Only 1 Out Of 10 People Can Pass This Pixar Movie Quiz. Who Can?

Pixar films are brilliant. They're brilliant because the best ones are capable of appealing to anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter if one's education level is high or low, whether they're old or young, or even what part of the world they are from; Pixar films are just that could at being flexible enough for anyone. If that's not the sign of brilliance, who knows what is?

But just because Pixar films may have touched us all in some way, doesn't mean that everybody can remember some of the finer details of the series; or even what all of the feature and short films were called.

However, there will be a few Pixar fans who believe they know all there is to know about the subject. These are the ones who will attempt to tackle this quiz. However, they should know that it won't be easy. In fact, only 1 out of 10 people can even pass this quiz.

So, go ahead. Try it. One may come out victorious. But chances are they won't score higher than Dory would. After all, this quiz does require a strong memory. That and a trip back to everyone's childhood in the 1990s when the wonderous Pixar journey first began. Good luck!

Question 1

Name this Pixar Movie

This charming Pixar film follows a little robot that is left on Earth to clean up after the planet had been deserted. This is because it had become uninhabitable due to the climate and the sheer about of junk on the surface. This cute little guy didn't say much, but he quickly fell in love with another robot. Eventually, his journey took him to a space station where some humans lived. What is the name of this beautiful and touching film?

Question 2

What was the name of the main character in Up?

Up was one of the best Pixar films ever made. It focused on an elderly man who really wanted to keep his home where he spent the majority of his life with his late wife. However, his world gets shaken up when plans to take down bis home come to fruition. He then ties a bunch of balloons to his house and flies it off to the place where he and his wife always planned on going but never could. What was this character's name?

Question 3

Name This Pixar Short

In all honesty, this spectacularly cute short film was better than the feature that it was paired with. The story of this short film was ultimately about independence and persistence. It followed a baby water bird as he learns to get food for himself. While the film was without dialogue, its messages were overt and heart-warming. In fact, it was hard not to fall in love with this cute little bird as it raced back-and-forth to the ocean. What is the name of this short?

Question 4

Which celebrity voice was NOT in Monster's Inc.?

One of the best parts of Pixar movies is the array of celebrities that lend their voices to the charming characters on screen. In Monsters Inc., we received quite a few major celebrities. Even if they were in small roles, every celebrity in the film made an impact. Everyone knows that Billy Crystal was one of the voices in the movie, but perhaps not everyone knows all of the other famous people who participated in it. Which ones of these celebrities did NOT voice a character in the Pixar hit, Monsters Inc.?

Question 5

Which celebrity voice was IN Toy Story 2?

There are probably more celebrity voices in the Toy Story franchise than in any other Pixar series. This guess is purely based on the sheer amount of characters, as well as in the fact that there are three movies. Toy Story 2 introduced a number of new characters to the storyline. With these new characters came new celebrity voices. Which one of these celebrities joined the cast of Toy Story 2? Be aware, the other options weren't in it at all.

Question 6

Name this Pixar Short

Creatively flipping conventions tend to be a trait of Pixar films, especially their short films like this one. Instead of focusing on the magician, this short film spends most of its story delving into the world of his trusty rabbit. The really charming film also plays around with the power dynamic between the two of them as they both seek to entertain the audience. The conflict between the two grows and grows until it reaches a hilarious turning point. What is the name of this Pixar short?

Question 7

Name this Pixar Short

This Pixar Short was a spin-off of the Toy Story movies. This is usually a good thing since we all love the characters in the Toy Story films. Any time spent with them is a good time. However, this Pixar short was only focused on Barbie and Ken, making it sort of lackluster. It followed the pair of dolls as they went on a vacation. Or, rather how they tried to go on a vacation. What is the name of this Pixar short?

Question 8

Which celebrity joined the cast for Monster's University?

Monsters Inc. was clearly a tremendous success for Pixar. After all, they wouldn't have made a prequel movie for it if it wasn't. The prequel film, Monsters University, depicted Mike and Sully during their university days. It introduced a slew of new characters such as college kids, professors, and a dean of the university. There were many celebrities that joined the cast to voice these characters. But only one of the celebrities below was actually in the movie. Which celebrity joined the cast of Monster's University?

Question 9

What year did Toy Story come out?

Toy Story revolutionized the way animated films were made (Empire). Not only that, but it kick-started the entire Pixar company. It was also an incredibly beloved film that influenced a couple of animated shorts, toys, clothing, and two very successful sequels with a third well on the way. But only the biggest Pixar fans actually know when this film came out. Everyone knows that it came out in the 1990s. But what precise year did Toy Story grace the big screen?

Question 10

Who voiced Lightning McQueen?

Cars was a story about a cool car who had to learn a bit of humility. This car was Lightning McQueen. He was one of the fastest cars around and everyone seemingly loved him. However, his ego was his downfall in a lot of ways. The fact that this kid's movie focused so much on humility was a great message for children everywhere. But that's what Pixar does; they find universal messages that every child can and should relate to. In this case, the character of Lightning McQueen was the one to embody it. Who voiced him?

Question 11

What's the address from Finding Nemo?

One of the running gags in Pixar's Finding Nemo was the address that Dory and Marlin found on the diver's mask. This was important as it was where Nemo was taken. Dory was tasked with reading it and remember it. However, this proved to be an issue for her since she had memory loss. She constantly repeated it throughout the film but often messed it up. What was the correct address that Dory said in the charming movie, Finding Nemo?

Question 12

Name this Pixar short

This film was one of the first Pixar shorts to be released. It followed an elderly man playing chess against himself in the park. Although the film was really charming, funny, and well-animated, it also contained a lot of adult themes that helped children understand the complexities of aging. In short, this little film packed way more than first met the eye. At the very least, it was a superb idea. What is the name of this really well-done Pixar short?

Question 13

What's the family's surname in The Incredibles?

The Incredibles is a story about a family of humans with superpowers. In their early years, the mom and dad spent their time as superheroes. However, once the pair had children, they didn't want to risk their lives as they gained new responsibilities. Therefore, they did their best to hide their powers, as well as encouraged their children from doing the same so they wouldn't be seen by the outside world. What was the family name of all of these characters?

Question 14

What's the name of this Pixar feature?

When it comes to creative Pixar features, this one may be one of the best. This is because it personified and animated the feelings we all have when he face any given situation. Our emotions always seem like they are battling one another in order to maintain dominance. This was what happened inside Riley's head. However, things became quite different once her core memories were lost. Her happiness emotion, Joy, was forced to grow in order to help Riley regain these memories and make new ones. What is the name of this film?

Question 15

What's the name of this Pixar feature?

This Pixar film featured the first female protagonist in the companies history. However, the film itself wasn't as exciting or well-developed as it could have been. Still, it has its merits. The story follows a young woman whose mother turns into a bear. Instead of hunting down the bear, she attempts to save it and convince others that it is, in fact, her mom. The film features many celebrity voices including Kelly McDonald and Emma Thompson. What is the name of this Pixar film?

Question 16

What year did Cars 2 come out?

According to Rotten Tomatoes, as well as an assortment of other formidable and trustworthy publications, Cars 2 was a bit of a flop. Most people didn't like it because they felt that it didn't have much substance to it. Sure, it was visually appealing, but what good is a story if it doesn't resonate emotionally. It also came out at a time after a lot of Pixar films had been made. Therefore, there was a lot to compare it to. What year did it come out?

Question 17

Name this Pixar short

This classic Pixar short was actually made in 1986. However, it didn't get its big screen debut until 1999 when it came out with Toy Story 2. The story, written and directed by John Lasseter, follows two desk lamps. There's not much to the story, but it did revolutionize the way animation worked and paved the way for the first Toy Story movie (Hollywood Reporter). These lamps became so famous that they became the mascots for the Pixar company for a time. What was the name of the short film?

Question 18

Name this Pixar short

This totally charming Pixar film follows a three-generation family as they clean glowing shooting stars off the surface of the moon. Not only is this film totally beautiful to look at, but it's also an artful allegory for the changing phases of the moon as well as for time passing. All of this is displayed alongside a soft score and a childlike sense of wonder sure to capture the hearts of children and their parents. It's tender, honest, inventive, and is brought to life with incredible computer animation.

Question 19

What year did Incredibles 2 come out?

The first Incredibles movie was one of the most beloved superhero films of its time. Heck, it's still a fan favorite. But it took Pixar quite a few years to make a sequel for it. The sequel took place mere moments after the events of the first film. It followed Helen Parr on her journey as a superhero, leaving her husband at home with the kids. It also featured a new villain. In what year did The Incredibles 2 come out?

Question 20

Name this Pixar short

There wasn't a lot of the desired Pixar magic in this short film. It follows an alien who is trying to succeed at his test to take a human off the planet and into his spaceship. However, things go really bad while his instructor watches over his shoulder. There was nothing wrong with the film itself, it just wasn't as strong as it could have been. But it was really well animated and featured very interesting looking aliens. What was the name of this short?

Question 21

What's the name of this Pixar feature?

Although a similar movie came out the very same year, this film stood on its own for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it had an assortment of really likable insect character. Most of the movie revolved around Flick, however. Flick was an ant who went on a journey to find a way of getting rid of the grasshoppers that ran his ant colony. The film is really charming and well animated. What is this wonderful Pixar film called?

Question 22

Where does most of Toy Story 3 take place?

A lot of Toy Story 3 revolved around the theme of how we treat our toys. This was an appropriate theme for the film since most of it took place in a completely new location from the previous two Toy Story pictures. The film takes place when the toys' owner is about to go to college. None of them have been played with for years. He plans to save the best ones in a box in the attic, but instead, they're taken somewhere else for the majority of the film. What was this place called?

Question 23

Name this Pixar short

This Pixar short was seen as slightly polarizing (Polygon). However, it's important as it's the first Pixar short to have been directed by a woman. The film follows a Canadian Chinses woman who feels quite lonely. She makes a little dumpling that ends up coming alive. She cares for this dumpling as if it were her legitimate child. Eventually, we learn that the story was an allegory for the mother's relationship with her actual son. What was the name of this Pixar short?

Question 24

Name this Pixar short

This 2003 Pixar film was shown in theaters before The Incredibles. It was a musically narrated story about a dancing sheep. However, this sheep loses his confidence after being sheared. Eventually, a little lamb teaches him "bounding", which is essentially getting up after falling down. The film was written, directed, narrated by, and starred Bud Luckey. It ended up being nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Animated Short Film category. What is the name of this Pixar short film?

Question 25

Who played Jackson Storm in Cars 3?

Cars 3 followed Lighting McQueen and the other veterans at the Piston Cup as they are taken aback by the new generation of fast cars who seem like they're going to take their place. Among the really fast new cars is Jackson Storm. He was the overly confident blue-and-black 2017 custom built "next generation" racer. However, he is overtaken by Cruz Ramirez in the film. A major celebrity voiced this character. What was the name of the actor who played Jackson Storm?

Question 26

What's the name of this Pixar feature?

This Pixar feature follows the character, Miguel, whose family has stopped him from playing music. This turns out to be a major bummer for Miguel who loves to play music. It even leads him to an afterlife where he chooses to find out the history of his family. Although, he's not exactly thrilled by everything that he finds out about them. The film was released in 2017 and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. What was the name of the movie?

Question 27

Who played Hank in Finding Dory?

Finding Dory, the follow-up to Finding Nemo, follows Ellen DeGeneres' forgetful fish as she embarks on a journey to find her long-lost parents. This journey takes her to an aquarium where she believes her parents live. This is where she forms a bond with an octopus named Hank. This octopus is very grouchy but does have a heart. Although, most of his actions are pretty self-serving. A major celebrity voiced this character. Who voiced Hank the octopus in Finding Dory?

Question 28

Name this Pixar short

This Pixar short was shown in theaters before the movie Up. This made sense since the film followed a lonely gray cloud named Gus. This cloud watches as all of the cheerful clouds make cute babies and have storks carry them off. Gus is tasked with making babies for animals who aren't particularly cute. His stork, Peck, ends up having to deal with all of these animals as he flies them off. The film was directed by Peter Sohn. What was the name of this short?

Question 29

What's the name of the rat in Ratatouille?

Ratatouille tells the story of a rat with a pretty amazing talent to cook. Although his parents dissuade him from becoming a professional chef because he is a rat. Eventually, this rat pairs with a young man who also wants to become a chef but has very limited skills in the area. Together, the two become really established young chefs, even though it's mostly the rat making the choices from under the man's chef's hat. What is the name of the rat?

Question 30

Name this Pixar short

This Pixar short was made back in 1989 and showed some of the earliest uses of computer-animation. It was then released on the big-screen alongside Finding Nemo. It followed a snowman who does everything that he can to get out of the snowglobe that he's stuck inside. All he wants to do is get out to be with all the other knick-knacks. The film is cute but doesn't really have all of the wonderful themes that most Pixar films tend to have. What is the name of this Pixar short?

Question 31

What's the name of this Pixar feature?

This Disney film imagines an alternate reality where the dinosaurs weren't taken out and ended up living alongside human beings. The story follows Arlo, a young dinosaur, who gets away from his parents and ends up meeting a young Neanderthal named Spot. Together the pair joins forces in order to get Arlo back to his dinosaur family. The film starred Peter Sohn, Raymond Ochoa, Frances McDormand, Sam Elliott, Jeffrey Wright, and Anna Paquin. What is the name of this Pixar feature film?

Question 32

What's the name of the imaginary friend in Inside Out?

Pixar's Inside Out has an assortment of wonderful characters. One of the characters in the film is Riley's long-lost imaginary friend who lives within the recesses of her mind. Eventually, Joy and Sadness end up meeting this character and helps them on their quest to restore Riley's important core memories. The imaginary character, depicted as a pink elephant/cat-like creature, is voiced beautifully by the hilarious comedian, Richard Kind. What is the name of Riley's imaginary friend from the movie Inside Out?

Question 33

Who voices Helen Parr?

Helen Parr (nee Truax) is both a mom and a superhero. She has the power to stretch out her body in virtually any direction and at any length. Sure, she has some limits to her powers, but they are few and far between. Originally, she didn't see marriage in her future as she was set on being a superhero. She was proud of herself for being so prominent in a world full of male superheroes. Which celebrity voiced this Incredibles character?

Question 34

What are the name of the three sharks in Finding Nemo?

The Pixar movies constantly alter an audience member's perspective on their characters. They did this beautifully with the three sharks from Finding Nemo. Originally, Marlin and Dory were very unhappy about running into a big Great White Shark. But he ended up taking them to a meeting where he and other sharks had sworn off eating fish. However, things change once the big shark gets a whiff of the red stuff that is pumped through us all. What are the names of the three sharks?

Question 35

Name the other two robots from Wall-E

Most of Wall-E is focused on the titular character attempting to clean up Earth after the population was taken off the planet by a megacorporation 700 years before the film begins. But, as Wall-E's world expands, he meets two more robots who have an impact on his life. One of the robots he befriends. But the other, he absolutely falls in love with. Wall-E spends most of the movie trying to keep her away from harm and be with her. What are the names of the other two robots in Wall-E?

Question 36

Where do the characters from Up travel to?

In Up, Carl does everything he can to live out his final days alone in the place where he and his wife always dreamed of going. He was unable to get to this place with her because they could never afford it. And when his wife passed, he wouldn't go there alone. Eventually, Carl does get to this location but not without a little help from a boy named Russell, a dog named Doug, and a magical bird. What is the name of the place that Carl travels to in Up?

Question 37

What's the name of Carl's wife in Up?

If a viewer didn't shed a tear or two during the first five minutes of Up, they may need to check if they have a heart. This is because the opening is just so sad. It explored the backstory of the protagonist, Carl, and his special connection to the love of his life. The pair bonded over their desire to explore the world. Unfortunately, they were never able to go to the place they always wanted to go before she passed. What was the name of Carl's wife in Up?

Question 38

Who led the dog pack in Up?

Doug wasn't the only dog in the Pixar movie Up. In fact, he was one of many that served their master as he searched for the mythical bird he wanted to capture. These dogs were all fitted with collars that roughly translated their dog language into English. However, the leader of the dog pack had something wrong with his translator. It caused his voice to sound cute and squeaky. This was in contrast to his hard exterior. What was the name of the dog who led the pack?

Question 39

What year did Finding Nemo come out?

It's kind of surreal to think that Finding Nemo came out so long ago. It feels like only yesterday that we shuffled into the movie theater to watch the adventure of Marlin, Nemo, and the lovable Dory. But, in fact, it was quite a few years ago. Most of the people taking this quiz are probably far older than they expected to be by now. While others weren't even born when this movie came out. In what year did Finding Nemo come out?

Question 40

Name this Pixar short

This Pixar short was packaged with Toy Story 3 and came out in 2010. The film followed two characters who represented the day and the night. Within the forms of both of these characters were scenes that corresponded with their moods. For instance, if the Day character was full of joy, he might have had a beach scene going on within him. When these two characters met, they were pretty unsure of one another. But eventually, they learn to respect one another. What is the name of this short?

Question 41

Name this character

Brad Bird voiced this hilariously confident superhero costume designer. Although she was short in stature, she had a very in-your-face personality. Although Helen and Bob didn't want their children to become superheroes, this character designed suits for them. They had all the abilities necessary to conform to those of the wearer. Most importantly, all of her costumes had no capes. She was very keen on making sure of that. She appeared in both The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2. What was this wonderful character's name?

Question 42

Name this character

Much of the three Toy Story movies revolve around the toys' relationship with their owner. In the first movie, Woody was dealing with the feeling of replacement. He wanted to be his owner's favorite toy forever. In the second and third movie, all of the toys dealt with various degrees loss. Most fans know about all of this, but they may or may not actually remember the character's name. What was the name of the character who owned the toys?

Question 43

Name this Pixar short

Inanimate objects often get personified in Pixar movies. This short film did just that with a pile of the objects in a lost-and-found. These objects were constantly bugged by a schoolyard kid. Eventually, these objects got together in order to teach this kid a lesson. Ultimately, the short movie is about the value of giving instead of just taking away. It came out in 2017 and was directed by Dave Mullins. What is the name of this charming little short film by Pixar?

Question 44

Name this Pixar short

This 2002 short film was the first of its kind in many ways. It was the first to use dialogue. Traditionally, the Pixar shorts never did (Pixar Wiki). Therefore, it's always a throwback when we see Pixar shorts without dialogue. It was also the first short to take characters from their previously released films. This short followed Mike and Sully as they traveled around in Mike's recently purchased vehicle. However, things didn't go exactly as planned for poor Mike. What was the name of the short?

Question 45

What underwater plant do the clownfish live in?

One of the running jokes in Finding Nemo was the proper pronunciation of the sea plant that Nemo and Marlin lived in. It's common for clownfish to live in this particular sea plant. This is because it offers them protection from bigger animals that may or may not want to eat them. In the film, Nemo had a really tough time saying the name of this plant properly. However, it did keep him safe until he decided he wanted to start swimming around on his own. What was the name of the sea plant?

Question 46

Name this Pixar short

This Pixar short takes place in the tropics. It follows the formation of a love-story over hundreds and hundreds of years. The protagonist is a volcano who seems very much alone. meanwhile, all of the creatures that live around him have found mates. But eventually, another volcano forms beside him. The film was released in 2015 and was directed by James Ford Murphy. It was paired with the feature film, Inside Out. What was the name of this Pixar short film?

Question 47

Who played Frozone?

Although The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2 mostly focus on the Parr family, there are a bunch of other superheroes in the universe as well. One of the more memorable heroes is Frozone. This character was Bob Parr's best-friend and helped him out of a lot of high-stress situations. He was a particularly cool superhero reminiscent of X-Men's Ice-Man. In fact, their powers and techniques are pretty much the same. Which famous celebrity voiced the character of Frozone in The Incredibles movies?

Question 48

Who DIDN'T voice one of the emotions from Inside Out?

Most of the Pixar movie, Inside Out, takes place inside Riley's head. It's here where we meet all of her most prominent emotions. These emotions all have very specific characteristics. For example, the character of anger is bright red. He also burns fire on the top of his head when he gets particularly irked by something. The other characters also have traits that are influenced by the emotions they represent. Each of these characters was voiced by famous celebrities. Which one of these celebrities DIDN't voice one of the emotions?

Question 49

What does "EVE" stand for?

All of the robots in Wall-E have a specific task that they attempt to accomplish. This is because this was what they were designed for. And like most robotic things, their names were acronyms for something much longer. Think S.H.I.E.L.D., aka Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage and Law-Enforcement Division in The Avengers and Iron Man movies. The name EVE also stood for something. And like S.H.I.E.L.D., it described the job that she was tasked with. What did EVE stand for in the movie up?

Question 50

Who gave Russell his final badge in Up?

Russell spent most of the movie trying to earn his badge by helping the elderly Carl. But if his leaders saw all of the things he did through the story, he would have been awarded even more badges than he did. After all, he did help rescue a dog and a rare bird from their mean master. In short, Russell was a little hero. At the end of the movie, he finally earns his last badge. Which character gave it to him?

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