Only 90s Kids Can Remember These Hit Disney Channel Shows

Remember how important it used to be to make it home in time for all our favorite shows after school? While now television may just be a treat for us at the end of a long day, back then, watching these classic shows was the most important part of our days! While we are sure there are still awesome shows out there for the new generations to watch, any true 90s kid will know that none of these shows will ever come close to the magical Disney Channel series of our days. Today we take a trip down memory lane as we remember all of these shows one by one.

In this quiz, we will be giving out a photo and a brief description of 40 of the most memorable series to ever hit the Disney Channel. Some of these have not been aired in years, so it will be interesting to see who's memories are working well enough to name each one! After all of the questions have been answered and everyone has taken their best guesses, we will all know once and for all who the true 90s babies actually are! Sorry everyone else, this is a 90s kids only party!

Question 1

Name this show

In this animated classic, we watch as three barbarian siblings look over their land. With their parents always off on some world-saving expedition, the work of protecting their homelands has fallen to these three kids. Even though the son is the oldest and strongest, he has the least interest in actually doing the job. Even though he is a barbarian, he enjoys the finer things, like cooking. His younger sisters on the other hand, would probably be excellent protectors. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the only right name from the four listed options! So, take a guess!

Question 2

What is the name of this show?

The 6 fourth-graders in this show, go out of their way ever episode to make sure every single kid on the playground is being treated fairly. While King Bob rules the schoolyard and his henchmen enforce his laws, these 6 kids do their best to break as many of them as possible! They stay true to themselves, and even more importantly, they don't let anyone (especially not an annoying senior) ruin their precious few minutes of freedom every day! Sound familiar? Is anyone able to correctly name this popular show? We have listed four names, but only one is right!

Question 3

Pick out the right name

This great show tells the story of two extraordinary step-brothers. Not only does the show do a great job at representing different kinds of families, but each episode is an action-packed adventure! These two boys go above and beyond as they try to make every single day for their summer vacation as fun as possible. With one of them being a child genius, they can pretty much achieve any fantastical dream that they think up! Of course, their older sister is always trying to rain on the parade, but these brothers are clever enough to never fall for her tricks!

Question 4

Which of these names is right?

There was once a time when this kid was nothing but a delinquent. It may be hard to believe, but before he joined forces with the Safety Patrol, he was just as bad as any of the kids he's since put in detention. While trying to raid the school's supply cabinet, this kid got caught big time. He was given a choice: hard detention time or joining the Safety Patrol. Needless to say, he made the right choice. Now he is the best darn officer the squad has ever seen, and the school has never been a safer place for students and teachers!

Question 5

Select the correct answer

When Donald Duck was ready to serve in the Navy, he had to first find an appropriate home for his three beloved nephews. Luckily, there was one extremely wealthy relative in the family. Even though Scrooge McDuck wasn't into the idea of taking in three rugrats right away, once he saw the boy's treasure hunting potential, his mind started to change. While Scrooge slowly starts to build a bond with the small ducks, they in turn help him to grow his already large pile of gold coins. Can anyone here name this series? Try picking out the only right option!

Question 6

Match this show to the right name

In this Disney classic series, we follow the story of a small girl and her alien buddy. Not only do they have their own adventures to attend to, but in every episode, another new alien is discovered. Each of these aliens has some sort of power, all of which seem to be quite troublesome. This little girl and her alien pal set out to find as many of them as possible, before they wind up in the clutches of villains. The idea is to teach them how to live as helpful members of society, so everyone can exist together happily!

Question 7

Name this Disney series

The kids in this show really know how to have a good time! All week they must attend classes and complete homework assignments. However, when that Friday bell finally rings, the world becomes their oyster! They may only get two days of freedom a week, but you better believe they are going to make the best out of them. With trips to the mall, amusement parks, and countless other adventures, these kids make sure not a single second of their weekend is wasted. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the only correct name from the four listed options!

Question 8

Does anyone remember this show?

This series takes place in the future. In this version of the future, aliens and humans live all together on various orbiting space stations. Even though this is a very different reality from ours, these alien and human kids still go through all of the same stuff we had to while Earth was still around. They crush on girls, they study for classes, and of course, they learn how to win food fights. It seems that space and Earth are not really that different at all! Can anyone here correctly name this Disney Channel series? Try taking a guess at it!

Question 9

What show is this?

When an everyday suburban dad gets hired to be the personal chef to the new president, it means a huge life adjustment for him and his young son. Leaving their comfortable home behind, these two are now heading off to live in the White House! While there is a ton of fun to be had, there is also a lot of work to be done. As they try their best to get used to this lifestyle change, the other inhabitants of the house test their limits. Is this ringing any bells? Try selecting the correct answer from the given options!

Question 10

Pick out the right answer

Chyna may be young, but the girl has got some serious talent! She is one of the most musically gifted kids in the country, so naturally, she has been selected to attend a special program created for extremely talented high school kids. Even though this is a dream come true for young Chyna, arriving at the school to find out the other students have already decided not to like her, well, that makes things a bit more difficult than she had been expecting. Does anyone know what series we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the right name!

Question 11

Which of these names is right?

Penny is 14-years-old going on 40. Even though she is still just in middle school, she longs for independence. Sure her family is loving and supportive, but they are also loud, annoying, and nosy. All Penny wants is to finally be a grown up, but she's still got a few more years before she is free to go. She may like the idea of being completely separated from them, but when times get tough, Penny is the first one to call on them for help. What would we do without family? Can anyone here correctly name this series? Take a guess!

Question 12

What show are we talking about?

This classic Disney show is all about the few precious moments in between high school classes. When the bell for break rings, these students pile into the hallways to enjoy their few minutes of free time. They use this time for the usual stuff like, makeup application, gossip, and maybe even a little romance here and there. Each episode ends with another bell ringing, signaling the beginning of the next class. It is truly amazing what can be accomplished in only a few minutes. Does anyone here remember this series? Try picking out the correct name from the listed options!

Question 13

Name this series

Remember when Buzz Lightyear first arrived at Andy's house claiming he was an intergalactic space ranger? Well, as it turns out, he was totally right! In this series, we get to watch the adventures of Buzz unfold. Clearly, these adventures all took place before he went into retirement and was gifted to Andy. In every episode, we watch as Buzz saves the day from the wicked Emperor Zurg. It is not an easy job, but thanks to him and a few of his buddies, the galaxy still remains safe to this day! Try naming this popular Disney Channel series. Who got it right?

Question 14

Select the correct name

Miley Stewart is one of the best secret keepers the world has ever seen! To the outside eye, she is just another teenage girl attending high school, but when that school bell rings, this girl transforms into a world famous pop-star! Thinking it best to keep her two lives separate, this teen works very hard to keep her secret. With only her family members and a couple close friends knowing the truth, Miley must depend on them to keep her secret and to help support her. Does anyone recognize this Disney classic? Try matching this series to the correct name!

Question 15

Can anyone name this series?

The star of this series is a seventh-grader who can't seem to figure out his true place in this world. At school he is somewhat of a misfit, and at home he must put up with the expectations of living up to his seemingly perfect older sister. Even though he tries his best to be an ideal son, this kid has a real knack for trouble. While he would probably state that the trouble finds him, we know for a fact he has on occasion gone out looking for a little trouble himself. Can anyone name this classic Disney series?

Question 16

Which name is right?

Don't be fooled by the photo, this show is all about three teenage fish. The three of them all attend school in a fish tank, which just happens to be located inside of a pet store. For the most part, these teens deal with the pretty regular stuff. Passing exams, making the sports teams and dating, are just a few of the daily things these fishies must face. However, since they are fish after all, they have a few other less-human things to deal with as well. For instance, things got pretty worrisome back when a lobster was dropped into their tank.

Question 17

Pick out the right answer

Drake Mallard is a pretty regular duck. He lives a simple life with his adopted daughter in his suburban town. However, when night falls, everything about Drake changes. He puts on a mask and cape, running through the city of St. Canard ridding it of all its criminals. Even though Drake longs for the fame and credit he so rightly deserves for his hard work, he fears that if his secret gets out, it will affect his beloved daughter. What is a poor daddy duck to do? Can anyone here figure out what series we are talking about in this question? Take a guess!

Question 18

Who remembers this show?

When an already full household discovers that there is another baby on the way, things get pretty stressful pretty quickly. After the baby girl arrives and mom goes back to work, it is up to the three eldest siblings of the home to help care for the baby. Being just teenagers, they have a unique approach to baby care. The eldest of the bunch documents everything on video, thinking it will useful knowledge for the baby once she is old enough to watch the tapes. Does anyone recognize this show? Try picking out the only right name for the listed options!

Question 19

Match this show to the right name

We are thinking a few people might be able to recognize the faces in this photo! This show tells the story of three rockstar brothers. Even though they are famous musicians, they still must attend high school and live in their family home. Their lives are a mixture of music tours and high school dances. It may not be the ideal life for every teen, but these three brothers are determined to have the entire world shouting their names! Does anyone here remember watching this series? We have listed four names, but only one of them is the right match!

Question 20

What series is this?

Ever wonder where all of our favorite cartoons go to hang out after a long day of work? Well, in this series we get to find out! As it turns out, Mickey and Minnie actually own and operate their very own cartoon club! In every episode, we watch all of our favorite Disney characters pile into this famous club and sit back to enjoy the show. Mickey and his pals put on various skits and performances, with even an occasional appearance by a known villain. Any of this sound familiar? We have listed four names, but only one is right!

Question 21

Does anyone recognize this show?

This middle schooler tries her best to climb the social ladder of her school, but it is not exactly as easy as it sounds. While she always has the support of her two best friends, there is also a totally mean popular girl always trying to ruin the party. Trying to be popular is already a lot for one girl to handle, but this teen also has to deal with classes, an annoying little brother, and a very nosy mother. Luckily, she also has a cartoon alter-ego who is always chock full of good advice! Can anyone name this one?

Question 22

Name this Disney series

Here we have a story about a girl who leaves her home in Texas behind, and takes up a job as a nanny in New York City. The family she is working for is very wealthy, though very busy as well. Our leading lady is left alone to care for the four children, but at the same time she must adjust to the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. This nanny has about as much to learn from these kids, as they do from her! Can anyone here correctly name this Disney Channel series? Try picking out the only right name!

Question 23

What show is this?

Here we have an animated prequel series. In it, we meet a 12-year-old girl who is half witch and half mortal. While her mortal relatives don't like her using magic to solve her problems, her witchy side of the family tends to be a bit more lenient. Her cat is also a big supporter in her using her magic, but mostly that is because he likes tagging along for the adventure. The biggest challenge this girl must face, is trying to keep her magical identity secret. Can anyone here correctly name this popular series? Try picking out the right answer!

Question 24

Does anyone remember this show?

Not only is this girl a talented cheerleader, but she is also the best superhero our world has ever known. By day, she may just be like every other teenager at her school, but by night, she and her sidekick go off on all kinds of world-saving adventures. There is always a villain out there plotting something wicked, but thanks to this girl's computer savvy assistant, she is always first to be alerted when something like this is going down. As soon as her pager beeps, she is one the case! So, can anyone here correctly name this animated series?

Question 25

Pick out the right name

Once upon a time, these two teens ruled their respective households. They were both at one time the eldest sibling living under their roof, but when their parents went and decided to get married, they both lost their coveted position. Now there is a total of 5 kids living under one roof, and the competition for top sibling is in full swing. In every single episode, we watch as these two fight it out, always of course, with the help of their younger siblings. Does anyone here remember watching this show? We have listed four names, but only one is right!

Question 26

Select the correct answer

Here we have a series that some have said was made way before its time. The creators were looking to come up with a cartoon for girls, but one that was a little different from the norm. This series is packed with strong-willed female characters. Our leading character is a high school teen, who lives with her divorced mother and baby sister. Even though her mom is a single parent, she loves every minute of it! She is constantly trying to teach her daughters about the importance of being independent and proud! Can anyone here correctly name this popular animated series?

Question 27

Which of these names is right?

There has never been a more optimistic teen than the leading star of this series! After moving to sunny Los Angeles with her mother, our leading lady was chosen to be part of a famous television show. While everything was playing out perfectly, once she actually started on the show, she realized there were some pretty big diva personalities to compete with. Trying her best to not let anyone bring her down, this teen makes it her mission to ensure peace remains on set! Does anyone remember this classic? We have listed four names, but only one is the correct match!

Question 28

Can anyone name this series?

Even though his fur is blue, Spot is very much a dog through and through. That being said, there is nothing this pooch wants more in the whole world than to be transformed into a human. He wears human clothes, poses as a human child to attend school, and is always actively looking for a way to transform himself into a real boy! His human owner is always around to help, though he does not always understand the dog's desire to be human. Can anyone here correctly name this animated series? Try picking out the right answer from the options!

Question 29

What show are we talking about?

In the future, time travel is a very real thing. When a family decided to rent a time machine for vacation purposes, they left the year 2121, assuming they would be right back. However, when their time machine malfunctioned, they were sent back to the year 2004. Now stuck in the past, the parents must try to repair the machine, while their two kids go about life in a very different setting then they are used to. They all just have to make sure no one find out their secret! Who here knows what series we are talking about in this question?

Question 30

Match this show to the correct name

Cece and Rocky had dreamed of becoming a famous dancer since before they could even remember. Naturally, when their names got called to be cast in a local television show about dancing, they were both thrilled! However, now that they are in the big leagues, they are realizing it is going to take a ton of hard work to keep up with the already established stars of the show. Good thing these girls are always up for a challenge! Does anyone here remember this Disney Channel series? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them is the right match!

Question 31

Name this television series

These three kids may be small and animated, but when it comes to taking down wicked villains, they are the very best! Each one has their own unique abilities, which they combo together to defeat all kinds of bad guys who threaten their town. Even though the grown ups think they are just a few good for nothing kids, when their town falls under attack, they are the first ones to get the call! Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them actually matches to this Disney series. Does anyone know which?

Question 32

What show is this?

These two girls are very obviously twins. However, they were separated at birth. After being adopted by two separate families, these girls went about their childhoods being none the wiser. Once in their teenage years tough, these girls just happened to bump into each other while out shopping. Finally discovering the truth about their sibling, these two girls were able to convince their two families to move in together! Why have one awesome family, when you can have two? Who here remembers this Disney classic? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them is the correct match!

Question 33

Select the correct answer

When this pampered pooch found herself stranded in the middle of the rainforest, she was pretty certain her life was over. Not only was she stuck in the middle of a jungle, but she was accompanied by the truly annoying rabbit who got stranded along with her. Since neither of them are used to such an environment, they must navigate their way together. While the spoiled pooch makes friends with a local boa, the rabbit adjusts pretty well to the crazy jungle lifestyle. Was this series a favorite of anyone? Looking at these four options, can anyone spot the correct one?

Question 34

Which of these titles is right?

When two twin boys were offered the chance to live and attend school aboard a luxury cruise ship, they naturally jumped at the chance. These boys were pretty skilled at getting into trouble on dry land, so the open waters have no idea what is coming for them! As they make new friends aboard the boat, they also make a few enemies in the adults who are constantly trying to get them to behave themselves. Does anyone here remember this spin-off series? There are four names listed, but only one of them is the correct match to this show. Any guesses?

Question 35

Does anyone remember this show?

This Disney classic was all about two lifelong buddies who shared one dream. These two dudes were determined to be the biggest names in professional skateboarding. Of course, they were nowhere close to this being a reality, but dreaming big never hurt anyone, right? In every episode we watched these friends perform some pretty impressive tricks, but we also saw them wipeout more times than we could count. That being said, nothing ever held them back from jumping right back onto their boards! Was anyone here a big fan of this show? Try picking out the correct title from the listed options!

Question 36

Who knows the name of this show?

Riley and Todd were a pair of siblings in need of new parents. Luckily, they found an ad for just that! Fleemco Replacement People is a company that specializes in adult replacements. Once the kids ordered themselves a secret spy mother and a daredevil father, they decided this tool could be used for more than just completing their family. These two siblings now call upon Fleemco every time they encounter an adult they don't like. However, having no control over which replacement gets sent, most of the time they are left wishing they never made the call in the first place.

Question 37

Pick out the right name

The family of this series has one pretty big secret they have been hiding from the rest of Manhattan. The three children of this family all have magical abilities. While their father once had abilities to, he gave them up to marry their mortal mother. Now, if the kids wish to retain their powers, they must train and learn how to use them correctly. Should they mess up, they could have their powers taken away in a heartbeat. Yikes! Does anyone here remember this Disney classic? Pop-star Selena Gomez was one of the stars of the series! Anyone know it?

Question 38

Select the correct answer

The leading lady of this series was born with a pretty incredible gift. This young teen is able to see the future! With constant visions of things to come, she tries her hardest to ensure the best possible outcome for any given situation. Even though she is always trying to change things, she usually learns by the end of the episode that the future cannot be altered. Good things and bad things will always happen, she just happens to be lucky enough to get a sneak preview! Was anyone a big fan of this series? Try picking out the name!

Question 39

Name this series

Kuzco grew up in a palace, knowing he would one day become emperor. Naturally, this caused him to grow into a fairly large head. Just when he thought he was ready to take over control of the kingdom, he was told that to ascend to the throne, he must first complete a fully rounded education. He has been booted from his luxurious home and placed in the modest house of strangers. It may be tough right now, but if he can just pass these classes, he will be right back in the palace where he belongs! Try picking out the right name!

Question 40

What show is this?

These two twins hit the jackpot when their mom landed a gig as a singer for a very swanky hotel. Along with landing this dream job, she was also given an entire suite for her and her boy to live in. Preoccupied with her new position, the boys turn the hotel into their very own jungle gym. Pulling pranks on all of the staff members, and crushing on the girl at the candy counter, there is never a dull moment in the lives of these twin brothers. Can anyone here correctly name this popular Disney series? Try taking a guess!

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