Only A Cartoon Expert Will Remember All Of These Old-School Shows

Alright, cartoon lovers, it's time to see who remembers all of the classics! While we may not be able to find the time to watch cartoons much anymore, we are sure that many of you out there still remember the good old days when all we had was time for these beloved cartoons.

Today we will be taking a stroll back through memory lane, by remembering these happy times. One by one, we will list images and brief descriptions of some of the most iconic animated series ever. Everyone here must select the correct name of each show. Once everyone has taken their best guess at each question, we will be able to figure out who the true cartoon experts really are. This one won't be easy, but it will be nostalgic for sure!

Question 1

Name this show

Here we have a show that is focused around the life of a 4th-grader. Everything about his life is pretty much normal, but for whatever reason, his head is shaped like a football. His friends never pick on him for it, but the mean girl at school never misses an opportunity.

Question 2

Pick out the right name

In this series, we learn that all of the creatures that go bump in the night, are actually just like you and me! These guys have to attend school just like we do, but they are training for very different jobs. Does anyone here recognize this good-time gang of monsters? Take a guess!

Question 3

What is the name of this show?

Okay, so we realize that these guys are technically puppets and not cartoons, but hey, we have to keep everyone on their toes somehow! This television classic is like a variety hour. Each puppet takes the stage and performs their own version of an entertaining act. There are comedians, stuntmen, and of course, musicians!

Question 4

Does anyone remember this show?

Here we have a show about a very classic pair of crime fighters. Usually, their stories start off innocent enough. The two of them come up with a plan to be rock stars or famous scientists, but before either of them can develop the plan any further, they find themselves getting a call to help bring down a bad guy.

Question 5

Match this show to the correct name

Here we have a show that features one very unimpressed teen. This girl has had about enough of everyone and everything at her school. While she does have one solid friend there, she simply cannot be bothered with anyone else (including her teachers). Graduation just can't come fast enough! Any guesses?

Question 6

What show is this?

The leading lady of this cartoon is a middle school student. She is very bright, but wishes she could be more like the popular kids. While she and her two best friends attempt to climb the social ladder, they usually find themselves enjoying each other's company by the end of the day instead.

Question 7

Which of these names is right?

He may not be the most impressive financially or academically, but when it comes to perfect hair and awesome karate chops, he is truly the best. Even though this guy is over 30 and still living at home, there has never been a cartoon with more confidence. Name this show!

Question 8

Can anyone pick out the right name?

In the world of cartoons, there are no rules to follow. These shows can really be about whatever the creators want them to be. In the case of this series, the creators decided to come up with a pair of conjoined brothers. One half is a dog, while the other half is a cat.

Question 9

Select the correct answer

This series proves that fun cartoons can also be educational! In this show, we get to learn a new lesson in every single episode. As we watch a class of kids go on all kinds of wild field trips, we get to learn about all the cool things they happen to be exploring!

Question 10

Name this cartoon

During the school day, we have to spend hours listening to our teachers go on and on about who knows what. That being said, when the bell for break does finally ring, the outside world becomes our own! Nobody understands the importance of this freedom more than the kids in this series.

Question 11

Who remembers this cartoon?

They may be all kinds of adorable, but we would not suggest getting too close to these colorful girls. When a scientist accidentally added too much "sugar, spice, and everything nice" to a potion, he wound up with these three superheroes on his hands. No villain stands a chance against these sisters.

Question 12

Match this cartoon to the correct name

Three siblings get put in charge of an entire kingdom, while their parents head off to fight all kinds of far away villains. While the eldest and strongest of the three is more interested in cooking, than actually protecting the land, his two younger sisters more than make up for it.

Question 13

Which of these names is right?

These three may look like a group of kids dressed up for Halloween, but that is not exactly the case here. They may be small, but each of these kids has their very own super power. When adults can't figure out how to save the day, these guys get the call.

Question 14

Can anyone name this show?

This show is all about a very unique seventh grader. She is a tomboy, she is sarcastic, and social queues are not really her forte. That being said, this girl has one excellent imagination. While nobody else can see the daydreams taking place in her mind, we do get an inside glance at them!

Question 15

Which of these names is right?

Here we have a show that actually explains how all of these series came to be in the first place! This show tells the story of a brand new batch of baby cartoons, all looking for their 15 minutes of fame. However, before getting there, they must complete all of the necessary cartoon classes!

Question 16

Pick out the right name

They may invision themselves as humans from time to time, but this show is actually about three young fish. These fish all happen to attend a school located in a pet store. For the most part, their days are normal, but every now and then one of puppies gets loose.

Question 17

Select the correct answer

When it comes to fighting crime, it would be tough to find someone better at it than this duck. Even though he goes by a different name during the day, by night, this duck is known as one of the fiercest superheroes of all time. Villains should think twice before visiting the town of St. Canard!

Question 18

Can anyone pick out the right name?

Not only is this teen a talented cheerleader, but she is also one heck of a hero. With the help of a few of her closest friends, this girl is always on the lookout for a new bad guy to take down. She never has to look too far though, her town is full of them!

Question 19

What is the name of this show?

We have heard of kids pretending to be dogs before, but this show is the first ever case of a dog pretending to be a kid. The main pooch in this series, is convinced he was supposed to be a human. Wanting nothing more than to attend school classes, he dresses up like a child and goes after his dreams!

Question 20

Does anyone recognize this cartoon?

Here we have a series about a kid with an overactive imagination. When he is not hanging with his best friends or playing with his dog Porkchop, this kid can be found off in his own world. In this world, he is not just a grade schooler, but a superhero who goes by the name Quailman!

Question 21

Name this show

Brendon has a lot to deal with for an eight-year-old. Not only are his parents freshly divorced, but his mom has just adopted a new baby as well. While he tries his best to adjust to this new life, he still has his favorite hobby to go to for comfort. As long as he has his video camera, he'll be alright!

Question 22

Which of these names is right?

These creatures have just awoken from a curse that turned them to stone for thousands of years. The world is a completely different place, but their mission is still the same. They may have some learning to do about the modern world, but they have sworn to keep us all safe no matter what!

Question 23

What show is this?

When it comes to sports, none of them are ever too extreme for these kids. The word "dangerous" just isn't in their vocabulary. They love surfing, skateboarding, and just about anything that requires a helmet. These kids really are the most fearless of the bunch. Can anyone name this series?

Question 24

Name this series

Here we have a show about a detective. While we wouldn't call him the brightest bulb in the box, he does have a ton of super cool tools he can use to help him catch the bad guys. When his tools and brainpower are not enough, he calls upon his young niece and his dog for help.

Question 25

Pick out the right name

This series teaches us how important family really is. Our main character attends middle school, and while she is pretty much ready for her independent adult life to start, she still has some waiting to do. Even though she thinks she is too old to rely on her family, she knows they will always have her back!

Question 26

Match this show to the correct name

The three siblings in this series, are all kinds of mischievous. As much as they enjoy pulling pranks on each other, they do have a special liking for going after the humans who happen to walk below the water tower they live in. Better to just steer clear whenever possible!

Question 27

Select the right answer

Now here is a real classic for everyone to name. This show was created way back in the year 1981 (Wikipedia). In it, we meet a village of tiny little blue folk. For the most part, their lives are pretty peaceful, though the wicked Gargamel is never too far away.

Question 28

Which of these names is right?

In this question, we are heading back to prehistoric times. This series is all about a family of cave-people. While they may have a pet dinosaur and live in an actual cave, they still deal with many of the same day to day issues we do today. Name this show!

Question 29

Does anyone remember this show?

We all need to grow up at some point, and for these two brothers, the time has officially arrived. Finally feeling ready to leave their parents home, these two are off to start their own lives out in the forest. How hard could being a grown up really be, right? Name this series!

Question 30

Name this cartoon

Now this is a series we can all relate to. Even though the characters are all kids, they each understand the importance of a good weekend. Whether we spend our weeks at work or at school, by the time friday evening roles around, we all become carefree children again anyway!

Question 31

Pick out the right name

For this question, we must fast forward into the future. This series is all about a family living in the year 2062. It seems like by this point in time, we all have robotic maids and travel only by way of spaceships. Huh, who would have guessed it? Can anyone name this series?

Question 32

Which of these names is right?

We have looked at a lot of shows revolving around animated teens, but this question is all about the animated babies! The wild adventures that take place in this series, are way more exciting than any of the ones our teenaged characters ever went on. The babies in this series, really mean business!

Question 33

Match this show to the correct name

When this young wallaby left his hometown to start fresh, he was thinking things were going to be way more fun and exciting than they were in his old life. However, it seems like the daily tasks of laundry and work have followed him. There is simply no escaping adult life!

Question 34

Can anyone name this cartoon?

Here we have a series that features two rather unique main characters. Our chihuahua character is all kind of crazy and should never be left alone, while our cat character is usually just happy to be included in the plans. Neither is very bright, but at least they have each other!

Question 35

Pick out the right name

This show is about a girl who can speak to animals. Not only is this an awesome power, but since her parents are wildlife photographers, she gets to go on all kinds of exciting adventures with them. In every new place they visit, there are tons of new animals for her to get to know!

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