Only A Kid At Heart Could Name 100% Of These Movies

Well, I am more than sure that I hardly need to tell anyone out there that there are hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of movies all over the world. Most of them are probably not something people will ever hear of or would even care to watch. I mean, how many films in another language can people really go out of their way to watch each year?

But, that being said, there is certainly one genre of movies that can break that barrier more than most, I think. That would be the kids movie genre. Now, I'm not going to quiz people here on kids movies from around the world. That's not why we're here today. No, we're here to see how many popular kids movies people here know. Why? Well, I would like to think that if someone here could name each and every one of these films in this quiz, they are very clearly a kid at heart.

I know, it is not for everyone, but I also know that if someone is reading this, that means that they are likely going to take this quiz which also means that they are likely wondering if they are truly kids at heart. So, I'm just going to gather that anyone here really thinks that they can name every single one of the movies listed here. Best of luck!

1Name this film!

Imagine that there was a whole big location that was nothing but animals. And I don't mean something like a zoo where it's all animals and we have staff on hand to take care of them or stop them from hurting everyone. I mean something more like a whole city that is nothing but animals and they govern each other and police each other, and they live in their communities in the same way that we do. That sounds like a city that I would love to visit, but the only way that I know to do that is through this film.

2Name this film!

Oh, there are definitely some pretty iconic characters in this film. I mean, I will be straight up here and say that this is not the very first installment of this franchise. That being said, only a kid at heart might know for sure just how many different films make up this franchise. I will say that it is always fun to listen to Tom Hanks and Tim Allen voice these incredibly popular characters and so it makes sense that there are as many films with them as there are. I'm sure they could keep going if they really wanted to.

3Name this film!

This is probably one of my favorite kids films of all time, I have to say. I actually did not include my very favorite in this quiz. I thought that I would keep it to myself, but there are some similar actors in both this film and my favorite. It probably helps that they are both made by the same company. This particular film also has a live-action film that came before it and a book that came even before that. It also happens to have a remake that came out not all that many years ago. It's a very popular tale.

4Name this film!

Oh, this is certainly an interesting film to say the least. I am pretty sure that everyone will know just who this character is in this photo. But don't think for a second that this will give away the specific title to the film. There are so many films that feature Batman now that it is actually getting pretty ridiculous. He's not even all that great a superhero. He is haunted by his past, he's gloomy, he has a lot of money, and goes and fights crime with no actual superhero powers. But either way, this was a pretty amusing film.

5Name this film!

This is probably one of the greatest films from the Disney Renaissance era, for sure. There is something about this film that has kept it going through several sequels, some spinoff tv shows, and a ton of merchandise as well. Not to mention that this film even had a re-release in 3-D because...well, why not? I mean, if it is so popular, then it should be put out there until people have had enough. And I have to say, watching it in 3-D in the cinema was pretty awesome. It was also awesome to see the big Broadway show of it as well.

6Name this film!

I have to be totally honest right at the outset of this and say that I actually have not really seen this film in its entirety. I promise that it has nothing to do with my not finding the film good or funny, or whatever. It has way more to do with never really having the opportunity to watch it in full. I was on my way out of the house when one of my old roommates was watching it. It seemed hilarious. I mean, imagine a world in which animals get to rule the roost for a while and get into all sorts of fun!

7Name this film!

This is probably one of the more iconic of film franchises, for sure. At least in the Disney world. Sure, Disney now does have the Star Wars franchise and all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff, but those are franchises that I'm not considering here. I mean the heart of Disney. All of the stuff before those purchases were made. And even so, I still know some people who would prefer to watch these characters than any Star Wars characters. I mean...they're wrong, but that's still how they think. Either way, any movie where both Tim Allen and Tom Hanks work together has got to be at least funny.

8Name this film!

Has anyone here ever been to France? As it happens, I most certainly have not. I would love to, but I don't imagine that it will happen in the next few years. All of that being said, I really am not going to know if anyone here answered yes to actually having gone, so I will just assume that some have. Anyway, this film is all about a tiny little character who, for some reason, dreams of going to France to be a master chef. Given the sort of character that the lead is, it makes a lot of sense that he'd have a few obstacles.

9Name this film!

This was a great film that came out around when I was a teen. That doesn't mean that I could not still enjoy it. I mean, Disney and Pixar seem to always find a way to engage the adult audience with most of their films that are meant for kids. Just think back to all the Disney films that some here have probably seen in youth, and think of some of the jokes that went misunderstood until reaching adulthood. Shrek has plenty of that for those adults who are forced to watch these movies with their kids. I is a Mike Myers film.

10Name this film!

There seems to be a pretty big, yet mostly underground following here for this franchise. I mean, it is popular enough, I suppose but in terms of the films and franchises out there that make millions upon millions, this is by no means one of the biggest franchises. But hey, Samuel L. Jackson gets to voice a supporting role in this film and that is just fine by me. I think that is a good enough reason to watch these films and that is before actually getting to the fact that these are decent films. But which installment is this of which franchise?

11Name this film!

What a great film. I am not sure if many people here were raised with the epic toy company that this film is so decidedly based around, but I have to say that I most certainly was and it was one of the greatest parts of my life. I am very sad that I'm pretty sure my parents gave away all of my blocks because I would still build something new every week if I had it all back. That is how much of a kid at heart I truly am. That being said, I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan, but he does a great job in this film.

12Name this film!

This is actually a very new movie coming out that is also a very old story that I think may have been a book before it was ever animated but that is beside the point. I think that any kid who has ever seen any animation should know what this character is, even if this isn't the original animated version, or the weird live-action version. I do have to say that I know not everyone here taking this quiz is a kid. But everyone here should be hoping to be a kid at heart and I will have to assume that everyone knows this character!

13Name this film!

I remember going to see this film with my very best friend growing up. We went to the little cinema that was 45 minutes away from our hometown. It was a great afternoon matinee that we went to and there were not many people there so we really got to enjoy this film. It was great at the time and I would certainly watch it again right now. That might be because I am just a real kid at heart, but I think it's because this film can work for all ages. It is pretty funny and is part of a franchise. Llama face!

14Name this film!

This is a very interesting remake of a very classic tale. Rudyard Kipling, way back in the day, well before any of our times, wrote a story that has somehow taken off in a way that I think no one ever imagined that it would. There was an old black and white film based on the book that my parents have back home. And then Disney got a hold of it and has now released two different films of the same tale. The first was a fully animated film and the second was more of a half live-action and half animation-based film.

15Name this film!

This is a great movie. When I first heard of ti coming out, I have to be totally honest and say that I did not think it was going to be all that awesome. I mean, Disney is pretty great at taking old fairy tales and turning them into something happier and really cool and engaging, but I really did not think that this film would be near as good as it actually was. The music is wonderful. Visually, there are some amazing scenes. Especially the scene with all of the lanterns set off from the castle and from the courtyard.

16Name this film!

It is not too often anyone sees an ogre giving a donkey bunny ears. At least, I don't think it's too often that its seen. That might have something to do with the fact that Pixar is the team that came up with the idea of an ogre and a donkey wandering around together as very unlikely sidekicks. I mean, it is not like they always get along at all, but this is still a wonderful franchise that has kept people going out for more at every turn. It really does not hurt that famed comedians Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy take the lead on this.

17Name this film!

This is one very interesting film, to be sure. I have to be honest that I was not ever actually fully sold on the sequels to this franchise. I have not seen the final installment yet but I am told it is a real tear-jerker. I watched some of the films though and I have to say that the very first one is absolutely the best. But that is just my own opinion and I am sure that there are plenty of people taking this quiz who definitely disagree with me, but I am not too concerned, to be honest. Just name the movie...

18Name this film!

This is a movie that I actually only just saw two weeks ago. This was a great Thanksgiving movie (sorry, I am from Canada...but one day we will rule the world and everyone will be sorry). Ridiculous Canada jokes aside, this really was a great movie to kick off the Halloween season with. It is all sorts of strange and plays out very much like a Tim Burton film might except without the amazing music of Danny Elfman and without the acting work of Johnny Depp and/or Helena Bonham Carter. That being said, for a creepy cartoon that isn't Tim Burton's, it's still great.

19Name this film!

This is a great film, I have to say. I had never expected an animated film to include and even star the action film hero, Bruce Willis, but here we are. And there are some other pretty notable actors in the film as well. There are some great lines, great humor (for both the kids and the adults), and the animation is wonderful, of course. Imagine a whole host of forest creatures going into, and having their way with the human world. It is pretty funny, but for those who love and worry about animals it can also be pretty spooky.

20Name this film!

This is a rather interesting concept for a film, I have to say. There is something about this story that is rather strange but still pretty awesome. And it really does not hurt that both Billy Crystal and John Goodman help tell that story as the leads in this film franchise. There is something extra awesome about that because they are both very funny men when they want to be and given the free reign over fully animated characters really allows these two guys to let loose and really make all audiences laugh. People may not laugh at every turn but there is something there for everyone.

21Name this film!

This was one of my brother's favorite films growing up. That is not to say that I did not love it too but he really desperately wanted to have this film done as a musical at our smalltown high school and I think that might have been a bit much for the talent that was around to tackle and do an actual good job of. But that is not the point. This is a wonderful film that has spawned a whole generation of people who seem to have almost nothing to do with the film and way too much to do with all the merchandise instead.

22Name this film!

This is a pretty new film that I have actually not seen all the way through. I mean, I have seen enough of it that I know that I really will enjoy it when I do watch it through all of the way. I mean, if it stars Dwayne Johnson and happens to not be one of the ridiculous Fast and Furious movies, then I think the chances are strong that I will enjoy the film. I even enjoyed Scorpion King and that was ultimately a pretty bad movie. But Johnson really is a funny guy who has a good sense of comedic timing.

23Name this film!

This is a very interesting installment of this incredibly ridiculous franchise. To be fair, there is a great thing about Mike Myers playing a giant ogre that really is hilarious, especially when he is forced to have a donkey played by Eddie Murphy tag along as his unlikely sidekick. IT is pretty hilarious, to be sure. It is also hilarious that Cameron Diaz is there leading lady who eventually becomes an ogre herself. In this installment, the big and mean ogre gets to meet his in-laws, which makes for a very strange and ridiculous film, for sure. Worth the watch.

24Name this film!

This is a very strange film so it actually makes sense that this was originally pulled from a Roald Dahl story. For those who do not know who Roald Dahl is, I suggest looking him up. There is plenty to discover there in a very weird way. But, more to the point, this film features Mara Wilson who sort of fell off the acting map after her big hit movies in the 90s. She was in quite a bit before she went and hid away from the spotlight. She could have made it much bigger, I think, but I'm not surprised that she would rather stay in the shadows.

25Name this film!

This is a very interesting movie that I do not think quite made the same impact as the original film that it is based off of. I think there is a strong reason for that. The casting of the original film, along with the original script really made for a new and innovative film. This sequel really just added more to that story, and gave people more insight into other characters that didn't get as much depth in the first film. That's fine and all well and good, but it is by no means as strong a film. But it does star Patrick Warburton!

26Name this film!

This is probably one of the more iconic of all the Disney films out there. Without a doubt. Without question. Anyone who does not recognize the character in this photo must have really not had much of a childhood at all. I mean, I cannot imagine anyone who was raised with any Disney films at all who had not at least understood or heard of or seen a bit of this film and this incredibly well-known character. I mean, even The Simpsons did a bit of a spoof on this character. It was priceless to see their take on this practically perfect character.

27Name this film!

Who does not love a film starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson? I mean...honestly. He is a great actor. I know that there are some people who really cannot let go of the ridiculous wrestling thing and therefore still think that he's too much and just silly...there are also quite a few people who are on the other end of that who wish he was still wrestling and think he just sold out to Hollywood. Which is actually the silly thing to think. This film might be a remake, but The Rock makes sure to pay homage to the original, and for good reason.

28Name this film!

This is a very interesting film, I think. This is not something that is usually tackled as a while premise for a film, I have to say. There is something about making the main characters of a film the very emotions that a specific person is feeling that really does hit home pretty hard and in a very touching way. Sure, there is plenty of comedy to go around as well, but this is not just a comedic movie. There are all sorts of dramatic moments that make this film something for those who prefer a more serious angle to a cartoon.

29Name this film!

This film just happens to have a pretty great concept, I have to say. There is something about having this whole world of creatures out there in a whole different sort of realm who feed off of the screams of kids. I mean...that really does sound truly bad, to be honest, but when seeing the film, everyone can see that this is eventually changed and laughter is discovered to produce far more energy than screaming. And the fact that the expressions of children go to power a whole other world, and literally helps to keep the lights on is very interesting.

30Name this film!

This very unlikely cast of characters really does make for a very interesting film franchise. And that is actually very surprising. I mean, let us all be honest here. The fact that a wooly mammoth, a sabre-tooth tiger, and a sloth all manage to get along together (to some extent) and make their way through all manner of global changes and managed to stick together and not trample, or eat, or leave each other is pretty amazing. I know it's a cartoon but still. I mean...two of those creature no longer exist so it is a little spooky to think about how it will all end.

31Name this film!

I'll be honest when I say that I have not actually seen this movie, but I most certainly have seen one of the films in this franchise and I think it is very interesting indeed. It is not my favorite franchise by any stretch of the imagination but I think that it still managed to get a decent story out there and I think it is light enough that everyone can enjoy it without worrying about too much drama and heartbreak. That being said, there is still enough drama to keep people on the edge of their seats before they laugh off of them.

32Name this film!

Alright, this is just an easy way to get a point here, as far as I am concerned. I do not even care if there are in fact some people here who are not true kids at heart, but this film has just got to be known by everyone. It's not even the actor that gives it away. I mean, he had plenty of roles through the 80s and 90s and is now back in the news a bit more than his previous decade's worth of silence. But this expression, in this way, with this actor has got to give it away.

33Name this film!

Well, this film has taken the world by storm, for sure. This is not part of any renaissance with Disney but for some reason, even though this is not even exactly the best film by any means by the company, it has become one of if not the biggest selling name in the Disney realm now. I once had a girlfriend who worked at a Disney store and the amount of crazy people coming out to try and get every piece of merch for this film is just ridiculous. It's an ok movie...but it really does not deserve all that much praise.

34Name this film!

This was a pretty funny movie, I have to say. And it stars Ellen Degeneres, so how could it go wrong? I mean, I don't care what people think of her. Give her an animated character to voice and I have to say that she really comes alive and makes people laugh, for sure. I mean, I know there is a song in this film that really gets stuck in people's heads, for sure. The number of people I still hear singing this song, years after having last seen the film is pretty amazing. At least, that's what I think.

35Name this film!

Alright, so look here. Cards on the table, I have not actually seen this film. Just because I am pretty sure that I am a kid at heart does not mean that I have seen every kid movie in the world. However, I have definitely seen other installments in this pretty awesome film franchise. There are actually quite a few films in this franchise and I can see why. I mean, there are some good actors like John Leguizamo, and Ray Romano (if he counts), but the fact that Dennis Leary is one of the main actors is just hilarious.

36Name this film!

Alright, here is the thing. I have to be totally honest here when I say that I might actually lose respect for some people if they cannot correctly name this film. I mean, I don't think anyone has to necessarily be a kid at heart in order to know just what this image represents. And anyone who misses this one, so far as I'm concerned, just cannot be a true kid at heart in any way shape or form. And that goes for people who were born years and years after this film came out. I don't see that as an excuse at all.

37Name this film!

This is a pretty silly film franchise, I have to admit. That being said, it has taken the world by storm. A storm of little yellow guys who seem to be a part of every single pop culture thing for the past ten years now. And they even make them a bit retro too. This film franchise has managed to squeeze out a few movies now, and to think that it all originally came from a film about a professional bad guy that no one really cared about. I think that film happened, and then the creators realized that they could make far money on these little minions.

38Name this film!

This was a pretty groundbreaking film when it first came out. I don't think the creature dynamic that came out for this film was quite what people expected and the story was something that had not really seen before since some classic 80s/90s live-action films. And when I say that, I mean it without insult at all. Now, all of that being said, as groundbreaking as this film may have been at the time, its franchise has not really sustained the popularity that one might expect. But that is fine. It has its target audience and people still love it.

39Name this film!

What a very strange film. I mean, the concept of this film alone is enough to make someone wonder just why this film exists in the first place. There is something very off about it. But then, of course, all one has to do is realize that this is a Tim Burton film and then everyone understands, embraces, and loves the film. Especially since it is yet another Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Both great actors but maybe used a bit too often in his films. At any rate, this is still certainly interesting, that's for sure.

40Name this film!

What a very bizarre but incredibly enjoyable idea for a film. I mean, I know lots of people have imagined the world in many different ways with many different environments and many different scenarios but I do not think that many people really would have thought this up if the creators had not put it together to show the world. I mean sure, The Simpsons did have it raining donuts at one point in a Halloween episode, but that does not change the fact at all that this very unique film really pushes that sort of boundary quite a bit further.

41Name this film!

Dia de los Muertos. That is when this film takes place. For those here who do not quite know exactly what that is, I would recommend that perhaps a viewing of a Halloween episode of Community might be necessary where Annie explains just what that holiday is. However, those who have seen this film and who must therefore be a step closer to being a true kid at heart must already know what it means and the significance of that day to the plot of this film. And to think that so much drama could happen to someone who just wants to play music.

42Name this film!

Imagine being around when the world goes into such a change that land masses are literally separating. It would be pretty bad if that happened and there were friends still one one side of that divide. It reminds me quite a bit of The Land Before Time. And I say that without humor at all. I mean, that was a heartbreaking film. Little dinos split from their families. This film franchise is similarly sad but also uplifting in the same way since some unlikely creatures band together to help each other out and keep each other from facing the changing world alone.

43Name this film!

This, so far as I know, is a very funny film. I will be totally honest and say that I have not yet seen this at all. I know that it exists and I am sure I will see it someday but given how popular the franchise is, I figure I will just wait for things to calm down from it for a bit before I bother. I mean, I don't want to seem like I'm trying to be trendy or something like that, right? But seriously, I just have not had the time nor the inclination to see it.

44Name this film!

This is a very strange movie. I mean, to be totally fair here, this is a Tim Burton film which stars Johnny Depp so it is pretty likely to be at least a little strange, right? I mean...Edward Scissor Hands, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Alice In Wonderland, The Corpse Bride...these are all pretty strange movies and are not even the full list of odd movies that Depp has done with Burton at the helm. What about Sweeney Todd!? That was all sorts of nutty. Either way, this film was something else when it came out and was met with criticism for being a remake.

45Name this film!

I have to say that this is probably one of my most cherished Disney films of all times. Actually, I need to remove the probably from that statement. For sure, this is one of my favorite and most cherished Disney films of all time. This came out during the Disney Renaissance era and it may be the most popular of all those films. It may not have sparked many good sequels but it has certainly sparked a full remake that apparently did fairly well at the box office. I cannot yet push myself to see the remake, out of principle, but it will happen one day.

46Name this film!

Ever been attacked by food before? And I don't mean has someone ever thrown food, or if food has grown moldy and offended sensibilities...nor do I mean has food just been so bad to the taste that it offended. I really mean...has anyone here ever been attacked directly by food? Because people are in this film. It is quite strange. And this is apparently what happens when someone is just too smart for their own good and then go beyond their means and end up messing with the natural order in a way that just should never have happened. Funny movie though.

47Name this film!

Oh, what a strange, oddball film. there is even a sequel to this film. and this film is actually a remake of a fully animated film from way back in the day. And that animated film is taken from a book that came out well before that by a man who had some very strange and interesting ways of life, that is for sure. I cannot even begin to understand how all of this might even make a cohesive story. Some people really think the guy was brilliant with the way he wrote this but...I actually think he was just nutty.

48Name this film!

This is a pretty iconic Disney film, for sure. I mean, not only does it tell the story of a street rat's journey to becoming far more than anyone ever expected him to be, but it is also one of the greatest animated performances by the great and late Robin Williams. If that does not give this film away along with the image here, then I do not know how anyone could call themselves a kid at heart. This was part of the Disney Renaissance era and it made some fairly successful sequels as well as video games and tv shows.

49Name this film!

I have to say that I did not expect to see the guy who played Bard in The Hobbit playing this most interesting and built character in this film remake of a classic fairy tale. I mean, to be fair, I have yet to actually see this film. I have only seen screenshots and promo photos but the fact that Emma Watson stars in it means that it is most certainly on my list of movies to watch. I mean, everything that I have seen her do is just amazing. I am quite taken with Emma Watson. I don't know who could not be.

50Name this film!

This was probably a huge and groundbreaking film at the time that it came out. I mean, who would have ever expected to see a sloth, a wooly mammoth and a sabre-toothed tiger hanging out together? Well, to be fair, they did not all get along right off the top and it took the whole first movie for each of them to fully trust the other, but that is not the point. The animation of the time, the story, the characters, and the actors made this film a pretty iconic film and I think any kid at heart should know it.

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