Only 1/20 People Can Match All The Johnny Depp Characters To The Right Movie

There's no doubt about it, Johnny Depp has made a name out of being an incredibly versatile actor. Able to play everything from a larger-than-life character in a fantasy franchise to a starring role in a serious biopic, Depp can (and has) done it all. He's portrayed gangsters, pirates, barbers, writers, and hatters, and each time he manages to bring something a little bit special to the role.

If you are a true Depp fan, of course, you'll have followed him from the days of indie films and TV roles - and with a career spanning over thirty years, there are a lot of films to remember! New fans may only know him as the white-faced collaborator of Tim Burton, or as the drunken pirate that makes Disney millions, but true fans will know that he's so, so, much more than that.

From his earliest big-screen roles through his rise to stardom, through biopics and award-winners to major franchises, can you match all thirty five of these Depp characters to the movies that made them famous? Are you enough of a Depp fan to know his minor roles from the 90s, not just his big box office hits from the past decade? There's only one way to find out... take the quiz, and challenge yourself to get 100%!

1Which was the first film where Depp played a pirate?

One of Depp's most famous roles is as the drunken pirate: Captain Jack Sparrow. This swaggering, rum-swilling knave has had multiple big screen adventures, recapturing his beloved ship (The Black Pearl), battling it out with cursed sailors, searching for treasure and taking on the rising powers that want to stamp out piracy and put an end to his life of crime and freedom on the open ocean. Utterly mad, a lover of huge risks, and a lovable rogue at heart, which film did Jack Sparrow FIRST appear in?

2Where does Depp play a wizard?

One of Depp's most recent projects is a new film franchise, based on the magical world of Harry Potter. He plays the wizard Gellert Grindelwald in the first film of the new franchise, set in the wizarding world of 1920s America, but is going to have a much bigger part in the next installment in the series... as the history of Grindelwald and Dumbledore (who would later become Hogwarts Headmaster) is explored in depth.. including their friendship and now-legendary duel!

3In which film is Depp the Mad Hatter?

Johnny Depp is an absolutely perfect fit for this role, as the Mad Hatter - after all, he does play madness extremely well! Depp appears as the hatter in two films (although we are looking for the first of these), which begin when Alice falls down the rabbithole into Underland, and there must go on a quest to save her friends and find her inner strength. The best of her friends there is, of course, the Hatter himself - with all his madness and his love for her.

4When did Depp play Tonto?

Definitely not one of Depp's finest moments (at least, not according to the critics!), was when he took on the role of the Lone Ranger's faithful companion, Tonto. This retelling of the classic story begins with Tonto's perspective on John Reid, the man who would one day become a legend in the West. Once again, Depp plays a character with a white-painted face, although this film never turned into the franchise that Disney obviously hoped it would... and many fans have forgotten it entirely!

5When did Depp play this gothic hairdresser?

One of Depp's earliest (and yet, still best known), roles was in this gothic Tim Burton film, where he plays the tragic titular character who has blades instead of hands. Created by a man inventor but never finished, this becomes a dark love story when he is taken in by a suburban family and falls for their daughter... as well as making a name for himself as a hairdresser and hedge-trimmer! In the end, though, can the townspeople get past their first impressions of him as a monster?

6Which film did Depp play a gonzo journalist?

Depp has played a few journalists and writers over the years, but this is probably his best-known role as a wordsmith. This literary adaptation sees Depp as Raoul Duke, a character based on Hunter S Thompson. He heads into the desert with friends, ostensibly to cover a race event for a newspaper, but in reality, to do as many drugs and drink as much booze as his physically can. This trippy adventure has become a cult classic since its release in 1998.

7Depp played another journalist on an island in which film?

Depp delves into the world of Hunter S Thompson a second time in this film where he plays Paul Kemp. Kemp is an aspiring novelist who has yet to write a book, and instead gets a job with a failing newspaper on the island of Puerto Rico... and once again, his actual work as a writer is overshadowed by his binge drinking and wild lifestyle while on the island. Despite the similar source material, this film didn't reach the heights of fame that Fear and Loathing did, however.

8Which film had Depp voice a nervous groom?

Although Depp is best known for his live-action appearances and physical acting, he has also done voice work for a few animated features over the years - including another collaboration with Tim Burton. This gothic animation tells the story of a nervous groom who is practising his vows when he accidentally says them to the ghost of a jilted bride... and gets dragged into the underworld by his new 'wife'. This story of love and revenge is hauntingly beautiful, even in animation.

9In which film did Depp own a chocolate factory?

Depp put his own spin on this remake of a classic children's film, where a poor young boy wins a contest... to go to a legendary chocolate factory and meet the reclusive owner. Depp stars as the bizarre owner looking for an heir to his chocolatey fortune - and who whisks the contest winners through his fantasy-factory. This is also one of Depp's many musical films, and another instance of his work with Tim Burton... and white face paint (a winning combination).

10When did Depp play the author of Peter Pan?

Depp took on the role of playwright J M Barrie in this 2004 fantasy film about the man who wrote the classic Peter Pan, and the family that inspired his creation. In the movie, Barrie is a struggling playwright still, when he meets a woman and her four young sons. As he befriends the family, he starts to use the imaginative adventures and games that the boys play to create a new story about a little boy who never wanted to grow up...

11In which film was Depp Ichabod Crane?

Depp takes on another gothic tale in this film set in 1799. Depp plays the big city police constable Ichabod Crane, sent to a small town to investigate a series of brutal beheadings. At first, Crane refuses to believe the townspeople when they tell him that the killings are being carried out by a ghostly apparition: a headless horseman. However, as he investigates the tangled web of murder in this village, Crane begins to think that this might actually be the work of a ghost...

12In what film was Depp a murder victim?

In this recent blockbuster, Depp appears as Edward Ratchett, a thoroughly unlikable train passenger, who believes that someone is out to get him. Ratchett isn't wrong, though, and the rest of the passengers wake up in the morning to find the man murdered! A police inspector who is also on the train sets out to investigate, only to discover that all the others on board had good reason to want Ratchett dead... and all seem to have watertight alibis, as well.

13Depp was Guy Laponte in which Kevin Smith film?

Depp has played the character of Guy Laponte in two Kevin Smith films so far, as the director explores the horror genre in a series of films set in Canada. In this movie, Depp appears as the police inspector turned man-hunter Laponte for the second time, teaming up with convenience store clerks Colleen and Colleen once again to solve a crime and save the day. This is possibly one of Depp's least recognizable roles, thanks to the heavy makeup and prosthetics that he wears in it.

14When was Depp this charismatic art dealer?

Depp goes blonde to play the titular character in this silly action comedy... and grows a moustache, as well! Depp plays a charming but unscrupulous art dealer who decides, along with his wife, that the only way to raise the money to pay their taxes is to concoct an elaborate heist of an expensive painting... but of course, nothing goes according to plan. Despite the star studded cast and fun premise, however, this movie was a total box office flop.

15In which film was Depp the brother of a senator?

Depp certainly wasn't his usual handsome self when he played James 'Whitey' Bulger in this biographical crime drama. The actor was turned into an ageing, balding man, the brother of a senator (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), and a leader in the world of organized crime. The movie follows Whitey as he brokers a careful deal with the FBI in order to protect his family and his criminal organization, willing to do whatever it takes to take care of his own.

16In which musical did Depp play Wolf?

Depp has appeared in a surprising number of musicals over the years, including this big screen adaptation of a fairy tale world, where he plays the Wolf. This dark fantasy starts with a curse (like all good fairy tales), and brings together multiple well known fairy tale characters like Cinderella and Red Riding Hood as a man attempts to gather all he needs to break the curse... and learns that happily ever after isn't necessarily as happy as he thinks it will be.

17When did Depp play Dr Will Caster?

In this sci-fi film, Depp plays Dr Will Caster, the world's foremost expert on artificial intelligence. When Caster is attacked and given a month to live, the decision is made to 'save' him by uploading his consciousness into a machine... a decision that draws ire from many sides, and opposition from others who believe that it is not the best course of action - or even totally possible! This sci-fi asks some serious questions about the nature of technology and consciousness with Depp in the lead.

18When does Depp play a missing music legend?

This film festival offering puts Depp's character, Matthew Smith, at the center of the plot, but the actor himself doesn't appear in the film for very long. Matthew Smith is a musician who became an overnight sensation, before mysteriously disappearing... and making many fans believe that he was murdered. However, when an ex-girlfriend and journalist head out looking for Smith, they discover that his disappearance has a lot more to it than the fan theorists would even believe... and have to decide whether to reveal the truth.

19In which movie was Depp Barnabas Collins?

Depp finds himself in white face paint yet again for this gothic soap opera, where he stars as Barnabas Collins, a two hundred year old vampire! Collins became one of the undead when he was cursed by a young woman hopelessly in love with him, and when he is accidentally set free, he returns to his ancestral home and starts to try and live his life anew... despite his vampiric ways. The woman who cursed him is still alive too, though, and she's going to make life complicated for him...

20In which movie does Depp voice a chameleon?

Depp returns to animation for this 2011 family movie, where he voices the lead character: a chameleon, who finds himself lost in the desert after his comfy terrarium falls out of his family's car. However, the little lizard soon finds his way to a western town filled with desert animals, and he ends up being appointed as their new Sheriff after accidentally managing to deal with some problematic characters... but he's quite a softy, and not that street smart, so he may not be up to the job!

21When did Depp play an american visiting Italy?

In this action/comedy, Depp plays Frank Tupelo, an American visiting Italy to try and heal his broken heart. It was meant to be a simple vacation, but when he meets a stunning woman on a train, everything starts to go off the rails - and he is being hunted by some very dangerous men! It turns out that Elise picked him to act as a decoy, and worked to convince everyone that he is a gangster... and now he has to try and get out alive.

22In which musical was Depp a murderous barber?

Depp is well into his comfort zone with this gothic horror flick, that combines musicals, Tim Burton directing, white face paint, and an insane lead for him to play. That lead is, of course, the Victoria barber who likes to slaughter his customers with a straight razor and give their bodies to his neighbor and accomplice Mrs Lovett, who grinds them up and sells them in meat pies. Gloriously gory, this hit musical period horror is peak Johnny Depp in so many ways.

23In which movie does Depp play a gangster?

Depp gets criminal once more for this film adaptation of 'Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI'. In it, Depp stars as John Dillinger, a notorious bank robber who is being relentlessly pursued by an FBI agent (at a time where the organization was relatively new). It deals not only with his bank robbing sprees and the agent's attempts to stop him, but also with his love life, as he begins an affair with Billie Frechette.

24In which movie does Depp play an Earl?

Depp takes on the historical role of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester in this period drama set largely in the court of King Charles II. Rochester is a lover of all things in excess; drink, sex, parties and anything else that takes his fancy, and isn't afraid to anger the King, either. This story of his life covers his time in the court to his banishment after creating a scathing play about the King, to his eventual death and the destruction of his health due to syphilis.

25When did Depp play a famous author?

Depp has played several writers over the years, but in this psychological thriller, he takes on the role of Mort Rainey, a writer whose divorce has left him with a serious case of writer's block. Things start to change, however, when Mort meets Shooter, a seemingly deranged man who claims that Mort has plagiarized his own story - and is willing to do anything to prove his claim. However, viewers can expect a twist ending to this horror, as we discover the truth of the story.

26In which book adaptation does Depp play Roux?

Depp plays the love interest, Roux, in this story of a charismatic woman, Vianne, who comes to a small French village in the 1950s. The village is a very staid and conservative one, and Vianne, with her bright dresses, bright personality, and illegitimate child, doesn't seem to fit in at all. However, when she opens a chocolate shop and starts to involve herself in the lives of the locals (including traveller Roux), things start to change for the town and the people in it...

27Which movie does Depp start in across from Penelope Cruz?

Depp takes on another real life criminal figure in this biographical crime drama about the drug smuggler George Jung. The film covers the span of his life, from the childhood when his father went bankrupt, driving his obsession with money, through his years dealing weed, and eventually becoming a big name in cocaine. Jung's life story does not end on a high note, however, as the drug lord deals with the fallout from his lifestyle and the price for breaking the law.

28When does Depp play the flamboyant BonBon?

Depp isn't the star of this film, but his performance as the flamboyant BonBon is not easily forgotten! This film tells the story of Reinaldo Arenas, the poet and author, as he explores his sexuality and his creativity in 1960s Cuba. The film is a look at how the laws of Cuba impact the gay community, and how Arenas was able to discover his place in the world at a time and in a city where his very existence was illegal.

29When did Depp play an astronaut?

Depp plays pilot Spencer Armacost in this sci fi thriller about a wife who begins to realize that there is something very wrong with her husband... the story begins when Spencer returns from what should have been an ordinary mission, but which involved a dangerous incident on a spacewalk. Everything seems fine, but both he and his partner on the mission have started to act strangely, and their wives begin to wonder if more happened up there than either man is letting on...

30In which movie was Depp looking for a rare book?

Depp takes on the role of Dean Corso in this mystery thriller about a rare and supernatural book. In the film, Corso is a book dealer, who specializes in finding rare copies of books and buying them from those who have no idea what they are worth... and when he discovers that there may be a copy of a book written by the Devil within his grasp, he has to have it! This supernatural book contains spells to grant every wish by summoning the Devil, but it's a dangerous obsession...

31In which film does Depp play an undercover FBI agent?

Depp has plenty of films in which he plays a criminal or mobster, but in this early addition to his filmography, Depp plays for the other team, as an FBI agent. As Joseph Pistone, Depp goes undercover with the mob, hoping to infiltrate the criminal organization and bring them to justice... but of course, things are never that simple. As he gets more and more involved in the mob, Pistone starts to forge real friendships - with people who will be destroyed if he gives them up.

32When does Depp play a movie director?

Depp plays the titular character in this period biopic of a famed Hollywood director - during the time that he was making movies with the iconic Bela Lugosi. The film is directed by Tim Burton (his long-time friend and collaborator), and shot in black and white, to really capture the feel of the movie industry at the time. Also starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Bill Murray, the move follows the director from Hollywood nobody to his first big break in the world of movies.

33Which movie sees Depp as the titular figure taking care of his family?

One of Depp's earliest films starts with the death of a family's father, leaving the titular character (played by Depp) to take care of his family: his younger, developmentally disabled brother, and his morbidly obese mother. He struggles to deal with the responsibility, and with the idea that the rest of his life will be spent in the same place, taking care of his family. When he falls in love with a girl named Becky, though, things might start to change.

34In which film did Depp star opposite Marlon Brando?

Depp didn't just star in this film as Raphael, but directed it as well. It follows a man who is struggling to provide for his family, and decides that the best way to give them a good life is to take a chance to star in a snuff film, and give them the money to set them up for life. Knowing that he will be tortured and killed on film in a week, Raphael spends his final days with his family in this dark indie flick.

35In which upcoming film will Depp voice a Gnome?

Depp will be lending his vocal talents to an animated family film once more in this Sherlock Holmes parody due to hit theaters this year. He'll be voicing the lead, a detective and garden gnome who has to delve into the mystery of the disappearing garden ornaments. This looks to be a fun, family film that will please fans of the earlier installment in the franchise, Gnomeo and Juliet, based on the famous love story by the bard himself, William Shakespeare.

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