Only 30% Of People Can Match These Films To Their Locations

Movies are mostly about a story. The characters, the music, even the tempos, and crescendos help to create the tension or set the mood. But, location is also a major player in the whole production as well. Think about it. SAW would be nowhere near as scary if it took place on a playground or a farmer's market. There certainly wouldn't be as much tension if a movie like Mad Max: Fury Road was set in a dewy meadow and not in the arid deserts of post-apocalyptic Australia. Locations also provide a cinematic backdrop.  Literally.

The climactic battle at the end of The Avengers would be sadly lacking if it were missing the New York skyline and towering architecture in the background. Plus, there wouldn't have been nearly as many cool buildings to duck and dodge and maneuver around! Who would want to conquer a city full of nothing but empty roads and flat landscape? And that's what this quiz is all about: location, location, location! We want to see who remembers not just the movies themselves, but where they actually took place. How many viewers out there were paying attention, not just to what was happening, but where? So, take a few minutes and try a little cinematic/geographical trivia! Good luck!

Question 1

Which metropolitan city is home to Superman?

He's Superman. All he wants to do is fight for truth and justice. That's a good thing. So, why does anybody have to get in the way of that? Maybe it's just because that's the way the world works. Maybe there just can't be one force or element without the other. Perhaps good just can't exist without evil. But, fear not. Because this is what Superman does. He fights for us. He lives to save the day. And he's the best at what he does.

Question 2

When Thor falls from the sky, where does he end up?

Thor is a whole other kind of hero all his own. Having come from Norse mythology to begin with, one could argue that his legend has been around a bit longer than any of the other Marvel heroes have. But that, in no way, makes him any less popular. Captain America may have the military know-how, and Iron Man may have the money AND the brains, but... let's face it. Thor has the brawn. And we love him for it!

Question 3

Where does Iron Man live?

Iron Man. The movie that truly jump-started the whole Marvel cinematic legacy back in 2008! Robert Downey Jr. absolutely captured out attention and our imaginations with his dazzling performance of the young and charismatic Tony Stark. The film was enticing from the get-go, but we had no idea just how good it was going to be! We may not have liked Tony the billionaire playboy in the beginning, but everyone knew they were going to love Iron Man the moment he first stepped out of that cave!

Question 4

Where does Captain America's war take place?

Captain America is another great adaptation of the proverbial "little guy," determined to stand up to the proverbial "big guy." Difference is, Steve Rogers eventually gets a chance to be the big guy. Then again, maybe that's what makes him such a great hero and maybe that's part of what makes it such a great story. Either way, Cap' is definitely one of those kinds of heroes that we love to root for. And, this film was certainly another home run for the MCU.

Question 5

Which city do the Avengers protect?

If they can't save our planet, they'll damn sure avenge it. Well, that's what they do. Isn't it? They are the AVENGERS after all. Marvel absolutely hit the jackpot with this culmination of super heroes who had been previously holding their own in their solo films. The coming together of these four, main characters was beautifully crafted and extraordinarily produced by all parties that were involved. Amazingly, no one role overshadowed any others; and the final product was cinematic gold!

Question 6

Where does Spider-Man call home?

Comic book heroes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes (obviously). But each one is different and each one is unique. That's part of what makes them so likeable and part of the reason we want to cheer for them. It's not just that they're here to save us and to protect us; they're here to inspire us and to encourage us. On a more cinematic note, they're also here to entertain us. Sometimes it's nice to let someone else right the wrongs for a while.

Question 7

Which tropical island was home to this love story?

Henry likes Lucy a lot. And he's pretty sure that she likes him, too. But there just seems to be something odd going on. Something really odd. He wants to understand, really he does. So, when someone finally sits him down and explains Lucy's unique situation to him, Henry's determined to find a way to make things work. The only other problem is, most of the people around him don't believe it can be done ... or may it shouldn't be done.

Question 8

Where is that White Castle, anyway?

They were hungry. That's it. They were just hungry. Okay, okay ... maybe the way they got "hungry" wasn't exactly right, but what's done is done. And, sometimes ... you just get that craving for something particular. Maybe it was something you smelled, maybe it was a commercial you heard on the radio, or something you saw advertised on T.V. But, once it gets stuck in your head, it won't go away until you satisfy that craving. Man, oh, man. Does anybody need some White Castle right about now?

Question 9

Batman protects the citizens of what fair city?

Batman. The dark knight. The caped crusader who strikes fear into the hearts of men. It's an epic and heroic tale that's almost more than 80 years old. Many different actors have donned the cape and cowl and delivered wonderful performances, while fleshing out the character and bringing him to life on the big screen. Like many heroes, Batman is born of tragedy and swears an oath to protect the innocent and fight for those who can't fight for themselves.

Question 10

Where did our four friends' journey take them?

This journey is not just about the geography. It's not just about the distance or the stamina. It's a passage. It's about friendship and dedication. It's a migration about doing the right thing and how hard it can be to stay dedicated and steadfast to your purpose. Frodo is fortunate enough to have his friends, his true friends, there with him. It's their support and encouragement that helps to give him the strength he needs to see things through and stick to the right path.

Question 11

Maximus fights for himself and for what country?

Maximus had what he wanted. In fact, he had all that he desired. And, it wasn't a lot, but it was his. They were his family, his life. And he had a place to call home. But, they took it all away. Over something as petty as jealousy and envy. The emperor's son could not see around his own selfish desires; and for that, Maximus had to lose everything that was sacred to him. Perhaps revenge isn't the answer. But who's to say what's right or wrong when all you have left is nothing.

Question 12

Where is the Great Barrier Reef that Marlin and Nemo call home?

It's not like he did it on purpose. Nemo's just a kid. And, what kid doesn't feel the need to rebel against their parents at some point. At least once. Only this once ... he got caught. Well, caught in a net. Caught in a net then into the boat, and then into the aquarium. But, that's when things started to turn around. At least a little bit, anyway. There were new friends there. Friends who were ready and willing to help him get home and get back to his dad.

Question 13

Can anyone name the school these three attend?

Rarely has there ever been a better group of friends. Or, a better group of wizards for that matter. Unfortunately, poor Harry never asked for any of this. Granted, if it weren't for the evil and the dark magic, perhaps he'd never have ended up where he did. Or, perhaps he'd have never met the extraordinary people who helped to shape his life. Harry Potter is one of those great on-screen personifications of what it means to fight for what's right, at any cost.

Question 14

Where else would a rat go to learn to cook?

We all have dreams, big or small. The people and the dreams, that is. In this case, Remy is the little guy (or rat) with big dreams. Dreams of being one of the greatest chefs of his time. But, like most great protagonists, he wasn't getting much support... even from those closest to him. Ho-hum, what's an ambitious rodent to do? He does what most heroes do in a situation like that. He finds a way. He finds a way to make his dreams come true. No matter how crazy it seems.

Question 15

Which Law School did Elle finally get in to?

The beautiful irony of it all is that Elle didn't actually start out with a great ambition to be a lawyer. She started out with a great ambition to be "Mrs. Warren Huntington III." But, in her determination to go after the man she loves, she found so much more. Elle found that there was more to her than just being dependent on someone else to get you the things you want or for someone else to make you happy.

Question 16

Where is this Slumdog from?

What a unique story; and what a unique way to tell it?! "Slumdog Millionaire" was not only a tale of struggle and of triumph, but a wonderfully told love story as well. Like so many films about inspiration, this one takes us on an incredible journey that spans one young man's entire lifetime (so far). And it's not only about trying to find a way back to the girl that he loves, but also about the people who try to stand in his way.

Question 17

Farquaad rules over which of these kingdoms?

Who of us out there didn't instantly fall in love with the title character of this movie. Right from the beginning, "Shrek" is such an awesome new twist on the whole idea of a fairy tale and how it's told. The other key players are just as charming and so is the story. Some would even argue that Donkey practically steals the attention away from our main character half of the time. And, Princess Fiona has absolutely no problem holding her own in the spotlight alongside the other two.

Question 18

Where do these four friends go for their pre-wedding bash?

This film took the idea of "partying" to a whole new level. Talk about raising the bar. When three friends just want to give their buddy a proper send-off before finally getting married, things quickly escalate to extraordinary proportions. Interestingly enough, it's not even the night of the celebration that so much makes the story as it is the aftermath of it all that truly makes for the harrowing tale. Not only do they not get Doug to the church on time, they can't even find him.

Question 19

Which country are Shaun and Ed living in when the zombies appear?

Poor Shaun. Poor Ed. They were just minding their own business; just doing what they always do. Shaun was working like he does every day, and trying to make things right with his girlfriend. Ed was, well... Ed was simply doing what he does best, which isn't much. And, suddenly, it all became about... zombies!? How is anyone supposed to handle that kind of situation on top of the normal daily struggles that we all have to deal with. Maybe they just need a plan.

Question 20

What's the name of this town off Route 66?

There really aren't that many of us out there anymore who would think of a leisurely drive along ol' Route 66. Maybe that's the problem; maybe we should. Lightning McQueen never gave it a second thought, but things sure got a lot better once he learned to just slow down for a while and take his time or 'smell the roses' if you will. Sometimes that's just what any of us need. Some friends (maybe new friends) to help us see the things we're missing.

Question 21

What's another name for this City of Angels?

So many of us have dreams. We have great aspirations of what we'd truly love to do with our lives. So fortunate are those who get paid or get to make a living doing the very thing that they love to do. If only we could all be so fortunate. And that's exactly where Mia and Sebastian are in this great film. They've both taken the first big step and traveled to the land where all our dreams can actually come true!

Question 22

Can anyone name this isolated viking isle?

Ahh... a boy and his dog, er, a boy and his dragon in this case. A classic tale of man and beast in harmony with each other. Well, maybe not right from the beginning, but certainly for the majority of the movie. It's the time (and the land) of vikings and viking ships. Yes, and dragons, too. But, it is a time of great men and women and great battles ... even if your name is Hiccup. Or Toothless, for that matter.

Question 23

What is the perfect place where anyone can be anything?

Could there actually be such a heavenly place? Such an amazing city... or a utopia, if you will. How great would it be if there were a land where both predators and prey could live side by side in peace. And, not only that, but a world where anyone and everyone could be anything they ever dreamed of being. Judy Hopps certainly thinks so. Nick may not agree; but, he's a fox after all. So, what would you expect?

Question 24

In what town would we find Pennywise?

What started as a TV miniseries in the 1990s, keeping millions of children up at night, afraid of the red-nosed clown, came back as the much-anticipated remake in 2017. Based on the novel by Stephen King, It followed the story of a group of bullied kids who banded together to fight the clown that shape-shifted into the things they’re terrified of most. While filming for the remake took place in several locations, including Port Hope in southern Ontario, what town is this fictional story based in?

Question 25

Which state do Django and his companion travel across?

It's an epic and harrowing tale of life, loss, love, and revenge. This story of two, extremely unlikely friends unfolds across the South in a time when slavery was commonplace and the lives of some where regarded (or perhaps disregarded) as non-essential and unimportant. But, despite the odds, Django vows to find his wife and free her from the cruel and uncaring man keeps her as his slave. And, with the help of Dr. Schultz, the two make their journey and eventually reach their goal.

Question 26

What is Katniss' District?

Welcome to... "The Hunger Games!" 2012's runaway hit was nothing short of amazing! Another fantastic adaptation of a best-selling novel to the big screen. From the very beginning of the film to the very end, Katniss and Peeta hold our attention like no other characters have in quite a while. Not only were so many people moved by Katniss's selfless act to protect her sister, but we all watched and waited and cheered and wanted to know what may or may not happen Katniss and Peeta!

Question 27

Where does Steve Trevor take Diana?

With so much on the line for a new (yet, classic) DC character to grace the big screen, it's as if the audience was holding its breath the whole time. Everyone wondered if our new Wonder Woman would come off as too shy, or too timid, or just not strong enough to wear that famous tiara. However, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine's performances were both out of this world! The resulting film was a smash success and one of the best comic book adaptations of the year!

Question 28

Where did the zoo-mates get shipwrecked?

Okay... so some simply thought that "Madagascar" might be just another one of those "take the kids to keep them amused" kind of movies. But, we were (as DreamWorks so often does) pleasantly surprised by the fresh humor and sharp wit of all four of the main characters. And, admittedly, it was hard for anyone of any age to not want to " ... move it, move it!" Another great animated story about friendship, forgiveness, and perseverance. Not to mention the two sequels and those lovable penguins.

Question 29

T'Challa is king of which country?

Finally, after the catastrophic events of "Captain America: Civil War," T'Challa returns home to Wakanda and to take his rightful place as leader. Only, upon his return, the new king finds that there is already dissension among some of his people and he is being challenged for the throne. Fortunately, King T'Challa is smart enough to know when to ask for help and realizes the need to team up with CIA agent Everette Ross. Together, they do everything they can to prevent Wakanda from becoming just another war-torn country.

Question 30

Sweeney Todd is the barber of what street?

"Sweeney Todd" is a bit violent for a lot of people's taste, that's kind of a given. But it's also a classic and familiar story of love, loss, and the need to avenge those who've been needlessly and wrongfully taken from us. Benjamin loved his wife and especially their new child. But, when Turpin's jealousy and envy grow to an uncontrollable level, Barker is left a broken and lonely man. However, he eventually finds a (albeit savage) way of punishing all of those who destroyed his family.

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