Only A 90s Gamer Can Name All These Super Mario Characters

The 1990s were a pivotal time for video games, especially for the Mario franchise. In the 1970s and 19980s arcade systems were pretty big but then there was a big decline in them during the late 1980s. Nintendo couldn't get their foot in the door in terms of arcade games. So they tried video game systems since there was a huge opening in that market. Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of Mario and he is also known as the father of modern video game systems. The first game he created, Donkey Kong World, took off. Mario became the best selling video game ever created.

Here are some interesting facts about the franchise's creator: he doesn't spend a lot of time playing video games. Instead he likes to play music on his guitar or banjo. When told that video games are bad for people he brings up the fact that people used to say that about rock n' roll. He met his wife at Nintendo whom was manager at that time. They walk to work each day together. Even though he is very successful he insists on earning an average salary. He is a very humble man and very down to earth. Now that you know more about the World of Super Mario, try your best to show off your super fan skills, and name as many characters as you can on this list!


Question 1

Who is this?

First things first! We need to make sure you know the basics. You should know this question right off the bat. He is in over 200 different games and this Italian plumber's franchise is the best selling video game series of all time. So take that Call of Duty and Counterstrike! This franchise's marketing team had a sweet spot in the 90s when video games were just beginning to take off. It started as a game for the old video system NES.

Question 2

Who is this?

This is the Italian plumber's girlfriend or lady interest. The games don't exactly specify so we can probably assume girlfriend or wife. She is the princess of Mushroom World and she is usually the damsel in distress that Mario has to save over and over again usually from Browser. Previously she was called Princess Toadstool but that name was later changed to her current name today. So do you remember what this princess's name is from those 1990 video games?

Question 3

Who is this?

This is Mario's right hand guy. He is considered Mario's younger and slimmer brother and he appears in the franchise a little after Mario. Like Mario he also has a girlfriend who just appears to be a brunette version of Mario's love interest. Unfortunately for this character he is constantly in Mario's shadow and is forever second in command. This doesn't faze him though. He's alright with it. So do you remember his name from the Mario video game franchise?

Question 4

Who is this?

She used to have her very own kingdom called Sarasaland. Now she resides with her best friend Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom. She made her biggest debut in Mario Tennis and has been a playable character ever since. She is Luigi's love interest. Not only is Luigi interested in this character, his rival is into her as well. Samantha Mathis plays this character in the 1993 Mario film. This character and Luigi meet each other in a college classroom.

Question 5

Who is this?

This is one of Princess Peach's most loyal companions. He does a lot of work for her in the Mushroom Kingdom. He is really just a citizen in Mushroom Kingdom and all the other citizens look like him as well. Early on in the Mario series, he would just appear to players as someone who gives advice, tips, and other kinds of help for advancing levels. It wasn't until later on he became a playable character like in Super Smash Bros.

Question 6

Who is the green guy?

Ever since the conception of Mario, the creators of the Mario franchise have wanted Mario to have a dinosaur companion. This character in question was inspired by another green dinosaur called Tamagon. This character can jump high, capture things with his long tongue, created spotted eggs from the things he's eaten, throw eggs, and be really cute. He is the most recognizable character in the Mario franchise and he is always there to help Mario out when he needs him.

Question 7

Who is this?

Alright so this is Mario's arch nemesis. This is the guy who is constantly capture Princess Peach so that Mario will come and try to save her. He rarely talks and mostly growls and gives a deep, insidious laugh. He has his offspring and henchmen carry out his orders and help him out in his quest to destroy Mario. His original name was King Koopa but now he is more referred to as the name being asked in this question.

Question 8

Who is this?

This is the antihero and antagonist for the Mario games. It is theorized that he is Mario's cousin but it has yet to be confirmed. This character has starred in some of his own games despite his reputation for being one of Mario's rivals. Although, he is kind of fat and doesn't look very strong he has been known to defeat enemies much larger than him. He may not be evil. He might just be greedy and fixated on his own personal goals.

Question 9

Who is this?

This is extreme version of Luigi. He is much taller and much skinnier than Luigi. His facial features are also extreme versions of Luigi's if you look closely at the chin and ears. As you can see his uniform is quite like Luigi except the color scheme is off. This character was not playable until Mario Power Tennis came out about a decade ago. Ever since he has been in all the Mario tennis games. Do you remember his name?

Question 10

Who is this?

He has his own island named after him and originally in the Mario franchise he was portrayed as the villain. Now he is known as one of Mario's friends. This guy likes to spend his time collecting bananas and hanging out with his best friend on his island. In the Mario Party games he is not a playable character. Instead he is one of the good guys who help the characters get more coins. So do you think you remember his name?

Question 11

Who is this?

So this is a pink dinosaur sort of like Yoshi. This character is very interesting because many sources conclude that this is a male but identifies as a female. So there you go! Gaming's first transgender character. It was first a playable character in Mario Power Tennis and made appearances in the Super Smash Bros. games. This is not Yoshi's love interest. This character was never meant to be that. Just another off the wall character in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Question 12

Who is this?

This is Donkey Kong's best friend. Although he is often touted as Donkey Kong's wannabe nephew. He was first brought to everyone's attention in a video game released in 1994 called Donkey Kong Country. He has been in the Mario franchise ever since. In Super Smash Bros. he throws banana peels to fight off foes and he uses a makeshift rocket to propel himself in the air. So do you think you can remember what this Mario character's name is?

Question 13

Who is this?

This is Bowser's youngest son of all the koopalings. This character brings out the emotional side of Bowser that we hadn't seen before. He made his first appearance in the game called Super Mario Sunshine. His goals are aligned with his father's: to capture Princess Peach and to defeat Mario once and for all. After his first appearance he became a regular character helping Bowser with his plans of finally defeating Mario and ruling Mushroom Kingdom. Do you remember this character's name?

Question 14

Who is this?

This character made its debut in Super Mario 3. He couldn't be defeated unless Mario had a hammer suit, a blue koopa shell, or a starman (just a regular yellow star). This character would shy away if Mario or Luigi would look directly at him but as soon as they would turn away this character would chase them. This character later became playable in the Mario Party games. Do you think you can remember the name of this Mario character?

Question 15

Who is this?

This bad guy is considered the most iconic of all the Koopa Troop. The Koopa Troop are mostly a bunch of turtles (Bowser included) that try to thwart Mario's mission of saving Princess Peach. This character was first introduced in the Super Mario games. As you can see this mushroom looking character has only 2 feet and no visible arms. This character was created last yet it is the first character encountered in the Super Mario Bros. game. Do you know its name?

Question 16

Who is this?

This is a timid and very common bad guy of the Super Mario Bros. games. He made his debut in Super Mario Bros. 2 and has been carried along to other games like Mario Party and Mario Kart. No one knows what Shy Guy looks like behind his mask. That is, everyone except Luigi know what he looks like behind the mask. So do you think you can remember what the name of this Mario character is from Super Mario 2?

Question 17

Who is this?

Don't confuse this guy's cuteness with it being a good guy, this is a Mario character that works for Bowser in his army of foot soldiers. This character comes in two different colors: red and green. The green version of this guy is the most common and the easiest to fight. The red ones are a bit smarter and a little harder to take down. This character made its debut in the first Super Mario Bros game. Do you remember its name?

Question 18

Who is this?

Really the only difference between this character and the last one is that this one has wings. This character comes in a few different colors: red, blue, and green. As you might have already guessed, this character is apart of Bowser's army of bad guys poised to defeat Mario and his quest to save Princess Peach. This character has been with Mario from the start. First appearing in Super Mario 1 and then continued to Super Mario 2 and 3.

Question 19

Who is this?

This one may throw you off a bit. They are definitely in the first Super Mario Bros game. Once you beat the game the first time you get the option of replacing those easy to kill, one hit knock out Goombas with these guys. Like the Koopa Troopa guys, you can't beat this character with fire power alone. These guys are just in the very first Super Mario Bros. game. Do you think you can remember what the name is?

Question 20

Who is the guy on the left?

Like most games developed in this decade, Super Mario Bros had a glitch. In fact, it had an entire glitch level which was impossible to beat. That was the original release. The Japanese release had several completable levels. This glitch was nicknamed Minus World because it was World -1. In this glitch we see sprites of this character in question. This character appears in the Mario Party games as well. Do you think you can remember what the name is?

Question 21

Who is this?

This character first appears in the very first Mario game. He is the one who throws spiny shells at Mario. He looks like he would be a good guy but that is just a facade. He is on Bowser's team and therefore an enemy of Mario and his gang. This character also appears in the Mario Party games and the Mario Kart games. He is not a playable character in either of those games. Do you remember this character's name?

Question 22

Who is this?

Like before this character appears in the very first Super Mario Bros game. He is another bad guy who is apart of Bowser's team. Sometimes this character can spit fireballs. This only happens with certain variations of this character. Most of them do not have this ability. They are one of the oldest bad guys in the entire franchise. They usually sprout from the warp pipes so you need to be careful when walking on the pipes. Do you know this one's name?

Question 23

Who is this pink thing on the right?

So these pink guys don't show up until Super Mario 64 which came out in 1996 for the Nintendo 64. They are friends with Mario and Luigi because they can be used to destroy Koopa Kids, Koopa Troops, and Goombas. They can easily be picked up and thrown around. There are black versions of these guys as well but they aren't necessarily good guys. So do you think you can recall the names of these guys from Super Mario 64?

Question 24

Who is this?

You can tell right from looking at this guy that he is one of the bad guys! He first appeared in Super Mario 64 and since then has been in the Mario Party games. This character attacks by jumping on its foe and flattening him or her. This character usually has a band aid on its back but you can only see it when it turns away from you. So do you think you can remember what this character's name is?

Question 25

Who is this?

This character acts and sounds like a dog. It is very unintelligent but is is very powerful. It not only appears in Super Mario 64 but many of the Mario Kart games. It first appears in Super Mario 3 and since then has been in many of the Mario game franchise. A lot of times it will break away from its post and run around. So do you think you can recall the name of this character from the Mario games?

Question 26

Who is this?

There is the baby penguin and the mom penguin. This question is referring to the baby penguin. This baby penguin only exists in Super Mario 64. In order to get the star Mario must find the baby penguin in question and return him or her to his mom at the bottom of the sea. The baby penguin is on top of a mountain by the way. Sorry if I spoiled something but I probably didn't since this game came out in 1996.

Question 27

Who is this?

This character appears in a few of the Mario Party games. He starts off in Super Mario 64 where he helps Mario get to wear he needs to go by letting Mario ride him. There is a sign that this character can eat people if you get too close but he has never eaten anyone in the game. He happily gives Mario rides to wherever it is he needs to go. This character is based off the loch ness monster.

Question 28

What's the name of the snowmen?

These guys got their start in Super Mario 64 and have reappeared in numerous Mario Party games. He is in a few Mario Kart games as well. He is usually seen throwing snowballs and trying to attack Mario. Sometimes he wears a bucket for a hat. He is not a playable character in any of the Mario games unfortunately. So do you think you can remember what the name of this snowman that constantly reappears in the Super Mario games?

Question 29

Who is this?

These guys lack free will therefore Bowser recruits them as his minions. They mostly just swim around lazily. These guys are mostly background characters like in Super Mario or any of the Mario Kart games. There is a different colored one named Sushi that helps Mario out by becoming his ally when battling one of Mario's foes. These guys are the only ones not credited in the Mario games. So do you think you can recall what this guy's name is?

Question 30

Who is this?

This is a picture taken from Mario Kart Double Dash. These guys usually sprout randomly from the ground. In order to beat them you need to beat every spherical segment of its body one by one so it is a pretty time consuming bad guy to fight. Like Shy Guy these guys originate from non Mario games. It first showed up in Super Mario 2. Most of them have a flower growing out of its head. Do you remember its name?

Question 31

Who is this?

These guys appear in Super Mario 64. Mario has to pick them up to throw them at foes but before that happens they like to steal Marios hat. They appear quite a few times in Mario Party and in the mini games. Here's an interesting fact: these monkeys are related to Diddy Kong because they are all spider monkeys. These monkeys are known to beat up Mario or one of his playable characters. So do you remember these guys' name?

Question 32

Who is this?

So these guys make their debut in Super Mario World which came out all the way back in 1990. They appear randomly from the ground and they are defeated by getting whacked on the head. Once on land they can scurry around pretty fast. Sometimes they form obstacles in the ground to thwart Luigi or Mario. They are their own separate species as well. Ever since Super Mario World they have been in many more Mario games since that one.

Question 33

Who is this?

Like the last character in question, this guy starts off in Super Mario World. It usually has a little flower growing out of his head. This guy is usually happy and cheerful that is, until it is enraged by something. When this character gets angry it turns into a bright red color, the eyes become all white, the flower wilts, and this character gains white fangs and starts charging towards Mario. So can your recall what this character's name is?

Question 34

Who is this?

This character is slightly different from the one questioned previously. This time this guy is a boss. A boss when the character you fight after completing a level. This guy is like 10 times the size of the character that looks just like him. In order to defeat him the player must ground pound him three times while he is laying on his face. He tries to attack you by falling face first on you. If this happens too many times then you lose against him.

Question 35

Who is this?

The character in question is the spider looking thing. It first appears in Super Mario 64 but has made several reappearances. It mostly levitates on top of ponds or lakes. It attacks Mario by diving into him. The player is usually warned that this character is about to attack by making a certain noise that is only used with this character. This character is referred to as Pondskaters but before that it had a different name. Do you remember what it is?

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