Only A '90s Kid Could Remember These Animated TV Shows!

Many of us remember waking up on Saturday mornings and changing channels between networks such as YTV, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Family Channel, Disney Channel, PBS Kids, Comedy Central, Teletoon, and more. These networks aired all of our favorite '90s programs, including Pokémon the animated series, Rugrats, and Sailor Moon! Many of these animated series were instant classics at release.

Most '90s cartoons have a unique style of animation that is rich in color and used mostly 2D. There were a few 3D animated series of the '90s, but there weren't that many, and the technology had yet to progress during this period. Still, with captivating episodes from series such as The Simpsons and Doug, the '90s contained some of the most memorable animated shows that we will never forget.

Perhaps you haven't seen any of them in a while, or are lucky enough to own a box set for binge-watching. Either way, we're guessing some will recognize a few of these shows. The questions contained in this quiz can be challenging trivia questions, or they can be as simple as naming a series. Surely, only a '90s kid could remember all these animated TV shows, but we're hoping to be proven wrong.

Question 1

What's the name of this character from Sailor Moon?

Notably, Sailor Moon has an intro that features a song. What was it about these starry-eyed girls with the magical abilities that helps them combat formidable foes. Sailor Moon reminded us that Japanese animated series are some of the most alluring shows out there. Japanese animated series often contain surreal imagery and fast-paced action. Even with a dull story, a Japanese animated series can find itself with a substantial viewership. Can you remember the name of the Sailor Moon character in this screenshot?

Question 2

What is the name of this animated series?

This screenshot from a particular animated series contains two well-known characters in movies and television. Since these two characters have changed appearances on numerous occasions throughout the decades, this question could seem more difficult. There have been many adaptions of this hit series, but few can match the version that aired in the '90s. Is it a coincidence that many of the greatest animated series aired during the '90s? What is the name of this animated series?

Question 3

Who's that Pokémon?

Pokémon swept North America in the '90s, and this led to a Pokémon frenzy. Not only were Pokémon's trading cards and video games popular, but they also had a greatly successful animated series. Chances are, if you are a '90s kid, you indulged in at least one form of Pokémon media. The Pokémon animated series followed the adventures of Ash, Brock, and Misty. Surely, every Pokémon fan can answer this question correctly. Who's that Pokémon?

Question 4

Who is holding the giant Dragon Ball in this screencap?

Although the Dragon Ball Z series first aired in North America years ago, it still is exceedingly popular. Video games, new series based on the same characters, and movies continue to be made. The giant Dragon Ball that this character is holding is not an ordinary Dragon Ball. It is, in fact, one of the legendary Namekian Dragon Balls capable of granting additional wishes. We have seen him throughout most of the Dragon Ball Z series. Who is holding the giant Dragon Ball in this screencap?

Question 5

Name this '90s cartoon!

Before appearing in an animated series, this character was already well-known by readers. She existed in multiple books before this animated series. This person has red hair and an abnormal amount of strength for a girl her age! She is so strong that she can carry a horse above her head with only one hand. Her best friend is a monkey named Mr. Nilsson. This person lives in a small Swedish village called Villa Villekulla. Name this '90s cartoon!

Question 6

Name the television series that features this family?

This television show blends well with a bunch of other well-known shows on-air at the time of its release. A movie combined Rugrats and this television series into one magical film for everybody to enjoy. The series follows a family and their adventures. People from North America and the United Kingdom enjoyed this series very much. They aren't the most famous animated family, but they provided a plenitude of laughs to audiences for years. Name the television series with this family?

Question 7

Name this television duo from the '90s.

Together, these two mice made up a dynamic duo. With one possessing a high intellect, and the other willing to listen and follow orders, they carried out the most intricate of plans. Most of the time, their genius plans end up in disaster, but we can't help but admire these two because of their determination and hilarious antics. Every episode is a new plan to take over the world. Name this television duo from the '90s.

Question 8

What is the name of this cartoon?

Many would describe this television series as the greatest of their childhood for several reasons. The stories were more engrossing than most other animated television series, and it was just completely different than everything else that was on television during the '90s. Many of us remember changing channels between networks such as YTY, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Family Channel, Disney Channel, PBS Kids, Comedy Central, Teletoon, and more but to put on this show was truly unique. What is the name of this cartoon?

Question 9

Remember the name of this animated series?

For a young child, this show can be a bit frightening. Many of the characters have disfigured faces, and most of the events transpire during the night. There have been rumors that this animated series may receive a reboot in the near future. Such talks are unsubstantiated at this point, but we can only hope that they are true. Pat yourself on the back if able to answer this question with the correct selection. Remember the name of this animated series?

Question 10

Name this superhero who stars in a series named after him!

His ominous appearance and dark mask make him seem as if he were a villain. He partners with well-known Disney characters, such as Launchpad McQuack, so he can combat the forces of evil while trying to make himself a famous superhero. Sometimes, these two purposes can clash, and he has strong feelings about wanting to become a famous superhero. Who didn't love this show? Recall the name of this superhero who appeared in an animated series that is named after him?

Question 11

Remember the name of this animated series from the '90s?

This boy genius has an entirely different personality than his sister. He takes his work seriously while using advanced tech expertise to craft devices. This series encapsulated our imaginations as young children and was many people's favorite cartoon. His sister Dee Dee is one of the few people aware of his laboratory. She inadvertently can cause this boy genius to make gigantic errors and distract him. Remember the name of this animated series from the '90s?

Question 12

Remember the name of this hit animated series?

This group of rascals is known for causing trouble in their animated series. They can get into wild adventures that are not ideal for children their age. Years later after the release of this animated television series, Creepy Pasta and other internet forum users formed a few different conspiracy theories regarding the plot of this show. One theory suggests that these children were never alive but are ghosts. This theory also suggests that this show takes place in Angelica's head. Remember the name of this hit animated series?

Question 13

What is the name of Doug's crush?

It was a unique television show that many could relate to. He was a young adult having different experiences with his various friends. They even made a movie that surpassed expectations and was maybe even better than the series itself. We are referring to Doug's 1st Movie. It's never too late to rewatch classics such as Doug. There was one girl in particular that Doug had a massive crush on. Doug was dotty over a certain female character in the animated series. Who did Doug have a crush on?

Question 14

Who voiced The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series?

Batman: The Animated Series had the most engrossing stories. The series reminds us of why we respect the Dark Knight. He is a hero that does not ask for reward or praise; he only wants to rid Gotham City of crime. We have seen the most malevolent and psychotic comic book villains come from Batman: The Animated Series. This voice actor voiced The Joker in multiple Batman animated films. This is an easy one! Who voiced The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series?

Question 15

Remember the name of this show?

This show was sort of like Looney Tunes but possibly more wacky, if that is possible. Warner Bros. has produced various cartoons that the public enjoy. They have quality animation, funny jokes, and enough zany characters to keep our attention. The episodes of this television series contained a collection of short skits. Usually, there were three mini-episodes included in each full-length episode. This series is expected to be revitalized. It won't start until the year 2020, so don't hold your hats!

Question 16

What is the name of Bart's dog in The Simpsons?

There are a plethora of reasons why The Simpsons are the longest-running television series that has ever been made. Its comedy can appeal to fans of all ages, but even better, the main character's catchphrase is "D'oh." Many consider the early seasons of The Simpsons to be the most exceptional. The television show used writers such as Conan O'Brien, who went on to have talk shows on the major networks. What is the name of Bart's dog in The Simpsons?

Question 17

Remember the name of this cartoon?

This show was a nice addition to the Saturday Morning Cartoons lineup because it features a strong, intelligent female protagonist. The way she analyzes the world around her gave us a unique perspective into her world. The show is meant to be a representation of an ordinary high school in the United States of America. The series aired for five seasons before being canceled, and it was primarily available on the MTV network. Remember the name of this cartoon?

Question 18

What ingredients were used to create "the perfect little girl" in The Powerpuff Girls?

After the completion of a disastrous scientific experiment, Professor Utonium created three little girls who were perfect in almost every way. Professor Utonium accidentally added a secret ingredient called "Chemical X." Not only were these three little girls perfect, but they also possessed superpowers. Aside from fighting crime routinely, these three little girls have mostly normal lives. Overall, the show was not bad and could be watched by boys or girls. Besides Chemical X, what three ingredients were used to create the Powerpuff Girls?

Question 19

What is the name of Hank's son from King of the Hill?

King of the Hill was sort of like a mix between South Park and The Simpsons. It was a surprise when viewers found out that its creators would be canceling King of the Hill because the show had such a huge following. Many animated series, such as South Park and Futurama, had times when there was lower viewership, so maybe King of the Hill should have stuck around. Even in a world that is saturated with comedy animated series, King of the Hill deserved its place among the gaggle of shows.

Question 20

What is the name of the white rabbit on the right?

Arthur taught children a handful of life lessons. It educated us on silly stuff such as how to spell "aardvark." All the characters from this show are based on animals (even if it isn't always so obvious). In one of the episodes of Arthur, Arthur was practicing for a spelling bee. Maybe some remember that episode when he repeated the spelling for aardvark countless times. What is the name of the white rabbit character on the right side of the Arthur screenshot?

Question 21

Name this animated series that aired on the Disney Channel!

It had some of the most beloved kids we've encountered in an animated series yet. The leading group of kids in this cartoon was so diverse and phenomenal at what they do. It is their range of talents and expertise that made the group fit so well together. Their adventures are crazy, and their imaginations are out of this world. With kids such as Vincent LaSalle being the most athletic kid in school and kids such as Mikey Blumberg being the best poet in school, there is much to admire about this group of kids.

Question 22

What school does Ms. Frizzle teach at?

The Magic School Bus follows the field trip adventures of school children while their teacher accompanies them. The field trips they go on are literally out of this world as they find themselves in places like distant planets, near hot volcanoes, and even in a hot oven. Of the educational animated series in circulation, this was one of the most interesting. The series was so loved that it received a reboot recently. What was the name of the school in The Magic School Bus?

Question 23

Remember the name of this popular show from the '90s?

The main character of this show has a catchphrase that has become excessively used in pop-culture. He will say "Can we fix it?" and everyone else will say, "Yes we can!" We're not sure if people are more in love with the television show itself or the main character's catchphrase. This show has been criticized for its improper display of safety regarding lack of eyewear and other safety rules as well. Remember the name of this popular show from the '90s?

Question 24

Who voices Batman in Batman Beyond?

Like many characters in the Batman universe, the people who embody the heroes or villains can be assumed by different identities. With that said, it is usually Bruce Wayne who is in Batman's suit. Bruce Wayne is the creator of Batman, and he is the Batman we have grown to love all of these years. Batman Beyond took a unique spin on Batman by having a new person assume the role. Who is the identity behind Batman in Batman Beyond?

Question 25

Who is the creator of Futurama?

Futurama aired for quite some time before exploding in popularity. Perhaps Futurama's early years of low viewership is related to people watching other television shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. We're just glad that Futurama was never prematurely canceled, and instead, ran for about seven seasons. The Simpsons got a big release movie in theaters, so why hasn't there been one for Futurama yet? Futurama fans should easily answer this one. Who is the creator of Futurama?

Question 26

Remember the name of this animated series?

We haven't seen this family receive a new, big-budget animated series or movie in a while. It is possible the content of this show has less appeal to audiences today, and it is possible that we just haven't received one yet. They are a wealthy family that lives in a haunted house. By nature, this family is mysterious and very odd. Somehow, we enjoyed the antics of the strange characters in this show. Remember the name of this animated series?

Question 27

What is the name of this animated series?

This character is sort of like a creepy version of Elvis Presley if Elvis had no job and just tried to hit on ladies all the time. This character is so much like Elvis Presley. He has the moves to wow people, and he has the relaxed attitude and the stylish hair. It is a shame that most ladies find him repulsive. The situations he ends up in can be bizarre. It's probably not the show anyone's kid should watch. What is the name of this animated series?

Question 28

Who is holding Spider-Man in this picture?

The Spider-Man animated series of the '90s was probably the most exceptional Spider-Man series when it was released. Now, there is an abundance of Spider-Man series circulating on television, Netflix, Hulu, and other programming services. The animation has sure come a long way since the Spider-Man animated series of the '90s. This series did, however, capture the essence of Spider-Man well by including almost all of his villains and by including gripping plots. Tell us this, who is holding Spider-Man in this picture?

Question 29

Remember this spoof superhero from the '90s?

It wasn't the most popular television series during its time on the air, yet we enjoyed the show because of its unique take on the superhero genre. Some would say he isn't a superhero, but rather a spoof superhero. There is still an opportunity to watch this hero since a new web series was recently released. The character doesn't have a memory of his life before being the character that he is now. Remember this spoof superhero from the '90s?

Question 30

Which of these ducks is Huey?

The website,, lists DuckTales as the twentieth most excellent cartoon series of all time. For a series that aired during the '90s, it is has been listed on websites as being the best series of the '90s. The four main DuckTales characters are Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Scrooge McDuck. DuckTales is one of our favorite Disney shows because of its memorable characters and other items such as merchandise, video games, movies, and more. Which of these ducks is Huey?

Question 31

What is Superman's one weakness?

This superhero needs no introduction as he is one of the most well-recognized heroes in comic book history. This animated series was not the first time this hero leapt onto our television screens. He is not a man, but an alien from another planet. Most comic book experts would say that Superman is faster than Flash. This comic book hero gains extraordinary powers when exposed to the light of Earth's sun. Superman has one weakness. What is Superman's one weakness?

Question 32

Remember the name of this villain from Beast Wars: Transformers?

Beast Wars: Transformers received numerous awards for its high quality animation that was unlike any other show out there. They used CG. The villain shown in this picture is a member of the Decepticons and one that appears in the new live-action Transformers movies by Michael Bay. Many of the characters contained in this show bear similar appearance and traits as the same characters from other Transformers works. This series is set on a distant planet. Remember the name of this villain from Beast Wars: Transformers?

Question 33

Which of these four boys lost his life numerous times on the show?

This animated series follows the lives of four young, misbehaved children. The series has been described as rude, vulgar, atrocious, and downright inappropriate. Still, we can't help but admire some of the humor even if it purposely crosses the line at times. A repeated joke on the show involves one of the characters passing away multiple times over different episodes. The way in which he passed away was usually different in every episode. Which of these four boys lost his life numerous times on the show?

Question 34

What is the name of SpongeBob's pet snail?

SpongeBob SquarePants can attract viewers of all ages. Is it his square pants, a kooky group of friends, or the satirical comedy that makes SpongeBob SquarePants such an awesome show? It is probably a combination of the previously mentioned reasons, but each fan has their own. Probably, most remember a ton of stuff about SpongeBob SquarePants since the series still appears on television in syndication. In fact, SpongeBob SquarePants has not yet been cancelled. Try to answer this SpongeBob question correctly. What is the name of SpongeBob's pet snail?

Question 35

What is the name of the Tasmanian Devil's animated series from the '90s?

Many production companies, such as Disney, Warner Bros., like to have a shared universe between several of their characters. Taz (the Tasmanian Devil) is a wild character who has little dialogue throughout his shows. His wild tornado moves and wild ways make him perfect to go alongside other well-known characters. In this animated series, we were able to see Taz as the main character, and most importantly, we got to see MORE Taz. What is the name of The Tasmanian Devil's animated series from the '90s?

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