Only A Master Trainer Can Guess These Pokémon From Only 3 Hints!

The Pokémon franchise has successfully created a world in which they can easily introduce hundreds of characters every few years and everyone gets excited about it (which is more than what other franchises can say). Since its inception in the 90s, Pokémon has gained over 800 characters and is still growing. There might be some creatures that share some traits, but no two are the same, and it appears as if Game Freak won't be slowing down their creative train any time soon.

With just three random hints, are you capable of naming the various Pokémon of the first three generations in the franchise? Will you even be able to tell which creatures belong to the Kanto Region and which belong to the Hoenn Region? It's through these separate generations that we have even a little bit of hope in remembering all of the Pokémon created for the series.

These questions will test your knowledge and remembrance of the creatures through the first three generations. Considering they're older Pokémon, you'll have to search through the deep memories of your childhood in order to ensure that you get them all correct. Real Pokémon fans will be able to answer these questions with ease. If you struggle, then you might not be a true fan of the series.

1Can you name the Pokémon with these clues? Yellow. Electric. Mouse.

Not even casual fans could possibly get this question wrong. Breaking down the three hints, we have yellow. Often times, yellow in the Pokémon franchise is used to color a Pokémon who can use electric-type attacks. Appropriately enough, the second clue is electric, which tells you everything you need to know about how it performs in battle. The last clue is mouse. Most Pokémon are based on animals that appear in real life, and this yellow and electric creature happens to be a mouse.

2Can you name the Pokémon with these clues? Grass. Flower. Second.

Are these clues striking anything in your memory? Let's break them down for a simpler time. The first clue is Grass, which alludes to the Pokémon's type. Most grass types have access to moves that deal out status effects as well as heal their own stamina. The second clue is flower. This could hint at the fact that the Pokémon is either a flower or has one on its body. The final clue is second. Considering that most Pokémon exist in a line of evolution, perhaps this refers to that?

3Can you name the Pokémon with these clues? Bird. Mega. Ash.

Have any of these clues triggered some memory within your mind? Let's break down the clues. The first is bird. There are a lot of bird Pokémon in the franchise, so that clue doesn't break it down a whole lot. The second is mega. In Gen VI, Mega Evolutions were brought into the series and only select Pokémon were given one. The last clue is Ash. Ash is the main character of the anime and had several bird Pokémon over the years.

4Can you name the Pokémon with these clues? Magnet. Single. Steel.

Are any of these clues meaning anything to you? Breaking them down past the surface level, you should be able to find the answer. The first clue is Magnet. While most Pokémon are based on animals, this one actually has more traits in line with a magnet. The second clue is single, which is fairly self-explanatory. The final clue is steel. Steel was a type introduced in the second generation and was applied to pre-existing Pokémon that Game Freak felt deserved it.

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