Only A Food Network Junkie Can Pass This Foodie Quiz

Who lives and breathes the Food Network? Who dreams in soufflés and hears the ticking clock of Chopped in their nightmares? (It isn't fair! The basket only had sardines, Belgian chocolate, and avocado!) Who knows that they could go head to head with Bobby Flay and come out the ultimate grillmaster? Whose encyclopedic knowledge rivals Alton Brown and who knows exactly how to make the perfect sous vide salmon and Brussels sprout hash with flair?

Whether one is more Pioneer Woman or Barefoot Contessa, there is one thing that all Food Network junkies have in common- they know their foodie facts. Whether it is naming exotic dishes from Texas to Timbuktu, or being able to list off certain ingredients, culinary knowledge comes naturally to Food Network junkies. We've put together fifty mouthwatering questions that cover all parts of the culinary landscape and test the skills of even the most hardened foodie Food Network fan! Who thinks that they are up to the challenge? Lace up those aprons and sharpen those knives because it is about to get real! Here is where we separate the true Food Network junkies from the wannabes. Ready? Answer correctly or get out of the kitchen.

Question 1

What state is famous for giving the United States all of it’s delicious peaches?

This state is generally on everyone's minds when they think about the juicy, sweet, summer fruit favorite- the peach? From cobblers to pies, and even to tangy and savory barbeque sauce, the peach shines brightly in the United States South. There are those who prize this fruit so highly that they have parades and celebrations devoted to the fuzzy and tasty fruit. Who knows where this tasty summertime fave comes from? Choose the correct answer from the four options below.

Question 2

What tasty dip is traditionally made from chickpeas?

Oh, chickpeas- those glorious little beans that go so well in our salads and sometimes a stand-in for meat in different types of soups. They are endlessly versatile and even really good for us. Long live the humble chickpea! When it comes to chickpea creations, this one is in a league of its own. This dip is best with all sorts of different types of vegetables, crackers, and even spread on bread. Who remembers the name of this tasty dip?

Question 3

What salty add-on is usually is sprinkled on top of pasta?

This salty, cheesy add-on is the perfect partner to a hot and tasty plate of delicious pasta. Anyone who has ever been to an Italian restaurant remembers the waiter coming by with a big dish of this grated substance that added a salty and cheesy kick to any plate of pasta. Sometimes, it is even combined with butter and garlic and added to cooked pasta for an easy weeknight meal that even the kids will love. What is this incredible add-on?

Question 4

What humble vegetable, pictured here, is used to make sauerkraut?

This humble green veggie has been used for years to make the world's best peasant food. From Ireland to Germany to Poland, this veggie has risen to star status on the table. True Food Network junkies will recognize it in its raw form. When cooked it makes sauerkraut- a dish that pairs well with sausage or shines just perfectly on its own. It can also sub in as a great filling in Polish pierogi. What is the name of this veggie?

Question 5

What is sushi traditionally wrapped in?

Sushi is one of the greatest things that ever came out of Japan. We love these little bite-sized goodies that contain cooked rice and a rainbow of different types of fish and seafood. Topped with a little soy sauce and wasabi, sushi simply can't be beat! Who knows how these little rolls are kept held together? What is the outside of the sushi roll comprised of? Is is caviar or sashimi? Is it seaweed or cucumber? Choose the correct answer below.

Question 6

What ice-cream contains vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors?

This ice-cream allows us to get the best of all three worlds; with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream all represented in one tasty bite that transports us immediately back to childhood. This tri-colored ice-cream was in many freezers when we were growing up and there was always on that was a little more eaten than the other two (for us it was chocolate)! Who wants to hop into the way back machine and tell us what this tri-colored ice-cream is called?

Question 7

What below is not a variety of tea?

Tea is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. Each region has its own favorite type of tea and a special way of preparing it. Visit parts of India for a cup of steaming chai tea. Japan has the best green tea in the entire world. With so many different ones to choose from it can be difficult to choose which option below is actually NOT a tea but that is what we need here. Nobody said that this quiz would be easy!

Question 8

What ingredient makes bread fluffy?

Who does not love a nice, fluffy slice of bread spread with strawberry jam and butter? Bread is the ultimate comfort food all around the world and each culture and country has a different type of bread that they bring to the table. Some bread, like naan, are flatbreads that are great for dipping. Others are fluffy slices full of tasty little air pockets. What makes bread so fluffy? Who knows the ingredient that causes bread to rise? Choose below.

Question 9

What country is famous for delicious paella?

Paella is one of those great examples of peasant food gone mainstream- for good reason! It is basically heaven in a pan, a combination of amazing seafood, chicken, sausage, veggies and a broth that everyone needs to soak up with a thick piece of bread. This dish is so popular all over the world that one can find it in just about every restaurant but to get the real deal, one has to go to the source. What country?

Question 10

What delicious dip is made with the food pictured here?

The dreamy, creamy avocado. Hipsters love to put it on their morning toast, but a special dip has been made with this fruit for centuries. Before today's hipsters were waxing their mustaches and serving up avocado sliced up on toast, these tasty fruits were being mashed up into a dip listed below. Who remembers what the name of it is? True foodies should know this one right away, so give us the best guess from the four choices listed below.

Question 11

What dish, pictured here, is actually made out of fish roe?

This dish is considered to be one of the most decadent in the entire world, although its origin story can actually sound a little bit.... off.... Fish roe, or fish eggs, make up this tasty gourmet treat that pairs well with buttered toast and sometimes can be found on top of sushi. Who can name this famous, fishy dish? We have included four choices below so simply select the one that sounds the most correct. Choose the best answer below.

Question 12

What part of the egg makes meringue?

Meringue. It is the fluffy, sugary top of a lemon meringue pie. It makes the basis of so many of our favorite desserts and is lighter than air and uniquely tasty. Baked Alaska is frosted with meringue. It has so many great applications that any aspiring chef should know how to whip one up in the kitchen. The question is, what part of the eggs need to be whipped in order to create the perfect meringue? Choose the answer below.

Question 13

What famous green ice-cream is named for a nut?

It was a great day when we realized that there were more types of ice-creams out there other than standard vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. We fell in love with Rocky Road and Butter Pecan but no type of frosty treat stole our hearts more than this one, notable for its green hue. This mint colored ice-cream is actually based on a special type of nut that can be found infused through every scoop. Who knows what this ice-cream is called?

Question 14

What spice gives your curry that golden hue?

One of the best parts about digging into a big bowl of curry is not just the fragrant and beautiful smell, it's the rich golden color that lets everyone know that they are about to dig into a bowl of something that tastes so good and is excellent for them! Curries generally contain a special spice that comes from India and is well known for being a superfood in that region. Who knows what this incredible spice is called? Tell us below.

Question 15

What is another word for calamari?

Calamari is one of those dishes that pop up on restaurant menus all over the world. The recipe might change but the basics stay the same. Calamari is crispy, creamy and best dipped in a spicy sauce that brings out that great fresh fishy flavor! Whether it comes from a gourmet restaurant or a corner fish shack, calamari is a dish that simply can't be beat! It also goes by this other name that is not so popular. What is it?

Question 16

What is the dish shown here?

This dish gained fame during the 1800s and is still on the menu of top restaurants today. It consists of a tender piece of beef slathered in a buttery mushroom mixture and then folded into a puff pastry crust. It is then baked to perfection and sliced at the table so none of those amazing juices can get out before it is time to eat. This dish is truly a thing of beauty. What is the name of this dish?

Question 17

If you order Moules Frites in Belgium what will you get?

Belgium is known for its great food. Not only does the tiny country borrow a lot of French culinary tradition, it also has a thriving food culture of its own that hinges on its chocolate creations and dreamy desserts. This dish, known as Moules Frites, is one of the most famous in all of Belgium. Walk down any street in Brussels and there will be at least five or six shops that sell this unique and tasty Belgian staple dish.

Question 18

What type of shop would sell cupcakes in France?

From Belgium let's take a hop and a skip over to France where we can dream about some decadent cupcakes, like these blue and white cake beauties. If one is walking down the streets of Paris one can stop into one of these little shops and sample cupcakes, cakes, pastries or all sorts of sweet delights of any kind. This is a tough one so only true foodies will be able to figure out the correct answer. Let us know below.

Question 19

What is one of the primary components of ceviche?

Ceviche is known in South and Central America as one of the most popular foods. It is light, citrusy and so easy to eat while kicking back on a tropical beach. The ingredients are "cooked" in citrus juice, lending this dish a tropical kind of flavor that is totally addictive. In fact, ceviche is so popular it has been duplicated in restaurants throughout the rest of the world- but never so well as when in its place of origin. What is it made of?

Question 20

What quality makes peppers hot?

Spicy food is popular all over the world. We just can't get enough of these spicy little peppers. We put them in everything- from salads to soups to stirfries to give our food that kick that we crave so much. But what gives the peppers that spicy kick? This is a question that only tried and true foodies will be able to get correct. Check out the four options below. Who knows what quality makes peppers so hot and tasty?

Question 21

What country is famous for the origin of chocolate?

We all know it and love it- the delicious, creamy, sweet substance of our dreams. We are talking about chocolate, of course! Chocolate has been around for centuries and has been used to make everything from delicious drinks to cakes filled with even more chocolatey goodness. We dare anyone to look at this image of chocolate overflowing out of a mug crowned with marshmallows and not want to get a sugar fix of their own! What country gave us chocolate?

Question 22

What vegetable was said to give us better eyesight?

Who wants to have supersight? One of the best ways to get those peepers functioning at maximum capacity it to chow down on these vegetables. At least, that is what an old wives tale says! There is some compelling evidence that this healthy vegetable does give eaters a boost in their eyesight. What veggie should one chomp on if they want to see (pun intended!) an increase in their vision? Show off some serious foodie knowledge and give us the answer below.

Question 23

What we call zucchini, our friends across the pond call this?

This is a tough one so only international foodies will be able to get it right. We trust that everyone who is taking this quiz is up to the challenge. What we call zucchini is referred to by a different name by our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom. Let's see whose culinary knowledge spans across the entire globe! Whose palate is the height of sophistication and world class? Choose the correct name for zucchini in the United Kingdom.

Question 24

What technique is it to cook food low and slow, vacuum sealed underwater?

This cooking technique is gaining popularity. Not only is it a great way to cook fishes like salmon and tilapia, it is also a great way to pre-cook steak before grilling it. Cooking food low and slow in water gives it that slow cooker flavor and texture, but one just puts the ingredients in a plastic bag so they can be individually cooked. The options are really endless. What was once a restaurant technique is now available in every kitchen.

Question 25

Which answer below is not a type of pasta?

Who doesn't love a big steaming plate of pasta? Whether it is topped with marinara, cheese sauce, pesto, or a big pile of vegetables, pasta is the ultimate comfort food. Plus, it is super easy to cook and anyone can whip up a great meal within minutes. There are tons of different types of pasta available and each brings something new to the dish. Of the options below, what is not a type of pasta? Choose one and show off some serious skills.

Question 26

Which flavoring, also known as black licorice, is an either love it or hate it?

Black licorice is one of the most polarizing flavors in the entire world. Everyone either loves or hates it. Who roots through the dish of jelly beans to find the black ones and eat them? On the other hand, who can't even stand the smell of black licorice? The flavor in question actually goes by another name and infuses some of our favorite candies and desserts. Who knows what this flavor is called? Choose the correct answer from the options below.

Question 27

One can get this from a can, or fresh- but this berry always goes with Thanksgiving dinner?

This berry almost always makes a dramatic entrance at Thanksgiving tables all across the United States. On that fateful Thursday in late November this humble berry is elevated to superstar status! Known for being tart and savory, it pairs perfectly with turkey and gravy. No fall celebration would be complete without this fruit that is harvested every fall from marshes and bogs. Who remembers what this berry is called? Give us a best guess from the four options listed below.

Question 28

What is the word for someone who eats no animal products?

These days it seems like everyone has a different type of diet. There are those whose diet revolves around eating only vegetables. Unlike vegetarians who eat no animal meat but will still eat animal products like milk, eggs, and cheese, these people only eat plant-based foods with no exceptions. Fortunately for them, there are plenty of options available in supermarkets all over the world- from nut milks to meat substitute products. What do we call someone who eats no animal products?

Question 29

Name the fruit pictured here

Look at this lush and lovely tropical fruit! This fruit is popular all over the world and predominately is available in locations that are close to the equator. Traveling in the tropics? Chances are one will come across this jewel of the islands. The skin can be golden, reddish, or even green but the flesh of this fruit is always deep yellow. Spoon it out, chop it up, eat it plain, mixed in yogurt or even tossed in a stirfry!

Question 30

Name the dish pictured here

This classic dessert is a favorite all over the world. Every country has their own variation on it and one can find it at most high-end restaurants all over the globe. It consists of creamy custard, generally vanilla, topped with a crispy caramelized sugar topping. Break the topping (the best part!) and dig into the custard. The best way to eat it is to mix the sugar and custard together for the perfect bite of creamy and crispy sweet goodness.

Question 31

What is the substance used for quick freezing food called?

For years, chefs have been vying to get ahead of each other in the kitchen and one of the best ways to do that is to employ new technologies. Freezing food rapidly is a popular technique in top end kitchens and on popular cooking contest shows like Chopped! We have to admit that we always hold our breath when someone pulls out this substance to flash freeze some ingredients- because it could all go so wrong so quickly! What is it?

Question 32

What type of sweet pie originally contained meat?

When we think of meat we do not usually think of sweet foods or pies. Meat is in its corner and fruity desserts are in theirs... but it was not always that way. In olden times, many people would combine savory and sweet together. It was not just some spiced pineapple along with a leg of chicken. Meat would find its way onto the dessert table too, as was the case with this pie. It does not have meat in it now, but it did!

Question 33

Which one of these is not a type of cheese?

Cheese is one of the great pleasures of life and we should revel in each and every variety. From soft cheeses that spread nicely on bread to hard cheeses that we can grate liberally over our pasta dishes, we love them all. Give us cheddar and crackers all day! Let us dip our hot wings into creamy blue cheese! We want to pair strawberries and gorgonzola together all day! Who loves cheese as much as we do? Which one below is not a cheese?

Question 34

What vegetable is shown here?

This humble vegetable is the base of many sauces, dips and some of our favorite dishes-, especially from Italian cooking. Covered in cheese, paired with crispy crostini or sliced up and grilled with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt, this vegetable is one of the best in the garden! Who knows what this purple beauty is called? Tell us the name of this delicious veggie and prove who knows their culinary stuff! Choose one answer below.

Question 35

What vitamin is found in Citrus Fruits?

We all know that we should eat more citrus fruits. They not only taste great, but they are also great for our bodies! Citrus fruits like oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits have a special tart taste and give us a specific vitamin that we need for our bodies to work optimally. Without this vitamin, we'd be vulnerable to problems like scurvy or serious vitamin deficiencies. Who knows what special vitamin we can get from citrus fruits? Choose one option below.

Question 36

What is this famous dessert known as?

This dessert is one of the most famous in the world. Traditionally topped with strawberries, a sweet sauce, and whipped cream, it is one of the best exports that ever came out of New York City. Now, anyone can get this special dessert in a variety of different flavors and toppings. There are even whole restaurant chains devoted to creating perfect versions of this dessert. The ultimate comfort food, it will continue to be loved for so many years to come.

Question 37

What does “maize” mean to the Aztecs?

The Aztecs were one of the first people to cultivate this crop, which has since taken the world by storm and is eaten regularly on every continent. In North America, this crop is consumed almost more than any other and is in so many different dishes that it almost impossible to think about life without it. The Aztecs called it "maize" but we have a different word for this incredible crop. Who knows what it is? Choose an option below.

Question 38

What type of mushroom is globally prized (and very expensive??)

This mushroom is one of the most expensive ingredients on the planet. It is used at many distinctive and high-end restaurants to add a little bit of an edge to many dishes. Generally shaved over pasta, main dishes, and vegetables, this mushroom elevates any dish and adds a whole new level of flavor and deliciousness to even the most mundane dish. It is even infused into butter and served alongside crusty rolls for a new spin on the bread basket.

Question 39

What food is shown here?

Although the dish pictured might look like cubes of feta cheese, it is not. It is something else- a food heavily prized in parts of Asia as a staple protein. It is served in stir-fries, soups, or even fried up all on its own with a spicy sauce. There are several varieties of this food and they all have different consistencies. The creamiest and softest can be blended up for smoothies and the firmest can stand in for any meat.

Question 40

What natural sweetener is known for never going bad?

People from Egypt, specifically the upper class and the Pharaohs worshipped this natural sweetener, which has properties that allowed it to last forever without going bad. Excavations at the pyramids have uncovered tons of this substance which, if tried would be just as fresh in the modern day. Surprisingly, this miraculous ingredient is not all that hard to get one's hands on! It is available in almost every kitchen all over the world, and most people use it every day.

Question 41

Where does vanilla come from?

Vanilla is one of the best flavors in the world. From heavenly scoops of vanilla ice cream to creamy vanilla custard, it is one of the most popular flavors on the planet for a very good reason- it takes the cake when it comes to flavoring the cake! Okay, silliness aside, let's talk about where we can get this wonderful flavor. Vanilla has to come from somewhere, so where is it? Check out the choices below and let us know.

Question 42

Which one of these commonly known “vegetables” is actually a fruit

We have bad news. Nothing is at it seems! Drama aside, many of us grew up knowing this food as a "vegetable". We even ate it like a vegetable; in salads, stir-fries and sauces, but we have been lied to all of our lives. This "vegetable" is actually not a vegetable at all- but a fruit! It might be a savory fruit but it still just as much of a fruit as grapes, apples, oranges or lemons. What is it?

Question 43

What is another word for escargot?

Love them or hate them, escargot has claimed its place on the tables of fine restaurants from all over the world. Originating in France, it is known as haute cuisine from Paris to Patagonia. These little shelled creatures are bathed in a garlic broth and served with a side of greens. Deliciously decadent for some, this dish tends to turn off others because escargot also goes by this less than glamorous name. What is it? Choose an option from the four below.

Question 44

What national dish of Scotland is not for the faint of heart?

Ah, Scotland- the land of rolling hills, greenery and a mischevious lake monster named Nessie. Scotland is known for its great music, kilts, friendly people and this famous dish which is not for the faint of heart. This national dish is served as is, stuffed into steaks or even served on top of nachos for a totally Scottish twist on a fave dish! What is it? Who knows the name of this famous dish that has some drooling and others running for the hills?

Question 45

What pan, pictured here, is used in Asia to create stir-fries?

In order to create the perfect stir-fry, one needs to have the perfect tools, such as this metal pan that is specifically designed to move around vegetables and rice with ease. It is bigger than most pans in the kitchen. Anyone who has cooked with one of these pans knows that there is nothing like it. Perfect Pad Thai? Fried Rice to go nuts for? Use one of these pans and the product will be perfect each and every time.

Question 46

What savory form of bananas is often eaten in the Caribbean?

We have bananas pictured above- and we all know and love this yellow fruit that is perfect for breakfast or a portable afternoon or evening snack, but who knows what their starchier cousin is called? This member of the banana family is not as sweet but it sure pairs well with savory Caribbean dishes like Jerk Chicken. Pair these starchy banana cousins with some red spicy sauce for a satisfying snack or side dish. What is the name of this food?

Question 47

What is a famous soup that hails from Vietnam?

Vietnam has no shortage of great food. From the delicious Bahn Mi sandwich to classic Vietnamese fishcakes, this Southeast Asian country is famous for elevating cuisine and giving us some of the best, most complicated flavors in the whole world. This famous Vietnamese soup is no exception. Savory broth is paired with meat, vegetables and a squeeze of citrus for a layered and tasty flavor that is pure comfort food. Who knows the name of this wonderful and savory soup?

Question 48

Name this herb

Check out this green and lovely herb. Chances are, everyone has had it dozens of times in their lifetimes. Whether dried, fresh or in a paste mixed with olive oil, this herb is one of the most popular in the whole world. In fact, almost every cuisine has a dish that features this herb. Its leaves are often stir-fried in Asian cuisine and they are blended up for the perfect pesto to pour over al dente pasta. So very delish!

Question 49

What is a Spanish word for little plates?

The Spanish have a great handle on how to make savory and sweet dishes that are inventive, lovely, delicious and totally addictive. They also perfected a new way of eating where the emphasis is on sharing plates of small food. Why have one big plate when we can have lots of small plates, each exploding with a different flavor? Sign us up! The Spanish have elevated the art of preparing, presenting and eating these small plates that are also known by this term.

Question 50

Which one of these is not a type of shellfish?

Let's end on a high note! Shellfish are the stars of almost every party that they attend. They can be paired so many different ways; whether served raw with a squeeze of lemon or matched up with our favorite hot sauce, the options are endless. Shellfish can be baked into casseroles, tossed into a spicy and savory paella or even simmered in a creamy soup for a meal that will stick to the ribs. What option below is not a type of shellfish?

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