Only 1 In 5 Women Can Ace This Basic Beauty Test

Beauty knowledge can be basic, mid-range or extra. Some women (and guys, too, of course) may be beauty newbies, who don't know the ins and outs of every beauty product out there. Others are beauty-obsessed and know all of the products and makeup brands. Anyone with an interest in makeup will enjoy this quiz. It's filled with fun questions about beauty. It's an entertaining way to pass the time.

When a person finishes this quiz, he or she will find out just how good his or her beauty knowledge really is!

Beauty is a billion-dollar, recession-proof industry. Most women love skin care products and makeup products and more men are getting into these products, too. Cover Girl hired a male spokesperson, James Charles, who is a YouTube star. He does makeup tutorials. James is currently in a bit of a feud with another beauty guru, Tati. Let's hope those two can work things out.

This quiz won't take long to finish and beauty newbies may find that some of the questions are a little bit tough. They'll learn about beauty by working through all of the questions. Those with more beauty knowledge may get every single question right. People who aren't sure of the correct answers to these beauty questions should take their best guesses. Guesses often end up being correct!

Question 1

Which Celeb Has A Makeup Brand Called Fenty?

One of the most famous celebs on the planet decided to start a makeup brand and the results were amazing. People love the products. They especially appreciate how many shades are available for all skin tones. This inclusive makeup brand is fun, with glam highlighters, pigment-rich lip paints and so much more. Most people with even the most cursory knowledge of makeup will be able to get this question right, because the owner of this makeup brand is a total mega-star.

Question 2

What Are The Components Of Most 3-Step Skin Care Systems?

Many skin care systems have 3 steps. Most big skin care brands offer 3-step systems that are simple to use. It is usually possible to move through the steps in about 5 minutes. Choosing a 3-step skin care system will take the guesswork out of complexion care. Each component of a typical 3-step system serves an important purpose. These 3-step systems are generally available for different skin types, including normal, dry and oily. Pick the right response to get a quiz point.

Question 3

Which Skin Problem Are Proactiv Products Supposed To Solve?

Kendall Jenner is the new face of the Proactiv skin care line. Proactiv executives chose Kendall not just because of her fame and popularity. They chose her because she deals with a specific skin problem and has been dealing with it for a long time. Kendall says Proactiv products help her enjoy better skin. Some people find these skin care products helpful for a specific skin care issue. Others do not get miracle results from using Proactiv. Pick an answer right now.

Question 4

What Is Concealer Used For?

Concealer is a cosmetic that many women rely on. We will not talk about what it is used for, because that will give away the answer. Suffice it to say that concealer is a cosmetic that provides plenty of bang for the buck, as long as it is a quality formulation. Women or guys who do not know what this cosmetic does are definitely out of the loop. They may need to watch some YouTube makeup tutorials. Pick an answer now.

Question 5

Which Makeup Product Darkens The Eyelashes?

This particular makeup product is one of the most popular products. It is an easy and fast way to add a little drama. This product is also very portable, although most women do not bring it along with them when they are out and about during the day. It is the type of product that is usually applied in the morning, whether a person likes natural makeup or something more glam or creative. Name this famous and beloved makeup product now.

Question 6

Whose Makeup Company Is Called KKW?

Celebs who love makeup are able to generate huge profits by getting into the makeup game. While every celeb makeup line does not take off, a lot of them become very profitable. One popular makeup line is called KKW. Anyone who knows the celeb who owns this beauty brand should choose the right answer now. Those who are not quite sure should go ahead and guess. Suffice it to say that the owner of this brand is extremely famous worldwide.

Question 7

Which Beauty Product Is Usually Made From Kohl?

This particular beauty product is a favorite of many women. It is a makeup product that adds instant drama. Available at different price points, from a buck or two to downright expensive, and everything in between, this is a makeup product that is available in every drugstore, mall beauty emporium and department store beauty department. Designed to add definition, it may be used in a subtle way or with a heavier hand, for a more dramatic effect. Pick an answer now.

Question 8

How Should Foundation Be Tested To Be Sure It Is A Perfect Match?

Foundation evens out the skin and creates a smooth canvas for other types of makeup. It comes in so many formulations, from tons of different brands. Before buying foundation, it is important to test it out. Testing is the best way to find out if a particular shade of foundation is a good match for the complexion. Beauty experts know the most fail-safe method for testing out foundation. They use it to ensure that every foundation purchase is a smart purchase. Pick an answer now.

Question 9

What Is A "Cool" Complexion?

Makeup fans who know that they have cool complexions are able to choose cosmetics that suit their skin tones to perfection. They have less chance of wasting money on makeup products that clash with their complexions. People with cool complexions look good in certain colors and find warmer shades much less flattering. A lot of makeup companies sell products based on skin undertones, so many women and men know their undertones. Choose an answer now. This quiz tests basic beauty knowledge.

Question 10

What Is Unique About A "Matte Finish" Lip Color?

With so many lip colors out there in the marketplace, some beauty newbies may not have a handle on all of the different lip color finishes, including the matte finish. Those with more beauty knowledge will probably know the answer to this question about matte finish lip colors immediately. Women use preferred lip color finishes to get certain effects. The matte finish is considered an elegant choice by a lot of people, but it is not for everyone. Pick an answer now.

Question 11

Which Product Is Kylie Cosmetics Most Famous For?

Kylie Jenner loves makeup. Her authentic adoration for makeup and its power to transform is one of the main reasons why her Kylie Cosmetics brand has turned her into a billionaire. Kylie Cosmetics is especially famous for one product. Most people will know what it is, regardless of how much they know about makeup in general, because this makeup product is in the news a lot. Kylie loves to play with makeup and her most famous product allows makeup fans to do the same.

Question 12

Why Do People Exfoliate?

There are plenty of beauty processes that are popular these days and one of them is exfoliation. Many people love to exfoliate, including the charming Jonathan Von Ness from Queer Eye. Jonathan is beyond basic beauty. He knows what works for his skin and what to recommend to others. He believes in the power of exfoliation...but why? Some people get a lot of benefits from exfoliating. Others find that this process is not right for their skin. Pick an answer now.

Question 13

Why Wear Bronzer, Anyway?

Bronzer is another makeup product that is so popular nowadays. Most people know why it is worn. Those with extremely basic beauty knowledge may struggle to get this question right. Bronzer comes in different forms. It is available in compacts and liquid formulations are also available. Sometimes, it is applied with a brush. At other times, it may be applied with the fingers or a makeup sponge. Bronzer serves a specific purpose and comes in different shades, from light to medium to dark.

Question 14

Should Older Women Wear Less Makeup Than They Used To?

Should there be rules about how much makeup older women wear? There are makeup artists and other beauty experts who believe that older women should follow some rules. Other beauty experts may not be so adamant about beauty rules and who should follow them. Our faces do change as we age. How we should approach makeup as the decades pass is ultimately up to us, but there are some guidelines that a lot of mature women follow to keep looking their best.

Question 15

Which Eye Shadow Color Makes Green Eyes "Pop"?

When we wear eye shadows that are the opposite colors to our eye colors, or close to it, our eye colors will "pop". Some cosmetic brands put out eye shadow kits that contain just the right shades for each eye color. People with blue eyes find that bronze eye shadows really bring out the blue. People with brown eyes look amazing in blue eye shadows that highlight the depth and character of their "baby browns". Which eye shadow color is right for green eyes?

Question 16

Which Makeup Product Helps Foundation To Stay Put

Foundations come in long-wearing formulations, but some women prefer the conventional foundations, which are usually topped with a particular beauty product that gives them extra staying power. This product may be applied with a fluffy makeup brush or a puff. It is not usually applied with the fingers. Beauty newbies may not know the answer to this question, but it is still pretty basic. This makeup product has been around for a long time. It may also cut shine. Pick an answer now.

Question 17

Which Makeup Product Adds a Shiny Finish To The Lips?

Some women love a shiny finish on their lips. Others shy away from using a certain makeup product that gives a shiny finish to their lips. We all have out own beauty personalities. Choosing makeup products that give us the looks that we love is one of the secrets of mastering personal style. Women and guys who prefer shiny lips rely on a particular makeup product to get high shine in an instant. This product is so popular these days.

Question 18

What Is Toner?

Toner is a skin care essential for many men and women. There are a lot of different toners out there, from a ton of different beauty brands, including Clinique, NARS and Christian Dior. People who love toner are able to choose from thousands of toners. There is almost too much choice. Toners help to keep skin in peak condition, but how? What do toners do? Test toner knowledge now by choosing an answer. Beauty newbies may need to guess at this one.

Question 19

Which Makeup Color Is Easiest For All Women To Wear?

There is one makeup color that works for every woman. It is one of those shades that is really universally flattering. However, this color comes with different undertones. To find an ultra-flattering color cosmetic, look for a shade of this particular hue that has just the right undertones. The shade could be cool, or neutral, or warm. The shade should have undertones that are the same as the undertones in the complexion. Pick the easiest color for women to wear now.

Question 20

Why Use An Eye Cream?

Eye cream is another skin care product that many men and women depend on. It comes in different formulations. There are thick creams, and lighter creams and gels. People have a lot of options when it comes to choosing eye creams. They may be cheaper formulas or mid-range eye creams or very costly eye creams from prestige brands like Chanel or La Mer. Why do people use these creams? Test beauty knowledge by selecting an answer from the choices below.

Question 21

Which Beauty Product Do Most Women Carry With Them When They Go Out?

There is one beauty product that women, and a lot of guys, will not leave home without. This beauty product is portable and it serves an important purpose. The product is part of the self-care rituals of many people, whether they are at home or on the go. They may use the product multiple times per day. It is a beauty essential. Choose an answer to test beauty knowledge. Some people who take this quiz will ace every question. Others will not.

Question 22

What Is A Makeup Palette?

Makeup palettes are hugely popular these days. Makeup brands come out with new palettes a lot and these companies hype their palettes, because they know that women and some guys love to collect them. Palettes seem so special. They have a fancy vibe and also appeal to makeup fans who enjoy a bit of variety. Palettes may be colorful or neutral or whatever. There is a palette for every person. Some cost a lot of money, Others are more affordable.

Question 23

What Does Non-Comedogenic Mean?

This sounds a bit scientific, and it is, but it is also common knowledge among most people who are into skin care and beauty. Some skin care products are non-comedogenic and some are not. Beauty mavens often look for the non-comedogenic products...but why? There is a really good reason! These days, skin care and makeup are so advanced. Products offer impressive perks. People just need to know what to look for. Pick an answer now. Is this question tough or not?

Question 24

What Country Does K-Beauty Come From?

Beauty fans who do not know the answer to this question need to educate themselves, because K-beauty is such a fun and beneficial style of skin care. This type of skin care style is about doing a lot of little steps that result in great skin. Some people find the process of doing K-beauty skin care really soothing and relaxing. Others find it a little bit too time-consuming. It is one of the most popular beauty trends all over the world.

Question 25

Should Women Who Wear Eyeglasses Wear More Eye Makeup?

Glasses are so chic. Of course, they also help women to see clearly. When women wear eyeglasses, should they put on more eye makeup? There are a lot of beauty tips out there and some of them are about how to do eye makeup when eyeglasses are worn. Beauty newbies may not know the answer to this question. People with a lot of beauty knowledge may have no trouble getting this question right. Pick an answer now, even if it is a guess.

Question 26

What Do Those Adhesive Nose Strips Actually Do?

These adhesive thingies were a very big trend in skin care for a while and they are still around today. They are designed to do one thing, but what is that thing? These adhesive skin care products are applied to a particular part of the face. After they adhere to the skin for a while, they are torn off. The goal is better skin, but how do these products help to achieve that goal? Some people believe in these products. Others think that they are a bit overrated.

Question 27

Where Is Highlighter Usually Applied?

Women are crazy for highlighter these days. It is so popular and guys may wear it, too. Highlighter has lots of shimmer. It may even have some high-wattage sparkle. It is typically used to draw attention to one facial feature. Beauty fans may know what this facial feature is! It can be used in other ways, too. It is a fairly versatile cosmetic. Some highlighters give a subtle, dewy glow. Others have stronger visual effects and different finishes. Pick an answer now.

Question 28

What Does Self-Tanner Do?

Self-tanner is available at drug stores and online and in department stores and at Sephora locations in malls. It is easy to find almost anywhere, but what does it actually do? This product is popular, so many people with basic makeup knowledge may know what it does, without even needing to think about it. Others may have to try and come up with the right answer. Feel free to guess if this question is tough. Pick an answer right now.

Question 29

What Are The Beneficial Effects Of Makeup?

Makeup has its upside. There is a reason why the beauty industry is a billion-dollar industry. If makeup did not have benefits, there would not be so many makeup brands and YouTube makeup tutorials and so on. Makeup may get criticized sometimes, because it is a superficial thing, but the effects of wearing it are often profound, rather than shallow. It is possible to look glam without makeup, but it is not easy. Makeup makes glamour so simple to access.

Question 30

Which Lip Color Do Some Women Shy Away From?

There is one lip color that many women tend to shy away from. They may want to wear it, but lack the confidence to pull it off. Others may think that this lip color is just wrong for them, especially for the daytime. Some women love the whole natural makeup thing. Others want more boldness and glamour. Every women is different, but there is a lip color that may be harder to wear than others. Pick the right color right now.

Question 31

What Is A Rhinoplasty?

There is a certain cosmetic surgery procedure which is known as a rhinoplasty. It changes a particular aspect of the face. This procedure has another name which is more widely known. A typical person who is not a surgeon might call the procedure by its more popular name, rather than calling it a rhinoplasty. A plastic surgeon will probably refer to the procedure as a rhinoplasty. Many Hollywood stars have had rhinoplasty procedures, which usually cost at least seven or eight thousand bucks.

Question 32

Which Cosmetic Gives The Face A Healthy Flush?

Women or guys who want to look healthier every day, or for special occasions, should definitely learn about this makeup product is use it frequently. It does wake up the face instantly, by giving it a nice, healthy flush. It is a good product to use when a person is feeling a little tired and lacking vibrant energy. This product comes in different formulations. In any formulation, it tends to offer big payoff for very little effort. Pick an answer now.

Question 33

Which Skin Care Product Is Applied Before Bed?

There is one product that people tend to put on before they hit the hay. They apply so they look their best when they wake up in the a.m. This product is designed to rejuvenate the skin while a person snoozes. Using a skin care product like this is a great way to self-pamper. The skin repairs itself while we sleep, so choosing a good product of this type is one of the most practical ways to improve a complexion or keep a good complexion looking flawless.

Question 34

Which Skin Care Product Is Great For Dry Skin?

Dry skin may be a genetic thing or it may be caused by poor nutrition, or dehydration, or climate. There are a lot of reasons why a person may experience dry skin. Luckily, there are a lot of products that help to make skin feel better fast. One of these skin care products is particularly effective and practical. Name it now to get a quiz point. It is a product that almost everyone has used at one time or another.

Question 35

How Should Cream Blush Be Applied?

This type of blush is not as drying as powder blush, so it is a good choice for women or guys who want a dewy complexion look. It is also quite easy to blend, as long as it is applied properly. There is one popular method for applying cream blush. It is the method that most makeup artists prefer. Beauty newbies may not know this method of application. Those with more beauty knowledge may find this question very easy.

Question 36

Which Type Of Mascara Is Best For Athletes?

Some people are extremely active. They do yoga or swim a lot or do some team sports. They are always pushing themselves physically and trying to achieve personal bests in terms of their sports performance. For people like this, there is a particular type of mascara that is ideally suited to their active lifestyles. Most people will not have trouble figuring out which type of mascara it is. Pick an answer now. Test beautiful knowledge with this fun beauty quiz.

Question 37

Which Celeb Has A Signature Makeup Look?

Some celebs stick to the same type of makeup look, year in and year out, because they know what works for them. They may switch products, but the overall effect of their makeup looks remains the same. These stars have signature looks and they do not mess with their makeup looks. They know how they want to look and what their public wants. Other celebs are a lot more experimental with their makeup looks. Pick the best answer right now.

Question 38

Which Celeb Is Famous For Giving Up Makeup?

One famous celeb, who is very talented, decided to take a break from makeup. This celeb is very famous and she has won a lot of critical acclaim for her music. She is not a person who needs makeup to look good. She said she spent so many years trying to cover imperfections with makeup and worrying about her appearance in general. As she got older, she wanted a change. She wanted to show her natural face to the world. Name her now.

Question 39

What is brow gel?

Is brow gel makeup or hair care or what? In-the-know beauty fans understand what brow gel is and how it is used. These days, in the world of beauty, brows are a big deal. Lots of makeup and skin care companies offer brow products that help women and men to feel better about how they look. Pick an answer now to try and grab a quiz point. The more a person knows about beauty, the better he or she will do on this quiz.

Question 40

Which Makeup Brand Is Known For Its Pigment-rich Cosmetics

One makeup brand is renowned for offering makeup products that are loaded with rich pigments. This brand is a fave of celebrities who need stage makeup with staying power, as well as glam red carpet makeup. This company is not the only brand with a high level of pigments in its products, but it is famous for its intense pigments. This brand is very famous and some famous female singers have endorsed it. Pick an answer now to test beauty knowledge.

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