Only 1/20 People Can Match All The Johnny Depp Characters To The Right Movie

There's no doubt about it, Johnny Depp has made a name out of being an incredibly versatile actor. Able to play everything from a larger-than-life character in a fantasy franchise to a starring role in a serious biopic, Depp can (and has) done it all. He's portrayed gangsters, pirates, barbers, writers, and hatters, and each time he manages to bring something a little bit special to the role.

If you are a true Depp fan, of course, you'll have followed him from the days of indie films and TV roles - and with a career spanning over thirty years, there are a lot of films to remember! New fans may only know him as the white-faced collaborator of Tim Burton, or as the drunken pirate that makes Disney millions, but true fans will know that he's so, so, much more than that.

From his earliest big-screen roles through his rise to stardom, through biopics and award-winners to major franchises, can you match all thirty five of these Depp characters to the movies that made them famous? Are you enough of a Depp fan to know his minor roles from the 90s, not just his big box office hits from the past decade? There's only one way to find out... take the quiz, and challenge yourself to get 100%!

1Which was the first film where Depp played a pirate?

One of Depp's most famous roles is as the drunken pirate: Captain Jack Sparrow. This swaggering, rum-swilling knave has had multiple big screen adventures, recapturing his beloved ship (The Black Pearl), battling it out with cursed sailors, searching for treasure and taking on the rising powers that want to stamp out piracy and put an end to his life of crime and freedom on the open ocean. Utterly mad, a lover of huge risks, and a lovable rogue at heart, which film did Jack Sparrow FIRST appear in?

2Where does Depp play a wizard?

One of Depp's most recent projects is a new film franchise, based on the magical world of Harry Potter. He plays the wizard Gellert Grindelwald in the first film of the new franchise, set in the wizarding world of 1920s America, but is going to have a much bigger part in the next installment in the series... as the history of Grindelwald and Dumbledore (who would later become Hogwarts Headmaster) is explored in depth.. including their friendship and now-legendary duel!

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