Only A '90s Kid Can Remember All Of These Nickelodeon Shows

Was there any refrain more familiar to a child growing up in the 1990s than “Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Ni-Nick, Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon?” From the late 1970s onward, no television network has been more finely catered to kid related interests than Nickelodeon, home to many of the best children’s series in history. Great as Cartoon Network was, Nick was even better at producing new and entertaining content for the under 13 crowd, from silly cartoons to witty live action series and sketch shows.

While many of these childhood classics don’t quite hold up in adulthood, having relied on repetitive gags and gross situations that would only get a kid laughing, fans of classic Nickelodeon will never forget the childish joy the network gave them. However, the way time ravages our memories, we may not necessarily recall the names of the characters who made us laugh, let alone the shows they were on when they did it.

Thanks to the power of retro TV networks and online streaming, though, some adults who enjoyed these shows as kids may now be at a point where they’re passing them onto their own children. Or, maybe you just have a really good memory, and would never forget a show you once enjoyed, no matter how long ago it was. If you fall in either of these categories, keep reading to take a quiz on classic Nickelodeon shows that only a true ‘90s kid can pass.

Question 1

What cartoon was about an alien trying to take over the Earth?

For those who think real world politics can be corrupt, actual governments don’t hold a candle in that regard to planet Irk, where the power structure is 100% based on physical height and nothing else. That’s a huge issue for the little alien creature starring on this series, as he’s one of the tiniest little guys around, placing him at the very bottom of the totem pole. Because of this, when everyone is assigned a planet to dominate, he’s sent all the way to a little faraway rock the other Irkens don’t even care about: Earth.

Question 2

What series was about a football headed boy living with his grandparents?

Things are pretty rough for the main character of this show, and we’re not just talking about the fact he has a weird football shaped head. There’s also the fact that something mysterious happened to his parents, leading him to a boarding house owned by his grandparents. Each one of the tenants is totally bizarre, at least from a 9-year-old’s perspectives, but it’s not like the friends he meets in school are any more normal. Of course, all the eccentric characters is exactly what made this show a hit to children everywhere.

Question 3

Which cartoon was about an imaginative preteen in Bluffington?

Most kids possess incredibly vivid imaginations, though far too many of us tend to lose this creativity as we age. That probably won’t be the case for the star of this show based in the fictional Bluffington, with his commitment to writing in his journal and self-producing the comic book Quailman allow letting these impulses run wild. When not writing or drawing, he enjoys spending time with his friend Skeeter, dog Porkchop, and crush Patti Mayonnaise. He’s also a noted fan of rock band The Beets, and their unforgettable hits “I Need More Allowance” and “Killer Tofu.”

Question 4

What cartoon is about two mammalian brothers?

No matter what species a family happens to be, it would appear certain problems will always remain. Upon reaching young adulthood, Daggett and Norbert decided they had to leave their parents home and live on their own. Despite being brothers, they soon developed an odd couple style relationship, with the footloose and fancy free Daggett constantly getting on his posh older sibling’s nerves. Luckily, a friendly tree stump gradually helps them become closer and get over their differences. The smooth talking disco star Barry Bear is also a powerful ally in getting the whole town on their side.

Question 5

What live action sitcom was about the strange life of two brothers?

In a town like Wellsville, a simple eccentricity like two brothers sharing the exact same name barely even registers on the radar. Far weirder creatures are constantly out and about, including Endless Mike Hellstrom, Paper Cut, Pit Stain, and the cream corn obsessed Principal Ken Schwinger. Luckily, the titular brothers have plenty of allies in their quest for normalcy, most importantly Artie, the Strongest Man in the World. On top of all the crazy characters, this show is well remembered for it’s incredible soundtrack and high profile guest stars, making it one of the best kids shows ever made.

Question 6

What sketch show introduced kids to Good Burger and Ask Ashley?

“Five minutes! The show starts in five minutes!” That’s what the cast of this variety series heard their “producer” shout at the onset of nearly every show, after which a nonstop parade of wacky characters would overtake the airwaves. Over the next half hour, audiences would Ask Ashley important life questions, learn Everyday French with Pierre escargot, echo the memories of Repair Man (man, man, man, man) catch a meal at Good Burger, or maybe just laugh at the sheer absurdity of Ear Boy and Pizza Face.

Question 7

What cartoon variety show included Prometheus and Bob and the Action League Now?

Blending the concept of comic books with sketch comedy, this variety series saw hosts Henry and June transport viewers from panel to panel in a variety of vastly different mini-shows. Episodes might focus on the struggles between the alien Prometheus and his caveman friend Bob, the odd life of Angela Anaconda, or the super strong and super naked heroes of the Action League Now. When those characters were busy, we might check in on Life with Loopy, Sniz and Fondue, or just some Surprising Shorts with little connection to anything but laughter.

Question 8

What weird gross out comedy starred this cat and dog?

Quite a bit grosser and far angrier than the average kids show at the time, this animated series about a cat and dog felt more like the sort of thing we’d expect to find on Adult Swim today than a Nickelodeon classic. On the contrary, though, it was one of the three original Nicktoons, making the budding network a hit for teens and younger kids alike. Despite one character constantly being on his last nerve, the other is filled with nonstop “Happy Happy Joy Joy,” and the absurd contrast is what makes the show popular to this day.

Question 9

Which live action series was about kids at summer camp?

Camp Anawanna, we hold you in your hearts. Plenty of kids have mixed feelings about summer camp, with some wishing it would never end and others apparently getting gaseous at the mere idea. This dichotomy is well observed on this classic Nick show from the early ‘90s, starring lead councilor Kevin “Ug” Lee as he dealt with weird kids like Sponge, Bobby Budnick, and the unforgettable Donkey Lips. Like real camp, the show was ephemeral and fleeting, lasting only two short seasons, but constant reruns made it one of the most popular Nick shows of its era.

Question 10

What horror anthology featured teens telling scary stories?

By and large, people of all ages use television as an escape from the rigors of real life. However, there will always be some people who prefer movies and TV shows that simply scare the crap out of them, and that even includes the preteens watching Nickelodeon. To meet that desire, The Midnight Society was formed, telling the most terrifying campfire stories one could ever imagine in the powerfully vivid fashion only television can allow. Don’t let the fact it was made for kids fool you—many of these ghost stories were genuinely frightening to audiences of all ages.

Question 11

What game show asked families to answer trivia questions or perform physical challenges?

Almost every regular television viewer has pictured themselves on one game show or another. As an adult, we tend to cater these fantasies towards whichever show best caters to our skill set, but as a kid, there was only one possibility, and it was this brilliant blend of simple questions and amazing physical challenges. Quite frankly, the trivia factor didn’t really matter, as all audiences and contestants wanted was for the game to get pushed to that second category, where players could dance in bowls of spaghetti or dive through giant noses.

Question 12

What cartoon was about a family of nature enthusiasts?

In most families, the younger members are more adventurous spirits than the adults, who already settled down in one way or another. Not so for this group of documentary filmmakers, where the father is clearly the explorer of the bunch, leading his wife and kids around the world as they study all sorts of strange creatures. That includes a strange feral boy named Donnie, who they soon adopt, and a friendly chimpanzee named Darwin, who happens to have a much larger vocabulary than the kid.

Question 13

Which series is about two animals sharing the body?

All right, kids, this was a weird one. Bizarrely grafted together at the back of one another’s bodies, everyday life for this show’s two main characters suggests a terrifying existence few adults want to think about. It’s also a little confusing how exactly these differing species could possibly be Siamese twins, but kids don’t really care about that stuff, too busy laughing at the Odd Couple style relationship the two share. Unfortunately, Rancid Rabbit and the Greaser Dogs aren’t always so affable, not to mention their devious roommate Winslow T. Oddfellow.

Question 14

What live action series starred a teenage Melissa Joan Hart?

First things first: no Ferguson’s allowed. If Sam wants to pop in through the window, though, he knows where the title character keeps her ladder. The title character of this show was a smart and sassy 14 year old modeled as a female Ferris Bueller with a hint of Calvin Hobbes, just a touch devious and always able to get her way. Not to say she’s a bad person, though, as like many Nick shows, she always learned valuable lessons when things got too adult for a character her age.

Question 15

Which game show featured celebrities guessing kid contestants secrets?

Back in the 1950s and ‘60s, CBS invited panelists on a massively successful game show where celebrities would try and guess what their “line” was, meaning what unique fact or secret about themselves they were hiding. 30 years after that show was canceled, Nickelodeon brought the basic concept back with a childish spin, throwing in a punishment for any celebrity who used a certain buzz word or phrase in the form of Nick’s legendary green slime. Depending on the panelist, this was either a great shame, or in the case of Danny Tamberelli, perhaps the reason they did the show.

Question 16

What cartoon was about a group of babies?

Sometimes, a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do. That’s the motto of Tommy Pickles, leader of this adventures group of toddlers as they navigate through life in and out of their playpen. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil have it pretty good most of the time, until Tommy’s older cousin Angelica comes along and manipulates them into getting up to no good. The birth of baby brother Dil and introduction of new characters in later seasons also complicated things, but that didn’t stop the crew from remaining one of the most popular cartoons in Nickelodeon history.

Question 17

What sequel cartoon featured the Tommy Pickles and friends as preteens?

90% of the time, cartoon characters never age under any circumstances. Even after a birthday episode or two, they barely change in appearance, character, or general personality, and that’s exactly how audiences like it. Going against tradition, Nickelodeon decided the 10th anniversary of the Rugrats meant it was time for Tommy Pickles and friends to get a little bit older. A TV special about the gang as preteens proved popular enough for an entire spin-off series, and though not quite as well received as the original, there was a lot to like for fans who wanted new adventures.

Question 18

Which live action sitcom co-starred a charismatic puppet?

The main character of this show isn’t like other kids his age. In addition to the fact he’s hob knobbed with superstars like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, allegedly saving the second rap sensation’s life, he also happens to be a puppet. This doesn’t stop him from trying his best to connect with cousin Bobby Walker, a much brighter and forward thinking kid who tries setting the puppet on the right path. Unfortunately, it often seems like the opposite is happening instead, with poor Bobby getting tied up in his cousin’s plot strings.

Question 19

Which cartoon is about wish granting pixies?

Contrary to most kids shows, the main premise of this one is that the main character, Timmy Turner, has a seriously crummy life. His parents don’t care about him in the slightest, and his babysitter seems more intent on literally torturing him than actually caring for the poor kid. On the bright sight, two mystic beings named Cosmo and Wanda soon enter his life, able to grant any wish the cantankerous youngster can contrive. The downside is that many of their wishes have unintended consequences that the already beleaguered Timmy has not choice but to fix.

Question 20

What children’s show is about a dog solving mysteries?

If there are two things most children love, it’s cute dogs and solving mysteries. This series for preschool children offered both, with a delightful little pooch helping his owners Steve and Joe fix any undo confusion through the power of song. Typically, all these young sleuths needed to do was find a couple hints marked by the dog, put them in their notebook, and think, think, think. From there, the mystery basically solved itself, allowing even the youngest fans to feel like they helped out in the process.

Question 21

What live action sitcom is about two best friends in Chicago?

Awww, here it goes. Shortly after achieving young fame as the breakout stars of All That, two cast members were given their own sitcom about how one of them would constantly ruin the life of the other through his inexplicable and absurd antics. Almost every single episode, the slower friend would do something making his buddy scream out “WHY?!” at the top of his lungs, and typically audiences were right there with him. For all the insanity this character causes, though, there’s plenty about him we can identify with, including his love of orange soda.

Question 22

What cartoon is about a man living in a pineapple under the sea?

Are ya ready, kids? Since 1999 onward, just about every child alive has been able to answer, “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” If somehow there was a kid who didn’t know, it would probably take but a few minutes of exposure to this excitable yellow sea creature before they were as hooked as all the others. Even when the title goofball isn’t on screen, his buddies Patrick Star and Sandy the Squirrel provide plenty of entertainment, and his cantankerous neighbor Squidward can also be good for an angry laugh.

Question 23

What live action show is about stepbrothers with divergent personalities?

Shortly before the events of this series began, the two title characters would never have anything to do with one another. All of the sudden, their parents got married, making them stepbrothers and close friends despite their divergent differences. One was a popular musician with the school in the palm of his hand, while the other was uncool and unloved, finding it hard to make friends. Luckily, he finally makes an ally in his new stepbrother, growing close enough they eventually drop the “step” part altogether when talking about one another.

Question 24

What adventure series is about a girl with transformative powers?

In most cases, a teenager nearly getting hit with a truck and doused in strange chemicals would be the beginning of a tragedy. Then again, there’s also superheroes like Radioactive Man or the star of this show, who develop incredible superpowers after this sort of violent nuclear incident. On this series, the chemicals give the star transformative powers, making her able to turn into a highly mobile liquid in addition to strange telekinesis abilities and control of electricity. Luckily, her older sister is a budding scientist, helping her navigate through this strange new world as a pseudo-hero.

Question 25

Who children’s puppet show is about a friendly sorceress and her friends?

Inside a massive giant’s lair, there exists a tiny little musical wind-up box populated by some of the most memorable puppets on television. In addition to the title magician, there was Magellan the dragon, Batley the Bat, Mr. Knack and many others, all of whom taught young viewers countless important life lessons as they went on their adventures. Believe it or not, this cutesy kids show was actually written by noted young adult horror novelist R.L. Stine, offering a vast contrast to the Goosebumps series he would later go on to create.

Question 26

Which sketch show starred a former All That cast member?

A sketch comedy show about putting on a sketch comedy show, there was a lot more to this one than just letting a former All That cast member keep playing some of their most famous characters. Despite the controversy the star would later attract, her performances truly were the glue holding this series together, acting like a teenage Carol Burnett able to play almost any role the show required. Granted, there wasn’t much range to it, with most characters simply broad caricatures and light pop culture references, but that doesn’t diminish what she was attempting as an actress.

Question 27

What sitcom starred Britney Spears’s sister?

Ultimately, this show will probably just be remembered for the controversy surrounding it’s final season. Despite only being 16 at the time, series star Jamie Lynn Spears announced she had become pregnant, shattering the “good girl” image she had built over the past three years. Surprisingly, Nickelodeon respected her life choices, continuing the series anyway, a testament to its popularity at the time. Considering it was about a group of teens at boarding school, it’s not like teen pregnancy was out of the question; it just seemed out of place on Nickelodeon.

Question 28

What children’s show gave kids a glimpse of life on a magic island?

Not far off the coast of South Carolina, there are a number of Sea Islands featuring their own distinct African based culture. In reality, one of the biggest areas in this archipelago is St. Helena Island, but Nickelodeon decided to give the land a different name when creating a series about a similar place. Based on a book by series star Ronald Daise, this show took fans to a magical land where sing-alongs and public dances provided a constant backdrop for strong life lessons. There was also a giant yellow frog named Binyah Binyah, which no child could forget.

Question 29

What children’s show is about an adventurous young girl?

No swiping past this one, Swiper, or kids everywhere may well revolt. One of the most popular series ever made for the under 10 crowd, this show was about an adventurous young girl solving puzzles, mastering riddles, and teaching a whole lot of Spanish. Always at her side was a magical talking backpack offering great advice, and an adorable monkey friend named Boots, who helped fend out Grumpy Old Trolls and other meanies that stood in their way. Ultimately, the girl and her friends always make their destination and sing a song of celebration, with kids everywhere surely joining in.

Question 30

What cartoon is about frightening creatures in school?

Despite all appearances, there’s really nothing scary about this silly cartoon, which happened to predate Monsters University by almost two decades. Still very early into their career as creatures going bump in the night, the super creeps starring in this series are simply in some sort of monster school, learning the ins and outs of how to scare from their genuinely scary headmaster The Gromble. Unfortunately, Ickis and Krumm seem a little hopeless at the terror game, but young Oblina may have a chance for some serious fright later on in life.

Question 31

What animated series is about a wallaby living in the city?

Even more so than the average animated series, this program felt almost identical to an adult sitcom acted out with cute animals. The main character may have been a wallaby, with a turtle and cow for best friends, but there was very little between the basic scenarios he entered and those on Seinfeld and Friends. Of course, the power of animation means these simple situations could extend far beyond what any real world program could allow, leading Heffer, Filburt, and the others on some extremely wacky adventures.

Question 32

What action series brought a child’s sensibility to American Gladiators?

Sure, Double Dare may have looked a little bit more fun over all, but what kid didn’t have at least one dream about winning a piece of the Aggro-Crag? Unfortunately, very few of us ever got the chance, as the only way to get a chunk of glowing steel was to win this game hosted, hosted by Mike O’Malley and Moira Quirk. Basically an American Gladiators for younger contestants, teens would compete in highly unique physical competitions before a big race up the top of a glowing mountain, all for a chance at Nickelodeon glory. Do ya have it?

Question 33

Which cartoon is about a human-ghost hybrid superhero?

When most kids accidentally become half dead by wandering into some sort of strange portal to the Ghost World, they probably view life as pretty much being over. That’s not the case with the star of this show, who instead uses his newfound unique condition to become a modern day superhero, protecting the rest of his town from the poltergeists and specters from running wild. Being half phantasm himself is actually of great advantage in this regard, as it gives him the power to fly, become invisible, and transform into almost anything at will.

Question 34

Which cartoon is about surfer kids living on the beach?

And you thought Bart Simpson knew how to rock a skateboard. Turns out the legendary Simpson is practically an amateur compared to siblings Otto and Reggie, who spend all day skating and surfing around their home in Ocean Shores, California. The two were taught to shred by their father Raymundo, who also may have inspired their incredibly competitive attitude. On the bright side, Bart can at least take solace in being a better skater boy than their buddies Squid and Twister, though they nonetheless try keeping up with the gang.

Question 35

What cartoon is about a red-haired girl in junior high?

Great as it is to be smart and prepared for the future, no one wants to be a geek. Unfortunately, popularity will always be more important to children than their potential in the future, and that’s definitely the case with the star of this show, who is making a concerted effort with her friends to rise up the social ladder. It looks like she might pull it off when the popular Courtney Gripling starts celebrating her quirky turns of phrase, but not to the extent supporting the nerd would lower her own high status amongst fellow students.

Question 36

What computer animated series was about an incredibly smart young man?

Originally intended just as a segment for KaBlam!, it took several years for this computer animated series about one of the smartest kids in TV history to take off the ground. Once he finally lifted off, though, it was straight to the moon as far as his popularity was concerned, still airing in popular reruns to this day. For the most part, the kids fame comes through his inventions, despite the fact they often blow up in his face, not to mention those of his buddies Carl and Sheen.

Question 37

What series was about two siblings and their friend Goo?

Lasting only 13 episodes, this is one of the shorter lived classic series Nickelodeon would produce, but that didn’t make it any less memorable. Unlike most shows that try to present main characters as an Odd Couple, Alfie and Dee-Dee Parker were two of the closest brothers on TV despite their age differences, constantly confiding in one another and relying on each other for advice. Unfortunately, almost all of the advice they give one another is terrible, leaving to horrible haircuts and disastrous encounters with school bullies.

Question 38

What show originated Nickelodeon’s legendary green slime?

Technically speaking, this next show wasn’t a Nickelodeon original, but it was without a doubt the most important component of the network’s rise, meaning it needed to be on this quiz. Originating as a local sketch show in Canada, once Nickelodeon brought it stateside, it became so popular that it aired seven nights a week throughout the 1980s. In addition to quick jokes, witty humor, and budding celebrities, what really made the show popular was it’s catchphrase, always punch lined with the green slime that would go on to be Nickelodeon’s most visible trademark.

Question 39

What game show saw players interact with the ancient Olmec?

Whether an Orange Iguana, Silver Snake, Blue Barracuda, or anything else, every kid on this show desperately hoped for a chance to travel through Olmec and win a fated prize to space camp, or something similarly awesome. The only catch was the terrifying Temple Guards standing in their way, and the fact that dozens of kids around the world apparently have serious trouble putting together the three piece puzzle that is the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. In any event, it was still fun to watch them try, even as host Kirk Fogg ran out of way to diplomatically help them on the mic.

Question 40

What informative series produced kid friendly news?

Cartoons, comedies, and the occasional adventure may have populate most of Nickelodeon’s content, but even kids have a little bit of curiosity when it comes to world events. For that reason, once a week, the network provided a light children’s based informational program, giving youngsters their first glimpse of professional broadcasting. While the series obviously rarely touched upon the harshest realities of life, it nonetheless introduced children to the world in a more direct way than anything else on the network, rightfully earning great critical praise for doing so along the way.

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