Only 30% Of Fans Can Pass This Basic NBA Test

The NBA is providing great entertainment to fans all over the globe thanks to the superstars and super teams today. There have been many different eras of basketball to find success partially always due to the superstar talent in the league. Players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and many others have been household names to create a strong level of interest among both diehard NBA fans and casuals to give the game a chance. Casual fans deserve love if offering enough time to make note of the players, rules, teams and general playoff results each season.

This quiz is designed to test the casual fans to see just how much basic NBA knowledge they have obtained through the years. A diehard fan would likely easily find success answering these questions as second nature. However, the average person may struggle when it comes to certain players, logos, rules or historic moments. Some fans only keep up with one team or one player as their method of enjoying basketball. The questions here will likely separate the casual NBA fans and the lukewarm NBA fans that can’t keep up with the incredible action around the league. Average NBA fans that don’t follow everything will likely struggle to get a solid score here. Find out just how much basketball knowledge exists in that mind when answering these questions. Only 30% of the average NBA fans will pass this quiz. Test your knowledge to find out just how well your score will be!

Question 1

What is the name of this player?

This NBA player is emerging into a star with a breakout season. The incredible play so far this season has allowed him to make his first All-Star appearance. He is helping the Brooklyn Nets franchise find huge success after many years of falling behind the rest of the league. This player is allowing the fan base to develop excitement moving forward. A player this early into their NBA run making an All-Star appearance is a great sign towards success in the league. Many expect him to make many more All-Star appearances in his run. What is the name of this player? (ESPN)

Question 2

What is the position of Stephen Curry and Chris Paul?

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul are two of the best players in NBA history at their position. The position in question is the role responsible for running the offense. Paul has done this to tremendous results for over a decade often leading the league in assists. Curry is now arguably the best at the position even though he scores more than he passes. The most important thing is that they know how to run the offense and control the tempo for their team’s best chance at success. Which of the following positions is the one currently played by Paul and Curry? (Basketball Reference)

Question 3

Which of these players is an NBA Champion?

The Boston Celtics have hopes of winning the NBA Championship this season and contending every season moving forward. Danny Ainge has put together a stacked roster of talented assets either now entering their prime or not even hitting it just yet. Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum are four of their great talents. Three of them have already made All-Star appearances and one is very likely to reach that status soon. Only one of them have won an NBA Championship as of early 2019. Which of these Celtics star has an NBA Championship ring already on his resume? (SI)

Question 4

How many players can each team have on the court?

The most basic rule in the NBA is that only a set number of players can be on the court for each team. Each team is allowed this number of players to represent them while the others remain on the bench. Players will come in and out of the game due to only the required numbers of players getting to be on the court at the same time. It leads to teams wanting to have a stacked bench for the depth throughout a long regular season of 82 games. How many players can each team have on the court at one time? (Basketball Reference)

Question 5

Which team has this logo?

The visibility of the NBA sees its merchandise all over the globe. Fans of teams no longer must be located in the state or city they play in due to how easy it is to watch any game on a television or computer screen. Some fans just follow players and root for whatever team they are playing for. This is one team specifically known for the logo shown here. This franchise has been around for many years and officially switched to its current name in 1997 due to controversy with its old name. Which NBA team has this logo? (Basketball Reference)

Question 6

What is the name of this player?

The player shown here has been among the best centers in the NBA over the past decade. He entered the league with little fanfare as a second-round pick, but the Memphis Grizzlies were overjoyed to land him on their roster. His stellar play allowed Memphis to have one deep playoff run into the Western Conference Finals. Unfortunately, the team could never reach the level of true contention for a title. He recently was traded to a contender in hopes of winning his first NBA Championship. The team believes he may be the missing piece as a great center. What is the name of this player? (ESPN)

Question 7

Which team has Drake as an ambassador?

Music sensation Drake is one of the most well-known people in the world. The songs from Drake often play at NBA games in just about every venue. Drake has loved the NBA for years with many references to players and teams in his songs. However, one team has more love from Drake as he is an official team ambassador. Drake is often spotted sitting courtside for the big games and has been involved in a few high-profile moments, including talking smack with players from other teams during the game. Which NBA team currently has Drake as an official ambassador? (ESPN)

Question 8

What team plays home games at Madison Square Garden?

Madison Square Garden is known as the world’s most famous arena for many reasons. The venue has been home to many iconic moments throughout the decades. It used to host incredible boxing matches and was the former home of WWE before it became a bigger touring brand. MSG is also the home of one NBA franchise that is the pride of the venue. Despite not winning too often, this team gets sell outs almost every single game due to the location of MSG. Fans just love seeing opposing stars play in such a historic venue. Which NBA team plays home games in Madison Square Garden? (Yahoo)

Question 9

Which players were captains to select the 2019 All-Star teams?

The new system for the NBA All-Star Game features two captains picking teams in the form of a draft to oppose each other. Old rules of the Eastern Conference vs the Western Conference ended due to the All-Star Game losing importance throughout the years. The new system is providing interest in the draft, chemistry of the teams and the game itself. Two captains are selected by having the most votes in each conference. These two players picked their teams for the 2019 All-Star due to the fans supporting them most in the process. Which players are the captains for the 2019 game and had the responsibility of making picks? (Inside the NBA)

Question 10

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is associated with a team in the Western Conference. Fans of this team are hoping they can finally get over the hump to contend in the playoff picture. They have been a perennial playoff team that just can’t compete with the bigger rosters opposing team. A couple of star players reside on the roster, but more help is needed to take the next step. Fans in the area seem to love them despite the postseason struggles as the home court atmosphere is quite impressive. What is the name of the team associated with the logo shown here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 11

What is the name of this player?

The player shown here often is forgotten since he isn’t part of a contender and is not near the All-Star status. His consistent play will help any team that has him on the roster. The New Orleans Pelicans have him as one of their top power forwards right now. It is not a coincidence that his time missing some action would lead to the team struggling. Anthony Davis requested a trade during this time frame. Regardless, this player will have a major role on the team moving forward with or without Davis as a teammate. What is his name? (Basketball Reference)

Question 12

Which position typically is represented for each team in the opening jump ball?

The opening jump ball provides fun and excitement for fans attending or watching a game on television. This moment represents the game finally starting after the build up to it. Two players are selected from each team to take part in the opening jump ball. The player to tap the ball over to his team wins it and gets first possession of the game. This team will have the first possession of the important first and fourth quarters. One position is the most commonly associated with the opening jump ball. Coaches pick these players for having the best chance at winning the tip off. Which position is it? (Basketball Reference)

Question 13

Which team came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the 2016 NBA Championship?

2016 featured arguably the greatest NBA Finals in league history. Two incredible teams squared off with outstanding superstars on both rosters. The team to win the title came back from a 3-1 deficit for the first time ever in the NBA Finals. Most fans and pundits counted them out due to the difficult task of winning three straight games against an equal or better roster. They managed to pull off the impossible to deliver one of the most improbable accomplishments in the history of the NBA. Which team came back from down 3-1 to win the 2016 NBA Finals? (Basketball Reference)

Question 14

What is the legendary best point total of Kobe Bryant in a single game?

The NBA fan base is still missing Kobe Bryant since his retirement back in 2016. Bryant was the face of the Los Angeles Lakers for a long time after delivering five NBA Championships to the franchise. The excitement associated with Bryant’s playing style would see him put up incredible scoring numbers every time he was in the zone. One specific night stands out for fans with an iconic performance for the ages. Bryant reached his single-game scoring high in a regular season game against the Toronto Raptors. Jalen Rose still is upset about his struggles defending Kobe on that night. How many points did Bryant score for his record-high total in a game? (ESPN)

Question 15

Which team has this logo?

These are the official logos of one NBA team that has delivered quite a few ups and downs throughout the years. The team has been lucky enough to draft a couple of superstars that helped them score huge wins in recent memory. Unfortunately, they have been unable to sustain the long-term success of having these players remain on the roster. Criticism of management and ownership often puts them in a negative light despite having some great moments. The logos shown here are sold on countless merchandise items in the NBA world. What team is the one associated with the logos? (ESPN)

Question 16

What is the name of this player?

The player shown here is an exciting young talent worth keeping an eye on. Orlando Magic fans are hoping he can emerge into a superstar with his potential to get even better. Athleticism is the key for him due to the style of play he uses to his advantage. The size, strength and speed make him an ideal power forward for the current landscape of the league. He even has a reputation for being one of the top dunkers going today. A past dunk contest performance showed his highlight reel. What is the name of the NBA player shown and described here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 17

Which active player has averaged a triple double in multiple seasons?

The stats for NBA players today are more impressive than ever before when it comes to the variety. Points, rebounds and assists are all seeing huge numbers thanks to the faster style of play. Teams are scoring more and playing at a pace that allows more statistics to pile up. The triple double is becoming more common as many players are hitting it each season now. Past history would see us lucky to see more than a handful of triple doubles. One active player has averaged a triple double over the past two seasons with double digit averages in points, rebounds and assists. Which player has hit this accomplishment? (Basketball Reference)

Question 18

Which of these players is a Slam Dunk Champion?

The Slam Dunk Contest is one of the most beloved events to take place in the NBA every year. Fans get to see a few of the league’s top dunkers show off their most creative and impressive dunks during All-Star Weekend. Past legends include Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Kobe Bryant winning in their contests. Four respected dunkers are offered here, but only one of them actually won a dunk contest in their NBA stints. The player here had a legendary performance in the all-time great All-Star Weekend performances. Which of these NBA players is a Slam Dunk Contest champion? (ESPN)

Question 19

What common rule prevents players from walking without dribbling the ball?

The NBA rules are the most important part of the game since a team will likely fall apart if failing to follow them. One rule that plays a huge part in the game prevents the players from walking with the basketball easily. Everyone must dribble when moving with the ball. A player taking two or more steps will result in this rule violation causing the team to turn the ball over to the opponent. James Harden is often called out for breaking this rule and getting away with it due to his star power. What is the name of the rule described here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 20

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is one of the more unique ones in the league. This team has changed their logo a few times throughout the years hoping to find one that sticks. The team is achieving more success lately with a roster of rising stars. It is leading to the logo being more visible and merchandise finding more relevance. This may be the logo that finally sticks and is associated with the team moving forward in the long haul. Fans are hopeful for the rise of this team moving forward. Which NBA team is the one to use this logo? (ESPN)

Question 21

What is the name of this player?

The NBA player shown here is a former NBA Champion that has now been on three teams in his run so far. Dallas Mavericks fans have seen him over the past few seasons as arguably the best player on the roster until Luka Doncic. He would get traded from Dallas to a team looking for the missing piece to contend for a playoff spot. This player likely won’t get treated like a superstar any time soon, but he can certainly help get a team get to the next level with his experience and skill set. What is the name of this player? (ESPN)

Question 22

Which of these players is a Three-Point Contest Champion?

Quite a large percentage of NBA fans would agree the Three-Point Contest has passed the Slam Dunk Contest as the main event of All-Star Weekend. Bigger names will appear in the contest due to three-point shooting becoming more important than dunking. Many of the top superstars in the league will compete against each other in the shooting contest hoping to get momentum at the right time. The winner list of the Three-Point Contest showcases many superstar names. It leads to the contest having strong entertainment value. Which of these players is the one to have won a Three-Point Contest at least once as of 2018? (Basketball Reference)

Question 23

How many NBA Championships does Dwyane Wade have?

Dwyane Wade is planning to retire at the end of the 2018-2019 season. The superstar shooting guard is one of the best all-time to ever play the position. Wade would have an iconic run as the greatest player to ever play for the Miami Heat franchise when looking at the list of accomplishments. Runs with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls would be in the middle of his Heat stints. Wade would get the ultimate honor of winning at least one NBA Championship in his NBA run during his prime. How many total NBA Champions did Wade win? (Basketball Reference)

Question 24

Which of these superstar players skipped college to join the NBA out of high school?

College basketball is often an important step for NBA prospects before they declare to enter the league. A rule is currently in play that makes prospects spend at least one year in college after leaving high school to join the NBA. However, quite a few legends would join the league straight out of high school before this rule came into play. Past success stories would feature Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady prove they did not need college. One current legend of the names shown below also skipped college to join the NBA and never looked back. Which player is it? (Basketball Reference)

Question 25

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here belongs to a successful franchise in the NBA. This team has seen many winning seasons as one of the premier teams in either conference. Fans have been spoiled with outstanding moments, playoff fun, entertaining star players and everything else associated with a great team. Not many fans would be able to criticize the team with the logo here despite the polarizing nature of most franchises in the league. This logo has found success for the team as the winning often leads to merchandise and memorabilia being sold. Which team matches the logo shown and described here? (ESPN)

Question 26

What is the name of this player?

The player shown here is a huge part of the Milwaukee Bucks chances at contending. Milwaukee has emerged as a candidate to make the NBA Finals. Most did not expect them to reach such a level in the Eastern Conference, but the Bucks have as good a chance as anyone in the East to make the NBA Finals. The player here has stepped up to have one of his best seasons. Milwaukee fans have fallen in love with his style of play that leaves it all out on the court. Which of the following NBA players is the one shown and described here? (ESPN)

Question 27

Which of these players have scored 70+ points in a single game?

Stats have gone up but one of the rarest accomplishments for an NBA player is hitting 70 individual points in a single game. Only six different players have ever hit 70+ points in a game at any point in the regular season. One active NBA player can hold claim to this accomplishment when delivering the best scoring performance of his life. Fans were stunned to see this take place, especially since it came in a losing effort to the Boston Celtics. This player was in the zone that night, but none of his teammates could follow suit. Which of these players have scored 70 points in a single game? (Basketball Reference)

Question 28

What is the position of Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic?

Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic have emerged as two of the best players in the game today. Both men have become the faces of their respective franchises. The Denver Nuggets believe they can contend with Jokic as the best player on their roster. Embiid is the player the Philadelphia 76ers super team is built around. These players play an important position in the NBA. This position has seen many changes throughout the years, but talents like Embiid and Jokic showcase the versatility needed today. Players are now expected to deliver the goods like these two have. What is the official position for Embiid and Jokic? (ESPN)

Question 29

How many teams has LeBron James played for?

LeBron James has been the most common choice as the best player in the NBA for at least seven years now. Following the first NBA Championship win for James, even fans that dislike James were forced to admit he was at the top of the league. James has won four regular season MVP Awards, three NBA Championships and three NBA Finals MVP Awards. The run of LeBron has seen him delivering the goods with many different teammates through the years. Every team will dream of having a player like James on their roster. How many NBA teams has LeBron played for as of 2019? (Basketball Reference)

Question 30

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is associated with one NBA franchise hoping to make waves. This team is not in the best position right now, but there are a few things going well for them. Many pundits believe they are one top draft pick away from becoming a noteworthy contender in their conference. The logo is often used on most of their jerseys and is one that stands out more than the other NBA teams. Throwback jerseys however provide more value for the legendary players that once played there. Which of the following NBA teams is the one to have this logo? (ESPN)

Question 31

What is the name of this player?

The NBA player shown here has bounced around the league for a few teams. Some of them include the Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers and Minnesota Timberwolves. He is considered to be in the middle tier of the point guard with many playing at a higher level and many not reaching his status. Minnesota is hoping he can continue to improve and reaching the All-Star level like some of his peers. It remains to be seen if that is realistic, but he certainly can help a team win. Which of the following players is the one shown and described here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 32

How many teams play home games at the Staples Center?

The Staples Center is one of the most beloved venues in the NBA today. Many great moments have come at this venue to make it important to the significance of the league. Quite a few memorable playoff games have come here as the venue is special to fans for those memories. Famous people often show up to these games given the luster and star value associated with the atmosphere here. Not everyone will find the joy from a game there as bad basketball games do take place on certain times. How many NBA teams currently host home games at the Staples Center? (Basketball Reference)

Question 33

Which team used to play in Seattle?

Seattle basketball fans are still upset at the NBA taking away their SuperSonics team. The play of Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Ray Allen and many others helped the Sonics become a beloved franchise for many years. However, the league felt the timing was right to take the franchise away from Seattle and relocate it with a new name. This current team has hosted many superstars which made it even more painful for the Seattle fans to watch from afar. There is hope for Seattle getting another basketball team, but their old one remains in a new place. Which current team used to be known as the Seattle SuperSonics? (Basketball Reference)

Question 34

Which team has NEVER won an NBA Championship?

The goal of winning an NBA Championship is significantly hard since there are 30 teams in the league trying to find the same accomplishment. Most teams ultimately want to get there, but many have not even won one single title in their history. Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics have historically dominated the rest of the league by always finding a way to rebuild into contention. It leads to a few teams never getting close. Four teams will be listed below with three of them already winning a title. Which of these teams has NOT won an NBA Championship as of 2019? (Basketball Reference)

Question 35

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is associated with a franchise hoping to make the next step in contending for a title. This franchise is on the rise with a few talented young players hoping to collectively take the next step to contending together. Fans of the franchise have witnessed some tough moments throughout the years before getting to a position with optimism today. This logo is already popular as the team is finding more merchandise sold with it than past logos, but that could be due to the more enjoyable players on the roster now. Which NBA team is the one to have this logo? (ESPN)

Question 36

What is the name of this player?

The player shown here is finding a new role as the top scorer off the bench for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He used to start for a struggling team that felt out of the playoff picture. His old team wanted to rebuild and decided to trade him to the Thunder. Both and the Oklahoma City fan base are happy to see him contributing to a potential contender. Not every player can shine coming off the bench, but he has already proved that he doesn’t need to start to be an effective contributor. Which of the following players is the one shown and described here? (ESPN)

Question 37

Which position do James Harden and Klay Thompson play?

The position of Klay Thompson and James Harden sees them at the top of the list of players in that category. This is a position that is often associated with great offensive skills. The players to play this position must score in bunches while shooting effectively from the outside. Harden sometimes plays a secondary position, but this is the main one he is known for. Thompson has only played this position in his NBA stint with his defense adding to it as well. Another clue would be that Michael Jordan is the greatest to play at this spot. What position is the one played by Harden and Thompson? (ESPN)

Question 38

How many players have scored 100+ points in a single game in NBA history?

One commonly known fact about the NBA is that the scoring record for most points in a game is held by Wilt Chamberlain. The point total is not easily spotted unless you know enough about the sport. 100 points seems like an unreasonable goal for any single player to have given the team nature of the sport. However, the older era of basketball would feature dominance coming easier than usual. Some fans hold out hope that one of their favorite players will reach this goal today. How many players in NBA history have been able to score 100+ points in a single game? (Basketball Reference)

Question 39

Which of these players have won multiple regular season MVP Awards?

The MVP Award is the top achievement one player can reach in the regular season. It usually signifies this player was the best and most valuable of the entire season at the end. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the record for most MVP Awards with six. LeBron James has the most among active players with four. However, another active player has won multiple regular season MVP Awards so far in his NBA run. He has a chance to win a few more moving forward given his superb play. Which of these active NBA superstars has won multiple MVP Awards as of the 2017-2018 season? (Basketball Reference)

Question 40

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here represents a respected NBA franchise with many great moments in their history. Quite a few great players have played here along with outstanding runs. The team has won an NBA Championship that validated the moves made to compete. Fans of the franchise are hoping to continue finding success with a couple of new young stars as the faces of the team moving forward. The logo is popular thanks to the better years making them a relevant franchise in the NBA. It is considered one of the better-looking logos in the league. Which team has the logo shown and described here? (ESPN)

Question 41

What is the name of this player?

This player has already bounced all over the NBA with three different teams early in his stint. The player shown here was a top prospect coming out of college. Fans expected him to emerge into a future All-Star thanks to his great run in Duke. No one could have predicted that he would deal with a few injuries along with negative moments with first team to end the relationship. A new start this season has seen him already get traded to his third team that looks to allow him to mature. Which of the following players is the one shown and described here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 42

How many wins are needed in the postseason to win an NBA Championship?

Every NBA team has the goal of winning the NBA Championship at the end of the season. Even the fan bases of teams that have weak rosters entering the season want to believe there is a 1% chance that their players can surprise them. The postseason will feature a team needing to win four series to get to the promise land of winning the NBA Championship. Each round starts fresh with regular season records erasing aside from the home court being decided then. How many total wins are needed to win the NBA Championship in a single season? (Basketball Reference)

Question 43

Which of these players is a point guard?

The point guard position has become the most important in the current landscape of the NBA. Every team wants to have a superstar point guard to run the offense and deliver in multiple aspects of the game. Point guards are expected to facilitate, score, shoot and defend all within an impressive manner. History will likely see many of the all-time great point guards consist of active players that currently play today. The four players below are all guards, but only one of them is considered a point guard today. Which of these players currently plays the point guard position? (ESPN)

Question 44

Which of these role players has won an NBA Championship?

Role players are significant to their teams contending for an NBA Championship. Even the super teams with multiple All-Stars on the team will need the role players to step up and make big plays when counted on. Many teams with superstars and a lack of role players will ultimately fall short of reaching their goal. Four role players that have contributed to winning teams are shown here. Only one of them have reached the end game of winning an NBA Championship. Which of these following four players is the only one to have an NBA Championship as of the end of the 2018 season? (Basketball Reference)

Question 45

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is for a franchise that is trying to put together a contender. There are a few players with star quality and a roster with enough potential to bring optimism to the fan base. Past eras have seen the team fall just short of winning the NBA Championship. Fans have been crushed to see them lose in the postseason to even better teams. The logo is currently one that the team hopes will become associated with excellence. Time will tell if they can deliver the winning to match their expectations. Which of the following teams is the one to use this logo? (ESPN)

Question 46

What is the name of this player?

The player shown here is an important part of the Boston Celtics. He may not get the headlines like Kyrie Irving or Jayson Tatum, but he still contributes to the overall success of the team. This player is most known for his impressive defense and strong work ethic. He has been a part of the postseason series wins for Boston over the past few years. The Celtics hope to take the next step to make the NBA Finals this season and he will have an important role in the team’s chances. What is the name of the player shown and described here? (ESPN)

Question 47

Which NBA team used to play in New Jersey?

New Jersey is without an NBA franchise despite being a fixture in the league for many years. The team used to play in East Rutherford and even managed to make a couple of NBA Finals appearances. Unfortunately, they would never win the title, but they made a mark for a few years. The problem was that attendance was low even during the best seasons for the home games. A move was made by the NBA to move the team to a new location and they are still there today. Which of the teams here used to play their home games in New Jersey? (Basketball Reference)

Question 48

Who is the NBA Finals MVP Award named after?

The NBA Finals MVP is the one award most players would strongly desire at the end of a year. Many would agree the regular season MVP Award is the most impressive, but the NBA Finals MVP both shows individual greatness and means a player has won the NBA Championship. This award has seen Kevin Durant and LeBron James win it in recent years. The Finals MVP Award is named after an iconic player and a legendary champion for the sport. Fans get to see him present the award most postseasons. Which HOF player is the NBA Finals MVP named after? (Basketball Reference)

Question 49

Which of these players have made the All-Star Game?

The All-Star Game is a goal almost every NBA player has entering the league. A selection in the game would confirm that all players in the game are officially the best in the league at that season. Each All-Star team will showcase the faces of the league. Players to achieve the honor also usually get perks or bonuses associated with the accomplishment. All four players below are impressive players that deliver great moments of contributions. However, only one of them have ever made an All-Star Game as of the 2018-2019 season. Which of these players has been an All-Star? (Basketball Reference)

Question 50

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is associated with a rising team in the NBA. This franchise has struggled for many years, but they appear to be on the upward swing thanks to their roster. One superstar is helping them look like they will be great for a long time. Other role players have emerged as extremely valuable pieces as well to further provide hope for the fan base. The merchandise is starting to sell thanks to enjoying the logo along with the players worth owning the gear of. Which of the following teams is the one associated with the logo shown here? (ESPN)

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