Take Our OCD Quiz And We'll Tell You How Annoying You Are

Many people go through life without even realizing how annoying they are, and this lack of self-awareness can ultimately lead to them losing some friends and having to start from scratch multiple times. Some people are annoying with their words, some with their actions and some are annoying with just about everything they do in life. These people need a reality check to get their being into perspective, and if this happens, then they can right the ship sooner rather than later.

OCD is something that many people live with, but the truth is that certain quirks can be annoying to other people. While we understand that a person needs to work through some things, it can grow tiresome watching someone touch a doorknob seven times before walking away from a door or making sure that there is an even number of ice cubes in an ice tray. We will encounter plenty of people doing things like this over the years, and we learn to accept them for who they are and patiently wait for them to figure things out.

People looking to find out how annoying they are need to look no further, because this quiz will ultimately reveal all.

Question 1

Do Dishes Need To Be Washed More Than Once Before Using?

Question 2

Can Cracks In The Sidewalk Be Stepped On?

Question 3

Do Locks Need To Be Touched More Than Once?

Question 4

Do Socks Need To Be Matching?

Question 5

Does There Need To Be An Even Amount Of Ice Cream?

Question 6

Do The Carpets Need To Be Deep Cleaned Regularly?

Question 7

Is A Dog-Eared Page Aggravating?

Question 8

Do People Need To Be Called By Their Full Name?

Question 9

Can A Show Only Be Watched While It's Still On Air?

Question 10

Do Clothes In The Closet Need To Be Categorized?

Question 11

Can Different Foods Be Touching?

Question 12

Do Fast Food Restaurants Need To Given An Even Number Of Condiments?

Question 13

Do Light Switches Need To Be Touched More Than Once?

Question 14

Can Feet Be In Sand?

Question 15

Do Umbrellas Need To Be A Primary Color?

Question 16

Does Music Volume Have To Be On a Multiple Of 5?

Question 17

Do Television Episodes Have To Be Watched In Order?

Question 18

Do The Star Wars Films Need To Be Watched In Order Of Release?

Question 19

Do Babies Need To Be Kissed On Both Cheeks?

Question 20

Does A Crooked Tie Need To Be Fixed Immediately?

Question 21

Is Sanitizer Needed After Shaking Hands?

Question 22

Does A Slice Of Cake Need To Be From A Specific Portion?

Question 23

Does A Car Need Gas Before It's Halfway Empty?

Question 24

Is A Specific Seat On Public Transportation Necessary?

Question 25

Is Physical Contact Nauseating?

Question 26

Do Baseball Hats Need To Be Facing Forward?

Question 27

Do Comfort Clothes Need To Be Worn Regularly?

Question 28

Do Certain Words Need To Be Repeated Before Moving On?

Question 29

Do Video Game Buttons Need To Be Aligned Perfectly?

Question 30

Are Dirty Uniforms Bothersome?

Question 31

Do Chicken Nuggets Need To Be Distributed Evenly?

Question 32

Do Siblings Need To Get Identical Gifts?

Question 33

Is This Asymmetrical Sign Bothersome?

Question 34

Can Different Ice Cream Flavors Be Mixed?

Question 35

Does There Need To Be An Even Number Of Animals In The Home?

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