finally overcomes her nerves and sings in front of the whole school.

Question 23

Who is Miley's best friend in Hannah Montana?

Miley is only able to pull off her massive secret in Hannah Montana with the help of some of her closest friends and family. When the show first starts neither of her best friends know her secret but she ends up telling them pretty early on. Her best friend even takes on a persona of her own, Lola, so that she is able to accompany Miley to all of her Hannah events without any red flags being thrown up. Whenever Hannah or Miley have a problem Lola is there to help them in any way that she can. What is her real name?

Question 24

How many siblings does Raven have in That's So Raven?

Raven is anything but an average teenager. She dreams of being a fashion designer and has a pretty quirky personality, besides all of that she gets visions that allow her to see the future. As a result of these visions, she often finds herself in some pretty compromising situations because she is trying to prevent things that she saw. The only ones who know about her powers are her family and her two best friends. Her family and friends try to help her but sometimes they find it easier to just let Raven to what Raven does. How many siblings does Raven have?

Question 25

Name this movie

This is a Disney Channel movie that premiered around Halloween time. The main characters of the show are twin sisters who were separated at birth, they have magical powers which they didn't even know about until their sixteenth birthday. Once they have a "chance" meeting they can't seem to stay away from one another. One of the sisters was adopted by a wealthy couple and given basically everything that she wanted whereas the other was adopted by a single mother who sadly passed away. They have the weight of the world on their shoulders when their original home, a different dimension, is threatened.

Question 26

Name this Disney Channel movie

This movie is about two spoiled sisters who are forced to work at their family's dairy farm after they accidentally set a house fire. They are not used to working and this turns their worlds upside down. When their father leaves town they are left in charge of the entire business. They mess up almost every task that they are given and the employees basically have no respect for them. Over time, however, they are able to work together and get the job done. They begin to realize that there is much more to life than just spending money and hanging out.

Question 27

Who was Hannah Montana's manager?

Hannah Montana was an international pop star, she traveled around the world to make appearances and shows all while being a normal high school student. Of course she had to have an awesome manager who understood this and her unique lifestyle. Her manager was someone who was close to her so they were able to see the situation first hand. This made it a lot easier when booking events or appearances because they understood that school came first and she had to attend it regularly to keep up her grades. So who was tasked with being the manager to Hannah Montana?

Question 28

What is the name of Lizzie McGuire's best friend?

Lizzie McGuire was a pretty relatable character as she was the girl next door. She dreamed of being the popular girl at school but faced many of the issues that most teens do. Lizzie had two best friends, Miranda and one other who helped make her life just a little bit easier. Lizzie's best friend that we are talking about has been with her since they were babies and dreamed of being a filmmaker. As a result he is often seen filming Lizzie in her day to day life which often gets her a bit annoyed and frustrated with him.

Question 29

Who Disney Channel movie features Sterling Knight?

The Disney Channel movie that featured Sterling Knight was about a teen pop star who was a bit unhappy with the turn that his music was taking. He felt that his music was not authentic but was unsure if his fans who appreciate his real style. One night while trying to escape the paparazzi he runs into Sara. Sara does not buy into the whole celebrity thing and she gives Sterling Knight's character, Christopher, a run for his money. The two embark on quite the adventure while trying to outrun the paparazzi and some crazy fans. What is the name of this movie?

Question 30

Name this movie

This movie is about Dylan, a high schooler who is determined to win Blossom Queen and Josh, a film geek. When Josh saves Dylan's handbag from the fountain in the mall she agrees to be the subject of his documentary. The two hope to achieve their own goals with this film, Dylan hopes it will boost her campaign whereas Josh wants it for his portfolio. The two teens come from very different cliques and face some opposition about their friendship. However this does not stop them from hanging out as they have a very strong connection right form the jump.

Question 31

What Disney Channel movie focuses on villains children?

There are many different aspects to Disney movie but this relatively new Disney Channel movie takes a different approach to age old fairy tales. This movie focuses on the children of some of the most famous villains in Disney history. Since the villains have since been banished to an island, Belle and Beast's son decides to chose four children to attend school with the rest of civilization. Although the children have ill intentions when they start at their new school the begin to form real friendships. They start to see that being good isn't too bad and turn against their parents wishes.

Question 32

What makes Raven different from her peers?

Raven was always a bit different from her peers. She dreams of being a fashion designer and often wears her own designs. Raven is also not afraid to say or do just about anything so this often sets her apart from those around her. However there is one big secret that truly sets her apart from her peers. Only her family and her two best friends know about her secret. Raven is able to keep this secret for basically the entire series. Raven is not ashamed of it she is just unsure of how people would react if they knew about her secret.

Question 33

What Disney show featured a cartoon version of the main character?

Disney Channel is always experimenting with new themes and ideas. They are not afraid to think outside of the box and for this show the main character had a cartoon version of herself on the show. This cartoon could often be seen narrating some of the scenes and just hanging out on screen. This was the first time that Disney had really tried anything like this but it seemed to be quite the success. Although the cartoon looked exactly like the main character she seemed to have her own opinion and personality when it came to what her human self was doing.

Question 34

Who is Kim Possible's sidekick?

Kim Possible is anything but an ordinary teen. In her free time she fights crime with her best friend/sidekick along for the ride. Although she seems to do most of the crime fighting it is always a good idea to have a sidekick when facing the unknown. Kim and her sidekick travel around the world to fight crime and try to catch their arch enemy, Dr. Drakken. While they are not fighting crime the two live relatively normal lives where they attend high school, however their identities are known to the public so they are often stopped and praised in school.

Question 35

Which of the following was a Disney Channel movie?

This Disney Channel movie is about a family who is very involved in the Motor Cross racing world. The eldest son, Andrew, is a great racer who is hoping to win a sponsorship. Andrew's twin sister Andi, also loves to race but her father doesn't allow her to compete because he believes it is too dangerous for her. While messing around on the track with his sister, Andrew best injured which leaves him unable to compete for sponsorship. Andi comes up with a plan to pose as her brother so that she can prove to her father that she is able to race just as good.

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