Only '90s Kids Will Pass This Quiz About The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Now this is a quiz all about how one of the first rappers to become a pop culture sensation saw his life flip-turned upside down. Once an easy going kid from a disadvantaged background, one little fight caused Will Smith’s mom to get scared, sending him to his Auntie and Uncle’s home and turning him into The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

In a rare twist for the fish out of water story, rather than making the joke about how Will doesn’t fit in with his new posh environment, The Fresh Prince became a huge hit by doing the exact opposite. Nine times out of ten, it was his extended family’s pretentious nature that had audiences laughing, as well as their attempts at slowly becoming streetwise thanks to Will’s influence. That said, whenever Will’s old friends tried getting involved, it became clear both sides could easily end up looking like fools.

No matter which era a person was born in, all it takes is one episode of The Fresh Prince before they can rap along with the whole theme song. However, chances are only people who were alive in the 1990s to appreciate every episode as it first aired will be able to remember them all. Proving you’re an expert should only take a minute, so just sit right there, keep reading, and take our quiz about a show called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

1Where was the Fresh Prince born and raised?

As the title of his show would suggest, the majority of Will Smith’s adventures with his extended family take place in the affluent residential LA neighborhood of Bel Air. However, Smith was actually born and raised in a city far, far away from the west coast in general. That said, he was still used to the hustle and bustle of a major city, he just happened to live on the poor side of one rather than the wealthy part. While he occasionally pines for a return to his hometown, before long, Will realizes Bel-Air has its perks, as well.

2What sport does Will play in the show’s intro?

Prior to moving across the country, Will Smith proudly boasted about spending most of his days on the playground with his homeboys, honing his skills at a certain sport. Unfortunately, it was during a routine game that everything spiraled out of control, as the game ball flew a little bit out of bounds and annoyed a gang of street toughs who were listening to music nearby. Almost immediately, the biggest guy in the gang was spinning Will over his head like a pinwheel, freaking out his mom enough to set the series in motion.

3Who is Will’s uncle?

Ironically, although Will Smith spent much of his life without an actual father, he may well have had direct access to the greatest father figure in TV history. Granted, the man of the house wasn’t Will’s dad, but rather his uncle, who also happened to be the foundation behind his family’s immense fortune. Wealthy enough to provide his kids with anything they could ever want, Will’s uncle is also smart enough to teach them to put in the effort and work hard themselves to keep up his legacy. Not that they ever listen, especially with Will telling them not to.

4Who is Will’s male cousin?

No matter how badly Will wished he could have stayed in Philly at times, his slightly younger cousin repeatedly reminded him just how fun Bel-Air could be, as well. Okay, so they weren’t always the best of friends, but Will’s amusement over just how square his own flesh and blood could be never came to an end. Over time, they actually started getting along pretty well, too, finding a deeply personal connection where they least expected. Of course, even after they became close, Will still found his cousin’s cluelessness utterly hilarious, and so did the show’s fans.

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