65% Of People Don’t Know These Brand Mascots. Do You?

Did you know that most of the products that you use every day have probably had a brand mascot at some point? But how much attention do you really pay to these little mascots? Whether they're in a commercial, or right on the packaging in front of your eyes, you've probably seen most of these mascots before at one stage or another.

From travelling garden gnomes to talking tigers and everything in between, this quiz will test just how much you have really been paying attention to the brands that you use every day. Try to match these mascots with the brands that they used to represent, or are still featured on today.

Stop whatever it is that you're doing and let's get stuck into this mascot-tastic quiz!

Question 1

Which snack brand is this man the mascot for?

This mustached man’s name is Julio, and he’s the face of a famous snack brand that’s been around since 1967. It took a mechanical engineer, a chemist, and a team of researchers to perfect this popular snack. Its packaging is very unique, being one of the only chip brands to come in a cylindrical tube.

Question 2

Which delicious cereal does this tiger represent?

Tony the Tiger first made his mark in 1951. Though being a tiger doesn’t really have an obvious connection to the cereal he’s used for, Tony has become one of the most well-known cartoon mascots on cereal boxes and commercials everywhere, thanks to his famous and beloved catchphrase, “They’re grrrrreat!”.

Question 3

What famous cleaning brand does this man belong to?

His last name is the same as the brand that he represents, and in 1962 a fan-based promotion to find him a first name ended with the name ‘Veritably’. The cleaning products that this brand manufactures were originally developed to clean ships without damaging them. Does anyone recognize this mascot?

Question 4

Which brand of car tires is this man the mascot for?

This tire-man is most commonly referred to by the name of the company he belongs to, but his actual name is Bibendum. Around since 1894, he’s one of the world’s oldest trademarks and was designed to look like a stack of tires- originally, he also wore glasses and was seen with a cigar.

Question 5

This smiling green man is the face of what popular company?

The original mascot for this company was actually a caveman, but in 1935 they replaced him with this much more jolly looking man whose signature catchphrase was his friendly ‘Ho, ho, ho!’. In the early ’60s, a band called ‘The Kingsmen’ released a song about this mascot’s love life and it hit #4 on the Billboard 100.

Question 6

What company uses this little guy as their mascot?

Even though this brand has also had another popular caveman mascot, this little gecko has been a recognizable symbol for this brand since 1999 when he debuted. He has starred in over 150 commercials (which is pretty impressive if you ask us), and even has his own autobiography, ‘You’re Only Human’.

Question 7

This rabbit is the mascot for which cereal brand?

This rabbit has been representing his brand since the 50’s, and is best known for trying to steal his cereal from children but he never gets away with it. His popularity even landed him a role in a Milk commercial where he could be seen in a disguise, stealing his fruity cereal from the store.

Question 8

Which drink brand features this pirate?

This rum company was originally founded in Canada in 1944. In 2009, the company ran an NFL ad campaign that donated $10,000 to a non-profit that helped retired players every time a player would strike this pirate’s famous pose on camera during a game. Pretty interesting, right? Who is this pirate then?

Question 9

Which board game can this man be found on?

This guy’s name was Uncle Millburn Pennybags. That is, of course, until it was changed in 1999 so that he was named after the game he so famously represented. He’s been found on this game box since 1936. He was declared the 6th richest fictional character, according to Forbes Magazine.

Question 10

These bears are the mascots for what brand of toilet paper?

Before this adorable bear family took over, this brand originally used a woman’s silhouette and then a baby as their mascot. The bears were introduced as part of a campaign called the ‘Call of Nature’ in 2001, and they still appear in almost all of this company’s promotional ads today.

Question 11

This pink bunny is the mascot for which of these battery brands?

This pink, toy rabbit mascot was originally seen in a commercial, beating his drum. He was chosen because he was supposed to signify that this brand of battery would make your toys last longer than the competitive brands. The bunny got a bit of a makeover to look more realistic in 2016, but still has his signature sunglasses, flip-flops and drum.

Question 12

What restaurant chain used this chihuahua as their mascot?

This little guy was played by a dog named Gidget who usually wore a beret or a sombrero. He was so popular in the commercials that toy action figures of him were sold. But not long after, this company moved onto a new campaign and sadly left this mascot behind.

Question 13

Which brand of pens does this guy belong to?

This mascot was designed for the logo of this popular brand, and is supposed to look like a schoolboy holding a pen behind his back. As time went on, he was updated along with the rest of the pen’s packaging, but he has kept his trademark ‘ball’ head (in honour of their famous ball-point pens).

Question 14

What pizza company does this mascot belong to?

This company is famous for its catchphrase “Pizza! Pizza!” that debuted in 1979. The original design for this mascot featured some unruly chest hair, but he got an update in 2017 that got rid of the chest hair and added some letters from the company name into the design. Who knows the answer?

Question 15

This guy was a mascot for which fast food restaurant?

When this little guy named Grimace made his first appearance in an ad campaign, he had two sets of arms and was a no-good milkshake thief. Eventually, his character was changed into a much friendlier version who was a fan favorite. He was last seen in an ad back in 2012.

Question 16

Which juice brand features this guy?

The creator who designed this brand's logo based the design off of the smiley faces his son drew on frosted windows. He's been featured in video games and his own comic books, but is still best known for crashing through walls and fences in the company's commercials over the years.

Question 17

Which cereal is this bird the mascot for?

This breakfast cereal icon has been around since 1963. He has the special ability to smell the cereal brand he represents from far, far away. The three stripes on his beak represent the original three flavors in the cereal, and his classic tagline in the ads he is featured in is "Follow your nose! It always knows!"

Question 18

This dog is the mascot for which department store?

This dog's name is Bullseye, and he is a miniature bull terrier that has been the adorable face of his brand for many years. She is featured in commercials and most of the brand's signage that hangs in the store.

Question 19

Which snack brand is this animal on?

Back in the early ’70s, this company’s original mascot was a mouse in a fancy suit. But then Chester took over and became an instant classic with famous taglines like “It ain’t easy being cheesy’ and ‘Dangerously cheesy’. Chester even appeared in two different video games in the early ’90s.

Question 20

Which brand of lollipops launched this wise old owl?

This world-famous lollipop company has been around for a whopping 99 years, and about 60 million of its products are produced every single day. This mascot was launched in a commercial where he tried to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the centre of the lollipop.

Question 21

Which popular mattress brand uses these sheep as its mascot?

These mascots were based on the old exercise of counting sheep as a method of falling to sleep faster. This brand launched their ‘Counting Sheep’ campaign in 2000, and each sheep has its own name including ‘The Leader of the Flock’, ‘The Tweener’ and ‘Benedict Arnold’. This company even sold plush versions of the sheep.

Question 22

What travel brand introduced this tiny bearded mascot?

This famous brand uses this ‘Roaming Gnome’ as its mascot. He was first spotted in a viral marketing campaign in 2004 where he could be seen travelling the world in a bunch of postcard snapshots. He was inspired by the travelling gnome prank from the 1980s where people would steal a garden gnome and bring it around the world to take pictures in exotic locations.

Question 23

What laundry brand uses this teddy bear as their mascot?

Since 1983, this teddy bear puppet has been the adorable face of this brand of fabric softener. He’s been voiced in commercials by several different actors and actresses, and also appears on all of the brand’s packaging. He was chosen because a ‘magical spokes-bear’ was the one thing none of their competitors used in their marketing.

Question 24

Which brand of peanut butter are these bears the mascots for?

This brand introduced these cuddly mascots about 25 years ago. They've always had their signature red and green bow-ties, though they've undergone many makeovers and have come a long way from the simple animated bears they used to be.

Question 25

Which breakfast food is this Rooster on?

This breakfast brand has been around for over 80 years, and was once recommended to patients as part of a special vegetarian approach to breakfast. This rooster mascot was designed to be a symbol of starting off the morning right- with a healthy breakfast! Does anyone recognize this guy then?

Question 26

What brand of pickles does this stork belong to?

This smiling stork, who’s name is Jovny, is always holding a pickle. The brand introduced him as a mascot in 1974, and they chose a child-bearing stork because of the popular old wives tale that pregnant women always craved pickles. Even though this mascot is a little older, can anyone name it?

Question 27

Which quick and easy dinner brand features this glove?

This brand was first introduced in the early ’70s, and their four-fingered glove mascot ‘Lefty’ appears in most of their ads and on their packaging. A couple of years ago, Lefty even dropped a rap mixtape on the internet as an April Fools prank, which was titled ‘Watch The Stove’.

Question 28

This blue tuna is the mascot for which of these brands?

This popular tuna brand has been using this cartoon of ‘Charlie the Tuna’ since 1961. The running gag with Charlie in his tuna commercials is that Charlie thinks he is the perfect tuna for this brand, but he always ends up rejected with a note on a fishhook that says ‘Sorry, Charlie’.

Question 29

Which crunchy snack is this guy on?

This brand was first acquired by Kellogg’s in 2001, and features a bunch of friendly elves as its mascot. The elves appear in most of the brand’s TV commercials where you can find them working at their ‘Hollow Tree Factory’ (which also appears in the brand’s logo).

Question 30

Which brand features this brush?

This popular cleaning company launched these smiling scrub brushes in 1997 when the company changed its name and re-branded. They were featured in the company's commercials and right on their packaging even though the actual product does not come with a scrub brush (but it does lather into bubbles). Who knows the answer?

Question 31

What theme park was this man the face of?

In the early 2000s, this theme park introduced this elderly tuxedo-clad man named after the park. He was best known for stepping off a bus and then busting into a crazy dance to the song ‘We Like To Party’. He was so popular that the bus toured all of the parks and the man himself even appeared on Good Morning America.

Question 32

Which of these juice brands does this mascot belong to?

This little guy's name is Punchy, and he has been the mascot for this popular brand of juice since way back in 1962. He originally starred in animated commercials with another character called ‘Oaf’ who he would always end up punching. His popular tagline was ‘Wasn’t that a refreshing commercial?’.

Question 33

Which insurance company does this saleslady represent?

This fictional saleslady, otherwise known as ‘Flo’, has been around since 2008. She’s an upbeat insurance saleswoman that has appeared in over 100 of this insurance company’s commercials. Flo was created as a mascot to give the brand a personal touch that made it seem like they really wanted to help their customers, and since her debut the brand has been thriving.

Question 34

These ladies were the mascot for which popular chewing gum company?

In this brand’s original logo, these mascots were shown in both print ads and on television. Eventually, in 1959, the brand hired two 21-year-old women, Jayne and Joan Boyd, who appeared in the advertisements for almost five years. They have since been replaced several times in more recent ads. Who knows the answer?

Question 35

Which popcorn brand is this man the mascot for?

This man is the face of the popcorn brand that he founded in the 1970s. He was always wearing his horn-rimmed glasses and signature bow-tie on the packaging, and even appeared in some of the company's early commercials with his grandson. He used to appear on talk shows to prove he was really himself because consumers thought he was an actor.

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