Only A '90s Kid Can Remember All Of These Nickelodeon Shows

Was there any refrain more familiar to a child growing up in the 1990s than “Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Ni-Nick, Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon?” From the late 1970s onward, no television network has been more finely catered to kid related interests than Nickelodeon, home to many of the best children’s series in history. Great as Cartoon Network was, Nick was even better at producing new and entertaining content for the under 13 crowd, from silly cartoons to witty live action series and sketch shows.

While many of these childhood classics don’t quite hold up in adulthood, having relied on repetitive gags and gross situations that would only get a kid laughing, fans of classic Nickelodeon will never forget the childish joy the network gave them. However, the way time ravages our memories, we may not necessarily recall the names of the characters who made us laugh, let alone the shows they were on when they did it.

Thanks to the power of retro TV networks and online streaming, though, some adults who enjoyed these shows as kids may now be at a point where they’re passing them onto their own children. Or, maybe you just have a really good memory, and would never forget a show you once enjoyed, no matter how long ago it was. If you fall in either of these categories, keep reading to take a quiz on classic Nickelodeon shows that only a true ‘90s kid can pass.

1What cartoon was about an alien trying to take over the Earth?

For those who think real world politics can be corrupt, actual governments don’t hold a candle in that regard to planet Irk, where the power structure is 100% based on physical height and nothing else. That’s a huge issue for the little alien creature starring on this series, as he’s one of the tiniest little guys around, placing him at the very bottom of the totem pole. Because of this, when everyone is assigned a planet to dominate, he’s sent all the way to a little faraway rock the other Irkens don’t even care about: Earth.

2What series was about a football headed boy living with his grandparents?

Things are pretty rough for the main character of this show, and we’re not just talking about the fact he has a weird football shaped head. There’s also the fact that something mysterious happened to his parents, leading him to a boarding house owned by his grandparents. Each one of the tenants is totally bizarre, at least from a 9-year-old’s perspectives, but it’s not like the friends he meets in school are any more normal. Of course, all the eccentric characters is exactly what made this show a hit to children everywhere.

3Which cartoon was about an imaginative preteen in Bluffington?

Most kids possess incredibly vivid imaginations, though far too many of us tend to lose this creativity as we age. That probably won’t be the case for the star of this show based in the fictional Bluffington, with his commitment to writing in his journal and self-producing the comic book Quailman allow letting these impulses run wild. When not writing or drawing, he enjoys spending time with his friend Skeeter, dog Porkchop, and crush Patti Mayonnaise. He’s also a noted fan of rock band The Beets, and their unforgettable hits “I Need More Allowance” and “Killer Tofu.”

4What cartoon is about two mammalian brothers?

No matter what species a family happens to be, it would appear certain problems will always remain. Upon reaching young adulthood, Daggett and Norbert decided they had to leave their parents home and live on their own. Despite being brothers, they soon developed an odd couple style relationship, with the footloose and fancy free Daggett constantly getting on his posh older sibling’s nerves. Luckily, a friendly tree stump gradually helps them become closer and get over their differences. The smooth talking disco star Barry Bear is also a powerful ally in getting the whole town on their side.

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