Not Even Pam Could Score 100% On This Office Couples Quiz

According to Michael Scott, the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch was more than just a workplace. It was a place where workers could find and fall in love with their soulmates. Michael may have been wrong about a lot of things (like his ability to finance full college scholarships for underprivileged kids), but he was actually pretty right about the Scranton branch's ability to connect people with their true loves. It was, after all, the place where many of its inhabitants found their future spouses. Pam and Jim; Dwight and Angela; Michael and Holly - all of these characters met their match in the Scranton branch.

This quiz covers the love stories of the well-known couples on The Office, but it also dives into the love lives of the show's secondary characters. Everyone knows that Jim loved Pam from afar when she was engaged to someone else, but who remembers that Kevin was engaged in early seasons? Who remembers when Ryan and Kelly started dating?

Only the most hardcore Office fanatics will be able to achieve a perfect score on this quiz. Some of the questions in here are really hard, but we hope this quiz leaves you smiling and satisfied. (That's what she said.)


Question 1

When did Pam and Jim share their first real kiss?

The "will they, won't they" romantic tension between Pam and Jim was a major plot line in early seasons of The Office. Despite their obvious chemistry, the pair struggled to get their timing right. Pam was involved in a very long-term engagement (so much so that Michael frequently awarded her the Dundie for "longest engagement) and Jim had a short-lived relationship with Katy, the purse saleswoman and former cheerleader. Pam may have drunkenly sneaked a smooch during the Dundies at Chilis, but the couple's first real kiss occurred later.

Question 2

Where did Dwight stash Angela's beloved cat, Sprinkles?

Dwight may have not liked cats because they don't provide milk, wool or meat, but he was a farmer, which meant that he had a rather pragmatic relationship with animals. When Angela enlists him to take care of her beloved cat, Sprinkles, Dwight takes matters into his own hands to minimize the ailing feline's poor quality of life. This, of course, lead to the downfall of his relationship with Angela. She couldn't get past the loss of her favorite feline.

Question 3

What does Michael do with the "love contract" he signs with Jan?

Michael's relationship with Jan may have been filled with more lows than highs - he admits that he is miserable when he's with her - but the night Jan presented him with a relationship disclosure agreement from Human Resources was a definite high. While the form was intended to release Dunder Mifflin from any legal liability issues that may arise from their relationship, Michael instantly regarded it as a symbol of their affection and dubbed it a "love contract." What did he do with it?

Question 4

Who is Pam's warehouse worker fiance?

Before Pam and Jim were officially a couple, they had their fair share of obstacles to overcome. Pam's high school sweetheart and long-term fiance served as a major roadblock to the pair's romantic relationship. Pam may have ultimately called off her wedding with her warehouse worker fiance, but she wound up dating him again after Jim returns to the Scranton branch with a new girlfriend in tow. Her admission that she and Jim shared a kiss ended their relationship for good.

Question 5

Why does Carol dump Michael?

Carol Stills sold Michael his condo and stole a piece of his heart. Michael Scott in love is a bold man, indeed. So bold, in fact, that he publicly proposes to her at Kelly's Diwali celebration even though they had only been dating a short period of time. Carol was apparently able to look past that social faux pas long enough for Michael to pull one more majorly bold stunt. When Michael is heartbroken after Carol dumps him, it's up to Andy, Dwight and Jim to help him get over her.

Question 6

When do Ryan and Kelly start dating?

Ryan may not have intended to make Kelly his long-term girlfriend, but that's exactly what he got when he agreed to go out with her. The couple was the definition of "on-again, off-again" for the show's entire run. The pair even secretly married only to publicly announce their divorce to the office. Curiously enough, Ryan always seemed more interested in Kelly when she was in relationships with other people, like warehouse foreman, Darryl and pediatrician, Ravi. In fact, the duo end up running away together when Ryan convinces Kelly to ditch Ravi.

Question 7

Where do Michael and Jan go on vacation?

Michael and Jan's relationship timeline was always kind of messy. Were they dating the first time that they kissed? Or the first time they kissed sober? Were they dating when Michael invited her on an all expenses paid vacation after Carol dumped him? That's for corporate to sort out, but one thing is for sure: Jan was quite forgiving when Michael accidentally sent a revealing photo of her from their vacation to the warehouse and it quickly spread to the entire company.

Question 8

Why does Ryan break up with Kelly (the first time)?

Question 9

Who does Jim start dating after he transfers to Stamford?

When the news breaks that the Dunder Mifflin Scranton will be absorbing the Stamford branch, Pam is understandably eager to find out which Stamford employees will be part of the big transfer. After all, Jim had accepted a job at the Stamford branch and she had called off her wedding for him. Her excitement at being reunited with him was short-lived when she discovers that he is dating someone new. Always dignified, Pam accepts the revelation with dignity. That is, until she makes a big admission at Beach Day.

Question 10

What is Dwight's pet name for Angela?

Pam and Jim's "will they, won't they" story line may have been the major focus of early seasons of The Office, but Dwight and Angela's wedding was the focus of the series' finale for good reason. They started dating in secret and broke up when Dwight dispatched Angela's cat, but the pair were never too far from one another. Even Angela's engagement to a competing salesman and marriage to a (state) senator was no match for the bond between them.

Question 11

Who is "aware of the effect" he has on women?

Ryan may have won several Dundies for being "the hottest in the office," but one Dunder Mifflin employee has such a magnetic effect on women that even the usually-uptight Angela gets in on the competition for his attention. In fact, his mere presence in the office sends Angela and Kelly into such a frenzy that neither of them can stay away from his desk for too long. Even Jim has to admit that Kelly's plan to run into this guy's office every time he asks for the new receptionist (who is also named Kelly) isn't her worst idea.

Question 12

What line of work is Phyllis's husband, Bob Vance, in?

Michael may not have had much faith in Phyllis's dating prospects, but she found a winner in Bob Vance, a local business owner who shares space with Dunder Mifflin in the office park. Extremely aware of the documentary film crew's cameras, Bob Vance always makes sure to mention his full name and business whenever he gets the chance. Bob Vance is also a devoted husband. He is protective of Phyllis when it comes to Michael's antics and even paid $1,000 to hug his wife during the Crime Aid auction.

Question 13

Who participates in a duel to win Angela's heart?

Despite her icy demeanor, Angela managed to hold a few hearts during her tenure as head of the accounting department. In fact, she was the prize to be won in an actual duel fought in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot between her then fiancé and former flame. Pam urged her to call it off but in true Angela fashion, she announced that she would respect the results of the duel. The crazy thing? Apparently, it wasn't the first time two men had fought over her. She would later admit that the same thing happened at her old job.

Question 14

Where do Jim and Pam get married?

After six seasons of watching the pair fall in love, Jim and Pam finally tied the knot in a romantic ceremony that was perfect in its imperfections. In a sweet moment, Pam cried to Jim about her torn veil, so Jim cut off half of his tie to match. The ceremony also featured their Dunder Mifflin coworkers taking a memorable walk down the aisle to the Chris Brown song, Forever. It may not have been the wedding Pam pictured, but it was still picture perfect.

Question 15

Who does Jim dump on the booze cruise?

Season two of The Office wasn't exactly a great time for Jim Halpert. The woman of his dreams was, sadly, engaged to a guy who didn't seem to appreciate her very much, and even though he found himself dating a bubbly handbag saleswoman, he wasn't terribly fond of her. That relationship came to a quick end on the Dunder Mifflin booze cruise when Pam and Roy finally set a wedding date. When asked by his girlfriend if he thought they'd get married someday, Jim answered with a brutal truth: No.

Question 16

Who does Pam start dating after Phyllis's wedding?

Phyllis's wedding was not an easy one for Pam to attend. After all, Phyllis had stolen all of Pam's ideas for the wedding to Roy that she had called off. It was like going to her own wedding - the color scheme, invitations, and even the bridal dress were all Pam's idea. To top it off, she had to watch Jim there with his new girlfriend. In true Pam fashion, she handled the situation with dignity and maturity; a far better tactic than Kelly's suggestion to get drunk and fake a pregnancy.

Question 17

Which prized possession of Michael's does Jan break during their dinner party?

Even though Michael confesses that he is miserable when he's with Jan and breaks up with her, he takes his boss back when she returns to Scranton with a pair of cosmetic enhancements. When the newly reunited couple throws a dinner party to sell the other couples on investing in Jan's candle business, we get a glimpse at just how dysfunctional Michael and Jan really are together. The night culminates in a big fight between the two and Jan breaks one of Michael's prized possessions by throwing a Dundie at it.

Question 18

Who is Michael's rebound relationship after Carol?

Michael doesn't take it well when his girlfriend and real estate agent, Carol, dumps him on the same day as the Scranton branch Christmas party. He mopes in his office, wrapped in a Dunder Mifflin bathrobe (the official corporate holiday gift) and listens to a sad James Blunt song on repeat. Andy takes matters into his own hands, and decides to take Michael to lunch to lift his spirits. There, he ends up finding his rebound girlfriend and invites her to the office Christmas party.

Question 19

Where do Jim and Pam get engaged?

Jim may have initially planned on proposing to Pam at Toby's big going away party (he even springs for the fireworks), but Andy takes his thunder by publicly proposing to one of the accountants. Anyone expecting Jim to follow-up with an equally flamboyant wedding proposal would be disappointed; Jim's proposal to Pam was decidedly low-key and took place at a thoroughly unexciting venue. Even though it lacked the level of planning of, say, the teapot he gave her for Secret Santa, it was still a sweet moment for the couple.

Question 20

Who does Meredith "meet up" with in exchange for discounts on supplies?

Meredith Palmer is the quintessential bachelor (like George Clooney), but during a business ethics seminar, she admits to having a relationship of sorts with someone in the position to give the branch discounts on office supplies. In addition to discounts, she also receives gift certificates to Outback Steakhouse. And while new Human Resources rep, Holly Flax, found Meredith's arrangement to be ethically questionable, Dunder Mifflin corporate was just fine with getting the discount. Plus, she shared her Outback gift certificates with her fellow Scranton co-workers.

Question 21

Who does Michael want to date after he finally breaks up with Jan?

Michael and Jan's relationship officially ends after their dinner party ends with her throwing a Dundie and him getting escorted out of the condo by the police. It doesn't take Michael long to decide that he is ready to date again and he enlists his employees at the Scranton branch to set him up with someone new. None of their suggestions can compete with woman of his dreams, even though he has never met her. Thank goodness Dwight is on hand to track her down.

Question 22

What does Andy get Erin for Christmas?

Just like another salesman who tried to show his feelings for the receptionist via Secret Santa, Andy plans an elaborate series of Christmas gifts for Erin. It was a sweet gesture in theory - he even begged the party planning committee to be her gift giver - but its execution was a pretty big mess. Erin even makes an announcement to the entire office begging her Santa to please stop with the gift giving. What does Andy get Erin for Christmas?

Question 23

Who dates Pam's mom?

Poor Pam. She has a gorgeous wedding and goes on a honeymoon trip to Puerto Rico only to return to the office and find out that someone less than desirable is dating her mom, Helene. Pam is obviously upset at the news, especially when this person makes his relationship with her mom the focus of a conference room meeting. She eventually softens on their relationship when she sees the how happy it makes her mom. Who in the office dates Pam's mom?

Question 24

What was Kevin's fiancé's name?

Kevin Malone was never particularly lucky in love, but he was engaged at one point. He even brought his fiancee's daughter to the Scranton branch on "Take Your Kids to Work Day." But when he announced to his coworkers that the pair had finally set a date, he quickly shut down the obvious question - when? - with a plea for some space on the matter. Things don't work out with his fiancée, but Kevin finds love again with Lynn, a woman he meets at Michael's Valentine's Day mixer.

Question 25

Where does Angela meet The Senator?

Angela in accounting does her fair share of dating for someone so judgmental of everyone else's love life. After things flamed out with Dwight for the second (or was it the third?) time, she moved on to a very impressive suitor - state senator, Robert Lipton. Angela was clearly very proud of her new husband's pedigree; she pretty much only referred to him by job title and relishes being his plus one at ribbon cuttings and fundraising events. Where does she meet the (state) Senator?

Question 26

Who does Pam confide in when she and Jim hit a rough patch?

Despite the picture perfect romance of their early days, Jim and Pam went through hard times, just like many married couples. When Jim invests their savings in a start-up that he founded with some friends from college and makes a move to Philadelphia, Pam struggles to keep things together with two young children at home in Scranton. She finds support in an unlikely source, but it further strains things with Jim when he finds out to whom Pam has been crying.

Question 27

Who tries to initiate a relationship with Jim in Tallahassee?

The Tallahassee story line introduced us to a laid back "Florida Stanley" and soon-to-be Scranton branch manager, Nellie Bertram. It also showcased just how faithful Jim really was in his marriage to Pam. When an overly friendly co-worker talked her way into his hotel room, Jim kept a respectful distance and enlisted Dwight to rid the room of non-existent bedbugs, which put the brakes on her plans. Who among his coworkers tried to initiate a relationship with Jim in Tallahassee?

Question 28

Who tells off The Senator for treating Angela and Oscar poorly?

Angela's first husband, Robert Lipton may have been a State Senator with higher ambitions, but that definitely didn't make him a good guy. In fact, he was quite the opposite. He was not faithful in his marriage to Angela and he took advantage of Oscar's kindness, as well. When the truth of his behavior finally came out into the open, it was one of Angela and Oscar's coworkers who tells him off for treating them both so badly. Who was it?

Question 29

Why don't things work out with Michael and Donna?

Michael gets so excited when Jim and Pam try to set him up with a friend of Pam's at happy hour that he creates an entirely new persona based mostly on the losing contestants of reality dating shows - "Date Mike." Date Mike may have struck out with Pam's friend, but he finds a new dating prospect in Donna, the Dave and Busters manager who nearly throws him out of the establishment. Why don't things work out with Michael and Donna?

Question 30

What branch does Holly get transferred to after David Wallace finds out that she and Michael are dating?

Things were going so well for Michael. Toby had quit his position as the Scranton branch HR representative and was replaced by Holly Flax. He and Holly had an immediate connection because, as Jim so lovingly put it, Holly was a complete dork. But when Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace found out about their relationship, he put an immediate geographic barrier between the two. What branch does Holly get transferred to after David finds out that she and Michael are an item?

Question 31

Who dates one of Pam's bridesmaids?

Jim and Pam's wedding was an exciting time for just about everyone in the office. Kevin got to debut his new toupée. Michael got to show off his painting skills with a portrait of the newlyweds. Erin and Andy grew closer after a dance accident leaves Andy down for the count. And the entire Dunder Mifflin crew performed in a memorable walk down the aisle with the bridal party. Speaking of the bridal party, one member of the Dunder Mifflin family starts a short-lived relationship with one of Pam's bridesmaids. Who was it?

Question 32

Who performs Billy Joel's "She's Got a Way" on the piano at his wedding?

The Office delivered several memorable wedding moments over the course of its nine-season run. Who could forget Michael's awkward walk down the aisle at Phyllis's wedding. Or his long-winded and not-quite appropriate toast that got him booted from the Lapin-Vance nuptials. Everyone remembers Jim and Pam's wedding in Niagara Falls and Jim's accidental admission that he and Pam were expecting a baby. Dwight and Angela's wedding saw the couple making their vows while literally standing in their graves. But who performed a Billy Joel song for his bride-to-be at his wedding?

Question 33

Where do Michael and Holly move to?

Michael knew that he was in love with Holly from the first time he heard her voice. It was love at first hear. And in spite of the geographic buffer that David Wallace puts between them - not to mention the imposing presence of Holly's boyfriend, A.J. - the pair eventually get engaged. When Holly's parents start to show signs of needing extra help in their old age, the dutiful daughter decides to move closer to them with fiance Michael in tow.

Question 34

Where do Dwight and Angela get married?

Jim and Pam's relationship may have had a starring role in the first half of The Office, but the second half of the series belongs to Dwight and Angela. From their not-at-all enforceable contract to conceive a child to their ill-fated relationships with other people, Dwight and Angela's relationship had its share of dramatic highs and lows. In the end, they both realized that they were meant to be and tied the knot at a location that held great sentimental value to the couple.

Question 35

Who does Erin fall for while Andy is on a boat trip?

Andy and Erin's relationship started out with a similar arc as Jim and Pam's salesman and receptionist love story. However, as the series went on their relationship made less sense. Even though Andy professes his love for Erin (while simultaneously crashing his fiancée Jessica's bachelorette party), he soon abandons her to go on a three-month long boat trip. When Andy returns, he finds that Erin share a mutual attraction with one of their coworkers. Who does Erin fall for in Andy's absence?

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