Only '90s Kids Will Pass This Quiz About The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Now this is a quiz all about how one of the first rappers to become a pop culture sensation saw his life flip-turned upside down. Once an easy going kid from a disadvantaged background, one little fight caused Will Smith’s mom to get scared, sending him to his Auntie and Uncle’s home and turning him into The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

In a rare twist for the fish out of water story, rather than making the joke about how Will doesn’t fit in with his new posh environment, The Fresh Prince became a huge hit by doing the exact opposite. Nine times out of ten, it was his extended family’s pretentious nature that had audiences laughing, as well as their attempts at slowly becoming streetwise thanks to Will’s influence. That said, whenever Will’s old friends tried getting involved, it became clear both sides could easily end up looking like fools.

No matter which era a person was born in, all it takes is one episode of The Fresh Prince before they can rap along with the whole theme song. However, chances are only people who were alive in the 1990s to appreciate every episode as it first aired will be able to remember them all. Proving you’re an expert should only take a minute, so just sit right there, keep reading, and take our quiz about a show called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Question 1

Where was the Fresh Prince born and raised?

As the title of his show would suggest, the majority of Will Smith’s adventures with his extended family take place in the affluent residential LA neighborhood of Bel Air. However, Smith was actually born and raised in a city far, far away from the west coast in general. That said, he was still used to the hustle and bustle of a major city, he just happened to live on the poor side of one rather than the wealthy part. While he occasionally pines for a return to his hometown, before long, Will realizes Bel-Air has its perks, as well.

Question 2

What sport does Will play in the show’s intro?

Prior to moving across the country, Will Smith proudly boasted about spending most of his days on the playground with his homeboys, honing his skills at a certain sport. Unfortunately, it was during a routine game that everything spiraled out of control, as the game ball flew a little bit out of bounds and annoyed a gang of street toughs who were listening to music nearby. Almost immediately, the biggest guy in the gang was spinning Will over his head like a pinwheel, freaking out his mom enough to set the series in motion.

Question 3

Who is Will’s uncle?

Ironically, although Will Smith spent much of his life without an actual father, he may well have had direct access to the greatest father figure in TV history. Granted, the man of the house wasn’t Will’s dad, but rather his uncle, who also happened to be the foundation behind his family’s immense fortune. Wealthy enough to provide his kids with anything they could ever want, Will’s uncle is also smart enough to teach them to put in the effort and work hard themselves to keep up his legacy. Not that they ever listen, especially with Will telling them not to.

Question 4

Who is Will’s male cousin?

No matter how badly Will wished he could have stayed in Philly at times, his slightly younger cousin repeatedly reminded him just how fun Bel-Air could be, as well. Okay, so they weren’t always the best of friends, but Will’s amusement over just how square his own flesh and blood could be never came to an end. Over time, they actually started getting along pretty well, too, finding a deeply personal connection where they least expected. Of course, even after they became close, Will still found his cousin’s cluelessness utterly hilarious, and so did the show’s fans.

Question 5

What is Will’s aunt’s name?

Proudly raised by a single mother, Will didn’t need a positive female role model in his life the same way he needed a male one, but it didn’t hurt that he had a second woman to admire in his mother’s sister. Great as Will’s mom was, this woman also offered a different perspective on femininity and what it meant to be an African American, and his long time living under their roof surely influenced how he viewed all females from then on. Hopefully this doesn’t mean he expects them to dramatically change their appearance every three years.

Question 6

What singer does Carlton idolize?

Considering the Fresh Prince came to fame for his rap career first and acting abilities second, it’s no surprise that music would play a major role in his sitcom. The weird part is that hip hop only covered a small part of the soundtrack, with the Banks family’s classical and more white bread tastes generally taking precedence in their home. Chances are the song that gets the most play of all is “It’s Not Unusual,” thanks to its involvement in the iconic “Carlton Dance.” Naturally, the singer of the tune is also one of the kid’s greatest heroes.

Question 7

Who is Will’s older female cousin?

Like, as if anyone could possibly watch The Fresh Prince and not instantly notice the eldest daughter of the Banks family. Utterly in love with boys, fashion, and shopping, somehow Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv raised the biggest valley girl in all of LA despite their better efforts. Of course, they love her just the same, as do Will and her siblings, but the constant airheaded remarks that fly out of her mouth also turn the girl into a constant target. Luckily, she rarely understands the jokes, so it’s not like she cares.

Question 8

What is the Banks family butler’s name?

Believe it or not, Will Smith isn’t the coolest guy in Bel-Air, nor the funniest. Long before he ever arrived, there was already a bitingly sarcastic certified G living inside the Banks residence. The catch is that he wasn’t a member of the family, but rather their extremely devoted hired help. Always ready with a rude remark or sharp quip, the main reason the Banks family hasn’t fired him is the fact they happen to completely and totally rely on everything he does. Hilary especially wouldn’t last a day without him.

Question 9

Who is Will’s best friend?

Forced to hang out with Carlton all waking hours, it’s completely understandable that Will would seek friendship in someone slightly more like him. Shortly after moving to Bel-Air, he reconnects with an old friend of his who initially teaches Ashley to play the drums. From there, he becomes a very regular face around the Banks residence, but Will’s the only one who ever wants to see him. Uncle Phil in particular really doesn’t like the guy, finding reasons to physically chuck him out the front door almost every time he stops by.

Question 10

Who is Will’s younger female cousin?

For as pretentious and sophisticated as the rest of the family could be, Will always had at least one close ally in his younger female cousin. In fact, there are times when the girl seems to treat Will with equal regard to her brother or even their father, making him one of the most important people in her life. Returning the favor, Will is more protective of her than anyone else in the family, and rarely ever makes fun of her unless she really deserves it.

Question 11

Where did Uncle Phil go to college?

In order for a man to pull himself up from the bottom and become wealthy the way Philip Banks did, he’s going to need a solid educational background. That was definitely the case for Will’s uncle, as he gradually climbed the ladder from his humble origins in West Philly all the way to a mansion in Bel-Air. To get there, Uncle Phil actually graduated from two Ivy League universities. Always wanting to make dad proud, Carlton made it well known his plan was to attend the same school, and he finally gets a chance in the series finale.

Question 12

What does Uncle Phil do for a living?

If education is the first step to wealth and fortune, the next one is actually putting a degree to use. Both of the Banks parents use their knowledge to increase their bank accounts, yet Uncle Phil is nonetheless the primary breadwinner thanks to his extremely lucrative career path. Ever since he was a young man interested in civil rights and social justice, Phil was developing an idea of what he wanted to do in life, and it just so happens his choice makes boatloads of money.

Question 13

Who is Will’s mother?

Once Will moves in with his Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air, they pretty much take over the job of raising him. Granted, there’s only a few years left before the kid turns 18, but he still has plenty to learn. That’s not to say his real parents didn’t do a pretty good job already, or at least that one of them did. No matter how close Will became with Uncle Phil or Aunt Viv, they never held a candle to how he felt about his dearly beloved mom.

Question 14

What type of drugs does Carlton unknowingly take from Will’s locker?

In addition to providing fans with countless laughs, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was always a show that looked to give viewers a positive message whenever possible. Like most shows that attempt to take this sort of approach, this meant at least one episode where the characters learned to say no to drugs of all varieties. Even if a person is just “holding on to them for a friend,” an outsider who doesn’t know what they are could get badly hurt. Case in point, Carlton winding up in the hospital when he overdoses on what he thinks is Vitamin E.

Question 15

Which future politician once tried to buy the Banks family mansion?

Because Uncle Phil’s job puts him in direct contact with a cadre of politicians, there were no shortage of important people walking in and out of the Banks house on a daily basis. In fact, a former President happens to live in the same neighborhood, but apparently Ronald Reagan only gets along with Hilary. Another man who would become President in the future also once stopped by Bel-Air to express a great interest in buying the Banks’s house. Even a few decades before he was President, the man’s status in the business world instantly caused Carlton to pass out.

Question 16

On which TV show did Uncle Phil propose to Aunt Viv?

For all his classical, sophisticated tastes later in life, Aunt Viv is often quick to remind Uncle Phil that when they met, he was just another soul brother with an afro who got way into James Brown. It’s not like Will and the kids didn’t believe her, but this was nonetheless such a harsh dichotomy from his current character that it may have been difficult to picture. That is, until they both wound up back on the show where Phil proposed for a 25th anniversary special, where it all came rushing back.

Question 17

What nickname did Grandma Hattie and Grandpa Joe give to Uncle Phil?

Believe it or not, Uncle Phil’s life story doesn’t go straight from a disco dancing freak in the 70s to the litigator he is when Will moves into his house. In fact, there was a whole lot that came before either of those personas, including an early life as a farm boy from the country. By and large, Phil tries forgetting about his humble origins now that he’s living in a mansion, but it’s hard to forget when his parents stop by and keep calling him by his old country-fried nickname.

Question 18

Where does Will get shot?

Unlike many kids from West Philly, the Fresh Prince and his cousins have always stayed as far away from gangs, guns, and any other forms of violence as they could. Unfortunately, even people who never once broke the law can suddenly come face to face with criminals, which happens to Will and Carlton on an otherwise completely uninteresting night. Suddenly, there’s a gun in their faces, and in an act of bravery, Will ends up taking a bullet meant for Carlton. Luckily, he survives, but the whole family is seriously shaken by the experience.

Question 19

Which of Will’s old friends from Philly did Hilary once pretend to marry?

Jazz isn’t the only slice of Philly life that followed Will all the way to Bel-Air. Early on in the show, an old friend of his played by future superstar Don Cheadle stopped by for a friendly visit, immediately finding himself enamored with Hilary. Originally, Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv are accepting about the situation if not outright encouraging. However, when Hilary decides to test their patience by pretending to marry the guy, they immediately show their true colors and denounce his simple origins and behavior.

Question 20

Where do Will and Carlton get jobs while in college?

Despite his borderline infinite resources, Uncle Phil knows that simply giving his children and nephew everything in the world will leave them without any sort of work ethic. For this reason, both Will and Carlton decide to get college jobs, which they use to further fund their extracurricular activities. Initially, Will works there alone, only for Carlton to later hired as the manager, much to his chagrin. Even so, they somehow make the situation profitable, at least during the handful of episodes where the show remembered they worked there.

Question 21

What type of car were Will and Carlton once accused of “stealing?”

Almost three full decades after The Fresh Prince made its debut, race relations in America are still depressingly underwhelming. It’s still entirely possible that two young black men driving through a small town could get pulled over for virtually no reason, which happens to Will and Carlton in an early episode of the show. Things immediately spiral from there, with the two accused of “stealing” a car they were delivering to a friend of Uncle Phil’s. Will knows it was racial profiling from the start, and even Carlton starts to believe it when they need Phil to bail them out.

Question 22

What is Hilary’s initial job?

Of all the Banks children, it could probably be assumed Hilary was by far the least likely to ever get a job. Sure, her dad’s connections got her into a good college, but she also dropped out to pursue other interests. Surprisingly, this didn’t mean she was out of the job market, as her good looks and winning personality meant there was hope for her yet. Eventually, she gets her own talk show, but the path to glory starts with a more modest job that opens the door to fame.

Question 23

Who is Will’s baby cousin?

Given the fact they were already in their late 30s when Will became the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, most people probably assumed Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil were done having new kids of their own. Their oldest daughter Ashley was almost a teenager already, suggesting that point of their life may have passed them by. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, Aunt Viv becomes pregnant with a fourth child in season three, and the kid quickly becomes a major part of the family. He also ages remarkably fast, going from a fetus to a toddler in a matter of episodes.

Question 24

What R&B act does Will get to sing at his cousin’s Christening?

As is often the case when a new kid joins a sitcom, fan response to Nicky Banks was a little bit mixed. That said, the other members in his own family were overjoyed at his arrival, with Will in particular hoping to make a huge impact on his cousin’s life. Will’s efforts begin when he makes an almost impossible promise about his gift for Nicky’s Christening. By hook or by crook, he actually makes it happen, and one of the biggest acts in the world at the time gave the little guy a live performance on Christmas Eve.

Question 25

What does Will buy his father before getting abandoned again?

Get ready to bust out the tissues, folks, cuz this next question is about what many people considered the saddest episode in sitcom history. It begins when Will’s father Lou suddenly returns to his life after 14 years without contact, completely without warning. Rather than show any signs of bitterness, Will rushes to connect with the man, doing whatever he can to make up for lost time. Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and Lou can’t handle the pressure of parenthood, running off on Will yet again after only a few short hours of bonding.

Question 26

Who does Hilary nearly marry?

In addition to Hilary defying all expectations by buckling down and getting a job as a weathergirl, another unlikely scenario started unfolding from there when she met and fell in love with one of her co-workers. Despite her beauty, it’s hard to imagine someone reciprocating the snide and self-centered Hilary’s love, but the guy in question somehow adored her to the extent he was prepared to propose in style. With the whole family watching, he popped the question while bungee jumping on his TV show, only for the apparatus to fail and send him to his death.

Question 27

Which civil rights icon features on the poster on Will’s bedroom wall?

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow begins with those who prepare today.” Some people reading this quiz might think that’s about their score so far, but it’s actually a quote from the civil rights leader Will Smith repeatedly refers to as his hero. From the day he moves into the Banks residence, he plasters a poster of his icon on his bedroom wall, and later becomes highly impressed with Uncle Phil when he claims to have heard the man speak in person. Aunt Viv is also a fan, but worries Will’s appreciation is superficial.

Question 28

What preteen pop star takes Ashley out on a date?

Barely 10 years old when the series begins, Ashley Banks is obviously less experienced in the matters of love than her older siblings and cousin. However, she’s also just at the age where she starts noticing boys, and when her birthday is around the corner, Ashley makes it extremely clear to her family she wants a personal concert from her favorite singer. Somehow, Hilary actually makes it happen, and things get even better from there when the kid asks Ashley out on a date. The only snag is Will and Carlton disapproving of his public image.

Question 29

For which magazine did Hilary once pose?

Quite frankly, we still don’t understand how Hilary managed to maintain her bustling entertainment career. On the other hand, modeling is absolutely the sort of profession she could easily handle. It’s no wonder then that when a certain risqué magazine is doing a pictorial on the country’s most beautiful weathergirls, Hilary was one of the first women asked to participate. Unfortunately, Uncle Phil wasn’t all that pleased with the idea, but on the plus side, Will and Carlton were overjoyed to tour the periodical’s famous mansion.

Question 30

Which of Will’s girlfriends does he come closest to marrying?

Like any self-respecting lead sitcom character in the 1990s, Will Smith went on an incredible number of dates with an equally large amount of random girls fans only met for an episode or two. That said, there were a handful of honeys he found fly enough to keep around for a little while longer than that, and he even came extremely close to marrying one of them. The couple changed their minds at the last minute, but she remained important to fans as one of the few women to stick with Will for an entire season.

Question 31

What type of Las Vegas theme wedding does Will nearly have?

Okay, so the wedding didn’t go exactly as Will and Lisa had planned, but at least they deserve a few style points for how things went until they called it off. Because Lisa’s father and Will’s mother were heavily against their kids getting married at a young age without having known one another for that long, the two decide to get hitched the way young lovers do, in a lavish Las Vegas theme wedding. The ceremony also happens to cater perfectly towards the Fresh Prince’s interests, as he gets to dress up as one of his favorite movie characters.

Question 32

Which natural disaster causes Will to get stuck in a basement?

When the Banks family somehow gets tickets to the People’s Choice Awards, Will decides to take his new girlfriend as his date. Things are just starting to get serious between them, making everyone very excited for the night, only for a sudden natural disaster to strike the greater Los Angeles area. Rather than attend a fun show, Will and Kathleen are now stuck in a basement, learning more about one another than they would ever like to know. Realizing their relationship would never work, they eventually break up instead of going to the show.

Question 33

What band does Carlton rent the Banks family mansion to so they can shoot a music video?

Thanks to Uncle Phil’s vast fortune and Geoffrey’s tireless work, the Banks family residence was one of the most beautiful and ornate sets in television history. It also looks like the sort of mansion seen in bombastic hip hop and R&B music videos, a fact that Carlton happened to notice. Always looking to make a buck, one weekend when his parents are away, Carlton decides to rent out their house to a famous band and capitalize on the situation. Unsurprisingly, though, things get outrageously out of hand, and the enterprise ends up costing more than it’s worth.

Question 34

Which pet animal of Nicky’s does Uncle Phil accidentally sit on?

Everyone has to learn about death sometime, and sadly for the Banks family, that day comes at a very young age for young Nicky. There is a slight consolation in the fact he learns about the great hereafter in somewhat humorous fashion, when his dad accidentally sits on a beloved pet named Harry. Initially, Nicky doesn’t understand what exactly happened, but once he figures out the truth, he’s at least able to take it in stride, acknowledging his poor animal left this earth in particularly unflattering fashion.

Question 35

On which holiday does the Banks family get robbed during a ski trip?

Truth be told, Will, Carlton, and Hilary are three of the last people most TV audiences would expect leisurely enjoying a ski trip. That’s probably why they decide to hang out in the cabin while Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv attend a party at the lodge, taking in the holiday cheer rather than exert any effort. Amazingly, these kids still manage to cause more trouble for themselves sitting at home than they would have done, say, breaking a leg, because Hilary convinces Will to allow a man who immediately pulls out a gun and robs them blind into their house.

Question 36

On what game show does Will get a chance to appear?

Unsurprisingly, when Will learns he has a chance to star on a game show that could end with him winning a car, he becomes extremely excited. There’s a catch, however, in that he needs a partner, and just about everyone he knows wants to fill that slot and get on TV. Originally, Will chooses a friend named Cornflake, upsetting Tyriq and Jazz so much they intimidate the guy into skipping town. Even after this, Will takes Carlton, causing his streetwise friends to somehow con their way onto the show as his opponents.

Question 37

What does Cindy tell Carlton she named “his baby?”

Unlike Will, who has more girlfriends throughout his show than we could fit on this quiz, Carlton Banks isn’t all that lucky in love. In fact, he spends a large portion of the show without experiencing any romance at all, a fact that brings the guy a great deal of shame and embarrassment. At one point, it goes so far that Carlton is willing to pretend an ex-girlfriend’s child is his just so people don’t find out he’s a virgin. Of course, it doesn’t help that the ex is also going along with this charade.

Question 38

Whose talk show does the Banks family appear on (initially) without Will?

Wealthy, affluent, and containing a judge with heavy political aspirations, it was only a matter of time before news outlets took interest in the Banks family. In season three, when Uncle Phil is running for the judiciary seat he eventually earns, they all get invited on a major national talk show to share their story. There’s a slight snag, though, in the fact Will isn’t invited, leaving the Fresh Prince seriously alienated from his family. To get back at them, he makes crashes the show, only to very quickly regret it.

Question 39

What other iconic series crossed over with The Fresh Prince during its series finale?

After six years on his throne as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will suddenly found himself without a castle when Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv decided to sell their house. Hilary’s talk show was planning a move to New York and Carlton was set to transfer to Princeton, so the whole family chose to follow them to the East Coast…except Will, who wasn’t sure what to do. Nonetheless, he begrudgingly helped them sell the house, interacting with both his old acquaintances George and Weezy Jeffersons and another iconic duo from TV past.

Question 40

40. Which main cast member switched performers halfway through the show?

For the most part, when a TV show lasts six seasons or more, the main cast is thankful for the job security it provides. However, there have also been plenty of cases where things didn’t work out between a talent and their producers, and The Fresh Prince features one of the most well-known examples of this in TV history. Obviously, Will Smith stuck around for the whole show, as did most of his family members, but one actor in particular could never quite get along with the star, leading to their replacement after season three.

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