Only A Gallagher Can Name All Of These Shameless Characters

Shameless has been on for 8 seasons giving the series plenty of time to build up a huge character base. You've got the main characters who're in every single episode. You've also got plenty of secondary characters who you see quite a bit as well. Then, there are the characters who only pop in on certain episodes, or are only around to fill in the storyline for a season. The point is that there are a lot of Shameless characters, which can make remembering all their names a bit confusing, despite how wild and crazy antics their antics might be.

Do you believe that you are the ultimate Shameless fan? If so, then you probably feel like you really know the series' characters. This quiz goes over more than 50 main, secondary, and guest characters. You'll have to remember the names of the Gallagher's, their friends, and their acquaintances. The main characters should be so easy to name that if you got them wrong, the Gallagher's would be wondering where the hell you've been for the past 8 seasons. Meanwhile, some of the characters you'll have to name only held a spot on the show for a few episodes. There are so many characters that only a Gallagher can name them all, or possibly you. Are you up to the challenge? Let's go!


Question 1

Can you name this Gallagher?

Come on now! If you can't name this Gallagher, then you might as well quit while you're ahead. She's Frank and Monica's eldest daughter. She began raising her siblings while she was still a child herself. This young lady has been everything for those kids that her shameless parents weren't. Not only that, but she's also supported them with about every type of job imaginable. Despite being more responsible than her parents, she's still a Gallagher, only her addictions are sex and drama. Who is she?

Question 2

This Shameless character's identity was a bit confusing at first. Do you know his real name?

This dude was introduced in the first episode of Shameless. He was romantically involved with Fiona Gallagher on and off for the first couple seasons. Fiona met him at a nightclub where he defended both her honor and her purse. He seemed like such a great gut, but he wasn't who he said he was. He was a car thief, who In fact, turned out to be a rich boy. Fiona didn't even know his real name for quite some time. What was his real name?

Question 3

Who is this daddyz girl?

This is the daughter of the Gallagher's craziest neighbor. Her father was the only somewhat normal parent she had, although, he committed suicide as a result of her antics. She slept with several guys from school and around the neighborhood, including Lip. Her father took her to a purity ball where she was truthful about her promiscuity, which caused her dad to slap her. For payback, she seduced her mother's new boyfriend, Frank, and recorded it all on her vlog. The video was what lead to her "daddyz" suicide. Who is she?

Question 4

Carl remembers the first girl who kissed him. Do you?

We didn't get to know this Shameless character enough. Carl met her in detention and found out that her idea of fun was just as shameless and twisted as his. They went on a little crime spree together and she often came to his house with her siblings. It turned out that they were living in a van in a grocery store parking lot. She was also Carl's first real kiss. One day, Carl went looking for her, only to find that her entire family had vanished along with their van. Who was she?

Question 5

This Gallagher was a real sweetheart once upon a time. Who is she?

There is no doubt that this little girl was once the sweetest Gallagher. She did what she could to help out, by giving Fiona nearly all of her earnings from running a daycare. Plus, she was the nicest to Frank, right up until he smashed her project. She was still shameless, although, in a more innocent, childlike way. Now, she's a teen mom who only looks out for herself. Who knew she'd grow up to be so selfish? Do you know her name?

Question 6

Can you name the smartest Gallagher?

This Gallagher is super-smart! He even made it into college. Although, maintaining his college status turned out to be more than he could handle. It turned out that he often felt out of place because most of the other students came from wealthy backgrounds. That, and realizing that his southside education left him behind in most of his classes led him to drink, which quickly became an addiction. He's intelligent, hardworking, and a bit of a smart-ass. Do you know who he is?

Question 7

Who is this naughty neighbor?

This Shameless character is 1/2 of the most interesting couple on the Southside. They have an odd, anything goes in the bedroom lifestyle, but they are known for being the unbreakable couple. As for the woman of the relationship, who is also the character you must name, she is also the Gallagher's neighbor and Fiona's best friend. Fiona confides in her and most of the time, she gives Fiona sound advice. She's also been known to kick some ass when she feels her relationship is threatened. Who is she?

Question 8

Frank would be lost without these guys. Who are they?

Frank would be lost without these guys. The Alibi Room is one of his favorite spots, especially since he's neighbors with the owner and can get his booze on a bar tab. There are plenty of random people at the bar, but these guys are the ones that you see Kev, Frank, and the rest of the Gallaghers interact with. In fact, they're the only ones who'll put up with Frank's drunk trash-talking. They were also there when Frank was too sick to be at the bar. Who are these guys, anyway?

Question 9

This fiery redhead used to work with Kevin at the Alibi Room. Do you know her name?

Long before Svetlana, there was this fiery redhead. She worked with Kev at The Alibi Room, before Stan died and Kev inherited it. She was the one who made a case on Stans behalf that he should be in a nursing home, rather than the apartment over the bar. It was also her who overheard Frank calling social services on his own children. Plus, she scolded Frank for poking Sheila's grandson, Hymie with a thumbtack dipped in liqueur, rather than taking him for his vaccinations. What was her name?

Question 10

What was Grammy Gallagher's real name?

Grammy Gallagher is Frank's mean-spirited mother. Grammy isn't seen at the start of the series because she's in prison serving a sentence for manslaughter after her meth lab blew up and killed some people. She is first seen when Lip and Ian visit her, trying to find out who Ian's real father is. Later, she shows up after being released early for medical purposes, but she attempts to start a meth lab in the basement. She allowed Shiela to smother her with a pillow, rather than continuing to suffer from cancer. What was her name?

Question 11

This is the Gallagher who never stuck around until the end. Can you name her?

To say this Gallagher had bad parenting skills would be an understatement. You've got to be around to be labeled a bad parent, after all. She earned the nickname Hurricane ______, due to the way she'd swoop in on a whim, messing up everything she touched in the process. She was Frank's 3-time wife and the mother of the Gallagher children, yet only showed up occasionally. That is until she reappeared for good trying to make amends with Frank and the kids before her death. What's her name?

Question 12

Which of Debbie's boyfriends was this?

As Debbie Gallagher got older, her sweetness faded and her shameless side came out. This boyfriend got hit with a heavy dose of that shamelessness when he tried to be a friend to Debbie. He felt that he too old for Debbie, yet she saw their friendship as a relationship and attempted to seduce him on more than one occasion. Eventually, Debbie managed to get him drunk at a party and got him, or as he put it "statutory raped" herself. Can you name the boyfriend?

Question 13

Can you name Lip's rebound chick?

If you don't recognize this lady then you probably haven't caught up on season 8 yet. She's the girl that Lip moved on to after his ex from Patsy Pies. She's more of a rebound for Lip, whose sponsor told him not to get into anything serious. However, his sponsor, who is also his new boss, also warned him away from this wild and crazy co-worker. She's hot, but she's also really violent in and out of the bedroom. Who is she?

Question 14

Name this Shameless character!

There is no way that you should miss naming this character. He's Veronica's other half and just a little dim in the intelligence area. Okay, maybe a lot. He is hot and funny, though. He used to work at The Alibi Room, which he now owns. Plus, he's also one of the Gallagher's neighbors and a close friend of the families. He's got good paternal instincts, but he can get really shameless without his wife, Veronica. Who is this guy?

Question 15

You mostly saw this woman in her Southside home. Who is she?

This woman spent almost her entire time on Shameless in her home. Why? Because she was Gallagher's agoraphobic neighbor. She was Lip's old flame, Karen's mother. She was also in a live-in relationship with Frank when Karen seduced him, although, she got Karen back later when she started sleeping with her husband. Oh, and I almost forgot about her fetish. She loved sticking things where things shouldn't go. Frank got so tired of having a sore butt that he gave up living the free life to get away. Who was she?

Question 16

This little boy has been through some stuff. Who is he?

This little boy has seen things fall apart in the Gallagher household multiple times. He's the youngest of Frank and Monica's children, although, his lineage was questioned at one point. It was proven that he is their biological child. He's also the one who suffered the most from Fiona's downward spiral. Despite all of this, He's turned out to be an okay kid. Frank even got him enrolled in a private school where he's currently a student. Can you name this Gallagher?

Question 17

This is Ian's love of a lifetime. Who is he?

The Shameless producers can bring in all of the new love interests for Ian that they want, yet none of his relationships will ever compare to the one he had with this guy. He was the neighborhood bad ass. The brother of Mandy and Ian's on again, off again lover. He fought off coming out for as long as he could, even getting married on his father's orders. Still, nothing, not even himself, could stop him from loving Ian. Who was he?

Question 18

This guy took Fiona for a spin in his cop car. Do you know his name?

This guy had it bad for Fiona! The only problem was that she only had eyes for Steve, aka Jimmy. He was a police officer on the Southside who would bring Frank home for Fiona and on occasion helped when her brothers got into trouble. Even if it only meant he could get a shot with Fiona. Fiona did date him once, or twice, then she just dropped the poor guy, but not before she gave him a ride in his cop car. Who is he?

Question 19

This mother would do anything for her daughter. Who is she?

This mom was involved in one of the most awkward love scenes, ever. Her daughter, Veronica wanted to give her boyfriend a kid, but she thought she wasn't going to be able to conceive. That's when Kev and V asked her mom to be their surrogate. She agreed, yet they couldn't afford the proper procedure and went the old-fashioned way. Yep! This woman literally slept with her daughter's boyfriend to conceive a child for them. Do you remember her name?

Question 20

The Russian prostitute with brilliant business sense. What's her name?

This lady is pretty unforgettable. She slept with Mickey in front of Ian at the request of Mickey's father. She married Mickey and forced him to stay with her and their baby despite knowing he was in love with Ian. The woman started off the show giving hand jobs, yet ended up in a throuple with Kev and V, while secretly stealing their bar out from under them. She's cold-hearted, conniving, and witty. Who is this prostitute with brilliant business sense?

Question 21

You should recognize this face anywhere! Can you name him?

If you can't name this man, then you've never watched Shameless. He's the father of Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debby, Carl, and Liam. He's not going to win any father of the year awards, but he's their dad and they've consistently cleaned up his messes ever since the series premiere. Despite being an alcoholic, drug addict, this guy is actually a smart guy. He was going to college with a major in psychology before he met Monica and she turned his world upside down. Who is he?

Question 22

This Gallagher is in the best place when he's on his meds. Name this Gallagher!

This Gallagher has always known just who he is. He's the son of Frank and Monica Gallagher, although, his biological father is really Frank's brother, Clayton Gallagher. He pretended to date a girl once after she was hurt that he turned her down because she didn't know he was gay. Meanwhile, he was having an affair with the married guy from the convenience store. Later, he began a new relationship with her brother, Mickey Milkovich. He's the only one of Monica's children to inherit her bipolar disorder. Who is he?

Question 23

This foster kid was the Gallagher's neighbor. Who is she?

Before Kev and V had twins, they had this foster child. There wasn't too much knowledge about where she came from. Only that she was Amish and had been rescued from a marriage with a 62-year-old man. She'd had a child of her named Jonah who had been taken from her, but Kev and V helped her get her baby back. Then, she met a guy from the neighborhood who was also a teen parent and they ran away together. Who was she?

Question 24

Can you name this shameless woman?

This woman showed up claiming Kev as her husband and the father of her child, Kyle. It turned out that she was Kev's wife, but he didn't know that she'd had Kyle who was an older boy. She claimed that she was there so Kevin could get to know Kyle, although, she started trying to take Kev from V. Eventually, the truth came out that Kyle wasn't Kevin's son. In fact, he wasn't even hers. He was her nephew whom she'd bribed to say that he was hers. Who was this shameless woman?

Question 25

Frank used his liver to take advantage of this man. Who is he?

Not much is known about the character with Frank in this image, but he's the father of Frank's liver donor. He got all of the people who got his son's donated organs together to see what good came from the death of his son. However, Frank used it as an opportunity to use him for a place to stay. Meanwhile, his grief-stricken wife ended up sleeping with Frank. The guy was only in a couple of episodes. Who was he?

Question 26

Can you name these brothers?

Fiona Gallagher slept with both of these brothers. To make matters worse, she was dating the more responsible one at the time who was also her boss. He was charming, nice, and responsible, which also made him boring to Fiona. She was happy with him at first, but that was before his brother returned from rehab with his drama. This was a big pull for Fiona, whose naturally drawn to drama. Then he threw himself at her, only to tell his brother about the entire thing. Who are they?

Question 27

This teacher was totally shameless. Who was she?

This teacher was on the sex offender registry. Lip was angered by his brother seeing a much older man. This led him to search for sex offenders in the neighborhood. He got a group of guys together to chase the offenders out of town. However, the first offender shocked them into silence when they discovered that it was a woman. Lip was still convinced that she was a predator and set out to prove it. Only Lip ended up getting more than he bargained for, including a trim down under. Who was this teacher?

Question 28

Do you know Ian's recent love interest's name?

This guy is Ian's most recent love interest. He's transgender and an advocate and activist for LGBT and homeless teens. Ian met him in season 7, but it took a while for them to actually get together because Ian is gay, not trans and he needed to adjust to the idea. Once things got right, Mickey escaped from prison long enough to send Ian down a spiral, which included cheating on his new guy. They split, but Ian's been working on getting him back. Who is he?

Question 29

Can you name Monica's ex?

The first time Hurricane Monica came back home she brought her girlfriend. This woman was a truck driver with a guys name who felt like Liam would be a good fit for their new family. Fiona refused to let them take Liam, while Frank almost agreed if he could get his divorce. In the end, a paternity test was done because nobody suspected that Frank was Liam's real father, not even the Gallagher's. However, Monica and her ex left empty-handed when it turned out that Liam was Franks. Who was Monica's ex?

Question 30

Do you know who this Shameless character is?

Not only was this guy Jimmy's dad, but he was also one of Ian's wealthy lovers. They met sometime around when Ian was dancing at the club. Later, he came to stay with the Gallagher's when Jimmy and Fiona were still a couple. Apparently, his wife had found out and thrown him out of the house. Everyone, including Jimmy, found out about his sexuality when he attempted to get into bed with the wrong Gallagher brother. What was Jimmy's dad's name?

Question 31

Name this Gallagher!

This Gallagher is one of the youngest. He kicked off the show proving that he was hardcore shameless, by doing things like trying to poison his uncle who wanted to take the house. Despite his destructive and evil beginning, he became one of the most responsible Gallagher's. Although, this change didn't come until after he spent time in juvie and went through seeing his friend kill someone. In recent years, he's been going to military school, but girls tend to get in his way. Which Gallagher is this?

Question 32

This character was only around for a short time. Who was she?

This woman came to town with Jimmy, right after Fiona married Gus. She kept coming into Patsy's while Fiona was working and spying on her. It turned out that she was doing it for Jimmy, but she also made it clear that she was interested in Fiona too. She left just as quickly as she appeared when things went south with Fiona and Jimmy again. They drove off together both thinking about the girl they were leaving behind. Who was this mystery woman?

Question 33

Look! It's another one of Lip's teachers. What was her name?

I guess you can say that Lip really has a way with his teachers. First, there was the pedophile, then he got his professor to fall for him. She was known to sleep with her students, but she'd never crossed the line like she did for Lip. Aside from that, her husband knew about the entire thing. How awkward is that? It's too bad that his ex got jealous and posted the naked pics all over campus, ended their relationship and eventually Lip's education. Who is this professor?

Question 34

This doc really got to Frank's heart. Who was she?

In most situations, this doctor would've never seen Frank outside the hospital. However, she'd just found out she was dying from a type of cancer with a ridiculously low survival rate. Frank offered to show her how to live, meanwhile, he was getting all of his drugs and booze for free. The only problem was that he fell for her just after getting his life back, yet she was dying. She eventually committed suicide leaving Frank pining away on her grave. Who was she?

Question 35

Can you name this nympho?

This dude was the guy who married Karen only to have a wild and kinky fling with her mother, Shiela. Really, most of the blame shouldn't go to him, though. First, Karen started seeing Lip when she got bored with him. Then, he and her toy-fetish mother, Shiela began sleeping together which wasn't great for him since he used to be a nympho. That sent this poor guy off the deep end and Shiela couldn't even deal with him. Who was he?

Question 36

Frank's long-lost daughter... Who is she?

This was Frank's long-lost daughter who he tracked down when he needed a match for his liver. He found her and tried to seduce her without telling her who he was. She found out the truth when he blew up after he found out that she wasn't a match. Afterward, it was like she owned him. Then, he promised to buy her a trailer, which never happened. She blew up and shot him and moved in with the Gallagher's for a short time. Who was she?

Question 37

Can you name this sweet old broad?

This was the lady who sold Fiona her laundromat but couldn't remember that she'd done it. She was really sweet and had lived there above the laundromat with her cat since before her husband had passed. She didn't want to sell because she couldn't imagine moving elsewhere. Fiona promised her that she'd let her stay there if she'd sell the place to her. However, that was before Fiona was offered way more money than she'd spent and sold it herself. She sent this sweet broad to an old folks home. Who was the old lady?

Question 38

Name this waitress!

This is one of the waitresses that Fiona hired to work at Patsy's Pies. She and Fiona become pretty close and she was also a love interest of Lip's. They had a pretty great relationship until she started to get comfortable and he took some steps back. He spent last season trying to get her back, despite her plans to work things out with her son's father. Lip initially wanted to sabotage his sobriety, but fortunately, he thought better of it. Who is she?

Question 39

This was the best friend Carl ever had. What was his name?

Carl wasn't great with the friend thing. In fact, the closest thing he'd had as a friend in his years before juvie was Chuckie, who he used to mule drugs. However, he made the best friend he'd ever had in juvie. The guy was huge and acted as a bodyguard for Carl when he first got out. His friend had been in juvenile detention for killing his dad over his bike, which his dad had sold for drugs. He got a new bike with Carl but murdered a kid who stole it from him. What was his name?

Question 40

Who is this crazy chick?

This crazy chick is Carl's latest girlfriend. He'd gotten ahold of her while trying to get paid for sobering up the youths in his neighborhood. As it turned out, she was rich and told Carl to pretend he was holding her hostage for money. Afterward, they became a couple, but she's really out there. She wanted to go see all about Carl's way of life like she was a thrill junkie. They came across a dead guy in an alley and she took this selfie with him. Who is she?

Question 41

This fool left Fiona at the altar. Can you remember his name?

Fiona met this guy on her road to recovery, following her downward spiral. He gave her the job she has at Patsy's Pies and watched her drama from afar, only to criticize her for it. Eventually, he caved and they became a hot item. In fact, they almost got married, although, that was before the huge wedding scene where Frank pointed out that he'd relapsed right in front of his son. The guy walked out on her and disappeared. What was his name?

Question 42

Lip's blast from the past. What's her name?

This was Lip's girlfriend back in the early season's. She was there to pick up the pieces after Karen broke his heart. Plus, she was a big part of the reason that he ended up in college. She was the one who sent in the applications on his behalf when he refused to. Although, she was also shameless enough to run Karen over when she thought she might lose Lip. What's her name?

Question 43

Frank's old flame was sorta out there. What was her name?

This was one of Frank's old flames that came back to haunt him. She's the mother of his oldest daughter Sammi. Frank reconnected with her when she came to retrieve Sammi's son who was left behind when Debbie and Mickey tortured her and left her for dead in a storage pod. This lady was kinda out there too, but in a groovy peaceful sort of way. She was into all of that 'healer stuff'. She even helped Lip release some tension with a foot massage once. Do you remember her name?

Question 44

Do you remember this guy? Name him!

This another face from the early seasons. He was the guy who owned the local convenience store with his wife. Meanwhile, he was having an affair with their stock boy, Ian. He was the very first guy we saw Ian with. Unfortunately, his wife caught them and that was that. The guy still wanted to be with Ian, but he had moved on with Mickey by then. He eventually left town fleeing from his wife. Do you remember who this guy was?

Question 45

This girl was so messed up. Who was she?

This girl had Carl's heart wrapped around her finger. He fought so hard to get her, even changing his lifestyle. Plus, he got circumcised for her. Her dad tried to attack him when he found out she had an std, but Carl got checked out and found out that he wasn't the source. Poor Carl didn't catch on that she'd been cheating until his brothers explained how std's work to him. Carl ended up catching her with the guy and taking her police officer dad to them. Who was she?

Question 46

Deb's had a good thing going, but lost him. Who'd she lose?

Deb spent her first year of parenting Frannie in a downward spiral. She even lost her, but found this guy while searching for a job. He's in a wheelchair and has a brain injury, which causes him to say the first thing he thinks. It usually causes him to grab boobs and butt, too. The best thing for Deb's is that he'd sued and had a settlement. Deb's had moved in with him and had him as a full-time babysitter, but she lost him when she wouldn't give him any affection. Who is he?

Question 47

This little boy was a casualty of a Gallagher family feud. Who is he?

This is Sammi's son. He's also the grandson of Frank's old flame Queenie. He was a sweet innocent boy before he became a casualty of the Gallagher family feud between Sammi and the rest of the family. Sammi was crazy enough to think that she could mess with the Gallagher's, but as we all know, blood doesn't mean much to Frank. Sammi wouldn't leave him alone so he told Carl to use him to carry his drugs. Frank set him up and he took down Carl. Who was this poor kid?

Question 48

We still don't know what happened to this guy. Who was he again?

This man popped up when Kev, V, and Svetlana's throuple was still hot and heavy. She claimed that he was her father, although, that was before Kev got them going at it while he and V were supposed to be out. They thought that he was forcing her at first, but then Svetlana cleared things up by admitting that he was her husband. Things came to a head when Svetlana came into the bar saying that she had gotten "rid" of him. We still don't know what happened. Who was he?

Question 49

Lip's college girl gone psycho. What's her name?

Lip met this girl through his college roommate. Lip initially thought that she was his girlfriend, but it turned out that they were friends with benefits. She began seeing Lip to get back at her parents who paid him not to see her. She told Lip ahead of time and made sure that he'd accept the money. She was very controlling and got upset when Lip quit wanting to see her. She found out that it was because of Professor Helené, so she posted pictures of her nude in Lip's room all over campus. Who was she?

Question 50

What is Debbie's baby daddy's name?

As Debbie got mid-way through her teenage years, she became determined to have a baby. She met this guy and they began sleeping together. Deb's was super-excited when she discovered that she was pregnant, but this guy didn't seem too happy that his future was going down the drain. His mom sent him off to get him away from Debbie. He didn't show back up until much later in the series, despite the fact that his mom tried to take Deb's baby Franny. Who is Franny's daddy?

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