Only 20% Of People Can Name These Movies From Their Famous Foods

Who thinks that they know all about their favorite movies?

We know the major plotlines- the ups and downs and some of our favorite supporting characters. Who could forget about the epic romances in movies like Titanic or The Notebook or the hilarity that was Bridesmaids? Movies have the power to transport us through their amazing storylines and characters that we could never forget- but what about the food?

There are some really incredible scenes in our favorite movies that feature food. Sometimes it is the central character, sometimes it shows up at a pivotal moment, sometimes it reveals a secret about one of the main characters.

Once in awhile, it's not about the food itself but how it's prepared. There is a famous scene where a full pasta dinner is prepared behind bars. Obviously, the logistics of making pasta while incarcerated are... difficult to navigate at best so the scene is memorable not just because of the food, but because the hoops the characters had to jump through in order to make it happen. Who remembers what movie that scene was from? Don't tell us now- wait until you reach that question in the quiz! Ready to get started?

Question 1


In Pixar's yummy culinary tale, a rat named Remy dreams of being a kitchen superstar, but he has one small problem- rats aren't usually welcome in kitchens! Fortunately, he teams up with Linguini, who has a similar ambition. Together the two of them are able to create a culinary masterpiece that wowed the toughest restaurant critic, Anton Ego, in the city! The animation is stupendous and the food is totally mouth watering- but nothing is as grand and delicious looking than Remy's signature ratatouille. Who remembers which movie this delicious dish appeared in? Choose the correct answer from the options listed here.

Question 2

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

The favorite fantasy series is comprised of seven award-winning books and eight movies (the last book was split up into two movies) and features all sort of magical antics- as well as some really amazing food like Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. These beans were available not just in "normal" flavors like cherry or lime, but every single flavor imaginable! These jelly beans were just one example of creative food in the books and movies- there was also Chocolate Frog Cards and plenty of pumpkin juice, not to mention butterbeer! Who remembers the name of the movies we're talking about here?

Question 3

The Heiress Of Toaster Strudel

Finally, let's end on a regal note. This movie was one of the most popular releases in 2004, grossing $129,042,871 according to IMDB. There were plenty of memorable food scenes in it, like the infamous Kalteen Bar prank, but the one that stands out to us is not so much food related but food adjacent. One of the main characters of the movie is famously the heiress to the Toaster Strudel fortune. Gretchen Wieners, pictured here, is the character in question and her father infamously invented Toaster Strudel. What movie did she appear in? Choose the right answer from the options listed here.

Question 4

A Suspect Pie

This movie featured a spunky Southern girl named Skeeter who wants to become a writer. Instead of going the conventional route in 1960s Mississippi, Skeeter focuses her attention on the black women who take care of the children of rich white families. In doing so, she is able to reveal some unsettling truths about segregation and give a voice to people who otherwise would not have one. Food plays a prominent role in this movie, including one memorable scene with a chocolate pie- and this traditional southern dish, fried chicken. Who remembers the name of this movie? Choose one here.

Question 5

Ice Cream Storm

In the fictitious town of Chewandswallow, something is brewing- literally. This movie features an interesting concept where the weather is suddenly turned into a food-based phenomenon. The Ice Cream Storm is a manifestation of this and it has an incredible impact on the community! Who remembers the name of the movie that made the weather forecast and dinner menu totally interchangeable? Do you know what movie featured the infamous and amazing Ice Cream Storm? We've given everyone four options, so just pick the correct one and we'll let you know if your skills in identifying movie food are on point.

Question 6

The Grey Stuff (It's Delicious)

According to IMDB, the original animated movie grossed $424,967,620 worldwide- making is immensely popular. The love story probably had a lot to do with it, but there is a spectacular scene where the female main character is served a sumptuous feast of incredible food- including this creation, referred to only as "the grey stuff". The real "grey stuff" is actually available at Disney World and is made of whipped topping, raspberry puree, and shortbread. It is supposed to be amazing- so the song claiming that they "grey stuff" was delicious seems to be pretty accurate! Name the movie we're talking about.

Question 7

Spaghetti And Meatballs

This is one of the most romantic and beloved Disney animated movies-and the main characters are not even people. Yep, they are man's best friends, dogs who come from different sides of the tracks. Lady is a loved and cared for cocker spaniel who finds herself not the center of attention anymore because her family is expecting a new baby. Tramp befriends her and teaches her how to survive on the mean streets- as well as shares a little romance with her. One of the most memorable scenes is when the pair is sharing a plate of pasta and accidentally kiss!

Question 8

Thinly Sliced Garlic For A Pasta Dinner Behind Bars

This is the movie that we referenced in the introduction to this quiz- the epic gangster movie where a massive pasta dinner was prepared behind bars. The characters in this movie found themselves in the Big House at a certain point and really wanted a taste of home, so what did they do? They procured all of the elements of a pasta dinner while incarcerated of course! One of the biggest parts of the scene was the meticulous slicing of garlic. According to the movie, thinly sliced garlic lent a certain flavor to the sauce. Who knew? Pick the movie.

Question 9


In this Disney classic, Tiana wants to open up the premier restaurant in New Orleans featuring some of the best southern food around, including these tasty powdered desserts- beignets. Tiana is known for her incredible beignets. Although her restaurant needs to take a back seat after an unfortunate encounter with the antagonist, Tiana eventually is able to bring her beautiful beignets to New Orleans. Who remembers the name of this Disney film? We have four cherished movies listed here but only one of them can be correct. Show off some movie smarts and choose the right one. Pick one now.

Question 10

Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti

According to IMDB, this spooky movie grossed $272,742,922 total globally. It was clearly a huge success due to some smart writing, an interesting storyline and a memorable main character who was both an antagonist and a protagonist. How does that work? Clarice Starling is tasked with interviewing Dr. Hannibal to try to learn what notorious criminal Buffalo Bill was up to next. Over the course of their interactions, Clarice learns a little bit about Dr. Hannibal's favorite menu items, including these two- fava beans and Chianti. There is also a third, which should give everyone an idea of the movie.

Question 11

Elven Lembas Bread

This special bread made by elves was famous in one of the movies that we've listed here as substantial food for a long journey. The bread was made especially by elves and shaped into flat cakes for easy transport. It was supposed to last for a very long time and even be pretty tasty! It was like the original PowerBars! Who remembers what movie featured a special guest appearance by magical elven lembas bread? Show off some serious movie smarts and let us know which movie, of the four listed here, featured this special bread. Pick the right movie choice.

Question 12

Box Of Chocolates

According to IMDB, this movie is highly acclaimed for being both hilarious and touching, with its story of a slow-witted protagonist who exceeds his potential and changes the course of history in the process. We follow his story throughout many important historical events an influencers- like Elvis Prestley. The story is told in his voice from a bus station, where he encounters many other people and offers them chocolates, quoting his mother who always told him that "life was like a box of chocolates". Beautifully shot and captivating, this movie is a modern classic and cult favorite. What was it?

Question 13

Everlasting Gobstoppers

This movie is actually a remake of a movie from 1971- which is based on a beloved children's book by Roald Dahl about a magical place where chocolate was made and dreams came true! This wonderland was ruled over by none other than Willy Wonka, who gave five Golden Tickets to lucky children. One of them would inherit the factory one day! There are plenty of treats in the movie, and one of them is this one- everlasting gobstoppers- the candy that kept its original shape no matter how long it was chewed on! What movie are we talking about?

Question 14

Questionable Apple

In this famous Disney classic, the antagonist tricks the protagonist with a gorgeous and juicy looking apple. The only problem is that it is not as it seems- and this questionable apple sends the Disney princess in question into a very long sleep. What Disney classic featured this forbidden fruit? We have listed several Disney classic movies here, but only one of them is correct. Who remembers which one featured the questionable apple that nearly ended the Disney Princess in question? Prove that you have some movie smarts and select the right answer from the four listed. Pick one now.

Question 15

Blue Soup

The protagonist of this film (which actually had several sequels) is one of our favorite people to root for in all of movie history. She really is all of us- and her ill-fated dinner attempt would strike a chord with anyone who has ever bitten off more than they could chew when it came to entertaining! The blue soup she created was the hilarious end of an attempt to get all fancy in the kitchen. Who remembers the name of the movie that featured blue soup as a secondary character? Check out the options that we've listed and choose correctly.

Question 16

Heavy Cream And Kahlúa Drink- Fit For The Dude

This 1990s classic movie is a cult favorite featuring "The Dude" (pictured here) as a guy who loved to go bowling with his friends and found himself involved in case of mistaken identity- to hilarious ends. The whole movie is captivating, hilarious and smart. "The Dude" had a lot of defining qualities but one of the biggest (food related) ones was his love of a certain heavy cream and Kahlua drink. He is generally seen swigging on one of these concoctions and it is a common theme in the movie. Which movie are we referring to? Choose the right option.

Question 17

Boeuf Bourguignon

In this movie, a woman named Julie Powell learns how cooking can have restorative value and help her take ownership of her life. It features the journey of Julie Powell and her idol, Julia Child, who is one of the most famous chefs that ever lived. There are plenty of drool-worthy food moments in this classic film, but a few really stand out and shine- like when Julie makes a mouthwatering classic Boeuf Bourguignon just like Julia Child did! We wanted to reach right into our televisions and grab a bite. It looked that good. What movie are we talking about?

Question 18

$5 Milkshake

According to IMDB, this classic flick brought in $213,928,762 and gave us some of the most memorable lines in all of film. The famous "$5 Milkshake" scene occurred between two characters, Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega. Mia winds up ordering the famous milkshake and Vincent questions what could possibly make a milkshake worth five dollars until he tastes it. We dare anyone to watch this scene and not want to immediately fill up on a milkshake of their own! Who remembers the name of this classic movie by Quentin Tarantino? Choose the right option from the four that we've listed.

Question 19

Giant Chocolate Cake Fed To Bruce Bogtrotter​

This brilliant scene in a classic children's movie takes a treat and turns it on its head. Miss Agatha Trunchbull is the headmistress of Crunchem Hall Primary School and notorious for her methods of dealing with the students. One student, Bruce Bogtrotter, was accused of stealing cake so Miss Trunchbull made him eat an entire cake in front of the whole school. What was once a delicious treat turned into a battle of wills between Bruce Bogtrotter and Miss Trunchbull. Who remembers the name of this epic movie? Check out the options listed and choose the right one. Pick now.

Question 20

"Eat Me" Cookies

This beloved story got our imaginations going when we first saw it. It involves a curious girl who follows a white rabbit into a whole new world where the rules are just a little bit different than our own. One of the things that changed was that you could change size by simply eating a cookie. The main character grew taller or shrank smaller depending on what kind of cookie it was. Sounds a little dangerous! Who remembers the name of the iconic movie that featured "Eat Me" cookies? Choose the correct classic movie option. Pick the right one listed.

Question 21

McDonald's For A Month

According to IMDB, this film grossed $11,529,368 and explored the impact of McDonald's on peoples' health. Morgan Spurlock was the protagonist- and the human guinea pig in this film where he could only eat McDonald's food for a month. He explored everything on the menu and always supersized when he was given the option to do so. The findings of this movie gave us a good insight into our health and the impact of eating fast food all of the time. Who remembers the name of this important documentary? Let us know the correct answer from the answers we've offered.

Question 22

Pizza Napolitana And Other Italian Delicacies

This popular movie and book is the autobiographical tale of Liz Gilbert whose life was suddenly upended by a divorce. She decided to completely change her life and explore outside of her comfort zone on an epic journey that would take her to India, Italy, and Bali (Indonesia). During her time in Italy, she had some of the most amazing food on the planet, including Pizza Napolitana and other Italian delicacies. The Italy part was one of the most interesting- and definitely the most delicious- of the entire movie. Who remembers the name of the movie that we're referring to?

Question 23

Cubano Sandwiches Served Out Of A Food Truck

This movie is a foodie's dream! When the main character Carl, is pushed out of his restaurant, he has to decide what to do with his life. Instead of joining the fancy dining rat race again- he opens up a food truck with his ex-wife, best friend, and son. Things heat up in terms of the food and also the romance, with plenty of comedic scenes and drool-worthy food along the way. The truck serves Cubano sandwiches with mojo pork- and they look exquisite! Who remembers the name of this culinary romp? Choose the correct answer from the four listed.

Question 24

Orange Tic Tacs

This movie is a coming of age story featuring a teen in some grown-up trouble and her love interest, Paulie Bleeker. Most of the movie is focused on her preggo predicament, but Paulie also plays a role in her life and decisions. He is notable for his time on the running track as well as his one vice- orange Tic Tacs. While the Tic Tacs aren't central to the movie, they still round out Paulie Bleeker's character pretty well. This was a super popular movie a few years ago, so think hard and choose the right answer from the ones offered.

Question 25

Rare Lamb With Very Little Mint Sauce

This epic movie had to do with a love story between two very different people who would find themselves in a serious situation by the end of the movie- but in the very beginning the two were separated and the female main character, Rose, was paired up with another person- although reluctantly. This character, Cal, seemed to think that he knew what was best for her at all times, even when it came to what to order for dinner. In one of the first scenes, he orders rare lamb with very little mint sauce for both of them. Name the movie.

Question 26

Peeta's Burnt Bread

We've already mentioned bread, but let's move on to some burnt bread that kept the female main character alive in this movie franchise that captured our imaginations just a few years ago! Peeta's burnt bread might not sound too appetizing but it helped this protagonist live to see another day. Instead of throwing the bread to the pigs as instructed, Peeta tossed it to his female counterpart. This small kind act set the stage for the entire movie series and gave us a really good insight into who Peeta was. Who remembers the name of the movie that featured Peeta's burnt bread?

Question 27

Smiling Fried Eggs And Bacon

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day- especially when your job is to go defend China! In this Disney classic, the main character impersonates a man to take her father's place in the army and defend China from its invaders. The smiling fried eggs and bacon come into play courtesy of her faithful companion Mushu, who wanted to cheer her up with a hearty breakfast and a cheerful message. What a great friend! Who remembers what the name of this classic movie is? Check out the options listed here and choose the right one.

Question 28

Tater Tots

In this epic movie set in Preston, Idaho, our socially challenged main character has to navigate the perils of small-town life and school. He befriends a new student named Pedro and even starts a campaign to try to get him elected to a place in the student government (Vote for Pedro!). This classic film is a current cult fave and there are plenty of memorable scenes, but none so hilarious as when the title character has to defend his precious tater tots from those who would steal them! Who remembers the name of this classic comedy? Tell us the correct answer.

Question 29

Yellow Snow Cones

These "Lemon Flavored" snow cones made their appearance in this classic Pixar movie that features some lovable creatures. There are plenty of sequels and these movies are super popular- as is the running joke behind the "Lemon Flavored" snow cones pictured here. Who remembers what movie we are talking about? We've listed four options here, so let us know if it's Up, Monsters, Inc, Frozen, or everyone's favorite Pixar flick- Snow Cone Heaven. Only one of these is right, so think hard and choose the correct one to prove that you're in the twenty percent of people who can name these movie foods!

Question 30

Jordan Almonds

This popular movie grossed $288,383,523 according to IMDB, and it's really easy to see why. It's an absolutely hysterical portrayal of a group of women who will be appearing in their friend's wedding. In one classic scene, the girls get food poisoning and wind up getting sick while trying on dresses. Annie, who chose the restaurant, doesn't want to admit that she's feeling sick too and winds up choking down a single Jordan Almond to prove that she is feeling fine. It's a funny battle of wills between the two rivals and a totally memorable moment in this classic movie.

Question 31

"Seasoned" Lobster Bisque

In this classic movie, the "seasoning" is not anything that anyone wants to eat. It features two characters (or one??) who start an underground club, the first rule of which is not to talk about the club. In one memorable scene Tyler Durden, one of the main characters and founders of the club, works in the food industry and sabotages the food. His seasoning of the lobster bisque is represented visually. Additionally, he sneezed on the endive, farted on the meringue and did something unspeakable to the cream of mushroom soup. Tell us the name of the movie in question.

Question 32

Snake For Dinner

This movie is one of a series that centers around the title character who traveled the world and had some incredible adventures. All of the movies were really popular and this one was no exception. According to IMDB, it grossed $333,107,271 worldwide. In one famous scene, the explorer and his friends are given dinner- and one of the items on the menu is snake. The title character makes it clear that not eating the wriggly reptile will cause their hosts to become offended. What movie served up this not-so-delectable dining option? Choose the correct answer from the four listed here.

Question 33

Palate Cleansing Mint Sorbet

In this movie, Mia Thermopolis finds out that she's a princess- and undergoes a seriously life-changing alteration from normal teenager to a princess. It is funny, cute and sweet, and it also features some fabulous food. One of these foods is palate cleansing mint sorbet. Who remembers the name of the movie that featured this famous mint sorbet? Check out the four options that we have listed here and choose whether it's Marie Antionette, Royal Rebels, Babette's Feast or Princess Diaries. Who knows what the correct answer is? Show off some serious movie smarts and select the right answer listed.

Question 34


The movie that we're referring to here is actually more of a documentary than a feature film and features a dedicated sushi artist who runs a small sushi restaurant in a Tokyo subway. He enjoys a three-star Michelin restaurant. The documentary explores what would happen if the main character retired- and how his sons would take over the business. If you love the art of sushi and perfection in cuisine, this is the movie for you. It's incredibly shot, lovely and shows a large amount of respect for some of the finest ingredients in the entire world. What is it?

Question 35

Trays of Delicate Pastries From France

This movie is about some serious drama in France, but also features some of the most amazing clothes in the world, incredible hairstyles and these tiny little delicate pastries. Seriously, we were drooling over the trays of petit fours and tiny cakes throughout this entire movie. Featuring Kirsten Dunst as an Austrian teenager who finds herself in the middle of an upheaval that rocked France, this movie is a story for the ages- and a cautionary tale for royalty. Who remembers the name of this movie that featured an amazing story- as well as tons of tasty tiny treats?

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