Only 30% Of Friends Fans Know Who These Things Happened To

No one told them life was going to be this way! Throughout its 10 season run, the TV show Friends put its characters through some pretty interesting situations. Each person seemed to have their fair share of hilarious and uniquely entertaining moments that make those episodes stand out from the rest. But what else can you expect from a group of friends who just seem to have stuff happen to them all the time?

With Friends currently readily available for binge-watching on Netflix, a new generation of viewers have come to enjoy this show that ran from the mid-90s into the early 2000s. Parents and children alike can sit down and spend hours watching these guys try and lead relatively normal lives in New York. It just seems to be one of those programs that can reach just about any audience possible and will always be relevant. It's only gotten better with age and is celebrated by so many fans from around the world!

This quiz is to test anyone who considers themselves to be an expert on all things Friends-related. We definitely think it's going to be a challenge but we encourage everyone to give it a shot and see if they know just what happened to which Friends character!

Question 1

Who embarrassed Rachel with their goofy running?

We all know that jogging is a great way to stay in shape, but who ever said there's only one way to do it? Rachel likes to go running through Central Park, and one of her friends likes this idea so much that they decide to jog with her. The only problem? This friend doesn't have the coolest way of running. In fact, it's downright embarrassing, at least for Rachel! Not only do they flail their arms and legs but they also make some pretty interesting noises while they run.

Question 2

Who accidentally broke a little girl's leg?

While it was definitely an accident, this character is responsible for putting a little girl in a leg cast at Christmas time. They were climbing the stairs in the apartment building without realizing the little girl was right behind them. An ill-timed tennis demonstration and a wayward arm swing sent her toppling down! Of course, the rest of the friends could see the humor in this, but that definitely didn’t stop the guilty party from feeling bad enough to take the girl’s place in her girl troop during cookie sale season!

Question 3

Who pretended they owned a Porsche to impress strangers?

Owning a flashy and expensive car is definitely one way to impress people, but what if someone doesn’t actually own one of those? According to this character, it’s as easy as standing in front of someone else’s Porsche and claiming it as their own. For one entire episode, this friend spent hours proudly showing off a parked car on the street and telling anyone who passed by that it was theirs. When the actual owner showed up, they had to give up the car but decided to improvise by making a Porsche out of cardboard boxes and covering it with a sheet. Genius!

Question 4

Whose body was briefly the host of an old lady's spirit?

In one episode, this character surprises the rest of their friends when they suddenly announce that their body has become host to an old lady’s spirit. Of course, hilarity ensues and this character begins to sound and act just like the old lady did! A quick talk with the elderly woman’s widowed husband reveals she could be postponing passing on because she always wanted to “see everything.” At the end of the episode, this character joins their friends at the wedding of Ross’ ex-wife Carol and her partner, Susan. During the ceremony, the old lady speaks through this character and claims she has now seen everything and passes on peacefully!

Question 5

Who got stung by a jellyfish at the beach?

The beach is a great place to go to soak up some sun and enjoy the ocean, but this character definitely didn’t enjoy themselves during one particular beach trip that ended with them being stung by a jellyfish! While vacationing at a beach house with the rest of their friends, this character decided to journey down to the shore to lounge on the sand and work on their tan. However, the incoming tide brought with it a jellyfish that put a pretty big damper on the entire vacation!

Question 6

Who flew to Yemen just to avoid their ex?

In perhaps one of the most creative and wildly unnecessary attempts to avoid an ex, this character packed up all their belongings, purchased a one-way ticket to Yemen, and then flew there just so they wouldn’t have to break up with someone. In their mind, lying that they were moving to the country of Yemen was easier than admitting they no longer wanted to be in a relationship. Of course, they didn’t actually intend to ever physically go there, but this ex just couldn’t bear to let them leave without a proper send-off at the airport! So really, what choice did they have but to get on the plane?

Question 7

Who bought a hairless cat?

There have been some unusual pets on the show, including a monkey, a chick, and a duck. Evidently, these friends have no interest in adopting a regular cat or a dog, and this character is no different! When they come across a seller offering a hairless cat, they decide to seize this opportunity and spend an inordinate amount of money to bring it home! The only problem is this cat is not very friendly and turns out to cause its new owner much more harm than they were expecting. Not such a smart purchase after all.

Question 8

Who dislocated their shoulder by jumping on the bed?

This character opens one episode by jumping on their bed and then falling off, resulting in a dislocated shoulder! They spend the rest of the episode with their arm stuck in a sling and sheepishly admitting that this was the result of a pretty childish act, much to their friends' amusement. A fun fact about this storyline is that the actor actually did hurt their arm in real life, specifically on the set of the show, which they recently revealed on a nighttime talk show. So, their accident had to be written into the episode to explain why they were suddenly in an arm sling.

Question 9

Who couldn't go to London for Ross' wedding?

The fourth season finale, we see Ross marry Emily in a fairly problematic ceremony in London. Of course, he needed all his friends there, but there was one friend who unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to the destination wedding. Instead, they had another friend hold a phone up during the ceremony so they could hear everything that was going on while they were sitting on a couch in their apartment. It’s not exactly the same as actually being there, but it was as close as this character could get!

Question 10

Who caught chicken pox right when an old flame came to town?

This character learns that an old flame is coming into town to see her and they begin to look forward to two weeks filled with nothing but romance with someone they used to date years ago! However, their plans are dashed when they suddenly come down with chicken pox and, unfortunately, ends up giving their guest chicken pox, too! Now both covered in incredibly itchy spots, they find themselves spending those two magical weeks rubbing calamine lotion on their skin and trying their best not to itch!

Question 11

Which two friends got married in Vegas?

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there, as these two characters quickly found out in this season five finale episode! During a weekend trip to Sin City, these two friends find themselves inside a Vegas chapel saying “I do,” although they don’t remember anything about it the next morning. It isn’t until their friends remind them of their midnight nuptials that they realize the mistake they’ve made and quickly set out to try and have this all fixed. As it turns out, it’s not as easy as that, and they end up staying married for a few episodes!

Question 12

Who adopted a pet monkey?

We all get lonely sometimes but that doesn’t exactly mean we’re all running out to adopt a monkey for a pet! However, this character did just that when they were feeling particularly low in season one and found themselves the owner of a capuchin named Marcel for several episodes. Unfortunately, the older this monkey got the harder he became to control and this character had to make the difficult decision to give him up to a zoo. When all is said and done, we’re sure everyone can say it was all for the best.

Question 13

Who did Ross once spread a rumor about in high school?

In the eighth season’s Thanksgiving episode, we learn that Ross and his only friend in high school used to spend a lot of time coming up with ways to torment one person in particular, and that included coming up with a pretty unseemly rumor about them! This rumor was quickly spread throughout their school, and although this person doesn’t find out about it until years after the fact, they’re still rightfully upset when they do! Ross apologizes profusely for ever starting the rumor but his friend isn’t very sorry at all.

Question 14

Who got a turkey stuck on their head?

In an effort to give one of their friends a funny scare on Thanksgiving, this character had the genius idea to stick their head inside the cavity of an uncooked turkey. It definitely seems foolproof. That is, until the turkey gets stuck and they find their head trapped inside raw poultry and suddenly the joke wasn’t very funny anymore. Although it takes quite a while to actually get the turkey off them, they still end up giving their friend the scare they wanted to, so in the end it all worked out!

Question 15

Who dressed up as a pink bunny for Halloween?

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and become absolutely anyone, but in this Halloween episode, this character finds themselves roped into dressing as a giant pink bunny. Not exactly the coolest thing they could be, but they also didn’t choose the costume themselves. So, while the rest of their friends got to show off their creative costumes at a Halloween party, they were stuck walking around the party with a fluffy tail and some pink floppy ears. At least they were comfy!

Question 16

Who said the wrong name at the altar?

This character made quite possibly the biggest mistake they could have ever made at their wedding. During the exchanging of the vows, they looked their spouse in the eye and proudly declared their love. However, they accidentally declared that love to someone else entirely. Ouch! That’s not an easy mistake to come back from, and unfortunately for this character, their marriage wouldn’t be a very long nor very happy one. Not to mention the wedding reception was pretty awkward for everyone there!

Question 17

Who put ground beef in a dessert trifle?

This character took it upon themselves to make a dessert trifle for their Thanksgiving dinner with all their friends and proudly presented their homemade dish to Ross and Joey before the meal began. However, while they are describing each individual layer, these two guys are stunned to hear their friend explain that between custard, jam and ladyfingers, there’s also a lawyer of beef sautéed with peas and onions. Ross and Joey don’t want to hurt their friend’s feelings so they try their best to eat the gross dessert. And, as it turns out, Joey is actually a huge fan of some beef with his jam. Yuck!

Question 18

Who was accidentally given a race car bed?

Chandler’s ex-girlfriend, Janice, was once married to a mattress salesman who was locally known as “The Mattress King.” When the two are going through their divorce, the king decides to host a mega sale that intrigues one of the friends enough to go down to his store and purchase a brand-new mattress for themselves. However, there’s a bit of a mix up with the delivery crew and this person ends up with a race car bed instead of the mattress they ordered! They may not like it, but we see at the end of the episode that Chandler would have been more than happy to take this fun car off their hands!

Question 19

Who got a ridiculous tan on only half of their body?

As it turns out, the trick to getting a spray tan is to listen to instructions very carefully, which this character didn’t do so well. Although they went to the salon intending to get just a little bit colour, they left with an incredibly dark tan on only the front half of their body! This would be hilarious enough, but they actually go back to try and fix this and somehow end up only darkening the half-body tan they already have, rather than fixing it!

Question 20

Who spent Thanksgiving inside a wooden box?

In a bit of a surprising twist, one character opts to spend their entire Thanksgiving dinner lying locked inside of a box. This is meant as a sort of punishment between them and another one of their friends, but they don’t immediately take it seriously. It isn’t until they take their “punishment” with silence that their friend realizes they truly understand what they did was wrong. It’s actually a very touching gesture for both involved and the fight is thankfully quickly resolved.

Question 21

Whose couch got stuck in a stairwell?

Moving a couch can be a pretty difficult task, particularly when that couch needs to be moved up several flights of stairs because someone’s apartment building apparently doesn’t have a service elevator. This character purchased quite a large couch and then found themselves trapped with the piece of furniture inside their apartment’s stairwell because math is hard sometimes and calculations of whether something is going to fit properly can be wrong. A situation like this is likely no laughing matter in real life, but there’s no denying the humor when watching it happen on television, particularly when one character starts shouting “Pivot!” at the others.

Question 22

Who taught Joey how to speak French?

Joey is an actor and in order to get roles, he has to lie sometimes. One of those lies was that he could speak French, which made him seek out the help of one of his friend’s to teach him French before he got caught in his lie. Of course, this friend was more than happy to help but Joey quickly proved quite the difficult student when he just couldn’t seem to repeat even the simplest French phrases back at the friend. Some people just aren’t meant to learn a second language.

Question 23

Who dated a college student?

The characters on Friends all range in age from their late twenties to their early thirties throughout the course of the series, so it’s a little peculiar when one decides to begin dating a college student who is so many years younger than them. Some say age is just a number but for this person’s friends, the opportunity for jokes that this relationship provided was just too good to ignore. While the relationship would ultimately not last, we bet this person never lived down their unusual relationship.

Question 24

Who showed up to their surprise 30th birthday party drunk?

Everyone has different ways of coping with aging, and when this person turned the big 3-0 on the show, they decided to cope by going out for a few adult beverages. It was an innocent gesture, but they had no idea that a surprise party was waiting for them back at their apartment. Just to make matters even worse, their parents were in attendance! Although they tried their best, this person just couldn’t seem to sober up enough to fool anybody, especially not their own parents.

Question 25

Who dressed up as the holiday armadillo?

In an effort to teach Ben about his Jewish heritage, this character took it upon themselves to dress up for the occasion, and since Ben loves Christmas so much, they decided to go get a Santa costume. However, the store was fresh out of those, so they ended up in an armadillo suit instead. Despite the minor setback, this person was determined to get their message across and spun a pretty creative story about how the holiday armadillo is relevant to both Christmas and Hanukkah. Very smart!

Question 26

Who sang Copacabana at a wedding?

While attending an ex’s wedding, this character decided this would be the perfect opportunity to stand up in front of an audience and sing Copacabana. As unusual as this may sound, they actually had a pretty plausible reason for doing so! This was actually a song that this character couldn’t sing when they were a kid and ended up embarassing themselves in front of their entire school. After already embarrassing themselves enough as it is at the wedding, they decided they really had nothing to lose and seized the opportunity to redeem themselves by delivering an impromptu musical number.

Question 27

Who got hypnotized to help them stop smoking?

This character and all their friends decided they had enough of their insistent smoking. To try and kick the habit, this person borrowed a hypnosis tape to listen to while they sleep that would theoretically compel them to stop smoking. While this actually did work, the voice on the tape also accidentally taught this character how to be a much more empowering woman at the same time. Not exactly what they were going for, but everyone can use a bit more confidence now and then.

Question 28

Who taught the building superintendent, Mr. Treeger, how to ballroom dance?

As it turns out, the friends’ building superintendent, Mr. Treeger, is a bit of a dancing fiend! However, he reveals he needs some help perfecting his ballroom moves and needs one of the friends to teach him the steps. It’s not a task that any of them are particularly willing to take on, but one friend owes the others a huge favor and is the one who finds themselves teaching the gruff Mr. Treeger how to ballroom dance in the building’s basement.

Question 29

Who got attacked by a stray cat during the city-wide blackout?

When all the power in the city suddenly went out one night, this person decided this was the perfect time to admit their feelings to someone. However, in the middle of their conversation, they are attacked by a stray cat who latches onto their shoulder and decides not to let go! This makes for a pretty hilarious scene, particularly when they begin flailing around to try and shake the cat loose while their friends sing the song, “Top of the World.”

Question 30

Who had an affectionate dream about Jack Geller?

It’s a bit awkward to dream about any of your friends’ parents, but this character just couldn’t seem to stop themselves from dreaming about Monica and Ross’ dad, Jack Geller. The dream involved a pretty heroic rescue, which made this character see Jack in a completely new light. It doesn’t really help that at that moment, they were spending Thanksgiving dinner with Jack and his wife, and so they spent the entire dinner just thinking about him and that dream!

Question 31

Who got handcuffed to a chair at Rachel's work?

One of Rachel’s friends somehow ended up handcuffed to her boss’ chair at work which definitely put Rachel in an awkward position – should she uncuff her friend and get them out of there or keep them right where they are so her boss doesn’t know she was snooping in her office? It takes an entire episode for Rachel to decide what to do, making for plenty of laughs from the audience and frustration from the friend unfortunate enough to find themselves cuffed to an office chair!

Question 32

Who got caught using a police officer's badge they found?

This character was rooting through the couch in Central Perk for change when they came across a police officer’s badge in the cushions. Although intending to take it to the police station right away, this person finds themselves a little caught up in the power that comes with having a badge and decides to keep it, just for a little while anyway. However, they accidentally flash the badge at the owner, which just might be the one person not show it off to!

Question 33

Which two friends forgot Ross' baby on a city bus?

It’s easy to forget something on the bus when rushing to get off it, but these two characters didn’t just forget a purse or a wallet – they forgot a baby! Ross’ baby, to be exact. This situation is only made worse when the bus suddenly merges with three other identical busses and they can’t figure out which one has the baby on it! Thankfully, the baby is turned over to the proper authorities and they’re able to get him back, but we bet that was the last time Ross ever trusted these friends with his baby again.

Question 34

Who put on every piece of clothing Chandler owns?

A heated argument between Chandler and one of his friends results in this friend deciding the only way to win this fight is to put on every single piece of clothing that Chandler owns. Not just that, but they make sure to impersonate Chandler too. This scene is pretty hilarious, particularly when the character first throws open the door and enters with layers upon layers of clothing on! It was probably a little stuffy and warm inside all those clothes but this friend was more concerned with making a point than their own comfort.

Question 35

Who got a bad haircut from Phoebe?

Phoebe is a talented masseuse and a passionate musician but a hairdresser she is not. Despite this, she convinces one of her friends that she knows enough about the trade to give them a homemade haircut which, unsurprisingly, ends pretty poorly for the one under the scissors. Despite her best efforts, Phoebe can’t seem to give this person the look they wanted, especially since she misunderstood just which celebrity they were wanting to come out looking like. Maybe it was a case of poor miscommunication or maybe Phoebe simply didn’t have the skills to create a fantastic cut – whatever the case, this was the first and last time this person let Phoebe touch their hair.

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