Only A 90s Kid Has Any Hope Of Knowing These Minor Disney Characters

If there is one thing that nearly every kid and adult looks forward to, it's kicking back and watching a good old Disney movie. While some people might outgrow this trend, it's safe to assume that the majority of us don't. After all, why would we? Disney movies are awesome!

At the risk of sounding like a child, a lot of adults hide the fact that they still watch Disney movies. Sure, they might have been created for young children, but in the end, they also have to appeal to adults. Since most of us grew up alongside these famous movies, it's sort of difficult to forget all about them, which is why many of us will have no issues matching the character to its movie.

Since matching the main characters to their Disney movie would be way too easy, however, we've decided to take things up a notch by showcasing secondary characters only. This way, only a real Disney fan will be able to get a perfect score on this quiz.

When's the last time you watched a Disney movie? If it's been over a year, it's safe to assume that you don't enjoy Disney movies as much as you say you do. So, can you match the secondary character to the appropriate Disney movie?

Question 1

Which movie does White Rabbit belong to?

If you were enjoying a nice tea on a summer's eve, and happened to see a white rabbit running around your lawn, would you follow him? If so, it's safe to say that you're always up for an adventure. While the average rabbit isn't going to chase humans around, this is no ordinary rabbit. In fact, he's one of a kind. In order to save his homeland, this rabbit chooses to venture to Earth to find the girl from the prophecy.

Question 2

Which movie does Zazu belong to?

If you don't know who this pesky red-billed hornbill is, then surely you've missed out in life. While he may be annoying and keen on the rules his master places before him, he is also kind and brave. Despite not being able to help on the battle field, this bird named Zazu does everything he can to stop evil from corrupting his pack. Do you know which Disney movie Zazu belongs to? If so, this quiz should be a breeze for you.

Question 3

Which movie does Cruella De Vil belong to?

Do you like wearing fur? If so, you've probably worn some pretty strange animals on your back. While the average person doesn't want to wear a dead animal as a clothing item, some people live and breathe for this trend. Take Cruella De Vil as an example, while she may come off as an older and sophisticated woman, she has no issues with animal cruelty, which places her in the looney wagon. Can you tell us which Disney movie she belongs to?

Question 4

Which movie does Thumper belong to?

Thumper is perhaps one of the cutest secondary characters in the Disney database, and it isn't hard to see why. This curious rabbit is known for getting into trouble and then falling asleep before accepting his punishment, which is what makes him so appealing. In addition, Thumper is also known for thumping his wide bunny feet on the ground to express a wide range of emotions. If you're a fan of Disney movies, you'll be able to reunite him with his rightful movie.

Question 5

Which movie does Tinkerbell belong to?

When it comes down to it, Tinkerbell isn't the nicest character, and this is due to how jealous she can get. While she may only be a few inches tall, Tinkerbell has access to many magics — which can make her a threat. When she is first introduced, this character seems sweet enough. However, as soon as her position gets challenged, she turns into a conniving little pixie. Can you tell us which Disney movie Tinkerbell belongs to or not?

Question 6

Which movie does Carpet belong to?

While he may not look it, Carpet is actually a very expressive character. Sure, he might not have a mouth, or eyes, or any features at all for that matter, but the way he comports himself can be quite informative. When this secondary character is first introduced, he is seen as curious and playful — seemingly like a child. It doesn't take long for his owner to fall in love with his companionship, which is why this secondary character is one of a kind.

Question 7

Which movie does Mushu belong to?

If you don't hear this character's voice the second you lay eyes on him, did you even watch the movie he belongs to? We sure hope so – because it's a good one! When this dragon is awakened by his ancestors, he is lead to believe that he has been chosen for a special mission. However, his only job is to awaken an ancient dragon. Unfortunately for him, he breaks the dragon's statue and has to go on his journey instead.

Question 8

Which movie does Jiminy Cricket belong to?

This secondary character is trivial to the movie it belongs to, as he is made to follow the protagonist around and double as his conscience. Jiminy Cricket may look like a little bug, but his personality is a lot bigger than that. At first, Jiminy is approached by the Blue Fairy, who informs him on a mission and sends him on a quest. His goal is to help a young boy make the right decisions. Do you know which movie he belongs to?

Question 9

Which movie does Gus Gus belong to?

One look at this character's pudgy little stomach is all you need to fall in love with him. Despite being a poor little castle mouse, he sure manages to eat a big amount of food — to the cat's great dismay. Gus Gus might sometimes appear on the slow side, but his love and dedication towards his friends ensures his intelligence. Gus Gus is extra cute and up for anything, as long as no cats are involved! What movie does he belong to?

Question 10

Which movie does Mrs. Potts belong to?

Mrs. Potts isn't your average piece of China wear, and this is made quite clear by the fact that she can walk, talk, and get up to no good. A long long time ago, Mrs. Potts used to work as a maid in the grand castle, however, she became a little pot when her boss was cursed by an old witch. Despite being in a sticky situation, Mrs. Potts always brings light into every room. What movie does she belong to?

Question 11

Which movie does Baloo the Bear belong to?

We all need a friend who is going to show us how to live outside the box, which is why Baloo the Bear is such a good friend indeed. Not only does he help, protect, and guide the ones closest to him, but he also makes it a point to share a laugh or two. Baloo the Bear might not be the bravest or strongest animal in the jungle, but that won't stop him from putting up a fight when push comes to shove.

Question 12

Which movie does Phil belong to?

While most people are repelled by this half-man half-goat, he's actually a pretty likable guy. Sure, he might have his hooves caught up in dirt, but at the end of the day, he knows his right from wrong. When this character is first introduced, most of us aren't sure what to make of him, as he seems to be playing for both sides. In the end, however, it becomes quite clear that he's a good guy when he fights to save his best friend.

Question 13

Which movie does Grandmother Willow belong to?

No matter where you come from, or how strong you believe yourself to be, most of us can agree that at some point in our lives, we're going to need some guidance. When it comes to Grandmother Willow, guidance and wisdom is all that she has to give. Despite the fact that Grandmother Willow cannot move from place to place, she sees everything that happens in the forest thanks to her little helpers. Do you know which movie she belongs to?

Question 14

Which movie does Nani belong to?

Do you have any siblings? If so, it's safe to say that they probably pissed you off at some point in your life. Whether they're older or younger makes no difference too, as siblings always have a way to get under their kin's skin. When it comes to Nani, however, she isn't the typical sibling, as she does everything in her power to raise her younger sister in her parents' stead. Do you know which movie Nani belongs to or not?

Question 15

Which movie does Kronk belong to?

When it comes to Kronk, there aren't a lot of mean things that can be said. Sure, he might help evil prevail, but he does so without thinking so can he really be charged for any crimes? Despite the fact that Kronk is simple minded and slightly conniving, he always does the right thing in the end. Doing what he is told without questioning it is probably his worst crime, but a crime nonetheless. Can you tell us which movie he belongs to?

Question 16

Which movie does Crush belong to?

Have you ever wanted to pack up your belongings and travel the West Coast? If so, you and Crush have a lot in common. While most of us dream of living a life free from taxes, responsibilities, and regret, Crush doesn't, as he's living his dream to the fullest. This narly character isn't one to turn down a friend in need — let alone a stranger! With his help, a lost individual is eventually found. Which movie does he belong to?

Question 17

Which movie does Hamm belong to?

It doesn't matter how brave you are, as when the moment arises, you have a choice to make. Despite the fact that Hamm squeals in the face of danger, he never lets his fright get in the way of helping his friends. This little toy is as cute as a button and as anxious as a gambler, but he's still a lot of fun. If you like watching Disney movies, telling us which movie Hamm belongs to will be a breeze.

Question 18

Which movie does Edna 'E' Mode belong to?

Every superhero needs some fashion advice, which is why they eventually seek someone out. Since parading the streets in their true form is a major faux-pas, people like Edna E Mode are asked to design the ultimate fighting costume. Unfortunately for the common superhero, the best crime-fighting costumes are typically made with spandex. With this in mind, one should probably get into shape before saving the world. Do you know which movie Edna E Mode belongs to? If so, spill the beans already!

Question 19

Which movie does Colette Tatou belong to?

When it comes to cooking, are you a pro or a fire-starter? Well, whichever one you are, it's safe to say that most people enjoy watching others cook and eating what they make. Colette Tatou isn't your everyday chef, and this is because she's gone above and beyond to obtain her position. This sly and opinionated lady doesn't let anyone off the hook, which only adds to her appeal. Do you remember which Disney movie she belongs to? If so, tell us!

Question 20

Which movie does Randall Boggs belong to?

Every Disney movie needs a bad guy, which is why one is eventually created. Without this big bad, there wouldn't be a story to tell, so think of that next time you go and bash Disney villains! Randall Boggs is a sneak and a liar, which is why he is hated by the common passerby. Despite having some good qualities about him, his competitive and vindictive nature end up being the end of him. So, which movie does he belong to?

Question 21

Which movie does Flounder belong to?

Some people meet their best friends in school or at work, and others are born alongside them. This is very much the case for Flounder and his best friend, however, we'll conceal her identity for the sake of this quiz. Flounder is one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for, which is why his existence is often celebrated. Have you ever seen such a cute fish? No? That's what we thought. So, which movie does he belong to?

Question 22

Which movie does Scat Cat belong to?

One look at the Scat Cat is all the average person needs to start dancing. While he may not be a rich house cat, this street cat knows how to entertain a crowd as well as the ladies. This street cat is a part of a band of traveling felines, all of which bring some oomph to their music. If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that this Disney movie wouldn't have been the same without the Scat Cat.

Question 23

Which movie does Maid Marian belong to?

It isn't everyday that a sweet and innocent character like Maid Marian is introduced, which is why she has to be celebrated every now and then. With this in mind, we thought she'd be the perfect person to represent her Disney movie. Maid Marian might sit at the high table, but that's never caused her to look down on others. She is thoughtful, sweet, and generous to say the least. Now, can you tell us which Disney movie she belongs to?

Question 24

Which movie does Dr. Finklestein belong to?

At first glance, some of you might be confused when you see Dr. Finklestein here, but that's only because not a lot of people know that this movie is in fact a Disney movie. Well, now you know, so put that info in the bank for your next trivia quiz. This creepy and horrible character isn't one to be toyed with, as his genius can turn you into a lousy creature in no time. Do you know which movie he belongs to?

Question 25

Which movie does P.J. belong to?

Everyone deserves to have a best friend, hence why most people usually have one. However, there are some people who are lucky enough to call a group of people their best friends. When it comes to P.J., however, he's only got one — and that's enough for him. This hilarious and kind character is not what you'd expect, but he's got spunk nonetheless. If you're a real Disney fan, you'd have watched this movie more times than you can count.

Question 26

Which movie does Heimlich belong to?

Life isn't easy when you're a bug, but that doesn't mean that you should give up altogether. On the contrary, it just means that you'll have more fun mastering it. When Heimlich is first introduced, he is a fat and overly hungry caterpillar. His need for constant food doesn't make him the best ally, but he's better than nothing. In the end, Heimlich turns into a beautiful butterfly, putting an end to his overeating and extreme laziness. Which movie does he belong to?

Question 27

Which movie does Mama Odie belong to?

If you want to find Mama Odie and ask her for a favor, you'll have to travel deep down into the swamps of Louisiana. While she might be a little senile and overbearing, she's the only person for miles who can produce some magic. This blind old lady isn't one to lend her powers, which is why she's picky with who she chooses to help out of a pickle. Mama Odie is a voodoo specialist. Do you know which movie she belongs to?

Question 28

Which movie does Chief Bogo belong to?

Some of us are braver than others, but when push comes to shove, the majority of us will stand up and do the right thing. When it comes to Chief Bogo, however, it's safe to say that he always does the right thing. Chief Bogo is the head of the police department, and his position is one that he takes very seriously. Protecting and serving the people in his city is his priority. Can you tell us which movie he belongs to?

Question 29

Which movie does Fix-It Felix belong to?

Some people are born with greatness soaring through their veins, which can cause them to become quite popular. This was very much the case for Fix-It Felix, who always came to save the day. It would seem that this wasn't good enough for him, however, as he wanted to be the best in the world. Since fixing everything all of the time can become tedious, it isn't surprising for him to want to break something he can't fix. So, which movie does he belong to?

Question 30

Which movie does Georgette belong to?

Do you remember who Georgette is? If you don't, it's safe to say that you need to brush up on your Disney movies. While it is true that this movie wasn't everyone's favorite, it is still considered as one of the greats, so any fan should be able to name it. Georgette might be a high class girl, but she's got a soft spot for a certain street mutt. Can you tell us which Disney movie Georgette belongs to or not?

Question 31

Which movie does Baymax belong to?

If your heart doesn't immediately melt at the sight of Baymax, are you even human? This big marshmallow might not have a lot to say, but he can heal a bunch of different wounds with his presence alone. A hug from Baymax is all a person needs in order to feel a little better. Despite his large size and many triggers, Baymax is known for going undercover with his fellow mates. Can you match Baymax to his appropriate movie or not?

Question 32

Which movie does Wilbur belong to?

This movie might be before your time, but that shouldn't stop a real Disney fan from being able to match Wilbur to it. While some of you might have grown up watching this hilarious Disney movie, some of you might be hearing about it for the first time ever. In the end, Wilbur and his friends are good people and that's all you need to know. Do you know which Disney movie dorky Wilbur belongs to? If so, tell us!

Question 33

Which movie does Gothel belong to?

Imagine being told that your hair is sacred. So much so, that people would harm you in order to get to it. This is the insane story that Gothel cooked up in order to keep a beautiful princess hostage for most of her early life. Despite acting like a mother figure to this princess, Gothel's intentions were rotten to the core. Since keeping her young face and beauty was her goal, locking up the magical princess was in order. Which movie does she belong to.

Question 34

Which movie does Terk belong to?

Being born and raised in the jungle is no joke, which is why the ones who are typically know how to defend themselves from predators. This isn't really the case for Terk, however, as he seems to be the exception to the rule. Instead of growing up to be wise and strong like the apes who came before him, Terk is all about having a good time and playing tricks on his peers. Do you know which Disney movie he belongs to?

Question 35

Which movie does Sven belong to?

When you live in a cold climate, it's customary for you to need help getting around. Since driving through the snow is a major no-no, having a reindeer like Sven might become necessary. In the end, however, one can only hope that their reindeer is as awesome as Sven, as this funny and expressive reindeer is one of a kind. If you're a fan of good movies, which we're sure you are, you'll be able to match Sven to his rightful movie.

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