On TV Or In A Movie? Real Fans Know Where These Characters Belong

Movie and TV make life all the more fun. Through these two forms of entertainment, people get to escape their daily troubles and responsibilities for a good hour or two (and for the binge-watchers out there, entire weekends at a time).

Though TV and filmmaking have been around for over one hundred years, their technologies and programming frequently change with the ages. From Technicolor, 3D, to HD programming, viewers get more and more privileged in the enhancement of their viewing experience. A TV or movie-going experience nowadays can feel like being part of the action.

But there’s one formula that remains the same: characters. Any successful TV show or Summer Blockbuster counts with compelling characters to entice viewers. From Luke Skywalker, an innocent farmboy whose thirst for adventure sets him on a galactic journey like no other, to the multiple characterizations from DC and Marvel comics brought to the big screen, to following the weekly escapades of the musical talents in Glee, characters and their troubles, romances, and goals are what keep fans hooked for the long run.

With so many in existence, keeping track of which media form certain characters originate from becomes a handful...

Quiz Time! Are These TV Or Movie Characters?

Question 1

Bridget Jones

This character is vivacious, outspoken, and often times puts her foot in her more times than humanly imaginable. It's none other than Bridget Jones! For years she's gone from bad date to bad date, multiple jobs that she sabotages through her outrageous antics, and her unbreakable bond with Mark Darcy, who's there for the bachelorette through thick and thin. After years of hilarious bickering, this duo finally ties the knot in a memorable ceremony. Is Bridget Jones a TV or movie character?

Question 2


Yugi is a normal teenager who lives with his grandpa, a card shop owner/retired archeologist. Though he's very timid, Yugi longs to have a group of best friends over anything in the world. His dream comes true when he's gifted the Millenium Puzzle by his grandpa, an ancient Egyptian artifact concealing the soul of a thousands-year-old pharaoh. When Yugi solves the puzzle, he and the pharaoh become one and Yugi finally makes the friends he needs, but must also face dangerous opponents through a popular card game. Is Yugi a TV or movie character?

Question 3


Woody is the leader of his group of toys for a reason; he's been through it all in the name of friendship and his love for Andy. From setting aside his feud with Buzz in order to escape Sid's clutches and get back home, leaving behind the possibility of endless recognition in a museum to return to Andy, to finally moving on with his fellow toy mates to give another child happiness, Woody is nothing short of a hero. Is Woody a TV or movie character?

Question 4

Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina Spellman begins her journey as a sixteen-year-old who's told about her powers on her birthday. This leads to a high school experience full of zaniness, unexpected drop-ins by her quiz master and other magical creatures, and one-too-many forgetting spells on her boyfriend, Harvey. As Sabrina transitions from high school to college, she also deals with human issues like trying to get solid A's in all her courses, dating, getting her first real job and saying goodbye to loved ones. Is Sabrina Spellman a TV or movie character?

Question 5


Jess is a quirky and loveable grade school teacher whose life is turned upside down when she discovers her boyfriend's unfaithfulness. Heartbroken but determined to start a new leave, she moves to L.A with three strangers who soon become her best friends. Jess's life becomes a rollercoaster of laughter, on-and-off dating with her roommate, Nick, and trying to help everyone around her keep it together as they experience their own set of life troubles. Is Jess a TV or movie character?

Question 6

Count Olaf

Count Olaf is the Baudelaire's first guardian after their parent's tragic accident. This character never tries to hide his true motives (at least not too hard considering he's an actor). From laborious tasks to humiliating conversations, Count Olaf subjects the orphans through a nightmarish experience while under his care, all in the name of money! When his first scheme is foiled, he vows to the children that he'll return to finally get his hands on their inheritance. Is Count Olaf a TV or movie character?

Question 7

Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle has been Bruce' longstanding rival and love interest since the Caped Crusader made his appearance in DC comics, but this quiz question pertains to Anne Hathaway's portrayal. Selina Kyle is a skilled cat burglar, and she meets Bruce when she passes as part of a catering company just to steal his fingerprints. Though she does a good amount of devious things against the Dark Knight, she ultimately becomes his closest ally in defeating Bane. Is Selina Kyle a TV or movie character?

Question 8

Dark Magician

Dark Magician is Yugi's favorite card since his very first duel against Seto Kaiba. From that point forward, he's used in almost every one of Yugi's battles against his opponents, from the Paradox Brothers, Pegasus, Arkana, Noah, Kaiba in the Battle City Finals, Marik, and so forth. When the pharaoh travels to ancient Egypt to learn more about his past, he discovers that Dark Magician is the rebirth of his most loyal servant. Is Dark Magician a TV or movie character?

Question 9


Chewbacca has been part of the Star Wars Universe for over four decades now, and his hundreds of years older than that in the story itself. From helping in the Clone Wars, befriending Han during his early days as a smuggler/pilot, to becoming Han's best friend who risks everything for him, Chewbacca has rightfully earned his title as a fan favorite. Most recently, he's joined Rey during her journey in becoming a Jedi and defeating Kylo Ren. Is Chewbacca a TV or movie character?

Question 10


Dexter is a boy genius who seems flaws; he's book smart, extremely well-spoken, and operates a high-tech lab in the privacy of his own room (well, private when his sister, Dee Dee, isn't getting past his security measure and snooping around). But to his brains is also his overenthusiastic nature, which often times lands him in trouble when he's conducting an experiment, trying out one of his new gadgets, and when battling against his archnemesis, Mandark. Is Dexter a TV or movie character?

Question 11


Ash has been battling and catching pokemon for over two decades now, sparking the greatest meme movement ever and the bud of many jokes as he's still portrayed as a ten-year-old kid. Nevertheless, he's loved by fans of all ages who've followed him since his first battles in Indigo Plateau, his long, long journey through Jhoto, and his most recent adventures through the Sinnoh and Kalos regions. Though Ash has made many friends (both human and Pokemon) through his journey, the one that's stuck by his side throughout each journey is Pikachu. Is Ash Ketchum a TV or movie character?

Question 12

Andy Sachs

Andrea “Andy’ Sachs is an aspiring writer who is hired by the editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly as her personal assistant. Though not remotely interested in fashion, Andy sees this as her opportunity to get a better job at another editing company as a writer. Throughout her time working for Miranda, Andy is subjected through a number of ridiculous demands, humiliating commentary, and loses sight of her true self as she becomes submerged in the world of fashion. Is Andy Sachs a TV or movie character?

Question 13


Goku is loved by fans of all ages and goes hand-in-hand with the name “Dragon Ball.” A Saiyan who is sent on a destructive mission to earth but instead becomes its protector, Goku’s faces all types of opponents, each pushing him to train even harder to ascend to the next level of Saiyan power. Despite being considered the universe’s strongest warrior, Goku remains pure-hearted and usually forgives opponents who’ve made a genuine change of heart. Is Goku a TV or movie character?

Question 14


Aladdin is the living example that one can go from rags to riches in the blink of an eye. Initially, he's a ‘street rat’ scavenging through the streets of Agrabah to survive, his life changes when he retrieves the magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders. When the Genie appears, Aladdin can wish for just about anything, but the one thing he desires is the only thing Genie can’t grant: Princess Jasmine's love. Ultimately, Jasmine falls for him due to his kind and brave personality. Is Aladdin a TV or movie character?

Question 15

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen has never had it easy. Born into a Dystopian society where modern-day commodities and technologies are only available to the elite, Katniss fends for herself and her family as best as she can. She's forced to embrace her inner braveness when she impulsively takes her sister’s place in the “Hunger Games,” a battle royale event that pits lower class youths against each other. When Katniss wins the first Hunger Games she’s in, this puts her in the radar of her society’s ruthless leader. Is Katniss Everdeen a TV or movie character?

Question 16

Mr. Incredible

Mr.Incredible is the perfect formula for a superhero: heroic, noble, and loving towards his family. He and Elastigirl meet on the battlefield, and even after crimefighting is outlawed, they decide to fight together in the bigger fight called life. Together they have a wonderful family consists of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. As comes with anyone possessing superpowers, their kids are no exception to their genes and they count with shield barriers, invisibility, extreme speed, and in Jack-Jack case, multiple other powers; they are Mr.Incredible's main pride. Is Mr. Incredible a TV or movie character?

Question 17

Professor X

Professor X has been through a great deal of ordeals in order to protect humanity and keep his mutant family together. From battling against the Sentinels, Apocalypse, his lifelong best friend turned rival, Magneto, to seeing some of his best students lose their ways, such as Jean Grey and Mystique. Nevertheless, he never loses hope that mankind and mutants will one day live in harmony and he welcomes anyone into his mutant Academy. Is Professor X a TV or movie character?

Question 18

Tony Stark

Tony Stark hasn’t always been the nicest guy around. He actually starts off as a pretty arrogant billionaire who has it all; wealth, fame and loyal friends. Tony’s life takes a drastic turn when he goes through a catastrophic accident that almost costs him his life (ironically, at the hands of his creation). From that point forward, Tony realizes that life’s too short to take things for granted and decides to use his technology for the better good of humanity, becoming the one and only Iron Man! Is Tony Stark a TV or movie character?

Question 19

Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley might not by the best wizard at Hogwarts, but he definitely proves his worth as Harry's best friend. Throughout their seven years at Hogwarts, Ron remains loyal, helpful, and develops a bravery that he lacked when he first began his studies, in such a way that he risks his life countless times to protect Harry and the wizard of the world. Of course, no good deed goes without reward and Ron gets his when he becomes a member of the Ministry of Magic. Is Ron Weasley a TV or movie character?

Question 20


D.J. starts her journey as the inquisitive and sometimes rebellious oldest Tanner sibling. Throughout the years, she goes through many ups and downs in growing up, from being caught in lies, having her first date, choosing the right college to go to after high school, and learning to differentiate between right and wrong. Luckily for her (and Danny), she grows up to be an exemplary adult and mom to Jackson, Maxwell, and Tommy. Is D.J. a TV or movie character?

Question 21

Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani is a fan favorite for many reasons: he’s the confident, witty, and happy-go-lucky person everyone longs to be friends with. Joey is also a good balance to his group of friends; he helps mellow out the worrisome Ross, he makes Chandler embrace his less serious, more adventurous side, and he gives Phoebe a break from being the constant comic relief who’s not always taken seriously. As an added bonus, he’s also a charmer. Is Joey Tribbiani a TV or movie character?

Question 22

Alex Russo

Alex Russo is the middle child of the Russo family, residents of the seemingly quiet and normal Waverly Place. When she and her siblings are informed that they're all wizards, they start honing their magic to prove which is best, as the wizarding rules regulate that only one will get to keep their powers in the long run. As Alex grows older and uses her magic both for good and accidental mischief, she realizes that family and friends hold greater importance. Is Alex Russo a TV or movie character?

Question 23

Jane Foster

Jane Foster is a formidable partner for any superhero; she's intelligent, quick-on-her-feet, and extremely beautiful. As an astrophysicist, Jane runs along with her two partners, her intern Darcy and fellow scientist Erik Selvig. Jane's life takes an interesting turn when she comes across an otherworldly man in the desert, which turns out to be none other than the Asgardian hero, Thor. Their time together makes them fall in love meanwhile fighting against enemy invaders. Is Jane Foster a TV or movie character?

Question 24


Dewey also hasn't had an easy run. He starts off as a rookie cop trying to prove himself adequate to his superiors, and while he manages to help foil the first Ghostface, he still loses his sister and obtains a crippling injury in the process Throughout the years, he becomes closer to Gale Weathers and together they help Sidney survive each attack by a new Ghostface. Dewey ultimately marries Gale and spends the rest of his days in Woodsboro as its sheriff. Is Dewey a TV or movie character?

Question 25


Vegeta is the most complex Saiyan in existence. Long story short, he’s always debating between right and wrong. At first, he doesn’t really care as his main goal is to gather all the dragon balls to wish for eternal life. But the moment he meets Goku, his life radically changes as he meets his fighting equal. The more Vegeta fights alongside Goku, the more he realizes family and friends mean more than power. Is Vegeta a TV or movie character?

Question 26


Salem Saberhagen is Sabrina longstanding feline companion and confidante, though his advice isn’t always all that helpful and gets her into trouble half the time. Originally a powerful warlock himself, Salem is transformed into a household pet as punishment for trying to take over the world. Though he seems to have learned his lesson in being a somewhat docile member of the Spellman household, he occasionally attempts some hare-brained scheme at world domination. Is Salem Saberhagen a TV or movie character?

Question 27

Monica Geller

Monica is what everyone wants in a best friend and really any sort of companion. She’s smart, she’s successful in her career, and she’s an excellent cook! This gal will dish up some of the most exquisite and unique dishes both for fine diners and anyone with a hankering for a good burger. No wonder Chandler falls head over heels for her. Contrastingly, Monica also has her moments where her need for perfection gets people's nerves. Is Monica a TV or movie character?

Question 28


T’Challa’s life changes in the blink of an eye when his father, the king of Wakanda, meet his untimely demise at the hands of Zemo. Despite wanting to avenge his fallen father, T’Challa takes a more heroic route, leaving Zemo's fate at the hands of the justice system and instead focuses on assuming the throne. But T’Challa learns that becoming Wakanda’s leader has its own setbacks, including defiance from some of his own people. Is T’Challa a TV or movie character?

Question 29

Emperor Palpatine

This is one baddie no one should cross paths with. The first major Sith Lord in the Star Wars universe, Emperor Papaltine carefully plans his overthrow of the Galactic Republic for decades. First, he manages to get elected senator meanwhile training his first apprentice, Darth Maul. When he manages to get ascended to Chancellor, he takes Count Dooku as his new apprentice and they perpetuate the Clone Wars. Papaltine accomplishes the complete destruction of the old Republic by turning Anakin Skywalker into his final and most feared apprentice, Darth Vader. Is Emperor Papaltine a TV or movie character?

Question 30

Joey Wheeler

Joey Wheeler is Yugi’s best friend and fellow dueling companion who’s had to polish his rough around the edges exterior. From his loud-mouthing to opponents and Kaiba...and mostly Kaiba, to not always knowing when to pick his battles, Joey learns a lesson in humility the hard way through multiple defeats. Joey eventually learns that careful thinking and strategy come a longer way in life than impulsiveness, and as a result becomes a skilled duelist. Is Joey Wheeler a TV or movie character?

Question 31


Mia tries living the LA dream every day, but that's obviously way easier said than done. An aspiring actress, Mia juggles auditions with her job as a barista on a movie studio lot. One day, she bumps into Sebastian, a musician who she had previously met on the road and greeted her through a fit of road rage. They live out a short but meaningful romance that becomes stifled by their respective career paths. Is Mia a TV or movie character?

Question 32


Bane's been portrayed multiple times onscreen, TV, and comics, but this question pertains to Tom Hardy’s take on the character? This Bane is very much an anti-hero (like most Batman villains) and he infiltrates Gotham City hoping to follow out Ra’s al Ghul’s master plan. He proves a worthy opponent against Batman, even putting him out of commission for a few months in an underground cave. Considering how calculating he is in his plotting, it comes as a shocker when it’s revealed he’s a puppet to another villain. Is Bane a TV or movie character?

Question 33

Samwise Gamgee

Samwise Gamgee “Sam” isn’t just Frodo’s gardener and best friend, he’s also his most loyal companion. From their first encounters with the Ringwraiths, promising to follow through in taking the ring to Mordor, and risking his life countless times to protect Frodo, Sam proves that he’s there for Frodo till the very end. Ultimately, it’s Sam that helps Frodo resist the temptation of the ring and plunge it into its shallow grave atop Mt. Doom. Is Sam a TV or movie character?

Question 34

Roman Bridger

Roman Bridger is the most deceiving Ghostface, singlehandedly plotting every one of the tragedies and attempts at Sidney’s life before Jill takes over. To Roman’s horrible acts, there is a sad backstory. Roman grows up as an orphan longing to meet his parents one day. When he finally tracks down his mother, Maureen Prescott, she rejects him claiming Sidney is her only child. Driven by disappointment and rage, Roman swears to make Maureen and her family pay. Is Roman a TV or movie character?

Question 35

Mia Thermopolis

Mia Thermopolis thinks she’s an everyday teenager. She spends her days trying to go by unnoticed at school, avoiding her crush, and hanging out with her best friends Lily and Michael. Her home life is much better as she has a loving, artsy mother an adored pet cat. One day, Mia gets an invitation to visit her estranged grandmother while she’s in town only to be told a life-changing secret: she’s the next-in-line to be the Princess of Genovia. Is Mia Thermopolis a TV or movie character?

Question 36

Gracie Hart

Gracie Hart is the best in her line of work...when her temper isn’t getting the best of her. After she’s temporarily suspended from her secret agent duties, Gracie’s given a chance at redeeming herself by going undercover at a beauty pageant. Her mission? To fool everyone into thinking she’s all about glamor while trying to catch a dangerous criminal plotting against the contestants. By the end of the pageant, not only does Gracie redeem herself, she also learns an important lesson in not judging a book by its cover. Is Gracie Hart a TV or movie character?

Question 37

Gloria Prichett

Gloria Prichett is Jay Pritchett’s second wife and Manny and Jay jr’s mom. Gloria spends her days tending to her family’s every need, tracking their every move, and always ready to give her her two cents on everything involving them and their immediate relatives. On that note, Gloria is extremely protective of her loved ones and will resort to extreme (and hilarious) measures just to protect them. This is one tough cookie best not crossed. Is Gloria Prichett a TV or movie character?

Question 38

Regina George

Regina George is as mean as they come. She and her posse, The Plastics, go around her school gossiping and spreading false rumors about their fellow classmates, all in the sake of a good laugh. When Regina meets the new girl in school, Cady, she sees a potential candidate to join her clique. What Regina doesn’t suspect is that Cady also has a secret agenda, and it involves bringing her down as Queen Bee. Is Regina George a TV or movie character?

Question 39


V’s heart’s in the right place, it’s just his methods that are questionable. Seeking to overthrow the oppressive leaders of his society, V formulates a plan involving the 5th of November and Evey, a woman trying to live undetected by said leaders. When V and Evey meet, the latter’s life takes an abrupt and dangerous turn when she becomes an outlaw for helping him. In return, V shelters Evey, but also makes her a key pawn in achieving his goal. Is V a TV or movie character?

Question 40


Thor is one of Marvel’s most celebrated heroes for a reason: he’s downright awesome. Sure, he starts off a little thick-headed and conceited, but this quickly changes when he meets Jane Foster and learns the meaningfulness to human connections. This prompts him to return to Asgard to protect it from invaders, including his own family such as Loki, and ultimately Thor becomes one of the Universe’s greatest heroes when he joins the Avengers. Is Thor a TV or movie character?

Question 41

Jay Prichett

Jay Prichett always has a lot on his plate. As the patriarch of the Prichett family, he’s constantly dealing with all the responsibilities and job roles that come with the title, from playing dad, stepdad, grandpa, to just playing all sorts of games to keep his family at peace. Then there’s dealing with Gloria, which can be a handful on its own half the time. Nevertheless, Jay always manages to make his family proud. Is Jay Prichett a TV or movie character?

Question 42


Arthur is one of the best-known, animated characters in existence. And for good reason, as he’s been around for over twenty years now. Just like Ash and Bart Simpson, Arthur remains ageless and he goes about life as a third grader at Elmwood Elementary. When he’s not at school learning from the knowledgeable Mr. Ratburm, Arthur spends his time with his best friend Buster and goes on adventures with their group of friends throughout their neighborhood. Is Arthur a TV or movie character?

Question 43

Stephanie Tanner

Stephanie Tanner is the middle Tanner sibling and perhaps the most vivacious of the three sisters. She starts off as a talkative kid who gets D.J. in trouble more often than not, but also helps her out in pulling off her innocent schemes. As D.J. matures in her teenage years, she provides Stephanie with guidance when she’s faced with peer pressure and other tough choices. As adults, Stephanie returns the favor by moving in with D.J to help raise her three sons. Is Stephanie Tanner a TV or movie character?

Question 44

Peter Quill

Star-Lord/Peter Quill definitely has one of the most interesting superhero origin stories. He’s born a normal human being who is one day abducted from earth by galactic thieves. Despite spending most of his upbringing being trained to become an outlaw, Peter maintains the memories of earth close to his heart and he jams it out to 80’s music. He has his first taste of heroism when along with Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax, they defeat Ronan and consequently become The Guardians of the Galaxy. Is Star-Lord/Peter Quill a TV or movie character?

Question 45

Cory Matthews

Cory Matthews is as an iconic character that dates back to the 90’s. He starts off as an inquisitive and sometimes mischievous kid who looks up to his dad, constantly bickers with his older brother, Eric, and is best friends with Sean, a fellow classmate who sometimes drags Corey into trouble. As an adult, Corey follows in the footsteps of his favorite teachers, Mr. Feeny and Mr. Turner, and becomes a history teacher. Is Cory Matthews a TV or movie character?

Question 46

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is the type of wizard anyone wants on their team; she's smart, intuitive, great at conjuring spells, knows the laws of the wizarding world like the palm of her hand, and she's loyal to the very end. She's indespinsbile to Harry in each of his quests during their time at Hogwarts, from helping to find the Basilisk, locating the remaining Horcruxes, to bravely opposing Voldermort's arsenal during the Second Wizarding War. Is Hermione a TV or movie character?

Question 47

Kimmy Schmidt

There's a reason why this character is called 'unbreakable,' she seems to go through it all and still stands victorious. When Kimmy is abducted at an early age, all she has to her name are the few years of education she acquired beforehand along with her core values. Fifteen years later, she's rescued and realizes she'll have to get the hang of modern day society pretty quickly if she hopes to survive. Is Kimmy Schmidt a TV or movie character?

Question 48

Riggan Thomson

As Riggan Thomson reaches middle-age, he realizes his days in the spotlight as a famous actor are long gone. In one final attempt to put himself in the public's eye, Riggan writes, directs, ensembles, and stars in an original play where his closest friends are his main supporters. As the play's opening date approaches, Riggan realizes he needs to work on other important parts of his life including his strained relationship with his daughter, Sam. Is Riggan Thomson a TV or movie character.

Question 49

Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry exemplifies triple threat in every sense of the word; she can sing harmoniously, hitting just about any note, she's a trained theater actress, and she can move to the rhythm of just about any tune. She starts her stage days at McKinley High where she meets some of her greatest mentors, best friends, and first love. Nevertheless, Rachel has to go through many life lessons in order to achieve her ultimate success on Broadway. Is Rachel Berry a TV or movie character?

Question 50


Lorelai is by far the coolest mom is fiction. Despite having to mature early on in life to raise Rory, Lorelai manages to maintain her upbeat and adventurous spirit throughout the years. Contrastingly, Rory grows up to be a very mature teenager, occasionally scolding Lorelai for her impulsive decisions. But when the going gets rough for Rory in terms of dating and other insecurities, Lorelai goes into 'mom mode' in a matter of seconds to console her. Is Lorelai a TV or movie character?

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