Only 60% Of Twihards Can Pass This Twilight True Or False Quiz

The Twilight Saga has been around for a decade. The books that it's based on have been around for just a bit longer than that, with the first one dropping in 2005. Within those 10+ years, it's become a global phenomenon, although it's a bit quieter in recent times than it was in the past.

There are plenty of different reasons why people are into it. Some of them like the story-telling itself with the elaborate supernatural lore. Others simply like reading about a plethora of attractive, swoon-worthy men while immersing themselves into the mind of a simple teenage girl. Others enjoy the drama of being trapped in an intense love triangle with a childhood friend turned werewolf and a mysterious, elusive vampire. Others love the moody, brooding, rainy atmosphere of the universe. Others just want to listen to the super awesome soundtracks from each of the movies - which are, of course, dark and moody and undeniably romantic.

There are other reasons too, of course, but those three are more than likely the one that most people would give!

Throughout its lifespan, the Twilight Saga has had quite a lot unfold within its story. Numerous characters have come and gone. Relationships have started and ended. Wars have started. Children have been born. It's hard to keep up with everything! Only a real Twihard would be able to tell what's happened and what hasn't.

Question 1

True or False: Bella experiences some degree of romantic feelings for both Edward and Jacob.

Bella Swan finds herself in an interesting situation when she returns to her hometown of Forks, Washington. She reconnects with her old childhood friend, Jacob Black, a young man that she used to make mud pies with when they were only children who has grown up to be very handsome. At the same time, she meets an alluring and mysterious young man named Edward Cullen. Each of them take a rather intense interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with her.

Question 2

True or False: Bella is immune to many vampires' special abilities.

Each and every vampire in the Twilight Saga has their own special ability that they develop upon being turned into a vampire. Certain special abilities are unique to a specific vampire, while others can be found among multiple vampires. There's a theory that some of them are based off of things that were present in their human lives, like hobbies, personality traits, and lifestyle choices. Some abilities are considered to be particularly useful, and those who possess them are often sought out by the Volturi.

Question 3

True or False: Emily's scars came from Leah.

Cousins Emily Young and Leah Clearwater's relationship has had its ups and downs. While in present times, it's more or less entirely down, there was a point where the two of them were best friends. What changed? Sam, Leah's boyfriend. Literally. After he came into his shape-shifting abilities, he involuntarily imprinted on Emily Young while she was visiting her cousin and his girlfriend. Emily attempted to resist him, for Leah's sake, but she ultimately couldn't do it, leaving Leah heartbroken.

Question 4

True or False: Bella became pregnant before she and Edward got married.

Edward and Bella's wedding was a hot topic of discussion among the people of Forks, Washington. It didn't help their case that she was only eighteen years old, a recent high school graduate, and everyone in town considered Edward to be roughly the same age as her. The rumor that spread throughout the people was that it was a shotgun wedding - meaning that the two of them had conceived a child and were rushing to get married before the birth.

Question 5

True or False: Edward broke up with Bella because he was interested in someone else.

During New Moon, an event took place that inspired Edward's feelings about his relationship with Bella to change drastically. He no longer believed that the two of them should be together, so he took Bella into the woods and ended their romantic relationship, explaining in the process that he and his family would be leaving Forks. She was, of course, heartbroken, and became nearly catatonic in the place where he'd left her, remaining deeply depressed even after being taken home by her father.

Question 6

True or False: Carlisle was offered a place with the Volturi.

The Volturi seek out the strongest, cleverest, and overall best vampires that they can find, whether their strengths are shown physically, mentally, or even emotionally. They pride themselves on recruiting the pick of the pack. Carlisle Cullen was a doctor during his human life, and he used his medical skills even after he was turned, helping humans in need and even vampires, when the opportunity presented itself. He has remarkable self control, perhaps from all of the hands-on experience as a doctor.

Question 7

True or False: Leah secretly developed feelings for Jacob.

Leah Clearwater was left reeling when her longterm boyfriend, Sam Uley, left her for her cousin and best friend, Emily Young, after he involuntarily imprinted on her. She was bitter and heartbroken, and she made sure that Sam and the rest of their pack knew it, often using their mental connection to vent about her own pain, and leaving them no choice but to listen to her. Eventually, she got away from Sam by joining Jacob Black's pack along with her brother, Seth.

Question 8

True or False: Esme was the first member of the Cullen family that Carlisle turned.

Carlisle and his wife, Esme, are the parental figures of the Cullen family, acting as adoptive parents to the other five members. They have been in love for years, and their love even inspired Carlisle to try to make sure that each member of his coven was fulfilled romantically. He was the one responsible for turning her into a vampire after a failed attempt at taking her own life, because he believed that she was a kind person who deserved a second chance.

Question 9

True or False: Carlisle hoped that Edward and Rosalie would be romantic partners.

In the early days of the Cullen family coven, it was only Carlisle, his wife Esme, and their adoptive son, Edward. Carlisle and Esme were very happy together, while Edward seemed to have no interest in interaction with others in general, much less the pursuit of a romantic relationship, which troubled Carlisle. He encouraged Edward to seek out a mate, hoping that it could bring some happiness into the boy's life, but his words never seemed to have any influence.

Question 10

True or False: Alice was turned as a member of Jasper and Maria's newborn army.

Long before he became a member of the Cullen family and took on the last name Hale, Jasper was a man named Jasper Whitlock who lived in Texas. He was turned by a woman named Maria and enlisted to help her train an army of newborns that would be vicious enough to help them claim control over their feeding grounds. The love of his life, his wife Alice, was a catalyst that offered him a way to find a more peaceful life.

Question 11

True or False: The Cullen family keeps to themselves at school.

Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward are all students at Forks High School. Obviously, the five of them are vampires, so they have all completed high school more than once. The family constantly moves and enrolls the "children" into new schools and they pretend to be teenagers, in order to explain why they never age. To put it simply, they are simply going through the motions of normal teenage things to maintain the facade of being a normal human family.

Question 12

True or False: Billy gave Bella her pickup truck as a welcoming gift.

Bella moved back to her hometown of Forks, Washington after her mother got married to a professional athlete who traveled constantly, in order to allow her mother to join him on his trips. She wasn't very excited about it because she didn't care much for rainy weather, and she wasn't exactly close to her father. Luckily for her, she was immediately given a welcoming gift upon her arrival to Forks that made things a lot better: an orange pickup truck.

Question 13

True or False: James wanted to hunt Bella down for personal reasons.

James was a ruthless hunter that was infamous among those who had heard of him for his skillful tracking and sadistic nature. While all vampires must feed to survive, James took particular joy in playing with his food. When he caught sight (and scent) of Bella Swan, he became obsessed with hunting her down, at all costs. His motivation might have simply been the thrill of the hunt, but perhaps they had a history together that made it an act of revenge.

Question 14

True or False: The Cullens could only play baseball during thunderstorms.

Vampires playing sports doesn't sound like something that most people would expect, and vampires playing baseball is even more unexpected. However, the members of the Cullen family are avid fans of the sport and love nothing more than to split up into teams and play against each other. Their enhanced abilities like strength and speed make the games intense and challenging. During the start of her relationship with Edward, Bella was the first human to experience a vampire baseball game.

Question 15

True or False: Rosalie is responsible for saving Emmett and bringing him to Carlisle.

Before he was a member of the Cullen family, Emmett was a man from Tennessee that came from an expansive family and spent most of his time gambling, romancing numerous women, working at the railroad, or hunting for game in the woods in order to feed his parents and siblings. During a hunting trip, he had an unfortunate encounter with a bear that left him on the brink of losing his life, but luckily for him, he was turned into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen.

Question 16

True or False: Jacob was the first member of his pack to imprint.

Young members of the Quileute tribe are susceptible to phasing into shape-shifters who have the ability to take on the form of a large wolf, given that certain circumstances are met. After their phasing process is complete, the shape-shifter is vulnerable to a phenomena known as imprinting, which makes their entire world shift to revolve around one person, generally in a romantic sense. The first time they lay eyes on the subject of their imprinting, they are completely enamored with them and will do anything to be around them.

Question 17

True or False: Jacob missed most of Edward and Bella's wedding.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan were married the year of her graduation from Forks High School. The two of them were deeply in love with one another, of course, and it was one of the requirements that they had agreed upon for Bella someday becoming a vampire like Edward. Edward and his family invited numerous vampire covens from all over the world, while Bella invited her unknowing human friends and family and, of course, her werewolf best friend, Jacob Black.

Question 18

True or False: Billy Black never phased into a shape-shifter.

Jacob's father is a man named Billy Black. He lost his wife nearly ten years ago and over time, his health rapidly went downhill, leaving him bound to a wheelchair. His son, Jacob, takes care of him in addition to attending high school on their reservation. When Jacob eventually begins going through the process of phasing into a shape-shifter, he is luckily able to turn to his father for guidance, because he knows all about their tribes' legends and history.

Question 19

True or False: Bella hit Jacob in the face because he kissed her.

Jacob Black and Bella Swan have a relationship that's somewhat hard to understand. Bella claims not to have any feelings for Jacob, sometimes, but other times, she admits to loving him much more than she should - but, unfortunately for Jacob, not as much as she loves Edward. During New Moon, when Edward has left, the two of them share an intense moment that culminates into Bella slapping Jacob in the face, though it hurts her hand much more than his face.

Question 20

True or False: Charlie sent Bella to prom with pepper spray.

Having a police officer for a father has its positives and its negatives, as Bella Swan learns when she begins dating Edward Cullen. Her father, Charlie, expresses confusion about her choices, and even seems to have a somewhat tepid opinion of Edward more often than not. When Edward invites an injured Bella to attend prom with him, her father's mixed feelings show, and he hovers in a protective way the whole time that the two of them are preparing to leave.

Question 21

True or False: A vampire's eyes turn black when they are hungry.

Many things about vampires can be gathered simply from observing their physical attributes. For example, a vampire's eyes will change colors to reflect their dietary preferences. Edward Cullen and the other members of the Cullen family have warm golden eyes that indicate their choice to live a vegetarian lifestyle, feeding off of animals and abstaining from feeding off of humans. Most other vampires in the world have deep red eyes that indicate their choice to feed primarily off of humans.

Question 22

True or False: When she learns she's pregnant, Bella does not want the baby.

Bella Swan is freshly out of high school when she learns that she has become pregnant with Edward Cullen's baby. The two of them have only just started their lives together without the constant concern of attending school and having others observing them, and it's somewhat overwhelming for Bella to imagine herself as a mother. It doesn't help, of course, that her parents divorced shortly after she was born, leaving her stuck to travel between two different places, and slightly jaded.

Question 23

True or False: Edward and Bella stopped in Hawaii on their honeymoon.

Edward Cullen is a hopeless romantic that always goes above and beyond when he makes romantic gestures for the love of his life, Bella Swan. It should be expected that their honeymoon came in the form of a lavish trip. Together, the two of them experienced many beautiful, unique places and did all of their favorite things. Since they went to many private places, they were able to spend quite a lot of time by the water without worrying about Edward's sparkling skin.

Question 24

True or False: Bella is Edward's first love.

Edward Cullen is a vampire. He was turned when he was seventeen years old and on the brink of losing his life in Chicago. He was born in 1901, making him over a century old when he meets Bella Swan, a seventeen year-old high school student in Forks, Washington. Throughout his life before her, he spent time with the members of his family, and had many female vampires who took an interest in him because of his enchanting physical appearance.

Question 25

True or False: Jacob resents having to take care of his father.

Since his mother passed away when he was only nine years old, Jacob Black has been left with no choice but to become his ailing father's primary caretaker during his late teen years. It's a sizable responsibility for someone his age, especially since it comes in addition to attending high school like every other teenage boy, and beginning the process of phasing into a shape-shifter which makes him moody, uncomfortably warm-blooded, and struggling to control himself a lot of the time.

Question 26

True or False: Jacob has two older sisters.

Jacob Black is the son of Billy and Sarah Black, though Sarah passed away in a car accident when he was only nine years old. The grieving process was alleviated for him because, as the baby of the family, he was well taken care of, particularly by two female members of the Quileute tribe who stepped in to act as maternal figures for him. These two females could have been his sisters, or they could have been random people with respect for the Black family.

Question 27

True or False: Leah is the first female shape-shifter in her tribe's history.

The Quileute tribe has many legends, one of which is that their people are closely connected to wolves and are capable of shape-shifting after they go through a phasing process. Many of the younger members of the tribe didn't believe in those legends and completely disregarded them - until they proved themselves to be true. Along with numerous other young people, Leah Clearwater went through the phasing process and found herself as a member of a pack lead by her ex-boyfriend Sam Uley.

Question 28

True or False: The Denalis and the Cullens are the only vegetarian covens.

The majority of vampires feed off of humans. It's completely normal to them and, for the most part, it's often handled in a discreet, non-fatal manner, though there are of course some rare exceptions. Among those exceptions is the Cullen family from Forks, Washington, a coven of seven lead by Carlisle and his wife, Esme. The members of that coven are so compassionate that they choose to abstain from feeding off of humans and find nourishment by hunting for animals.

Question 29

True or False: Bella lays in the street in order to heard Edward's voice in New Moon.

When Bella Swan finds herself unable to communicate with the love of her life, Edward Cullen, after he has broken up with her and left town along with his family, she falls into a deep depression and spends most of her time in bed until she's forced out. She accidentally finds herself in danger one day, and hears Edward chastising her in her head This inspires her to begin doing increasingly reckless things just to hear his voice inside of her head.

Question 30

True or False: Bella was planning on naming her son after Jacob.

The child that Bella Swan conceives with her vampire lover, Edward Cullen, was born as a girl and named after her grandparents. However, during her pregnancy, as most people do, the young mother-to-be had taken time to choose a name for both a son and a daughter The male baby would be referred to by the initials of his first and middle name, each of which came from an important man in Bella's life during the time of her pregnancy.

Question 31

True or False: Rosalie has always wanted a family of her own.

Rosalie grew up in New York as the daughter of a family so wealthy that she never felt the effects of the Great Depression. She was a very vain woman that enjoyed nothing more than being the center of attention, which she often was because of her remarkable beauty and disarming charisma. At eighteen years old, she was pursued by the most eligible bachelor in town, and she was elated when the two of them became engaged to be married.

Question 32

True or False: Edward was never close to his biological father.

During his human life, Edward Masen was the son of Edward and Elizabeth Masen, the former of which he was named in honor of. Edward was the center of his mother's life, and the two of them were very close. His father was a successful lawyer in Chicago so Edward never wanted for anything. In fact, he was given numerous special privileges, like attending an exclusive private school and participating in expensive extra curricular activities that weren't available to others.

Question 33

True or False: Edward nearly lost his life to tuberculosis, but Carlisle saved him.

When Edward Masen was seventeen years old, he was afflicted by an epidemic that swept through Chicago in the early 1900s, leaving many people fatally ill. His mother, Elizabeth, sacrificed her own health and survival rate in order to care for him. With her last words, she pleaded with their doctor, Carlisle Cullen, to promise her that he would save her son's life, no matter what he had to do. True to his word, Carlisle turned Edward into a vampire and adopted him.

Question 34

True or False: Esme and Carlisle met years before he turned her.

Carlisle Cullen is the head of the Cullen family. He is responsible for turning numerous members into vampires. He is a compassionate man with a gentle nature. He pushes the members of his coven to feed only on animals, because he doesn't like to inflict harm upon humans when it can be avoided. He worked as a doctor both before and after being turned into a vampire, and has his own practice set up in the small town of Forks, Washington.

Question 35

True or False: Alice had premonitions before she became a vampire.

There is a theory among vampires that the special abilities that each vampire develops upon being turned can be influenced by things from their human lives: personality traits, lifestyle choices, hobbies and skills, etc. Alice Cullen's ability is particularly fascinating to apply this theory to. She is capable of seeing future events, and her visions are always entirely accurate, unless she steps in to prevent them from coming true. It's interesting to think about whether she was psychic before she was turned.

Question 36

True or False: Jacob develops an unrequited crush on Rosalie.

Jacob Black doesn't have very much luck when it comes to the game of romance. He developed a crush on his childhood friend Bella Swan when she moved back into town to live with her father for a while, and he ultimately lost out to a vampire named Edward Cullen. After she became pregnant with Edward's child, Jacob came to live with Edward's family, in order to help protect her from the other shape-shifters, and he wound up spending plenty of time with them.

Question 37

True or False: Edward is able to hear the baby's thoughts during Bella's pregnancy.

Edward Cullen's special power grants him the ability to read the minds of others, both humans and vampires. The child that he conceives with the love of his life, Bella, is neither human nor vampire, and is actually a hybrid of the two. Her mother's mental shield has an influence over the special powers of the baby, which is apparent even during her pregnancy, as the baby is able to interact with the outside world in ways that are unexpected.

Question 38

True or False: Renesmee is Carlisle's first experience with a vampire-human pregnancy.

Carlisle Cullen was a doctor before he became a vampire, and he continued to practice medicine even after he was turned. He opened a small practice in Forks, Washington, and he makes enough money for his family to live comfortably, though over the decades, they have probably accumulated so much that it isn't necessary. His main reason for being a doctor isn't the money, anyway, it's simply the opportunity to help others. When Bella Swan falls pregnant, Carlisle steps up as her primary doctor, because of the uniqueness of her situation.

Question 39

True or False: Jasper has tried to attack Bella on more than one occasion.

Jasper Hale is one of the newest members of the Cullen family. The environment in which he was turned and developed as a vampire was a particularly bad one for a human being to find themselves in, so he's also the one struggling the most with coming to terms with a completely vegetarian diet. Whenever the human Bella Swan is around, he is incredibly tempted by her, because she has been described by numerous vampires as having a particularly appetizing scent.

Question 40

True or False: Rosalie dislikes Bella because she is envious of her.

It isn't a secret that Rosalie Hale isn't a big fan of Bella Swan. In fact, even Bella is aware of the fact that Rosalie doesn't like her, and often asks her about what it is that motivates her to have such a strong contempt for her. Their relationship is rocky, at best, though it eventually begins to find its legs and develops into a genuine friendship after Bella marries Edward and becomes an official member of the Cullen family.

Question 41

True or False: Angela is valedictorian of Bella's graduating class.

Forks High School is the same as every other high school in North America, in that one skilled student is given the title of valedictorian, which comes from the impressive accomplishment of graduating at the very top of their class, academically speaking. While she isn't an unintelligent girl, Bella Swan spends most of her high school career distracted by her relationships with Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Jacob Black, a werewolf, which knocks her out of the running for valedictorian.

Question 42

True or False: Eric asks Angela to the prom after Bella and Jessica reject him.

Eric Yorkie is a student at Forks High School at the same time as Bella Swan. Like most of the students in her year, he takes a particular interest in her when she first transfers in, and even seems to have a bit of fondness for her. When it comes time for prom, he ends up going as the date of Angela Weber, a shy but sweet girl who hangs out in his social circle and has a lot in common with him.

Question 43

True or False: Mike and Jessica end up dating each other.

Mike Newton is initially interested in Bella Swan to the point that it's actually sort of uncomfortable for her to deal with. She wants to be his friend, but nothing more, and the poor guy just doesn't seem to really take a hint about it. Jessica Stanley is one of the first people to speak to Bella and the two of them are sort of friends - except Jessica is incredibly jealous because she had a crush on Edward first.

Question 44

True or False: Edward was a very talented pianist before he turned.

Edward Masen was turned by Carlisle Cullen when he was seventeen years old. He was also adopted by the man and took on his last name, making him Edward Cullen. He has a great fondness for music. He has a countless amount of CDs in his room and spends much of his time listening to and composing music, since he doesn't exactly need to sleep. His favorite instrument seems to be a beautiful piano that he has in his family's home.

Question 45

True or False: Bella's parents give her a collaborative gift for her eighteenth birthday.

Bella Swan was a total bummer on her eighteenth birthday. Why? She was older than Edward. Sort of. He was over one hundred years old, of course, but physically speaking, he was only seventeen, and she was pretty torn up over the idea of aging while he stayed young and beautiful forever. Of course, her human friends and family members knew nothing about that, so they celebrated her birthday as enthusiastically as is expected, with each of her parents giving her a thoughtful gift.

Question 46

True or False: Bella becomes nineteen just moments before Edward turns her.

The whole thing about aging was a big deal for Bella after she met Edward. He might have been over a hundred years old, but he was physically only seventeen years old. Being a vampire made him eternally young and beautiful, and it was basically Bella's biggest fear to get too much older. Edward, however, insisted that he wouldn't have a problem with her being older, and he even said that he would find it charming, since Esme is older than Carlisle.

Question 47

True or False: Edward chooses to force the Volturi to end his life by revealing himself to humans.

Edward and Bella's relationship came to an end during New Moon when Edward called it off and packed up his entire family to flee from their small town of Forks, Washington. A lot happened while they were gone, including Bella becoming obsessed with endangering herself in order to communicate with Edward, and eventually, Alice popped back up, telling Bella that Edward was planning to end his life because he couldn't stand living it without her. Together, they set out to stop him.

Question 48

True or False: Jasper and Alice are less publicly affectionate than Emmett and Rosalie.

It might seem a bit unusual from the outside that the adoptive siblings in the Cullen family are dating one another. Edward, Alice, and Emmett are the Cullen children while Jasper and Rosalie pretend to be adopted twins with the last name Hale. Edward is single, Rosalie and Emmett are together, and Jasper and Alice are together. Many students find it a bit... strange, but anyone who knows the truth knows that none of them are actually even distantly related.

Question 49

True or False: Bella and Jacob restored a beat-up car together.

When Edward leaves her behind in New Moon, Bella falls into a deep depression. Her father, Charlie, forces her out of bed and into the real world because of how worrying her condition is. She starts to spend a lot of time with her childhood friend, Jacob Black, who's been steadily developing intense feelings for her, which makes her feel better about her situation. Together, the two of them come up with a project to complete that requires a lot of time and effort.

Question 50

True or False: Alice's premonitions have saved both Bella and Edward's lives.

Alice Cullen is psychic. Sort of. She's able to see glimpses of future events that she actually has the ability to change for herself. If she chooses not to intervene or warn someone else so they can, her visions always come true with alarming accuracy. She often chooses to get involved if a vision is negative, and has saved numerous people from everything from slight inconveniences to major and life-threatening situations. She even predicted that she would meet Jasper, her husband and the love of her life.

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