Only 30% Of Pixar Fans Will Be Able To Name These Characters. Wanna Try?

Pixar released its first official studio film in 1995. Toy Story was this film, and it was the first ever computer-animated feature film. The company originally began in 1979 as part of the computer division of Lucasfilm, George Lucas's film company. Later in 1986, it became its own entity through the funding of Apple, Inc. Disney purchased Pixar in 2006 for 7.4 billion dollars.

Toy Story wowed young and old fans. They were impressed by the concept of a film entirely computer animated. They also found themselves in love with the characters of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Andy, and so many more. Pixar followed Toy Story up with A Bug's Life, which also received favorable reviews and admiration. Then came Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles. Now Pixar movies break box office records and draw in their loyal fanbase with every new creation.

Since the release of Toy Story, Pixar has released over 20 feature films and over 20 shorts. These films have helped establish Pixar as the leading company in computer-generated animation.

People have grown up with these beloved Pixar characters. From Woody to Lightning McQueen, Pixar fans all have a favorite character and franchise. There are hundreds of Pixar characters but try to name these ones (Wikipedia).

Question 1

Name this Pixar Character.

This green tyrannosaurus rex is one of the original Toy Story characters. He has appeared in all the films from the franchise. This character is one of the core team members, and often seeks advice from the other toys. Ironically, one of this dinosaur’s biggest traits is his lack of courage. Many things make him worry and cause him anxiety. He feels insecure about whether he’ll be replaced by another dinosaur toy. In Toy Story 3, he longs to play with children again, so he is among the toys that are most excited about the possibility of Sunnyside Daycare. This Toy Story character also made appearances in outtakes for Monsters, Inc. and Wall-E. Wallace Shawn voices this character. The actor has a long history of voice acting work; his most memorable appearances were in Clueless and The Princess Bride (Wikipedia).

Question 2

Who is this Inside Out Character?

Inside Out is a Pixar film about five emotions that live together and stabilize Riley's feelings and memories. This emotion helps keep things normal and balanced. She isn’t one of the prominent feelings, but she’s still vital to the overall personality development. When Sadness and Joy go off on a mission to save things from becoming emotionally fragile, this character, along with Fear and Anger, must keep the other two from messing things up further. This emotion is all about being critical towards things and people. Mindy Kaling voices this character. The Inside Out actor’s screen credits include The Office and The Mindy Project (Wikipedia).

Question 3

Name this Pixar Character.

This Incredibles character has appeared in all the films in the franchise. He is Mr. Incredible’s best friend, and a close family friend to all the Incredibles. He often defeats crime alongside them. His superpowers involve the projection of ice and snow. According to Wikipedia, he once tried out to represent the United States in the Winter Olympics. Of course, the Olympics rejected his bid because of his superpowers. It wouldn’t have been fair to the other competitors. This Incredible’s character, with the alias Lucius Best, adapted to civilian lifestyle with ease. He married a woman without super abilities and lives a normal life when not taking out bad guys. Samuel L. Jackson voices this character. Samuel L appeared in many things throughout his nearly 50 years in show business. Jackson's film credits include the Marvel franchise movies, Glass, and Pulp Fiction (Wikipedia).

Question 4

Who are these Toy Story Characters?

Pizza Planet is often the home to these little green men with three eyes. In the original Toy Story movie, possibly hundreds of them are shown as prizes in a vending machine. Like some of the other space characters, they don’t seem to have a grip on reality. They believe that the claw that picks out the toys is a powerful being, a chosen one of sorts. Sid uses this claw to pick out one of these green men, and the two main toys in Toy Story. Once he gets them home, he gives the little green man to his dog, who will slobber on it and chew it up. In Toy Story 2, three of them become Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head’s adopted children. These little green men have appeared in all of the Toy Story films, and a few of their shorts (

Question 5

Name this Wall-E Character.

In Wall-E, several robots go to Earth for a mission. They must scan the planet for self-sustaining plant life. This character was determined to complete her assignment, but Wall-E falls in love with her. He starts to distract her from her goals. Despite her best efforts, eventually, this character reciprocates his feelings towards her. She then makes it her mission to protect him at all costs. Some of this robot’s powers include super speed and flying. According to Wikipedia, she received this name because of the story of Adam. Wall-E’s loneliness is supposed to be similar to Adam’s despair until God creates his wife (

Question 6

Who is this Incredibles Character?

This Incredible’s character is all about fashion, but not the modern version. She doesn’t like the idea of runways and models. She finds the most inspiration in creating super suits. This character has created superhero costumes for years, but took a bit of a hiatus. She comes out of retirement when Mr. Incredible asks her to help him repair his suit. She changes it, and then decides to create suits for the entire family. According to the New York post, Pixar based her personality and looks on Edit Head and Rei Kawakubo. Originally, Director Brad Bird approached Lily Tomlin to create the voice for this character, but he did such a good job creating it himself that everyone decided that he should just imitate the voice (

Question 7

Name this Pixar Character.

This A Bug’s Life villain kept the ants in line. He and the other grasshoppers ran a tyranny against them because they knew individually that the ants were no match for them. A main part of A Bug’s Life involved the ants trying to make enough supplies to keep the grasshoppers happy. Once the other characters learn of this grasshopper’s plan to take out the queen ant, they started a mission to stop him. This grasshopper didn't like birds. He lost one eye to a bird attack and that created his phobia. The ant colony used this to defeat him. Kevin Spacey lends his voice to this dangerous foe. Kevin’s major acting credits include the Usual Suspects, Se7en, and House of Cards (IMDB,

Question 8

Who is this Character from the Good Dinosaur?

One day, this cave boy encounters Arlo, a friendly dinosaur. At first, they see each other as enemies, but through prolonged interaction, they become friends. Both this character and Arlo have lost their families. The dinosaur’s father passes away, and an incident separates him from his other family members. The cave boy is an orphan. He and the good dinosaur create an unbreakable bond that keeps them both safe throughout the film. Though this character prefers being with Arlo, the movie ends with this character being adopted. The two main protagonists have a sad goodbye. Pixar released The Good Dinosaur in 2015 along with Inside Out, which is the first time they released two films in one year (, Wikipedia).

Question 9

Name this Cars Character.

Pixar introduced this character in Cars 3. She is a new trainer to Lightning McQueen. She represents the new generation of cars. This shiny young yellow car has been helping the new rookies reach their maximum potential. Her strategy is to equip them with tools that help their performance. She is a longtime fan of McQueen, and she tries hard to increase his speed. In the end, this character has to step from behind the scenes: the only way to win the big race is if she races it. After a pep talk from Cars’ main hero, she wins the race. Comedian Cristela Alonzo voices this character (

Question 10

Who is this Character from the Incredibles?

Mr. Incredible loves his life as a superhero. However, once superheroes are banned from saving the day, he’s not so happy about living the normal life. This character must adapt to normalcy as his secret identity. It isn’t too long before he begins challenging crime and criminals again, behind his wife and children’s backs. This, of course, leads to some trouble that only his family can stop. In The Incredibles 2, this character has to take on stay-at-home parent duties. Craig T. Nelson voices this character. He became a household name from roles on Coach and Parenthood. It is easy to name Mr. Incredible, but now try to name his secret identity (, IMDB).

Question 11

Name this Toy Story Character.

This Toy Story 3 villain made life hard for the Toy Story crew. When the film introduces him, he is revealed not to be the sweet teddy bear that people expect because of his cuddly looks. He gives the main Toy Story characters a tour and only focuses on the beauty of Sunnyside Daycare. It isn’t too long before they discover a more sinister story. Sunnyside isn’t all juice boxes and cookies: the children are rough with how they handle toys. Eventually, this teddy bear’s origin becomes known: he fell victim to being replaced. That act helped grow a darkness that would become this monster. Ned Beatty voices this not-so sweet bear. He’s best known for his roles in Network, Friendly Fire, Hear My Song, and Last Train Home. He received award nominations for all of these films (IMDB).

Question 12

Who is this Pixar Character?

This character is the center of Inside Out. All the actions take place in her head. Her five main emotions work together to prevent sadness from taking over. The main events of Inside Out take place when she is 11 years old and has just moved to a new city. This character has had a happy childhood and she is known for her joyous nature, but the move across country causes her to become moody. Her emotions aren’t used to this new shift. She and they eventually realize that they must let her go through this sadness for her to appreciate the happier moments. Eventually she adjusts to her new life and city. (Wikipedia).

Question 13

Name this Character from Toy Story.

This nursery rhyme Toy Story character plays a supporting role in the first two films. She’s Woody’s love interest, and often helps guide him to the right decisions. Toy Story 3 starts on a somber note as it’s revealed that, due to growing older, Andy has gotten rid of many of his toys. One of them was this character. The film shows her friends mourning the loss of this toy. According to, a main plot of Toy Story 4 revolves around the reunion of this character with the other toys. Annie Potts voices this character. She is most famous for her roles in Ghostbusters, Designing Women, Pretty in Pink, and Young Sheldon.

Question 14

What is the Name of this Brave Character?

This Brave heroine refuses to follow the rules. She doesn’t want to be married off just to keep allies and follow tradition. She wants independence. At 16, she decides to compete for her own right to marry whom she pleases. This character easily outperforms her suitors. But, her stubborn behavior gets her mother turned into a bear, and her three brothers as well. She must learn to make amends with her mother before the spell can be broken and save her family. This transformation also allows her mother to see the spirited, capable, and resilient woman she has become. This character is of Scottish descent. Kelly Macdonald voices this character. She’s most famous for her role in No Country for Old Men and Boardwalk Empire (Wikipedia).

Question 15

What is this Pixar Character’s Name?

He’s the main antagonist of the first Toy Story film, and seen briefly as an adult garbage man in the third one. The toys don't like this character because of his rough treatment of them. He often tears them apart to create new creatures, especially grotesque looking ones. Sometimes he simply gives the toys to his dog. In order to escape his house, the toys band together to show him that they can move and talk. They scare him so bad that he’ll probably never play with a toy again. Erik Von Detten voices this character. He’s most famous for being a major part of the Disney world when he was younger. He starred in their motion picture The Princess Diaries, the Disney original movie Brink!, and their original series So Weird (IMDB).

Question 16

Name this Pixar Character.

This tiny ant is the daughter of the queen of the ant colony, which makes her a princess. She has an older sister named Atta. This little princess has wings but they haven’t grown in yet. She’s part of a Girl Scout troop called the Blueberries. This character is Flik’s biggest supporter. She admires his ideas and often encourages him to continue to invent things. She helps the ants trick Hopper and the other big bad grasshoppers in A Bug’s Life. This sweet and cute character is one of the breakout stars of the film, simply from being adorable. Hayden Panettiere voices this character. Fans may remember this actress for her roles n Heroes and Nashville (IMDB).

Question 17

What is the Name of this Coco Character?

This famed singer starts the movie off as Miguel’s musical hero. He believes that he is his long lost great-great grandfather. Miguel wants to reunite his long lost great-great grandfather with his family in the afterlife. He starts a quest to find this musical legend. When Miguel finally finds him, he’s not as expected. The young boy learns a deep dark secret about this character’s past and his musical capabilities. Benjamin Bratt voices this character. Bratt is best known for his roles in Law and Order, 24: Live Another Day, and Miss Congeniality. He also has a recurring role on Modern Family (IMDB).

Question 18

Name these Brave Parents.

Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson play this Queen and King of DunBroch. Emma is best known for her roles in Love Actually, Sense and Sensibility, the Harry Potter franchise, and Nanny McPhee. Billy Connolly is best known for his roles in The Boondock Saints and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. This queen acts as the diplomat for the kingdom. She’s full of grace, but has a stubborn and sternness, especially when it comes to keeping her daughter in line. By accident, Merida turns her into a bear. It’s through this transformation that the queen learns her daughter’s true nature. The king is the opposite of his wife: he’s impulsive, loud, and relaxed. He’s admired and respected for his hunting abilities and leadership skills. He helped unite the four kingdoms against their common enemy (

Question 19

Name this Pixar Turtle Character.

This fun loving turtle made his first appearance in Finding Nemo. He then went on to make appearances in Finding Dory and The Good Dinosaur. This turtle has the persona of a chill, surfer dude. This 150-year-old turtle becomes the ride for Marlin and Dory as they search for Nemo. In Finding Dory, he also appears to give them a ride to Dory’s parents. Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton voices this chill character. This turtle has also appeared as objects in a couple other Pixar films: He appeared in a mosaic during the final credits of Wall-E and as a sticker in Andy’s room in Toy Story 3 (

Question 20

Name this Toy Story Character.

This Toy Story character is one of Andy’s main toys. He’s close friends with Woody, and he often believes him when others don’t, which makes him one of the most loyal toys. His coiled body often provides an extra tool when the toys need to escape or climb up something. The design of this character is based on a popular toy from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Jim Varney originally voiced this character. The actor is most famous for creating the character of Ernest P. Worrell, a character who appeared in several films, like Ernest Saves Christmas and Ernest Goes to Camp. When Varney lost his battle with cancer in 2000, Blake Clark took over the role (Wikipedia, IMDB,

Question 21

Name this Monster Character.

This Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University character is one of the main protagonists of the film series. In Monsters University, he tries to improve his scaring techniques, but another monster, Sulley, often outperforms him. The two strike a rivalry that eventually leads to a genuine friendship. By the events of Monsters, Inc., these former rivals have become best friends. They must work together to save their town and protect a little human girl named Boo. At first this monster is mild mannered. He only wants to get through his schooling, and then his job. He aims to succeed in the monster world without making too many waves. In both films, his intentions of keeping things level don't really work out. He’s drafted into two major adventures. Billy Crystal voices this little green one-eyed monster. He’s most famous for being a general comedian and his roles in When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride, and City Slickers (IMDB).

Question 22

What is this Character’s Name?

This character is one of the main Toy Story supporting characters. Pixar based his design off a real toy that Hasbro created in 1952. The toy includes a base, and then children can add facial features, body parts, and accessories. In the Toy Story franchise, this toy’s depiction comes off as being a bit angry and aggressive. He loves his friends but he’s not timid about telling everyone what he feels and thinks of them. Toy Story 2 softens this character a bit by adding a Mrs. His wife keeps him in his place. By the end of the second film, he saves three of the Pizza Planet green creatures. They feel loyalty towards him and become his adopted children, despite his efforts to get rid of them (Wikipedia,

Question 23

Name this Monsters, Inc. Character.

This cute little girl is one of the main characters of Monsters, Inc. She enters the monster world by accident. The two main protagonists of the film have been taught that humans are dangerous. They have infections that can hurt monsters. Through their interaction with her, Mike and Sulley discover that this is a lie. They also learn that her entering their world was part of a devious plan by some of those in charge of the scare factory. This character becomes attached to Sulley. They develop a sort of father/daughter relationship. They’re both heartbroken when they believe they have to say goodbye forever. Luckily, a loophole allows them to continue to interact (Wikipedia)

Question 24

Who is this Pixar Character?

This character is one of the five main emotions of Inside Out. It’s not one of the prominent emotions, but it helps keep things balanced. Along with Anger and Disgust, he must help guide the two main characters to safety. He tries to stay away from anything dangerous. He could be considered a coward because his main function is to hide away from things that go bump in the night. The physical depiction of this emotion is almost like a scrawny nerdy person, or someone mild mannered, soft spoken, and timid. Bill Hader voices this character. Bill is known for being a series regular on Saturday Night Live and the show Barry (IMDB).

Question 25

Name this Character.

Pixar introduced this Toy Story character in the second film. The creator of this toy based her off a character from an old TV show called Woody’s Roundup. This show included Jesse along with Woody, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete. In Toy Story 2, she is depicted as a quite fun, enthusiastic, and optimistic toy. Like many of the Toy Story characters, she has a dark past. Her original owner, Emily, grew up and donated her to a charity box. A toy collector then found her, and she has been in storage for a while, which has made her not like the dark. This character becomes the love interest for Buzz. Joan Cusack voices this cowgirl character. Joan has appeared in Say Anything and School of Rock (, IMDB).

Question 26

What is this Pixar Character’s Name?

This is one of the main emotions in Inside Out. At first, Riley doesn’t experience this emotion too often. However, her cross-country move fills her with anxiety. Joy does everything possible to lessen this emotion’s power over Riley’s inside feelings. At first, Joy doesn’t really like this character. She sees her as more of a nuisance. The two bond, and Joy realizes that this emotion is just as important as her, and that this emotion actually helps her powers become stronger. This character wears a sweater, glasses, and is often seen crying. She filled with melancholy. Phyllis Smith voices this Pixar character. She is best known for her role in The Office (IMDB).

Question 27

Who is this Toy Story Character?

This is one of the main heroes of the Toy Story franchise. The first film surrounds his introduction to Andy’s other toys. He’s seen as a flashy toy that the other characters are impressed and wowed by. He’s part of a new popular TV series that Andy and many other kids love. At first, this toy doesn’t realize that he’s a toy. He believes that he is really the character depicted on the show. He’s a little disheartened when he learns the truth, but Woody helps him overcome this setback. Woody and this character grow to become best friends. Their bond continues to grow with each film. Tim Allen voices this character. His past screen credits include Home Improvement, Last Man Standing, and The Santa Clause (IMDB).

Question 28

Name this Pixar Character.

The beginning of Coco depicts this character as a sort of a scammer or trickster. He’s trying to crossover to the other side, but none of his family members have given him access. He goes to great lengths to try to crossover. He eventually meets Coco’s main protagonist, Miguel. The two go on an adventure to find Ernesto De La Cruz, a world famous singer. Miguel and this character bond, especially over their passion and love of music. By the end of the film, these characters learn that they are related: they are great-great grandfather and great-great grandson. Gael Garcia Bernal voices this character. Gael’s most famous English speaking roles are Mozart in the Jungle, Blindness, and The Science of Sleep (IMDB).

Question 29

What is the Name of this Character?

UP starts with this character. We see him as a young boy, who eventually grows up and marries the love of his life. Now as an old widow man, he shuts himself off from the world. He doesn’t want anything to do with anyone or anything. He just wants to protect his house and preserve the memories of his wife. However, one day a Wilderness Explorer named Russell arrives at his door. He is trying to earn his last badge for assisting the elderly. This character tries to send Russell away but he’s persistent. This character has a plan to float away from everyone, but Russell ends up floating with him. Through their interaction and adventure, this character learns how to let people into his life again. Ed Asner voices this UP character. The Mary Tyler Moore Show is his most famous role (, IMDB).

Question 30

Name this Pixar Character.

This is Inside Out’s main emotion, the one that operates the main motherboard. She believes that everyone should always be happy and fun. Therefore, she tries to keep the other emotions away from Riley for as long as possible. During Inside Out, emotions start to destabilize. To resolve this, this character must try to get everything back in order, which leads to an adventure further down past memories, old friends, and new emotions. This character must learn that happiness is only made better with the combination of other emotions. Amy Poehler voices this character. Amy is best known for her roles on Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreations, and Mean Girls (IMDB).

Question 31

What is the Name of this Cars Character?

This red car is the main hero of all three Cars movies. He’s known for being fast, a hard worker, and a leader. The plot of the first Cars movie surrounds him tying in a race, and then traveling to it. Along the way, he helps rebuild a small racing town’s spirit. He befriends many of the other cars, including a retired racer, a free spirit, a goofball, and a lovely lawyer. Cars 2 focuses less on him, and more on his best friend, Mater. In this movie, this car is racing in an international competition. Cars 3 follows this character as he tries to gain back his glory days, and he tries to increase his speed. This film teaches him that it’s okay to continue to race, but it is also okay to fade to the background a bit, especially to help other’s shine. Owen Wilson voices this Pixar character. Owens is best known for his roles in Wes Anderson films, like Bottle Rocket and the Royal Tenenbaums. He also appeared in Wedding Crashers and Midnight in Paris.

Question 32

Name this Inside Out Character.

This fiery emotion often pops up when Riley is upset about something or someone. He quickly jumps from calm to very hot-headed. To reflect this emotion, this character is red and looks a bit stocky, and behaves and looks like a strict supervisor. He tends to speak in the curse words that Riley knows, and he reacts disruptively. Despite his hot-headed nature, he’s a main player in helping Joy and Sadness save Riley. He’ll yell at the other emotions, but then calms down enough to try to get it together. When this character reaches his boiling point, flames come out of his head. Comedian Lewis Black lends his voice to this character (IMDB).

Question 33

What is the Name of this Pixar Character?

This robot is one of the most emotionally driven robots ever depicted on screen. He’s able to show love, trust, compassion, and sincerity. He’s one of the few robots in this movie not all about his mission. This robot has been doing the same routine for the last 700 years. He likes to collect knick-knacks. He’s especially fond of his copy of Hello, Dolly! He has used the film to understand love and emotions. When he falls in love with Eve, he makes that his main mission. He often annoys her trying to woo her over. Eventually, he succeeds, but it’s not an easy task (

Question 34

Name this Animated Character.

He is the youngest member of the Incredible’s team. In the first film, he just starts to develop his power. As a baby, his emotions are often shifting and changing, which probably explains his always changing powers. According to, his long list of powers include super strength, super speed, telekinesis, self-duplication, and laser vision. In The Incredibles 2, his powers are still developing, which means that he could have even more powers by the next film. Several children voice actors lend their voices to him, including Nicholas Bird, who also voices Squirt in Finding Nemo. He’s the son of Incredible’s director Brad Bird (

Question 35

What is the Name of this Pixar Character?

This joyous rodent character has just one dream: become a famous chef. He doesn’t quite fit in with his rat family because they think his dream is ridiculous. However, he sees a young garbage man, named Alfredo Linguini, messing up an amazing dish at the famous Auguste Gusteau restaurant. He can’t let this soup turn out wrong. He secretly helps the young man fix it. The soup becomes a massive hit among the chefs and customers. Alfredo receives a promotion, and he and this rat work together to improve the food and his position at the restaurant. Eventually, the rat and Alfredo decide to tell everyone the truth. Things do not go well. Food critics and eaters find it unappetizing that a rat cooks their meals. This furry character and Alfredo lose their jobs, but they once again come together to build a new bistro, where this character can cook freely (

Question 36

What is this Animated Character’s Name?

This ant is the main protagonist in A Bug’s Life. He stands out among the ant colony because he’s always trying to come up with new plans and inventions, especially related to making the colony run more smoothly. The only bug that has faith in him is princess Dot. At first, he’s a walking hazard: he constantly makes things worse. However, this character becomes the only one who can think of something clever enough to defeat them. By the end of this movie, this ant wins the respect of the entire colony. He also wins over his crush, Princess Atta. Dave Foley voices this Pixar ant. He’s most famous for his appearance in NewsRadio and Kids in the Hall. He’s also been a recurring character on The Middle, Dr. Ken, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (IMDB).

Question 37

Name this Toy Story Character.

This is the main boy in Toy Story who has no clue that his toys are alive. His favorite toys are Woody and Buzz Lightyear—he has a very special bond with Woody especially. This boy is the center of most of the actions, and many of the toys’ behaviors revolve around what’s going on in his life. In the first film, it’s his birthday and he gets new toys. Many of them worry about being replaced, except Woody. However, he becomes the one most affected by this character’s new toy Buzz Lightyear. In Toy Story 3, this character is now 18 and ready to move on to college. He has given away most of his toys, but his mom by accident donates his favorite ones, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. He’s a little reluctant at the end of Toy Story 3 to give Woody away to Bonnie, but he does, and then he plays with them one last time (Wikipedia).

Question 38

What is the Name of this Character?

This 9-year old Wilderness Explorer shows up at Carl’s doorstep to earn his final badge. He needs to assist the elderly to earn it. Carl sends him away, but he later finds him holding on to the hot air balloon house. Throughout UP, this character consistently annoys Carl, but his curiosity, enthusiasm, and good nature reminds Carl of his deceased wife Ellie. In the end, the child wins him over, and he even presents him with his final badge. The two develop a grandpa and grandson type of relationship. It helps Carl let someone back into his life, and it heals some of his loneliness. It helps this boy gain a new friend and a dependable male role model (

Question 39

Name this Pixar Character.

Finding Nemo first introduces Pixar fans to this fun loving blue tang fish. She helps Marlin find his son Nemo. Her short-term memory loss stands out as her most noticeable feature. She can only remember new things for about ten seconds, which adds comedic effect. This big eyed character became so popular that she gained her own sequel movie. In this movie, she’s searching for her own parents. She pieces together enough fragmented memories to figure out clues to her past. This character eventually reunites with her family, as well as builds a new one with other sea life, including Marlin and Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres voices this loveable fish (

Question 40

What is this Pixar Character’s Name?

This Monsters, Inc. character is best friends with a one eyed monster named Mike. Mike and this character are happy to follow the rules and go along with everything...until they meet Boo. Her appearance forces them to question all the monsters’ actions. This character and Boo form a major bond that makes it hard for him to let her go at the end of the movie. A loophole allows them to continue to be in each other’s lives. In the prequel, we learn a lot about this character, including that he comes from a long line of scarers, and that scaring comes easy to him. John Goodman voices this monster. He is most well-known for his roles in The Conners, Roseanne, The Big Lebowski, and 10 Cloverfield Lane (IMDB).

Question 41

What is the Name of this Pixar Character?

This Ratatouille character is the main human protagonist. The movie begins with him as a simple garbage boy working at the famous Auguste Gusteau's restaurant. He meets a rat named Remy who shows him his cooking expertise. The rat and this man are in cahoots. The man is the face behind the cooking, but the rat is the actual cook. Eventually, this character learns that he is actually the son of Auguste Gusteau. This makes him his heir, so he inherits the restaurant. During the big reopening night, the boy decides to reveal the real cook behind it all. This leads to bad press, which leads to the demise of the restaurant. This character and Remy start over and create a new Bistro, where he can cook openly (

Question 42

Name this Animated Character.

This young clownfish is one of the main protagonist in this popular Pixar flick. His father, Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) lost all his brothers, sisters, and mother due to an accident. Now, Marlin is overprotective of this son. This little orange fish tries to seek out independence. This leads to him getting captured and taken out of the ocean by humans. He gets trapped in a dentist office where he’s another fishbowl creature. Marlin goes on a quest to find him. He encounters other sea creatures along the way. According to Wikipedia, the Pixar film starring this character is the tenth highest grossing film of all-time.

Question 43

What is the Name of this Pixar Character?

This Incredible’s character is the oldest child of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. As a teenager, she often falls victim to spouts of rage, sadness, and bursts of happiness. Her superpowers include turning invisible and creating force fields. She has a bit of a goth look at first with dark black hair, unlike her mother or father. She plays a major role in helping the family succeed in the first film. Elastigirl leaves this character in charge of her siblings as she goes off to save Mr. Incredible. To save their dad, this character and her brother follow their mother (Wikipedia).

Question 44

What is this Animated Character’s Name?

This is one of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's three children. He's the middle child and oldest son. He embraces his abilities with full force, and often gets into disagreements with his mother about whether he should be allowed to use his powers. She believes that he shouldn't use them, especially to perform better in sports. This character is a prankster and often annoys his older sister, Violet. He has a bit of a playful troublemaker streak. He has super speed and reflexes powers. According to, this character is supposed to be like a rough version of a cocky young Johnny Storm. He also shares abilities with Quicksilver, The Flash, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Question 45

Name this Toy Story Character.

This Toy Story character is the main protagonist of all the films. In the first movie, he’s Andy’s favorite toy, until he gets a new flashier, space toy named Buzz Lightyear. This toy starts to feel jealousy and neglect. He accidentally pushes Buzz out the window. This turns everyone against him, except Slinky Dog and Bo Peep. He then goes on a rescue mission to save Buzz. By the end of the film, him and Buzz become the best of friends. The second movie is about his past coming back to him, and third is about him learning to let go of Andy. This character is voiced by Tom Hanks. He’s most well known for his leading roles in Sleepless in Seattle, Big, and You Got Mail (IMDB).

Question 46

Name this Cars Character.

This Cars character made a living as a lawyer in Los Angeles. She achieved great success there but she wanted a break from the busy hustle of the big city. She found herself in the small town of Radiator Springs. In this town she was really able to do work that made her proud. Her main goal as an attorney in Radiator Springs is to preserve the town's history. She meets Lightning McQueen and they are quick to fall in love. She becomes his girlfriend by the end of the film. Bonnie Hunt voices this character. Her screen credits include Jumanji, Cheaper by the Dozen, and The Green Mile (, IMDB).

Question 47

Name this Character.

This Cars character only appears in one full length film. He's Radiator Springs' resident doctor. The townspeople adore and respect him for his compassion and precision. They don't know much about him because he keeps to himself. This car is a character of few words but much wisdom. In the original Cars film, it's revealed that he was once a racer. He experienced an accident that put him out of commission for awhile. When he returned to racing, all his admirers had forgotten about him. He eventually retired and settled in Radiator Springs. When Lightning McQueen arrives, his past comes to light. He starts the film trying to teach McQueen a lesson, but ends up becoming a mentor and friend to him. Screen legend Paul Newman voices this car (

Question 48

What is this Character’s Name?

For years, Elastigirl worked beside her husband, Mr. Incredible, stopping crime. However, when the government bans superheroes from combating criminals, she attempts to let go of her superhero ways. Mr. Incredible isn't able to give up his superhero ways, and he takes on missions behind her back. This superlady must put her suit on once more to save her husband. In The Incredibles 2, she takes center stage to help rehabilitate the image of superheroes. This character eventually learns things aren’t what they seem, and she must join forces with her family to stop crime once more. Holly Hunter voices this superhero (Wikipedia).

Question 49

Who is this Character?

This 12 year old dreams of playing music like his hero Ernesto De La Cruz. Unfortunately, his family doesn't like music, and it has been banned from their lives. They believe that this boy's great-great grandfather abandoned his wife and daughter, Coco, to become a singer. His wife grew bitter about it, and then focused her life on creating a successful shoe business. It thrived and music remained forgotten, along with her husband. This character finds himself in the land of the no longer living where he embarks on an adventure to find his great-great grandfather, and restore him to the family vault (Wikipedia).

Question 50

Name this Pixar Character?

This gentle dinosaur gets shunned by his father for not being tough. His family is disappointed that his instincts aren't aggressive enough. One day, a cave boy comes to their land. His father tells him to get rid of the boy but is unable. This leads to this dinosaur and his father searching for the boy, and his father passing away along the journey. The next day, the dinosaur encounters the cave boy again. He tries to finish the job this time, and this leads to the cave boy and the dinosaur going on an adventure together. They bond and become best friends (Wikipedia).

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