Only A 90s Girl Would Pass This Legally Blonde Quiz

Legally Blonde is a comedy that was based on a novel by the same name, released in 2001. The film stars Reese Witherspoon, who is playing a sorority girl that is trying to win back the affection of her ex boyfriend. She does this by getting into the same law school he is at, and getting herself a degree. The film was so successul, that a sequel was released in 2003. Legally Blonde 3: Red, White & Blonde, consisted of Elle getting into politics. Recently, Reese Witherspoon confirmed that a third film will be released on Valentine's Day, 2020.

This movie is a huge hit with girls of any age, because of its underlying message that we can do anything when we set our minds to it, even if society may disagree. The main character initially works her butt off to prove she is worth it to her boyfriend, but realizes that she is actually better off without him. She learns more about herself in her first year, and discovers that this is her true passion and calling!

Legally Blonde is an incredibly successful movie, that everyone has seen at least once. This quick quiz will test your knowledge on the film! If you're a 90s girl, you'll definitely get an A!

Question 1

Who is this main character?

This woman is the star of the entire movie. She starts out living her dream, in college getting her bachelors, living with her sorority friends, on top of the world. Everything changes when her boyfriend decides to break up with her suddenly. She decides to overturn her entire life, and follow him to law school to prove that she is smart enough for him. When she finds a passion in law and a future in it too, she realizes she's way too good for him anyway.

Question 2

Who is her boyfriend?

This man is Elle Woods' boyfriend at the start of the film. He decides that he needs to break up with Elle, before he heads off to law school. He wants to be with someone who is more serious, because he wants to have a strong law career. He jumps the gun and breaks up with her, only to find that she follows him to law school! He pushes her away still, but eventually realizes she was a catch and he let her go.

Question 3

What is her dog’s name?

Elle Woods has this adorable pooch that is her best friend. She takes him everywhere with her. She brings him along when she moves into her new dorm when she attends law school. She confides in him with everything in her life, because he is such a great listener. He proves to be a good friend to her, and is always there when she needs a friend. This makes her very understanding when her friend his missing her own dog, and the two pair up to get him back.

Question 4

What sorority is Elle a part of?

While Elle is in college at UCLA, she is a part of a huge sorority. She isn't just a part of it, she is the president of it! She loves her sorority girls, and knows that they all have her back no matter what. When Warner breaks up with her, the girls do everything they can to help her get through it. Then, they all help her study to get her scores on the LSATs up, to get into law school.

Question 5

What is Warner’s nickname for Elle?

Warner and Elle had a great relationship up until he decided that he needed to move forward with his life. He had a nickname for her, that we really don't hear again until he tries to get Elle back at the end of the movie. Couples that are together for such a long time, usually end up creating some sort of pet names for each other. The name Warner would call Elle was a little unconventional, but it was cute anyway.

Question 6

Who does Warner compare Elle to when he breaks up with her?

Warner decides that he needs to break up with Elle because he wants to have a strong law career, and eventually make his way into politics. He wants to be with someone that is more serious, and can be taken seriously. He compares Elle to a famous celebrity, claiming that he can't be with someone like her but needs to be with someone else. The person he compared her to is an icon, but may not be your first thought when you think of poise.

Question 7

What did Elle expect from Warner, but instead got a break up?

Elle was expecting a big step from Warner on the night that he broke up with her. He took her out to a fancy restaurant, and she bought a new dress just for the occasion. She had spoken with all of her sorority girls about it, and they were all excited for her! They had found out that Warner had lunch with his grandmother, which furthered their assumptions, because this would mean he was planning something much more serious than a regular dinner.

Question 8

What does Elle major in?

At UCLA, Elle maintains a 4.0 grade point average. She does exceptionally well, while still holding up extracurricular activities, including being the president for her sorority, and having a strong social life. Her major is not one that would typically lead to a career in law, because she had never anticipated wanting to go into the field! She majored in something she was passionate about, which definitely makes sense through her impressive grades. What did Elle actually major in though?

Question 9

What score does Elle need on her LSATs?

When Elle decides she wants to go to law school to follow Warner, and prove she is worth it, she talks to a counselor. Her counselor lets her know that she needs this high score on the LSATs. She spends most of her days studying with her friends, even blowing off parties to do so. While taking practice tests, she kept falling short of the score that she needed. Elle pulled through for the actual exam though, getting a 179, which is higher than the score she needed!

Question 10

Which of these were not a part of Elle’s admissions video?

Instead of writing an admissions essay to this prestigious law school, Elle decided to create an admissions video. The admissions department of the school watches the video, and is confused about her thinking. Some of them are arguing for Elle, and some are arguing against her. Overall, they did see something interesting in her because they decided to offer her admission to the university. Her video included a lot of different topics and activities, but which of these did not appear in the video?

Question 11

What law school does Warner go to?

Warner applies to go to a law school completely across the country from California, and from Elle. This is part of why he wanted to break up with her. He felt that if he was going to get serious about his future in law, he needed a girlfriend that would be on board with that. Elle isn't the type of girl to just sit idly by her man making decisions, she is intelligent, and strong minded for herself. In the end, where does Warner go to school?

Question 12

What does Elle say when Warner confronts her about coming to Harvard?

Elle gets into Harvard and moves to Massachusetts without making any contact with Warner. It has been weeks since they have seen each other, and she decides to approach him in the hallways. He thinks that she is just stalking him, but she tells him that she actually got into Harvard, and is going there now. He is completely shocked, and asks her, "You got into Harvard Law?" Elle responds with something that we weren't really expecting, but it was perfect.

Question 13

Who is this nasty professor?

This professor is the teacher of the first class that Elle goes to in her Harvard education pathway. She is immediately intimidated, and realized that she did not complete the homework that the students were expected to before the class began. This professor, unimpressed by Elle, kicks her out of class. She wants Elle to only return when she is prepared. Elle is completely humiliated, and leaves the class frustrated and upset that she even came to Harvard in the first place.

Question 14

Who is this new woman in Warner’s life?

After Elle was kicked out of her first class, she was sitting outside. Here, she meets a new face, but runs into an old one. She goes up and talks to Warner, and realizes that he got engaged to someone else. This new girl is stuck up, and very nasty to Elle, who tries to be nice and act like she doesn't care. She is devastated, but still believes that she can prove her worth to Warner and get him back.

Question 15

Who is this man?

While Elle was upset and frustrated about being kicked out of class, she meets this man. He is also a law student, but is further into the program that she is. He is kind to her, and gives her the inside scoop on all of her professors that she has for the semester. The two talk and have a nice conversation, starting a crush that he will have on Elle, that lasts throughout the movie. He has more faith in her than anyone else.

Question 16

What does Elle dress as for the ‘costume’ party?

Vivian is holding a party for her and her fellow cohort of law students. Elle overhears Vivian talking about it to invite someone else, and asks to come along. Vivian lies and tells her that it is a costume party, which it is not. Elle arrives dressed in a full costume, while no one else is dressed up. She confronts Vivian, and calls her a name while also insulting her outfit. She sticks around for a while, and then leaves determined to prove her intelligence to everyone.

Question 17

What color Macbook does Elle buy?

After Elle leaves the costume party, to heads over to the campus bookstore. While she is here, she buys a new computer. This is something she didn't have before, but decided to buy one to help her educational career. She picks out a colored Mac book, and takes it home. The rest of this scene involves Elle studying in the library, doing assignments, writing papers, and doing everything she can to get ahead of her colleagues that all look down on her.

Question 18

Who is this professor that gets Elle an internship?

This man is one of Elle's professor. He works at a law firm, and offers internships to his students each year. He brings the opportunity up to the class, and Elle at first doesn't think much of it. But when Warner tells her she shouldn't even bother, she is determined to get the job. She works hard to prove herself while in class, and shows off her skills to the entire class and to this professor. It all works out, and he offers one of the internship spots to her.

Question 19

What is special about Elle’s resume?

When Elle is applying for the internship with Professor Callahan, she is volunteering in class to provide responses to his questions. He stops her after class to ask if she is going to be applying for his internship. She responds that she will, and he asks for her resume. She hands it to him, mentioning that it is special and that it gives it a little something extra. Professor Callahan and Emmett look at each other, both impressed and perplexed by Elle.

Question 20

Why does Elle want to leave Harvard?

Shortly after Elle begins her internship working on real law cases with Professor Callahan, she has a bad experience. This leads to her confiding in Emmett, and even Vivian about the incident. She tells Emmett that she does not want to be at Harvard anymore, and that she doesn't think anyone will ever take her seriously. He reassures her that the best way to get back at everyone, is to prove them all wrong with her success and poise in her education.

Question 21

Who is on trial?

While working with Professor Callahan and Emmett, Elle is helping to provide representation with this famous woman. She is on trial for committing murder. She has been arrested for killing her husband, which she swears she did not do. When Elle meets her, she is excited because she knows this woman. The two of them get along, and she has faith in her lawyers now that she knows she has Elle on the team. She refuses to give up her alibi though, frustrating Callahan.

Question 22

What is Brooke’s alibi?

Brooke Windham refuses to tell the lawyers about her alibi. They are persistent about it, but she insists that it must remain a secret. Elle goes to talk to her while she is in jail, without telling any of the other lawyers. Brooke confides in Elle, because of their history. Elle promises that she won't tell the other lawyers, because it could damage her career. She keeps this promise, to the disdain of her superiors, including professor Callahan.

Question 23

How does Elle know Brooke?

When Brooke comes into the office for a meeting with her lawyers, Elle instantly recognizes her. She admits that she knows her from her past, and explains why. This makes Brooke much more comfortable with her representation, because she has someone that is actually on her side. Elle proves this loyalty by not revealing her alibi to the other lawyers, and believing her innocence from the very beginning. Later on, this is all why Brooke wants Elle to be her lawyer, not Callahan.

Question 24

Who is this friend of Elle’s?

When Elle is getting frustrated with her schooling and problems with Warner, she goes to do what she always does, gets her nails done. Since this is a new city, she must find a new nail salon. This is where she meets this woman. The two instantly get along, and Elle confides in her, telling her everything that is going on with Warner and the case. This woman is a great listener, and even opens up to Elle about her own life.

Question 25

Who does Paulette have a crush on?

Paulette and Elle becomes friends while Elle comes in to get her nails done. As they are talking, a man comes into the store. It is obvious that Paulette has a major crush on him, as she spills nail solution on the table she is working at. She is afraid to talk to him, but he seems interested in her too! Elle convinces her to try more next time, and to go for it with him because it might lead somewhere great.

Question 26

Who is Brooke’s step-daughter?

Brooke is on trial because her step-daughter walked into the room when Brooke was holding her dead husband, covered in his blood, after he had been shot. She claims she was in the shower when she heard the gunshot, and came downstairs, to see Brooke. She is arguing that Brooke would have had enough time to hide the gun, before she comes down the stairs. She had never liked Brooke, because of their close age range, and she thinks Brooke only married her father for money.

Question 27

What move did Elle’s mom teach her?

Because of Paulette's nervousness when approaching the delivery man, Elle teaches her a move that her mother taught her. Elle claims that it has a huge success rate. She says, “It has a 98 percent success rate of getting a man's attention, and when used appropriately, has a 83 percent rate of return of a dinner invitation.” She teaches this move to Paulette, and has the entire salon practicing it! When her crush comes in, Paulette tries it, but fails and ends up hitting him in the face.

Question 28

How does Elle find out that Enrique is gay?

During the case, the pool boy, Enrique, is claiming that he was having an affair with Brooke Windham, without her husband knowing. He is on the side of the state, trying to prove that Brooke was the person that committed the murder. Elle finds out that Enrique must being lying about this affair, because he is actually gay. When she brings this up in court, he denies it, and then his boyfriend shouts an obscenity from the audience and leaves the room, proving Elle to be correct.

Question 29

What is Paulette’s dog’s name?

Before Paulette developed a crush on the delivery man, she was actually married to someone else. The two of them went through a bad break up, because he cheated on her. Paulette had a pet bulldog, who similar to Elle and Bruiser, were best friends. She misses her dog desperately, but chickens out when she tries to talk to her ex. Elle helps her out, and goes with her to get the dog. Elle gives her the support she needs to tell off her ex, and bring her puppy home.

Question 30

What secret does Vivian tell Elle about Warner?

After Elle decides to not tell the rest of the lawyers about Brooke's alibi, Vivian actually comes in to applaud her strength and her word. The two talk for a little bit, and Warner eventually comes up. Vivian tells her something about Warner, that Elle did not know. This begins their tentative friendship, despite the fact that from the beginning of the movie the two of them absolutely could not stand each other. They bond over Callahan being a pig, and Warner just being lame.

Question 31

How does Elle know Chutney committed the murder?

While Elle is questioning Chutney, Brooke's step daughter, she has a huge realization about her story not exactly lining up. She continues to question Chutney about her shower story, and is emphasizing the fact that she did something earlier in that day that would prevent her from getting in the shower. Elle gets very serious, and begins to lay out the entire story for what it really was. Chutney gets visibly uncomfortable, and blurts out that Brooke is the same age as her, and she admits to the murder.

Question 32

What step is Emmett taking the night of graduation?

After Elle wins her first case, Emmett is extremely impressed with her. The two of them have been flirting a bit back and forth throughout the movie, but this proves their feelings. He had her back when no one else did, and she saw that he had so much faith in her, more than she had in herself. The two of them began to date, and continued to for the rest of her time there at Harvard law. He is planning to take a big step the night of her graduation.

Question 33

How does Elle respond when Warner tries to get her back?

After Elle wins her first case, proving Brooke to be innocent and helping to convict Chutney, Warner is impressed with her. He realizes, while still dating Vivian, that he wants to get back together with Elle. Warner thinks he made a huge mistake, because Elle is much more than a pretty girl, which is the reason he broke up with her in the first place. He chases after her in the courthouse, and asks her to take him back, but what does she say?

Question 34

Do Vivian and Elle stay friends at the end?

Vivian and Elle had a rocky relationship from the beginning. They were in a constant competition with each other. Vivian was the winner of the ring from Warner, and wanted nothing to get in her way of building a future with him. Elle was just the ex girlfriend, trying to get her man back despite him being engaged to someone else. They disagree often and bicker frequently at the start of the film, but things change a little the two of them work the case together.

Question 35

What was Warner’s fate at the end of the film?

After the case was over, Vivian decided that she had to break up with Warner. She definitely realized that she could do much better than someone who had to have his father make a call to get him into Harvard. This had to hurt, especially after Elle rejected him, and he thought he would have an easy go to with her. At the end of the movie at graduation, they pan through the cast explaining what had happened in the last two years. What did Warner's say?

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