Only A Jerry Would Fail This Rick And Morty Quiz

Rick and Morty premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim in 2013. It has run for three seasons so far and is expected to be renewed for a fourth.

The animated series follows the adventures of the eccentric, alcoholic, mad genius Rick Sanchez and his naive, teenage grandson Morty Smith. Rick and Morty travel the galaxy and across infinite dimensions using Rick's various inventions, like his portal gun and his flying car. Also featured is Rick's daughter Beth, who went over a decade without seeing her father. She dreamed of being a human surgeon, but instead ended up as a horse surgeon. There is also her dim-witted and mediocre husband Jerry, who is the butt of every joke, and Morty's older sister Summer.

Rick and Morty's unusual and often dark premise has received universal acclaim from critics and fans alike. It has been praised for its originality, creativity, and off-beat sense of humor. The third season, which ran from July 2017 to October 2017, was the highest rated comedy on television among adults and had the highest ratings in the history of the Adult Swim programming block.

How well do you know the series? Take the quiz to find out! Only a Jerry would fail.

Question 1

Who shoots Mr. Poopybutthole?

In episode four of season two, "Total Rickall," the Smith family home is infested by alien parasites. These parasites implant false memories into their victims in order to multiply. The family has no idea who is real or not until they discover that the parasites can only create positive memories, not negative ones. They manage to eliminate the parasites by killing anyone they can only remember fondly. But someone accidentally shoots Mr. Poopybutthole, a dear family friend, because they had no unpleasant memories of him,

Question 2

Who helps Rick create Anatomy Park?

Rick creates a Jurassic Park-style theme park inside of a human body. Some of the attractions are the Cerebral Cortex Carousel, the Colon Log Ride, the Haunted Liver, It's A Small Small Intestine, Lung Lift-Off and, Rick's personal favorite, the Pirates of the Pancreas. There are also various diseases to marvel at. The experiment goes awry when the host body comes down with an illness and most of the staff is killed in the incident. Who is the co-founder of Anatomy Park?

Question 3

Who insists that Pluto is still a planet?

Many of us jokingly refused to believe when astronomers declared that Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, but rather a celestial dwarf. But this character flat out refuses to accept it. They even call NASA and angrily demand for Pluto to be reinstated as a planet. It turns out that aliens live on Pluto and that its government has been mass mining its resources, causing it to shrink from the size of a planet to a celestial body.

Question 4

Which TV character does Mr. Goldenfold love?

In the second episode of the series, "Lawnmower Dog," Rick and Morty incept the dreams of Morty's math teacher Mr. Goldenfold. The plan is to make him give Morty an A in math so that he can get less homework. Mr. Goldenfold falls asleep watching TV. The main character of that TV show appears in his dream as a flight attendant. Rick and Morty then go inside of her dream. She is a sassy and strong character. Her catchphrase is "You don't know me!"

Question 5

Who drives Mr. Meeseeks insane?

Rick and Morty - Mr. Meeseeks

Mr. Meeseeks is an odd creature that is created to serve a singular purpose in it's short life. People can request a Meeseeks to perform a task for them, for which he will go to any lengths to fulfill. If the request is too complex or difficult and Mr. Meeseeks is forced to stay alive for more than a few hours, he goes completely insane. Existence is pain to a Meeseeks. Which character causes a horde of Meeseeks to lose their minds?

Question 6

Who works for the Devil?

A member of the Smith family gets a job at a vintage thrift store named Needful Things. Rick discovers that the store is run by the Devil and curses people. When Rick angrily points out that this character is working for the literal Devil, they reply "So what? what if he’s the devil, Rick? At least the devil has a job. At least he’s active in the community. What do you do? You eat our food, and make gadgets. Buh bye."

Question 7

Who creates a miniverse just like Rick's?

Rick has a very unusual car battery. It is actually a miniature universe with living beings. Their entire society exists solely to power Rick's car and they have no idea. When the universe stops generating power, Rick and Morty go inside the battery. They discover that a scientist inside the microverse has also created a miniverse to power his world. Once the scientist realizes that his world is nothing but a battery, he violently clashes with Rick. What is his name?

Question 8

What does Morty name his robot?

Rick and Morty are at an alien pawn shop when something catches Morty's eye - an enticing female robot. He asks Rick to buy it for him as a souvenir because it "looks cool." But Rick can clearly see that Morty wants it for something else entirely. They bring it home, much to their family's horror. Morty enjoys the robot (loudly) for a bit, even naming it, until they realize that it is a reproduction robot from the planet Gazorpazorp.

Question 9

Who has the ability to transform into a car?

Rick uses people (and aliens) for some depraved experiments throughout the series. He is a mad scientist after all. In one of these wacky experiments, he implants technology into a person that gives them the ability to turn their body into a car - like a Transformer. Of course, this person has no idea Rick has put this technology into them. In a post-credits scene, this character falls asleep and suddenly activates this power. They accidentally crush a person around them.

Question 10

Who gets Tiny Rick expelled from school?

Rick transfers his consciousness into a teenaged body and calls himself Tiny Rick. He does this so he can get into Morty and Summer's school and kill a vampire gym teacher, Coach Feratu. After they kill the vampire, he decides to stay as Tiny Rick. He is seemingly much happier in this form and he is also very popular in school, which elevates Morty and Summer's status too. His happiness is ruined when another student gets him expelled from school.

Question 11

Who attacks Jerry on the replica Titanic?

In the season finale of season one, "Ricksy Business," Beth and Jerry go on a trip aboard a commercial replica of the Titanic named Titanic: Experience the Romance. The ship recreates moments from the 1997 Titanic film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Jerry is a big fan of the movie and is excited for the trip, while Beth is less enthused. A woman who works as a maid on the ship becomes obsessed with Jerry and tries to force him to have sex with her at gunpoint.

Question 12

Who starts a cult worshipping the Cromulons?

In "Get Schwifty," the fifth episode of the second season, a giant floating head appears in the sky and causes all sorts of natural disasters. The head demands that the people of Earth "show me what you got!" Rick recognizes the floating head as an alien called a Cromulon and knows that all it wants is a hit song. The other people in the town form a cult and begin worshiping the Cromulons as gods. Who creates and leads this cult, known as Headism?

Question 13

When Beth is forced to pick which of her kids will live, who does she choose?

Rick and Morty - beth smith

In one of the family's many adventures, Beth, Summer and Morty are trapped on Titan (one of Saturn's moons). An evil villain tells Beth that he will spare one of her children's lives, but she has to be the one to choose between Summer and Morty. To everyone's shock, Beth doesn't hesitate at all and immediately shouts out one of her kids' names. Fortunately, Rick comes to the rescue before anyone is killed...but it is incredibly awkward. Who did Beth choose?

Question 14

Who assaults Morty in a bathroom?

Rick lets Morty choose the adventure and he leads them to a fantasy world. They promise to steal gold from a giant and give it to a poor village. The adventure goes off the rails when they get imprisoned by giants. It keeps on getting worse. They are released, but are then stuck climbing down giant steps. They find a tiny tavern on the steps, but then Morty is viciously assaulted by someone in the tavern...who turns out to be the king of the village they deliver the gold to.

Question 15

Who is a famous actor in another timeline?

As Rick loves to mention, there are infinite timelines and infinite versions of all the characters. They are all essentially the same people across timelines, but some may have it way better than others depending on the choices they made in life. While channel surfing on interdimensional cable, the family spots someone familiar being interviewed on Letterman. In another timeline, this character managed to follow their dreams and become a famous actor and director. Which character is famous in another timeline?

Question 16

Who kills Fart?

Morty befriends a gaseous being after he saves it from being assassinated. The being, who Rick names Fart, communicates through telepathy and has the power to create any element from any atom by adding or removing protons. He is difficult to defeat because he cannot be killed with regular matter. It takes a special anti-matter gun to kill him. Plus, he can telepathically manipulate anyone in his way. In the end, Fart is finally killed by who? Krombopulos Michael, Morty, Rick, or Gearhead?

Question 17

Who dismantles the Galactic Federation?

Up until season three, the universe is laregly controlled by an intergalactic organization called the Galactic Federation. The Federation has a vision of creating one, united universe. Earth joins the governmental organization at the end of season two. Before its destruction, there were 6,048 planets in the Federation. The government is mostly run by a bug-like species called the Gromflomites. The Federation falls into disarray when one of the characters makes its currency worthless and removes everyone's motivation to work.

Question 18

Who says "take things for granite" instead of "taken for granted"?

Rick and Morty Family Dinner

Sometimes, you learn a word or saying only by hearing it. And then you realize you heard it wrong and have been saying it incorrectly your entire life. And then it's pretty embarrassing when someone finally corrects you. For example, some people mishear the saying "It's a dog eat dog world" as "it's a doggy dog world." In this case, one of the characters is mocked for saying "We should never take things for granite" instead of "take things for granted."

Question 19

Who steals Rick's car on Purge Planet?

Rick and Morty visit a planet that has an annual purge night. Citizens can commit any crimes they want without penalty for one, full day. Morty sees a cute girl - who appears to be a cat-like humanoid - in trouble and forces Rick to save her. They bring her to the flying car so that she can wait out the purge. She tricks them into landing and then steals the car, leaving them stranded during the purge. What is this girl's name?

Question 20

Who asks Rick to create a love potion?

One of the characters asks Rick to create a love potion they can use on their crush. Rick creates a serum using the DNA of voles, a type of rodent that mates for life. The serum works. But it turns into a disaster when it is spread via the flu. The love potion infects the entire planet. Rick tries to reverse the potion's effects using the genetic makeup of a praying mantis. This only makes it worse. Who asks Rick to make the love potion?

Question 21

Who becomes convinced that they are a clone?

After a traumatic experience, Rick gives one of the characters the option to make a clone of themselves with all of their memories to stay on Earth while they travel the galaxy by themselves. The character turns down the opportunity. But later on they start to wonder...what if they didn't turn down the opportunity? What if they were nothing a clone of the real version? Even through Rick assures them that he did not clone them, they become extremely paranoid.

Question 22

Which of Rick's friends betrays him to the government?

In the episode "Mortynight Run," Morty helps a prisoner of the Galactic Federation escape. Rick, Morty and the prisoner, a gaseous being named Fart, race to a wormhole that will send Fart back to his planet. The Federation government offers a reward worth millions to anyone who turns them in. They temporarily take refuge with one of Rick's oldest friends. But the reward being offered is so high that Rick's friend betrays them and calls the authorities. Which of Rick's friends betrayed them?

Question 23

Which Morty throws himself into the Wishing Portal?

The seventh episode of season three, "The Ricklantis Mixup," is set on the Citadel of Ricks. This is where all the other versions of Rick and Morty from other timelines live to hide from the government. Mortys are either paired with Ricks, attend Morty Academy, or live in the ghetto Mortytown. Some students from Morty Academy travel to a legendary place called the Wishing Portal. One of the Mortys throws themselves into the portal, which is really just a garbage disposal.

Question 24

Which Federation agent interrogates Rick for his interdimensional travel formula?

At the end of season two, Rick gives himself up to the Galactic Federation. Rick is a dangerous criminal, but he is also a genius with valuable knowledge. A Federation agent attempts to interrogate Rick by going through his memories. He wants to get Rick's formula for interdimensional travel. Rick takes him to the day he created the formula for his portal gun. But it actually turns out to be a fake backstory he used to distract the agent and escape the prison.

Question 25

Who helps Pickle Rick escape?

Rick and Morty - Pickle Rick

In season three, Rick transforms himself into a pickle to avoid going to family therapy. He then accidentally rolls away from home and through the sewers. He escapes the sewers, only to find himself trapped inside a mysterious, Russian agency. He manages to defeat and kill several agents, even in his pickle form. The agency Director releases one of their criminal prisoners and tells him to kill Rick. Instead, he joins sides with Rick and they escape the agency together.

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