Only A Genius Can Solve These Brain Teasers


Ask yourself, just how good at you at brain teasers? To be honest, most of us never ask this question. It's not like we're bombarded on a daily basis and asked to compete in brain-bending competitions. If you're like us, the last time you did a hidden picture was in a Highlights Magazine at your local dentist's office. Maybe you haven't fired up the old noggin since grade school (in terms of brain teasers).

Whatever the reasoning, The Quiz is here to wake those brains up! We've put together a specialized quiz that will challenge your ability to solve visual puzzles, find hidden meanings, and recognize blurry or pixelated objects. We'll even tease your mind with some "what's wrong with this picture" images.

Do you think you have what it takes to make it through all 25 of these questions? It'll start out easy but we'll try to ramp the difficulty up pretty quickly!

Question 1

Can you guess this famous painting?

Let's start out with something well known. If you've ever sat through an art class, been to a museum, or learned about European history, chances are you've seen this iconic painting. It was crafted by the master painter, Leonardo Da Vinci and depicts a young smiling woman. This work was believed to have been painted between 1503 and 1506, although there are some who suggest it was crafted years later. It is perhaps the most well-known painting in history and has sparked many parodies over the years.

Question 2

Can you figure out this visual puzzle?

This quiz is meant to really scramble your mind. We're going to flip gears numerous times, swapping between blurred images, visuals puzzles, and even difference photos. We'll start with an easier visual puzzle to introduce you to the concept. Can you decipher exactly what we're trying to say by looking at the objects on the right? For this particular puzzle type, it's important to look at everything, including any outlines, words, symbols, or positions. There's a lot of different phrases that include the word Jack, so use the clues to your advantage!

Question 3

What's wrong with this photo of a house?

Take a good look at the photo on the right, and we mean a GOOD look. This is your introduction to "find what's wrong with this photo." These can be pretty tricky at times, involving a discerning detective-like eye. Sometimes, however, they're purposely made to confuse your mind. In those instances, the answer is usually quite simple and something most people often overlook. This photo is an example of the latter. You could spend all day combing each corner of this house, but the answer you seek is right in front of you. Which part of the house has the problem?

Question 4

Where is this famous landmark located?

We gave you a blurry painting to start this quiz, now we're seeing how well you can handle a pixelated place. This tall monument is located in a globally recognized city, filled to the brim with romance (and some pretty tasty pastries). It's not enough that you're able to decipher which monument we're talking about, we also want to know exactly where this famous landmark is. We will give you ONE hint, it's in a European city. That's not exactly helpful considering how many European cities there are, but hey, at least it's something.

Question 5

Which phrase does this visual puzzle point to?

Sometimes a visual puzzle can be as simple as two words. These are often the trickiest because there isn't much in terms of symbolism that you can use to solve them. It's often important to pay close attention to how the words are structured, what order they're in, and if there are any odd looking characters or letters of varying size. We know you can solve this one if you put your mind (pun is very much intended) to it!

Question 6

What's wrong with this photo of a family?

When we first introduced you to these types of pictures we explained that some take a detective-like eye. This is a perfect example. There isn't much going on in this photo, after all, it's just a family sitting on a couch and smiling at the camera. However, upon closer review, there is something definitely out of place here. To make it even spookier, this thing is in a place you definitely wouldn't expect. Can you figure out what's so alarming in this photo?

Question 7

Which fast food logo is this?

This might be a little difficult if you aren't native to the United States of America. That said, this company does have a few stores across the globe. You can find their food in Japan, Chile, Guam, Canada, India, and many other places. In fact, they currently have stores in over 30 different countries worldwide. They're known for their delicious hamburgers and often boast about their never-frozen beef. It may be a little pixelated but we're sure you can recognize this smiling logo.

Question 8

What sport does this ball come from?

Upon first glance, it's pretty easy to ascertain that this is a ball. You can clearly see the round shape and bright color. That said, it may not be so easy to see what type of ball it is. We aren't trying to be overly tricky here, we're just trying to point out that a variety of sport can use a ball of this color and shape. It's always best to go with your gut in these situations. Is there enough about this photo to tell you what sport this ball is from?

Question 9

What is this visual puzzle trying to tell you?

Here we go with another vague visual puzzle. We're progressing a bit further into this quiz, so expect these to get a bit harder from here on out. This is another classic example of a puzzle where paying attention and looking at things from a simplistic standpoint is key. There are a lot of letters here, and a repeating pattern. Is that meant to help you, or throw you off? What part of this visual puzzle stands out to you?

Question 10

What landmark is this?

What exactly are you looking at? At first glance, it looks like a stretched blob. We'll be honest, we blurred this photo a little more than normal. That's because this is actually a rather well-known landmark. It's hard to give up many hints regarding this particular monument since even a location-based suggestion might be enough to give it away. For that reason, we're going to leave it completely up to you. Take a close look, and study as long as you need to.

Question 11

What does this visual puzzle represent?

Are you ready to conquer another visual puzzle? Does this one look a bit strange to you? There aren't any words or numbers to guide you this time. You'll simply have to use your wits to solve this simplistic-looking brain teaser. Sometimes even tiny pictures or symbols can be enough to mimic an idiom or phrase. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Thankfully, we aren't making you discover a thousand words with this puzzle, just a common phrase.

Question 12

Which stylized videogame franchise is this?

This isn't just a blurred brain teaser. It also requires that you know at least a little bit about pop culture. Don't worry, we would never pick something super obscure. This character is rather famous. In fact, he's appeared in a variety of games, television shows, movies, merchandise, and phone apps since the late 1980's. We won't talk to his character too much since we don't want to give away the answer. We will say, however, that he once fought a pretty menacing animal in an arcade classic.

Question 13

What's wrong with this picture of four smiling ladies?

Can you figure out exactly what's wrong with this photo? It definitely seems like a normal picture. Four women are scrunched close together, snapping a shot of their day on the town. However, upon closer inspection, there is definitely something strange about this photograph. Could it be that someone has multiple fingers? Was photoshop used to edit an extra hand, or nose? You'll need to look closely and pay attention to figure this one out. What part of this photo has the "anomaly?"

Question 14

Can you decipher this minimalist visual puzzle?

Don't be scared, you're probably getting pretty good at this by now! This visual puzzle is rather minimalist in design. It features a square box and a small word perched precariously near an edge. You're already this far into this set of brain teasers, so sadly, we'll have to stop with the hints (not that you needed them to make it this far anyway). This seems like an appropriate place to make a terrible pun, so go ahead and think outside the box (sorry).

Question 15

What's wrong with this charming photograph?

What is it with smiling families and creepy hidden objects? This image depicts a family cuddled up on a swing with their pet dog nearby. This photo is a bit different than the others you've seen since there seems to be a lot going on. There are many things in the background, with many devious hiding places for photoshoppers to place sneaky items. Don't get too flustered. Take your time, and when you're read, tell us what's wrong with this seemingly normal photograph.

Question 16

What could this visual puzzle mean?

Are you ready for some tricky wordplay?! We thought so! This is one of the most complex visual puzzles we've shown you, based on the fact that there is a centralized word and then many symbols or letters in a strange pattern. Do you think the juxtaposition of these items matters, or are we just trying to fool you? You'll need to use all of your learned visual puzzle knowledge to solve this one. Just what are we trying to say with this oddly arranged setup?

Question 17

What animal is this?

This is the last pixelated picture you'll have to decipher. These weren't meant to be overbearingly difficult, so hopefully, they gave you a little relief through all of the other questions. This particular question is simple. Can you name the furry animal shown in the image on the right? We don't mean to mislead you, but you may need to be a little careful. Some animals can look a bit like one another when things get blurry. This isn't a trick question, just one that's a little hard to see.

Question 18

What could this visual puzzle possibly mean?

You're getting closer to the end! One could argue that these visual puzzles get easier over time, but we still have a few other tricks up our sleeve. Here we go with another crack at simplicity meets hidden meaning. Remember to focus solely on the words and their juxtaposition, that's often important in any visual puzzle. You've only got a few of these left after you make it past this one, so don't falter now! What is this visual puzzle trying to tell you?

Question 19

What's wrong with this laptop?

Nothing to see here, just an ordinary laptop. By now, you know better than to believe that. Yes, there is definitely something wrong with this laptop, but there is a lot of information to absorb from this simple photograph. This is one of the better "can you spot it" photos because it's almost like a Where's Waldo of technology. Pay close attention to all of the individual spaces on this laptop. That can be pretty hard considering there are so many. What part of this laptop is messed up?

Question 20

Can you spot the animal hiding in this photograph?

You'll notice that this picture isn't blurred or pixelated. It's not photoshopped and we aren't trying to tease your brain with some weird nonsense. This picture is simply an example of the beauty of nature and one animal's ability to use its natural camouflage to blend in. That's right, somewhere in this photograph is a fairly large animal, hiding among the trees and leaves. It can be rather difficult to spot at first and to be honest, it's not as if it's a chameleon or has some weird color changing power. Can you spot this animal?

Question 21

What is this visual puzzle about?

What do we have here? Another visual puzzle, but this one looks like some kind of jumbled up nonsense. This isn't some foreign language or a crazy spell. You're looking at a rather well-known phrase, albeit, in a rather strange way. We won't hold your hand on this one, after all, you're getting pretty good at solving these by now! Be sure to pay attention to the letters themselves, and always remember, sometimes the answer isn't buried as deep as it seems.

Question 22

Can you find the mistake?

It's a pretty simple question but this particular image can be difficult to crack. In fact, a ton of people seem to miss this one. Sure, there are a few things going on in this photo, like the bolded word and the colored number line. to be successful here, you'll need to see past what the question is asking you and analyze it in a simple manner. Don't worry, you aren't timed, so feel free to stare for as long as you'd like.

Question 23

What's this simple visual puzzle trying to say?

Let's take one final crack at the visual puzzles. If you've managed to get all of them right up to this point, congratulations! If you haven't scored a single one correctly, then this is your defining moment! As we said earlier, sometimes visual puzzles are incredibly difficult and complex. This is not one of those times. This is simplicity defined, albeit a bit tricky. We're confident in your ability to guess this one correctly! Take a few moments to look it over then punch in that answer!

Question 24

What's off about this automobile?

Something isn't quite right about the automobile in this photograph. To be honest, it's not our cup of tea, so we think the whole thing is a bit "off." That said, there is definitely something about this car that is incorrect from a visual and mechanical standpoint. There are a lot of different things to look at, so be sure to give each and every item the once over. Do you think you see what we're talking about? Prove it!

Question 25

What's wrong with this spacey image?

Congratulations! You made it to the end, but you're not out of the woods yet. One more "what's wrong" challenge stands between you and the ultimate victory (or a pretty good score, or a less than stellar showing). Whatever you've gotten up to this point, you might as well go out on top. Muster up all your strength and wit. Leave no stone unturned! Something is strange about the picture on the right, but what part of the photo features the mistake?

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