Not Even The Biggest Star Wars Fan Can Get 100% On This Quiz

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, wait. That's the Star Wars opening crawl, not the opening for this quiz. Maybe that's a sign we should be looking to the stars for the theme of this quiz. Sure enough, that's what we've decided to do! From the highest, furthest star to the lowest, closest blade of grass, there's so much to discover in the world. Isn't it funny that some of us just keep discovering the same movies over and over again though? When there's so much out there it can seem silly to rewatch the same movies. But can we be blamed when they're Star Wars? The stories might be from a galaxy far away, but they definitely give us that feeling of home.

Only those that have the most Star Wars knowledge will be able to explore the ends of the universe. This quiz is here to prepare us for that, but it's the biggest fans who'll get it all right. Those that find the most comfort in these space stories will no doubt have given themselves an advantage when faced with this quiz. From the littlest details to all the lore details, this quiz is going to be difficult, and only the biggest fans will (maybe) succeed.

Question 1

What is the name of Episode IV?

One would have to imagine that during the creation and conception of the Star Wars franchise, that plenty of options were vetted for the ideal subtitle for the first ever episode of the fantastical space opera. What great extents people would go to now to be a fly on the wall in that room as Writer and Director George Lucas scribbled out names on a sheet of yellow legal pad, hoping that he would be able to finally land on the right one. Eventually, it would get a real subtitle. But at the time of its release to the world, to the crazy fervor of eager movie-going viewers, it didn’t even have a secondary name. It wasn’t even Episode IV then.

Question 2

What is Luke’s Uncle’s Name?

Luke Skywalker is the titular “hero” in the original Star Wars trilogy. It takes place in a galaxy far far away, as to not confuse said galaxy with our own, and sees a boy become a freedom fighter for the resistance. But before all of that, he lived on a desert planet, with his adopted family. The members of that family were his Aunt and Uncle (from who’s side of the family we’re never really clear on). Though he meets an awesome end, shortly after the first chapter of the film, Luke’s Uncle plays a pivotal role in who Luke is to become.

Question 3

What is Luke’s Aunt’s Name?

Much in the same way that his Uncle shaped young Luke, his Aunt did everything she could to raise him. There they were, moisture farmers, with an adoptive son thrown on their lap after the fall of the Jedi Order, and with what? The hopes that this young lad could grow up and depart for the alluring destiny that he was bestowed at birth? Well, that doesn’t sound all that pleasing now does it? But Luke’s Aunt took pride in his destiny, and sought to ensure he had prime lessons of love and humility before sharing the same unfortunate end that her partner Owen would endure.

Question 4

What planet did Luke and his aunt and uncle live on?

Perhaps it’s because it’s so synonymous with Star Wars that George Lucas decided to take us back to this planet more than once. Or maybe it was purely the ramblings of a man attempting to weave together the stories he’d half-baked. Either way, the desert planet was the childhood home of Luke Skywalker, and his Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. They, the Lars family and young Luke, continued what heritage they had as members of a long line of moisture farmers. Being a desert planet, moisture is a top, necessary commodity. The planet is heavily featured again in Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Question 5

Who is Luke’s sibling?

It has been said that there was never supposed to be a relative tie between any of the main characters set in the original Star Wars trilogy, and that George Lucas came up with the idea after brainstorming the rocky relationships between two men and a woman. Eventually, it came to be that Luke Skywalker would be half of the Star Wars children that were born with the prophecy of ending the reign of hurt brought upon the galaxy by the Empire. It wouldn’t be revealed straight away, however, making for some very palpable tension and awkwardness between brother and sister.

Question 6

What is Princess Leia’s last name?

Though she was named by her mother and split from her twin brother at birth, Princess Leia (as the world would come to know her) never truly knew a thing about any portion of her genetic family. Instead, she was whisked off in the same fashion as Luke. She was passed to a family that would look after her, and provide her with an ample, strong environment to grow up in. That family happened to be regal, hence the Princess monicker and garb. One thing she doesn’t share with her brother, though, is her surname. Sure, technically she is a Skywalker, but that has never and (and will never be), the name she carries.

Question 7

Where did Princess Leia grow up?

While Luke Skywalker, her twin brother, was whisked away to a dusty plume of a planet to live amongst the farmers of Tatooine, his sister Leia Organa was taken into custody by two upper members of this planet's leadership. This mystery shrouding her origins means that her birth place is often unknown-- even to her! She was raised a Princess, lived as a Princess, and passed away as a resistance general. The planet that her adoptive parents ruled was not long for this universe, as it became the first entire planet wrecked by the Galactic Empires “planet ender” in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Question 8

Who is Leia and Luke’s dad?

In what is probably still considered to this day to be the best kept secret in film history, Like and Leia are surprisingly revealed to be the children of this character during an extremely climactic scene in Star Wars Episode V in which Luke comes face to face with this bad Warrior, only to find out that it was him that provided the seed for his own downfall (or salvation, depending on how we look at it). Even the actors in the scene were unaware of the twist reveal until it came time to shoot said scene. So one can probably imagine that some of the surprise on young Luke Skywalker's face is authentic.

Question 9

What is Darth Vader’s Real Name?

Believe it or not, even an offbeat filmmaker like George Lucas isn't going to actually name a character Darth Vader. In fact, for those out there that are unaware of lengthy Star Wars lore or canon, the “Darth” in the name signifies a rank. Like General, or Corporal. Vader, the character’s given with name, is whom he becomes when he turns to the dark side. So “Darth Vader” is an established title, and not the person (if anyone can call him that) under the mask. There once was a real human in there. The actual dad of Luke and Leia Skywalker. But what was his name before he took on the title Darth Vader?

Question 10

Who trained Anakin in the ways of the Jedi?

In Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan Kenobi stumbled upon an exciting child that could have been the prophecy that spoke of a balance to the force. Finally, right? But after the passing of his original mentor, young Anakin Skywalker who was initially destined for greatness within the Jedi Order, has to take up as an apprentice to another Jedi Master. To the grand reluctance of the entire Jedi Council, that is, who explicitly stated that he was to not be trained in the Jedi Arts. But who was it that had to take up that duty and leadership role?

Question 11

Who Trained Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Jedi?

Many might misconstrue what happened in the little Marsh planet as a singular teaching moment, but it was in fact months of time passing. A twenty-something Luke Skywalker is taught (in near isolation and desperation) the ways of the force. It wasn’t the old man in the robes from Tatooine that trained young Luke Skywalker in the ways of the force, though, but rather an even older master. Unlike previous masters, Luke wasn’t trained to be a Jedi, but rather how to accept the force. This was done with the possibility of one day continuing the legacy of the Jedi Order. Who trained Luke on Degoba?

Question 12

Ben Kenobi was a padawan to this Jedi Master in the prequels:

For those on Earth that were introduced to Obi Wan Kenobi as “Old Man Ben” on Tatooine, where he was in hiding and keeping an eye on Luke Skywalker’s upbringing, we might be surprised to learn that he did not learn the ways of the Jedi or the force from Yoda. Though he and Yoda share such a close connection later in life, in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace it is revealed that a young Obi Wan Kenobi is the padawan of this very highly respected Jedi Knight that (spoiler alert) doesn’t make it very far into the film series.

Question 13

Where did Qui Gon find Anakin Skywalker?

They were on a simple conversational mission to talk with the Trade Senate about a blockade, when Jedi Knight Qui Gon Jinn and his padawan Obi Wan Kenobi ran into a very troubled Queen Amidala and promised to escort her beyond the blockade only to be hurt enough in the escape to demand a footfall on a nearby planet. This planet, a desert planet (we can see those out there putting it together now) was the closest without Empire control, and just so happens that Qui Gon finds a prophecy in the form of young Anakin. But which famous desert planet could have housed a Skywalker?

Question 14

What did Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru do on Tatooine?

We’ve mentioned it already in this quiz, so for those working through we hope that notes have been taken. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru are the extended family of Luke Skywalker. The pair take him in as a baby and raise him until his late teens. But what kind of lucrative farming business could thrive on a desert planet where nothing grows? Well, folks would actually be surprised to find out that it’s not dust. Who can farm dust? No one. Thank goodness Luke grows up to become the star-flying student who longs for adventure and travel, because his alternative option of taking up the mantel on his Aunt and Uncle’s farm would not have been great.

Question 15

What movie is the lead-up to A New Hope?

It’s kind of hard to get all the plot timelines straight unless we’re looking at a very specific plan laid out on a single screen or sheet of paper. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was originally released as just Star Wars. But somewhere down the line it became the fourth movie, thanks to a prequel trilogy. Now, we’ve got Episodes VII, VIII, and soon to be IX. Then there’s the entire 20-ish year gap in between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Episode IV: A New Hope. Which is slowly being filled up. The film came in a “mainline off-year” and showed us the story of how the Empire lost the plans to its giant new machine, ending in a scene that perfectly matched up with the very first scene from the original Star Wars.

Question 16

Which famous author wrote Star Wars: Rogue One?

This ultra-talented and wickedly dry England-born screenwriter is responsible for one of the best off-shoot Star Wars properties to date: Rogue One. Coming off of the huge success of his video game writing career where he is credited for contributing writing for up to a dozen huge titles, he got a big chance to write for the silver screen when he produced one of the most shockingly enjoyable movies, The Book of Eli. That was before delving into the comic book universe and penning some of the best independently made stories in the trade today. So, who’s the talented writer?

Question 17

Who survived Rogue One?

When the world heard that we would be getting a movie that took place directly before the action of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, there was a lot of muted excitement, as no one truly knew what to expect. What we got was a beautifully told war film set in the Star Wars universe, that saw a whole cast of main characters introduced to us. Most moviegoers immediately fell in love with the cast, and cheered them along during the final infiltration scene where the crew was set to capture and run off with the blueprint plans to the Galactic Empire’s soon-to-be-finished planet-sized machine.

Question 18

What was the name of comedian and author Mel Brooks’ “ode to Star Wars”?

After its release in the spring of 1977, Star Wars fever had officially begun taking over the world. It was (and still is) everywhere. But it would take a decade for Melvin Kaminsky (otherwise known as Mel Brooks) to get to the theatres with his parody of the original trilogy. The comedian and writer had a knack for poking fun at things that were offensive, yes, but also at things that he truly admired. Star Wars was something he was such a big fan of he felt that he had to make something to honor how spectacular it was. So he wrote an “ode to Star Wars” with quips and takes on the franchise, and sci-fi tropes as a whole. (Fandom Wikia)

Question 19

Who fired first in the famous saloon scene?

It was one of the biggest and most palpable character-defining moments in all of the Star Wars movies. It caused such a controversy that (in later edits of the film, because George Lucas can’t leave these movies alone) it would be altered to “save face” for the character. But the scene between the scoundrel Han Solo and the equally unscrupulous Greedo came to a complete halt when the pair open fire in the canteena. Seeing the demise of the Rodian bounty hunter seeking to collect debts from Solo was earth-shaking for many of us. The phrase “who went first?” has become such a synonymous thing with Star Wars that plenty of folks will have their own beliefs about this scene.

Question 20

How fast can the Millenium Falcon fly the Kessel Run?

The infamous Kessel Run is a specific travelling path (and an extremely dangerous one at that) that is used by smugglers of the galaxy to ship cargo, or flee a chase. The Kessel Run is notorious for its danger because of the great, giant space Maw that lives within it, ready and hungry to eat anything that travels too close. The original run takes about 18 parsecs, but Han Solo famously brags that with him at the helm, his ship, the Millennium Falcon, can make the Kessel Run in far less than that. But how fast can the iconic ship travel through the treacherous passage?

Question 21

What species is Yoda?

They have been around for centuries. Perhaps even longer. But what species is Grand Jedi Master Yoda from? They are only ever shown in more than a single member in the prequel films in the form of Master Jedi and Jedi Council member, Yaddle. While we assume both find the same end as the rest of the Jedi Order, Yoda, who is born 896 years before the battle of Yavin, was recorded deceased 4 years after the battle of Yavin. For those that can’t math, that means Yoda is 900 years old on paper when he passes to the light. Throughout the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and now the modern trilogy, Yoda makes periodic appearances and teaches the ways of the force, but what is his species?

Question 22

In the original trilogy, when did the word Ewok get mentioned?

After the fated Battle of Yavin, of which almost the entire timeline of the galaxy is based, the Galactic Empire immediately began construction on their second planet ender and forced the hands of the resistance once again. But this time it all went down above the forest planet of Endor. The control base for the planet-like machine floating in orbit lay on the Endor surface. This meant that Luke, Leia, Solo, and the resisting gang had to infiltrate to shut the thing down. Which is where they met the Ewoks. They are small, bear like creatures that have tribal caveman type evolutionary positions, and live in amazingly beautiful tree-lines fortresses. When did they introduce themselves?

Question 23

Who was originally asked to direct Return of the Jedi?

Everyone the world over knows that George Lucas is the mastermind behind the Jedi, the Sith, and everything that lives and breathes within the Star Wars universe. But he was never a “real” director, and never claimed to be. In fact, he didn’t want to be . It was just due to the circumstances of an indie movie budget that he directed the first Star Wars film. After the success of Episode IV, Lucas and company were given more of a budget to pay the director’s role, and they considered some of the biggest and most interesting directors in the game (at the time). (Star

Question 24

What is Leia's ship transporting at the beginning of A New Hope?

We mentioned it previously in this quiz, so let’s see who was paying attention! There’s something extremely important that is handed off to Princess Leia’s ship at the very beginning of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (aka at the very end of Star Wars: Rogue One). The Tantive IV, or resistance-supporting blockade runner as it was otherwise known, is a smuggling transport ship used by Princess Leia Organa. It sees her capture at the hands of Darth Vader near the beginning of the original Star Wars saga. But why was Darth Vader on that ship? What was he looking for? What was the Tantive IV transporting at the beginning of A New Hope?

Question 25

What's the other half of this iconic line: "That's no moon..."

There are a whole lot of iconic lines said in the entire Star Wars franchise. With ten movies now, and nearly that many seasons of television shows, there’s no shortage of delicious dialog to repeat all over the place. One of the best, and most hilarious lines are said by Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi. Though he was known as Ben Kenobi to the folks inside the Millenium Falcon at the time, this quote far outlives his time spent in the city. It’s often considered on many lists of the most iconic film dialog lines of all time, let alone within the Star Wars franchise.

Question 26

What phrase is said in every movie?

In the same vein as the previous quiz question, there is also a famous line that appears in the first Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope script. This line was found to be so funny (to George Lucas at least) that he then proceeded to write it into every single Star Wars script he wrote. Now, after Lucas’ six films, anyone that ever tries to rework a moment in Star Wars history has to include this iconic throwaway line. It’s the longest running non-joke quip in the history of film (Mental Floss). What is the one line of dialog that is said in every single Star Wars movie by a different character each time?

Question 27

What does C3PO say when finds Han and Leia having their first kiss?

Anakin Skywalker’s personally built protocol droid C3PO is known for a great many things. One of those things people know the character for (at least to us) is the fantastic portrayal of the awkward droid by Anthony Daniels, and his real-life conflict with the actor who played his service partner, R2D2. One character trait that makes C3PO one of the most beloved and goofy droids in all of science fiction is his inability to read a room (seriously, just watch any scene with C3PO in it), and his astonishing awkwardness in conversations. Though many moments of this occurs, one of the best ones is when he interrupts a relationship moment between Princess Leia Organa and the scoundrel Han Solo.

Question 28

What does Vader, in German, mean?

It’s funny, especially when we look at it now from an outside perspective. Those of us that have seen the movie know, partially due to being privy to the large relationship spoilers that take place within episodes four, five, and six. The name of Luke and Leia’s dad is Darth Vader. It may have taken a one-handed Luke Skywalker by complete surprise as he dangled from a relay tower, but anyone with a background or ability to speak german might have had a hint as to who he truly was canonically just by translating his character’s name. What does the word Vader mean in German?

Question 29

What movie is this scene from?

One thing that got fans extremely hyped on the Star Wars property from the get go was the dramatic, science fiction-y set pieces. At least, that’s what got us hooked. Places like Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine, Naboo, Dagobah, and even this location, Hoth, were just some of the astoundingly realistic, yet hyper-fictional worlds that fleshed out the universe like no other movie franchise had ever done before in the past. So, when it comes to asking folks where their favorite Star Wars location is, that simple idea becomes such a heavy responsibility, and difficult question to answer. This question, however, is easy. Name the movie that features this locale, named Hoth.

Question 30

What does TIE stand for? (As in, TIE fighter)

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, as the first Star Wars Trilogy made major waves in the film industry, one of the things folks compliment George Lucas on was his vision. This was an entire universe that was so authentic and real feeling that it was almost to tell if there was no barrier of fiction. Years later, however, folks would start to realize that all of the cool places, characters, and names would actually be invented from (or even straight copied) simple sources. Perhaps this makes them even more spectacular. Things like the AT-AT are simply called that for shorthand; it stands for an “All Terrain Armored Transport” (Mental Floss). In this vein, what does the TIE in TIE-Fighter stand for?

Question 31

Lando's city is in the clouds of which place?

In the second Star Wars Movie, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, the team that’s running from the Empire go to hide, and seek help, from one of Han Solo’s old scoundrel buddies. They met way back in the day (but sort of recently in the real world, if anyone’s seen the new Star Wars: Solo movie) and became quick frienemies over some lost love and cheating card games. It’s also how Han Solo got the Millennium Falcon; by beating Lando in a game of cards (Star Now he’s a high-flying card-dealing megalomaniac that lives in Cloud City, which is a luxurious gambling town high above the ground on which of the Galaxies planets?

Question 32

Where does Jabba the Hutt live? Which Planet?

We’ve spoken a lot about this planet, but who knew it was also the home of the Hutt Cartel headquarters after the Battle of Yavin? Led by Jabba the Hutt himself, this gang-held territory plays a pivotal backdrop to some of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi’s biggest scenes. Specifically in the beginning Luke and Leia attempt to infiltrate the mob bosses lair in order to obtain a carbonite-frozen Han Solo from the Hutt himself. Plenty goes wrong, but quite a lot goes right when it comes to the tango in Jabba’s Palace. Which planet is Jabba’s palace on?

Question 33

What species is Jar Jar Binks?

Oh, Jar Jar. What began as such an innocent, and probably a well-intentioned attempt at making a mainline character for little kids to love and laugh along with, Jar Jar Binks quickly became the bane of millenials. In fact, we’re pretty sure it was the bane for boomers as well; we believe they saw the floppy-eared goof as the end of their favorite franchise ever. Binks had a much bigger role in the original prequel timeline according to George Lucas (Mental Floss), but luckily for all of us he didn’t end up getting much time in the spotlight. Jar Jar was a main fixture in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, where we’re introduced to his species on the planet Naboo.

Question 34

How many languages can C3PO speak/understand (or claim to)?

He may claim that he is “at or above average for a protocol droid” in terms of ability to communicate, but one would expect a shiny metal droid whose primary function it is to communicate should be able to speak a whole lot of languages. And he can! Originally made by Anakin Skywalker (yes, that’s right, the hilariously awkward droid was hand-made by Darth Vader himself) (Star, C3PO eventually found himself in the care of Luke Skywalker after a busted purchase with scavengers sees 3PO and R2 join the team. After the Battle of Yavin, C3PO stayed with General Leia Organa, and remained by her side.

Question 35

What is the source of Darth Vader‘s red light sabre?

As a member of the Jedi Order, young Anakin Skywalker was almost granted a position on the Jedi Council. Part of his introduction as padawan to an also very young Obi Wan Kenobi was the creation and granting of his very own laser sword (or “lightsaber” as any Star Wars fan knows). However, after his destined fall to the dark side of the force Anakin/Darth Vader can no longer wield a Jedi sword. This means that he returns to the planet in which Darth Vader was born, the mining lava planet of Mustafar. There he dips his saber crystal in the lava. This essentially converted his lightsaber crystal to the dark side with him, giving Vader his iconic red lightsaber blade.

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