Only 25% Of Disney Fans Can Pass This Little Mermaid Test!

There are a number of truly memorable fairytales that have captivated the world over the years, whether they have been passed down from one generation to the next or written in texts that have been read millions of times. Disney has made a name for itself by adapting some of these time-old, treasured fairytales to come to life on the big screen. One of the most popular of all the Disney films is their big screen adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Ever since it was first released on the silver screen, it has tunneled its way into the hearts of both young and old alike. While there are some that have criticized aspects of the story because of the notion that a woman has to give away a part of herself in order to capture the heart of a man, there are also a number of other variations regarding the message of the story. This is definitely solidified in the lyrics to one of its most infamous songs, where it states, "Bright young women. Sick of swimming. Ready to stand."

While not everyone may have the exact same idea on whether or not this is a fairytale with true merit, there's no denying the popularity of the film. Whether it was only seen once or a million times, it's interesting how some of the details of the film can still be remembered after so many years. Check out our quiz and see whether or not it's really true that only 30% of Disney fans can pass this Little Mermaid test.

Question 1

What was the name of the lead character?

There have been a number of Disney princesses that have come across the big screen over the years but not everyone remembers them all. There are definitely some memorable ones that have seemed to dominate in terms of Disney Princess favorites. While everyone inevitably remembers Cinderella and her famous glass slipper, not everyone may remember the lead character in the Disney film, The Little Mermaid. Yet, she is definitely a character worth investigating and one that has truly captured the hearts of the general public. While some consistently refer to her simply as The Little Mermaid, others will definitely know her by her name.

Question 2

What was the event that Ariel was supposed to attend at the beginning of the film?

When the film first started, the storyline instantly let audiences know that Ariel wasn't exactly the go-with-the-flow type of Mermaid. In fact, it seemed like she was definitely a mermaid that wanted to do her own thing, and didn't often think about some of her other obligations under the sea. This was evident from the very start when she was inexplicably missing from a particular event that she had already agreed on attending. Everyone looked completely bewildered when it turned out that she wasn't there, and it was a bit of a mystery to know where she was at that time.

Question 3

What type of bird did Ariel befriend when she journeyed to the surface?

Ariel didn't seem to be particularly close with any of her sisters that were depicted in the film since there weren't exactly scenes in the movie that showed them going off and exploring the sea together. Yet, that didn't mean that she was completely without any companions. In fact, she seemed to be quite friendly and even made one particular friend up at the surface of the sea. This friend was a bird, which seems a bit peculiar since she was technically half-fish. Birds and fish seem like unlikely friends but there was something special about the friendship she had with this particular bird.

Question 4

What was Ariel's seagull friend's name?

Seagulls have been depicted more than one time in films that were produced by Disney and they haven't always been portrayed in the best light. In Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, seagulls seemed far less intelligent than in The Little Mermaid. In these two films, seagulls seemed almost mindless in the way that they were portrayed. They were shown as only knowing one word, and the way they all said, "Mine," seemed almost robotic. Yet, that wasn't the case with Ariel's seagull friend. He may not have been the brightest when it came to deciphering the use of the human artifacts Ariel brought him but he did seem quizzical and caring.

Question 5

What was the name of Ariel's fish friend?

While Ariel definitely had a deep friendship with Scuttle, the seagull, this was not her only friend. Instead of having to journey to the surface of the sea to have a friendly companion that she could talk to, she had another friend that she seemed to spend time with every single day. This friend was a fish that was seen with her for the majority of the film. He went with her on her exploring adventures and he seemed to truly care for her and want the best for her. The best thing about this fishy friend is that he seemed to only have her happiness in mind.

Question 6

What was the name of the crab in The Little Mermaid?

There were definitely mermaids and mermen within The Little Mermaid film but that doesn't mean that there weren't other creatures that lived under the sea. There were a number of different sea creatures that were featured throughout the film, whether they were seen in the background or singing and dancing along to musical numbers. There was one particular sea creature that definitely had a prominent role throughout the film. This red crab had a distinct voice and he also seemed to have the respect of many others in the film. He may have been small but he captivated the audience.

Question 7

Who was the composer for the concert?

When Ariel was inexplicably missing from the beginning of the film, it was definitely a surprise to Ariel's father and sisters that she wasn't inside her shell at the culmination of the concert number. Yet, there was one creature that didn't seem that bewildered by it. When Ariel's father seemed to excited to view the concert, he seemed most thrilled about seeing his daughter, Ariel. He even mentioned her by name, which is something he didn't do for any of her other sisters. However, Sebastian made a comment that even though she had a beautiful voice, she didn't always come to rehearsals.

Question 8

What was the name of Ariel's father?

While Ariel was definitely the main star of the film as The Little Mermaid, that didn't mean that she was all-powerful by any means. Actually, she was the daughter of the individual that was the real powerhouse under the sea. This was a man that commanded the respect of all the creatures under the sea and he was definitely a force to be reckoned with for anyone, including his own daughters. Ariel seemed to truly respect him but she also had very different ideals of what was appropriate behavior for a mermaid or merman. These two bumped heads often but that didn't decrease the love he had for her.

Question 9

What was the name of the kingdom in which Ariel's father ruled?

One of the most interesting aspects of The Little Mermaid was the fact that there was definitely a hierarchy when it came to how the sea was ruled. Ariel's father wasn't just a domineering man that had to rule over his many daughters, he was also the King of a great kingdom beneath the sea. He was all-powerful in the way he ruled the other sea creatures and he was hugely respected by all. Yet, that didn't mean that he didn't have enemies, but that goes with anyone that is the ruler of a great kingdom. What was the name of the kingdom in which Ariel's father ruled?

Question 10

Why was King Triton so upset that Ariel had gone up to the surface?

When Ariel was inexplicably missing from the special concert that was to be put on in honor of her father, there was a question as to her whereabouts. When he went to look for her, Ariel's fish friend accidentally let it slip that the two of them were journeying to the surface. Flounder seemed to immediately regret his slip up but by that time, it was too late. Ariel's father seemed instantly upset by learning of the fact that Ariel had journeyed to the surface of the sea. In that very moment, he forbids her to ever do that action again.

Question 11

Who did King Triton put in charge of supervising Ariel to keep her out of trouble?

When Ariel's father, King Triton, made the discovery that Ariel had been journeying to the surface of the sea, he was instantly upset. He made a distinct declaration at that moment that forbids Ariel from ever journeying to the surface of the sea ever again. There was a specific rule in his Kingdom that there shouldn't be any interaction between the merpeople and humans. He was worried that she may get spotted by a human and that was the real, main concern for him. After his interaction with Ariel, he worried that he may have been too hard on her.

Question 12

What was the name of the Prince inside The Little Mermaid?

There have been a number of princes that have been featured throughout Disney films but not all of them have had specific names. It's interesting how so many of the Disney fairytale films have centered around the Disney Princess and the actual prince in the stories was pretty generic. In fact, there are some Disney Princess films where the prince doesn't even really have a name, beyond Prince Charming. Yet, that wasn't the case for The Little Mermaid since the prince character had a distinct name that was mentioned on more than one occasion. What was the name of the Prince inside The Little Mermaid?

Question 13

What was the celebration that Ariel witnessed when she journeyed to the surface?

When Flounder let it slip to Ariel's father, King Triton, that he and Ariel had journeyed to the surface of the sea, it was seen as a huge deal for him. He became instantly upset and made a declaration that she was to never again journey to the surface of the sea. The interaction the two of them had at this moment was definitely a tense one and King Triton even seemed worried afterward that he may have been a little too hard on her in that moment. Yet, that didn't really seem to matter later on since she wound up going back to the surface of the sea again.

Question 14

How many sisters of Ariel were depicted in the film?

During the very beginning of The Little Mermaid film, there was a concert that was being put in the honor of King Triton. Sebastian seemed thrilled to show off his skills as a composer and all of King Triton's daughters were to showcase their skills as singers. When King Triton arrived at the concert event, he seemed most thrilled to see his daughter, Ariel. Sebastian made a comment that she had a beautiful voice but the concert didn't go off as planned. The opening song to the concert featured all of King Triton's daughters but Ariel was inexplicably missing from the event.

Question 15

What was the item that Ariel and Flounder found in the underwater ship?

When all of Ariel's sisters were busy putting on their concert performance for King Triton, Ariel was off with Flounder doing something completely different. Despite the fact that she was obligated to perform in the concert, she absentmindedly forgot that the concert was on that specific date. Sebastian even made a comment at the start of the concert that Ariel didn't always attend the concert rehearsals. During the actual concert, Ariel was on an exploration adventure with her fishy friend, Flounder. The two of them came upon an underwater ship and that's where they found one particular human artifact that she treasured.

Question 16

What was the sea creature that caused Ariel and Flounder to flee the underwater ship?

When Ariel and Flounder came upon the underwater ship, it seemed like Ariel was far more interested in exploring it than Flounder. Ariel even made a few comments to him about him acting like a "Guppy" and that she would just have to explore it on her own. Yet, it turned out that there was probably a good reason to have a few trepidations about going into this underwater. The end to their exploration endeavors resulted in both of them having to flee for their lives and it was only by chance that the two of them got away from the sea creature that approached them.

Question 17

What did Scuttle call the fork?

When Ariel and Flounder went on their exploration adventure to seek out more human artifacts for Ariel's collection, Ariel had a specific bag that she was using to collect them. After narrowly escaping the shark that they encountered at the underwater ship, they took the bag to her seagull friend at the surface of the sea. Her seagull friend, Scuttle, seemed far more knowledgeable about human artifacts and he was Ariel's go-to friend for deciphering what her collections were and what they could be used for by the humans. Yet, Scuttle didn't exactly give her the correct names and uses for these items.

Question 18

What did Scuttle call the pipe?

When Ariel presented her seagull friend, Scuttle, with the fork that she and Flounder had found inside the underwater ship, he didn't exactly give her the best definition of it. He claimed that the fork was actually called a "Dinglehopper," and he also claimed that it was used to straighten and brush out human's hair. He tried to demonstrate to her how the fork was used and even did a quick little hairstyling with the fork on himself. With this being so far off from the actual name and use of this human item, it's not surprising that he got the pipe wrong as well.

Question 19

Where did Ariel hide her human artifacts?

With Ariel having a bag that she used for when she went around collecting human artifacts and a seagull friend that seemed completely used to her coming to him to find out their definitions and uses, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this wasn't her first time going out to look for things lost under the sea. She had a deep fascination with the human world and she loved collecting human artifacts. With her spending so much time collecting human artifacts, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she would need a place to store them all so they couldn't be found by her father.

Question 20

What did King Triton do to Ariel's human artifacts?

When King Triton found out that Ariel had journeyed to the surface of the sea, he was instantly upset about it. He was very upset with her bag full of human artifacts and claimed that it was strictly forbidden for her to travel to the surface of the sea. Yet, he didn't seem to put much thought into the actual depth of her fascination with the human world. He seemed to be aware that her surface adventure during the time of the concert wasn't the very first time she had done this but he was completely blown away once he actually saw her human artifact collection.

Question 21

What was the name of the sea witch?

While King Triton was seen as the all-powerful ruler of the kingdom under the sea, that doesn't mean that he was completely respected by any single sea creature. There was one particular sea creature that didn't seem to hold King Triton in high regard. Yet, that didn't mean that he didn't have power over her as well. She didn't completely respect him but she also knew that there was a certain level of dissidence that was allowed in contesting his power. She had some unfair contracts that she had drawn up for some merpeople and it seemed to be under the radar.

Question 22

What type of creatures convinced Ariel to see Ursula?

After Ariel's father discovered that she had been hiding away a huge collection of human artifacts, he went to extreme measures to truly let her know the extent of his disapproval of her actions. Ariel was completely distraught over the fact that all of her precious collectibles within her human artifacts collection were all gone. It was during this state that she seemed most susceptible to a bit of coercion. While it was obvious that people within the kingdom under the sea were aware of the sea witch, it was the arrival of certain sea creatures that really convinced Ariel to see her.

Question 23

How many eels initially went to convince Ariel?

When it comes to sea creatures that are supposed to be portrayed as on the wrong side of good on the big screen, Disney has had to use their imagination in the characters they've used. Animated sea creatures have been on the big screen a number of times and not all of the villains have been the same type. In The Little Mermaid, it wasn't just the sea witch that was seen as the villain in the storyline. The eels seemed to be doing the bidding of the sea witch but they also had a mind of their own and operated independently.

Question 24

What were the names of Ursula's eels?

Ursula was definitely the mean villainous character within the film, The Little Mermaid, but that didn't mean that the film didn't have other villainous characters. Ursula had two eels that were seen as more than just her little minions that did her bidding. They were also seen as baby-like creatures for Ursula and she often referred to them as being quite loved and cared for by Ursula. The eels were actually the sea creatures that first convinced Ariel to go seek out the help of Ursula and there were a number of times when they were referred to by name.

Question 25

What did Ursula want in exchange for giving Ariel legs?

When Ariel first went to seek out the help of the sea witch, Ursula, it was clear that everyone except for Ursula's eel minions thought that this was a good idea. When Ariel started to venture into the lair of Ursula, there were a number of polyps that she saw lining the ground of the area. They all seemed to be trying to deter her from entering and there was even a point where it seemed like she was being physically held back. Yet, she ultimately made it in and decided to make a deal with Ursula to grant her legs.

Question 26

Where did Ursula put Ariel's voice?

When Ursula and Ariel made a deal together, it was obvious that it wasn't going to be an easy task. Ariel wanted to turn herself into a human and that entailed getting rid of her mermaid physique and gaining human legs. This was something that the sea witch, Ursula, was able to do but she wasn't going to be doing it out of the goodness of her own heart. Instead, she asked for something quite specific in exchange for granting her human legs. At first, Ariel seemed quite hesitant but then it was revealed how determined she was to get herself some human legs.

Question 27

How many days did Ursula give Ariel to make Eric give her a kiss of true love?

When Ariel went to the sea witch, Ursula, to try and obtain human legs, it didn't seem like she had any idea of what something like that would entail. When Ursula revealed that she would want Ariel's voice in exchange, it seemed like something quite strange to take away. Ariel even found it perplexing to think that she would be given the task of making Prince Eric fall in love with her and bestow upon her the kiss of true love, without having her own voice to aide her. Yet, there was a catchy little number that Ursula sang to boost her confidence.

Question 28

What was the consequence if Ariel couldn't achieve Eric's true love kiss?

When the sea witch, Ursula, let Ariel know that she wouldn't be granting the mermaid human legs out of the goodness of her own heart. Ariel was curious to find out what she would be asked for in exchange. The fact that her own voice would be taken from her seemed quite harsh and it made the task of getting Prince Eric to fall in love with her and bestow true love's kiss that much more difficult. Yet, that didn't stop Ariel from signing the contract and it didn't even stop her when she discovered the consequence of not completing her task.

Question 29

What was the prize Ariel received for getting Eric to give her a kiss of true love?

When Ariel sought out the help of the sea witch, Ursula, it was clear that she was quite determined in reaching her goal of obtaining human legs. Flounder tried to dissuade her from seeking out Ursula's help and the polyps on the way to see Ursula also tried to dissuade her. Once Ariel discovered that she would need to give Ursula her voice in exchange for her human legs and she would need to sign a contract that stated that she would belong to Ursula for all eternity, should have been enough to dissuade her. However, it was the end prize that she kept thinking of and that's what made her agree.

Question 30

What did Ariel do at the dinner table with the fork?

When Ariel was granted human legs by the sea witch, Ursula, it's not like there was much help that was given to her in order to get to the surface of the sea. She was barely able to reach the surface and then she needed a lot of help from her friends. She didn't have the use of her voice, her legs were definitely wobbly from never having walked before and she didn't even have any clothes to wear. Once she was found by Prince Eric, he kindly took her back to his castle in order to sort out the help she needed.

Question 31

What was the meal that Prince Eric's chef prepared for Ariel?

Many Disney films seem to be filled with events that are highly unlikely in any situation but people just seem to go with it when it comes to fairytales. In this particular instance, audiences were meant to believe that Prince Eric would just so happen to be walking his dog all alone on the beach and then he would decide to take a strange woman back to the castle with him after finding her all alone. Not only was she taken to the castle but she was given a beautiful dress to wear and she was to dine with the Prince, himself.

Question 32

Why didn't Eric kiss Ariel during their magical date?

When Prince Eric first encountered Ariel on the beach, it seemed like he recognized her as the woman that have saved him when his ship was caught in the storm. Yet, the fact that she couldn't speak was the one factor that made him think that she couldn't have been the one. Despite the fact that he didn't think that she was the woman that saved him, he still offered to let her stay at the castle until her plight was able to be figured out. She was given a huge amount of respect and he even took her on a boat ride where they spent alone time together.

Question 33

What was the name of the woman that Ursula transformed herself to?

With Ursula being a sea witch, it shouldn't be surprising that she would have all eyes on Ariel as she endeavored to have Prince Eric fall in love with her and bestow upon her true love's kiss. Luckily, she also had her two eel creatures doing her bidding and they were the ones that were able to stop Ariel and Prince Eric from sharing a kiss on their boat ride. When Ursula saw that this was an extremely close call, she decided to take things into her own hands in order to stop Prince Eric from falling in love with Ariel.

Question 34

What was Vanessa doing when Eric first saw her?

When the sea witch, Ursula, saw that Ariel was close to getting Eric to fall in love with her and that if it weren't for the actions of her eel minions, they would have already shared a kiss together, she wanted to take things into her own hands. Ursula decided to turn herself into the human woman named, Vanessa. The plan was to get Eric to become so mesmerized by her through the use of Ariel's voice, that he wouldn't pay Ariel any mind and she would be able to fulfill the contract that she had Ariel sign from the very start.

Question 35

How many days did Eric initially want to wait before marrying Vanessa?

When Prince Eric was saved by Ariel after the storm hit his ship, it seemed like he had instantly fallen in love with this mystery woman (or in this case, mystery mermaid). He held onto the hope that he would one day meet her again, not knowing that Ariel had actually traded in her voice in order to get human legs. There was a time when he thought that he could finally give up on the hope of meeting this mystery woman and it seemed like he was going to profess his love for Ariel. Yet, that all changed once he saw Vanessa on the beach and heard her using Ariel's voice.

Question 36

Who was the first to discover that Vanessa was really Ursula?

When Vanessa mysteriously arrived on the beach, it was Prince Eric that first heard and saw her. He recognized the voice she was using because that was one of the most poignant memories he had of Ariel when she initially saved him after his ship was caught in a storm. He believed that Vanessa was the mystery woman that had saved him and he became mesmerized by her and her voice. Yet, Ariel and her group of companions seemed completely perplexed by the arrival of this mystery woman and it was a heartbreaking realization that he was actually going to marry this woman.

Question 37

How did Ariel get her voice back?

When Scuttle made the realization that Vanessa wasn't just a woman that Eric fell in love with by happenstance but she was actually the sea witch, Ursula, in disguise, it was a huge turning point at the end of the film. Ariel had to make a mad dash to get to the ship where they were planning on getting married and every single one of her friends tried to stall and ultimately stop the wedding. During the mayhem that broke out on the ship during the pending nuptials, it was obvious that people were starting to see that something was amiss.

Question 38

Who agreed to take Ariel's place when she was to belong to Ursula?

When the shell that contained Ariel's voice ultimately broke during the wedding ceremony between Prince Eric and Vanessa, Ariel was able to get her voice back. It was at that moment that Eric was no longer mesmerized by the sea witch and he could see that it was Ariel that had saved him all along. This was when he bestowed a kiss on her that could have definitely broken the spell. However, it was too late by the time he kissed her and ultimately Ursula was granted the conditions of the contract. Who agreed to take Ariel's place when she was going to belong to Ursula?

Question 39

Who harpoons Ursula?

There have been a number of sea creatures in animated films that have been portrayed as villains but it doesn't seem like any of them compare to Ursula from The Little Mermaid. She was not like the delicate and graceful merpeople, even though she looked half-human and half a sea creature. The bottom portion of her had giant tentacles that seemed more like a monster and the top portion of her looked anything but delicate or graceful. When it was revealed that she was, indeed, a sea witch, it's not surprising that people would treat her like a sea monster.

Question 40

Who got rid of the two eels that did Ursula's bidding?

When it was revealed that the beautiful human, Vanessa, was actually a sea witch with a completely different physical form, it's not surprising that there would be a major change in the way people treated her. She was seen as a sea monster and everyone seemed to get involved in trying to defeat her. During the mayhem that ensued, there was a lot of chaos and there were moments when it wasn't clear how everything was going to turn out (despite the fact that Disney Princess films always have a happy ending). Who got rid of the two eels that did Ursula's bidding?

Question 41

How did Prince Eric defeat Ursula?

When audiences first saw that Ariel was going to the sea witch, Ursula, to try and get human legs, it wasn't immediately clear what Ursula's hidden agenda was during that time. It was clear that there were definitely some hard feelings with her in regards to King Triton, but people didn't immediately know that she was after King Triton's power all along. The use of Ariel as a pawn in order to gain the power of King Triton's trident was definitely something that added to the intensity of the film's storyline and people really rooted for Prince Eric to defeat her. How did Prince Eric defeat Ursula?

Question 42

What happened to the other polyps once Ursula was defeated?

When King Triton agreed to take Ariel's place as one of the polyps that belonged to Ursula, it seemed like all hope was lost for both the sea creatures and the human world. It was obvious that Ursula wasn't planning on ruling quietly under the sea. Instead, she turned herself into a giant monster that towered over everyone and she stirred up the sea in order to create even more chaos. Yet, Prince Eric was able to defeat her in the end and that meant that many things were about to change. What happened to the other polyps once Ursula was defeated?

Question 43

How did Ariel turn into human form at the end of the film?

When Prince Eric defeated Ursula, there were so many things that changed. Not only was King Triton restored to his former self but so were the other polyps that had been forced to live out their existence as polyps under Ursula's rule. Also, King Triton was again restored as the ruler under the sea in the kingdom of Atlantica. This should have been the fairytale ending to the story that everyone was hoping for since the villain was defeated and the good guys won. However, there was still the question of Ariel and her romance with Prince Eric. These two wouldn't have been able to sustain a relationship if she were a mermaid.

Question 44

Where did Ariel and Prince Eric have their wedding?

When the sea witch, Ursula, was ultimately defeated, Ariel's father, Triton, was once again restored as the rightful ruler and King of Atlantica. Yet, there was still the question as to whether or not the romantic relationship between Ariel and Prince Eric would work out. She couldn't very well become his wife if she was still a mermaid since it's not like he could join her under the sea. Yet, it still managed to work out in the end because of the power of King Triton. She didn't seem to have the knowledge that he had that ability to give her permanent human legs.

Question 45

What year was The Little Mermaid released?

With Disney releasing so many animated films over the years, it can be difficult to remember when each of their films was originally released on the big screen. Many people have memories from their childhood when certain Disney films were first released and there is definitely a hint at the age of The Little Mermaid since the animation doesn't seem as technologically advanced in comparison to some of Disney's newer films. Yet, that still doesn't mean that everyone remembers the exact date of the original release of Disney's animated film, The Little Mermaid. What year was The Little Mermaid released?

Question 46

How old was Ariel in the film?

When it comes to Disney Princess films, it seems like the age of the lead character is always quite young. This is the main reason why it's not Disney Queen films, instead of Disney Princess films. There are often the parents of the lead characters depicted in the Disney Princess films and that's just another hint that the Disney Princesses aren't that very old. In The Little Mermaid, the age of Ariel was stated at the very start of the film. There were also a lot of hints towards her age throughout the film, especially since it was referenced that she was the youngest of Triton's daughters.

Question 47

Who originally wrote the tale of The Little Mermaid?

One of the most interesting things about many of the animated films released by Disney is the fact that the storylines weren't exactly original. Many of the films were based on time-old fairytales that were already quite familiar to those in the general public. That was certainly the case with The Little Mermaid. There have been a number of tales of merpeople throughout history but the actual story of The Little Mermaid came from a published words by a specific author. Some people can instantly remember who wrote the original story but there will inevitably be others that won't know the answer.

Question 48

What was the song that Ariel sang about her human artifacts?

Some of the best parts of Disney films are the musical scenes and it seems like some of the songs are more memorable than some of the details regarding the main characters. Oftentimes, many people state that they don't even pay much attention to the storyline of a Disney film and they simply find themselves waiting for the songs to emerge. One of the most famous songs from The Little Mermaid was the one that Ariel sang when she was inside her grotto. She was singing about all the human artifacts that she had collected over the years and the song really captivated audiences.

Question 49

What’s the song that played during Ariel and Eric’s boat ride?

One of the other most famous songs within the Disney film, The Little Mermaid, was played during the boat ride scene involving Ariel and Prince Eric. This was a time when Ariel didn't have her voice so it made the boat trip a little quiet. Yet, Sebastian saw this as an opportunity to create a romantic ambiance and he, yet again, enlisted the help of some other characters to create the perfect scene. As an accomplished composer, it's not a surprise that he would use the natural elements around him to try and create background music to make his song come to life.

Question 50

What’s the song Sebastian sang to entice Ariel to let go of her human fascination?

Ariel wasn't the only character in The Little Mermaid that had her very own songs that were featured in the film. Sebastian was seen as a huge character in the film and he was also an accomplished composer that was put in charge of the main concert event at the start of the film. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he would have a huge song (or two) in the film. This particular song was one of the film's most upbeat scenes and it encompassed more than just a few characters to drive home the catchiness of the song.

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